~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

Silas I'm sorry...I'm not sorry...

I'm sorry.

No seriously. I am sorry. I feel like I have contributed to a lot of this. This has been a long time coming. You sit there, plotting, schemeing, and trying to make yourself stand out...and I derail it.

I'd laugh if it wasn't so pathetic...


But no. Let's look at what the real problem is here. Someone has finally let you in on the joke. You see...I didn't care that Caledonia wanted me to take you out. I was going to do it anyways. Not because I want Dan to clean my mask...that's a bonus. No. What I really want to do is show you something. I want you all to learn something and it's going to start by making an example.

This is my federation.

This is my home.

You are not fucking welcome here Silas, but I have finally found a use for you and it's starting to take shape. You see. For months all we have been hearing from you is “I will be world champion”, and “I want a title shot!”...

And all we have seen from it is a lackluster performance because let's face it kid...

You don't have it. I mean hell...I even won the CWF World Title.

How pathetic can you fucking be at this point?

You want to be the star. We get it. The question is...what have you done to earn it. You say I sit on my laurels...how? When I've been booked every damn week? Oh! Is it because I don't defend the title ever week? Why? Why give a title defense away every week when it is meant for pay per views, which brings us in more money.

For someone who claims to be the greatest world champion material here you sure are a fucking idiot, but that's okay.

I'm use to it.

I'm use to people being fucking stupid just like you.

But that's okay. Everyone has underestimated me here, from Elisha to Jarvis King...and I'm still standing. Where the fuck are you? You have went thru challenge after challenge and you have stood up to anyone who came to you. That is admirable, but you know what else is admirable...

Learning your fucking limitations.

Let's be honest here, against every normal person out there you got a chance to beating them. You know how to fight, but when it comes to CWF you are outclassed because you don't fucking learn from defeat. You don't take a moment and go...what can I do to improve. You just keep threatening and threatening...

And you never follow thru.

You are a joke because you made yourself into one. I've not done a damn thing to add to that. You want to talk about me making someone a joke and ruining them? When have I ever done that. Every match I have had I have strived to improve my opponent win or lose. The problem with you is this...

You think you are better than me.

And bitch...you aint proved that yet. You had a chance to do something and what did you do...you started a fight you can't finish because your best man got ganked and his bro is to focused on that to help you out.

And I don't blame them for turning their backs on you because let's face facts...the only reason she's still around is because she has feelings for you. Trust me...I got a thing for crazy girls and I can tell when they got the hots for you.

That is the one good thing in your fucking life because you keep trying to be something you are not. When I was fighting Dorian, Jarvis, and Elijah months ago...did I need a fucking title?

Was I not a champion then?

Because I held myself to a higher standard. Dorian got it! Dorian figured it out that I was not trying to drive him back to drinking. I was trying to make him curtail his addiction.

I could do the same for you, but you don't even realize you have a problem yet.

So consider this your intervention my dear boy.

Because you do have potential. I see it. I see it even in Rev. Despite bad choices. You wanted to be the biggest bad ass around here. The cock of the walk, but the second you lose you do the same thing over and over again. The definition of insanity, and not the good kind. Give into the good kind.

Let me go ahead and tell you something you already know.

You're going to lose this match.

I know it. You know it. Because you want to use me as a stepping stone and not as a real opponent. You think that just because you win this belt that this place is going to have to accept you? EHHHHH!!! Wrongo el stupido.

Because let's be perfectly frank here. You aren't going to be the Impact Champion. Hell you couldn't even win the easy participation trophy that is the Paramount Championship at this point because there is a reason why you aren't a champion.

You don't believe it.

You are so obsessed with winning that you don't understand what you are trying to win.

The true mark of a world champion is now how they win the belt, defend the belt, or even lose the belt...it's how they hold themselves when shit gets rough. When your opponent hits you with every damn fucking thing in the world and you fall, and then you get back up.

I don't think you've ever had a situation where you have had to truly fight for your life...until now.

Because boy...I'm not locked in there with you...you are locked in a cage with Ataxia.

Think about how easy it has been to get you into this situation. You have a plan I am sure. You have a want. You have a need. You have a desire to destroy me to make a name for yourself and I can't blame you...but I have to ask you something.

What do you think my plan is? To keep the belt...I don't care.

And because I don't care all I have is my own goal and that is to make you realize...to make you learn your lesson.

This defeat that is coming for you Silas...is something you need to learn to grasp. To deal with. To get up from. Because if you don't I have a feeling soon we will hear about the greatest future world champion...who shot himself.

You put to much pressure on yourself son.

I'm here to help...not by defeating you, but by teaching you.

It's time for you to learn Silas...it's time for you to grow up...It's time for you to finally become what you have always wanted to be...

A winning wrestler, by learning from how you lose.

My motto is always simple...Even if I lose....I still win.

Take those words to heart, or don't...I don't really care anymore. Because I am here to do my work for my federation. You can either become the rock of this federation like you want, or you can be the joke. Either way...You'll do for now.

You might even be adequate some day...


I sit here looking down at my mask. I don't like it. I mean. It protects me. It's very nice. It's gotten me so much. A real life. Not the one I have when I'm not wearing this. That's my real mask. I'm sorry that I can't tel l you more about it. I feel like maybe someday I can show you guys the real me, but that day is not today...I remember...I remember a long time ago...

“Alright you assholes.”Trent Steel barks bringing us to attention. A whole room full of people who want to become his next student. I'm not here for that. I'm here for another reason, but I pretend to be intimidated by him. He looks over each of us, and after passing each of us he makes a throat cut motion to the guy wearing tye die who just tells the ones he's cut that they are not wanted. “None of you have what I...You.”

“Yes?”I say as he looks at me. It's my appearance. It's odd. I know. I've had to deal with people starring me down my whole life, but this is odd. This guy is starring me thru to my soul it feels like. The ice blue eyes of a man who has raised more hell than the devil himself. I dart away from the glare and look over to the guy in the tye die...my target...Dude JoB. “What?”

“You stay.”He sends everyone else out of the room and Dude JoB, also known as DJ, rares back and hits me in the gut. I respond by targeting his sternum. The one weak point on the body I know he hasn't had any reinforcement. He drops for a moment and then I'm out for a moment. I feel the back of my head. Blood. My blood. I look over to see a barbwire bat dripping with my blood in the hands of Trent Steel. He's smoking a cigarette and looks me over. “You're one of Armstrong's boys aren't you?”

“So this is the part where you kill me right?”

“No...this is the part where I save you.”

That's how it started. Months of training and training. I soon forgot that my mission was just to observe Dude JoB, but I started to grow close to these guys. Trent Steel had created the identity of Ataxia, but he needed someone else to carry the banner. Dude JoB trained me. He actually trained me, and I embarked on heading out to different federations to make everyone fear the name of Ataxia...what did he see in me? Why did they take someone who was going to betray them...why? Why when they looked down at me...did they see the good in this bad? It's a kindness I will never be able to repay...but I'm going to try. And how I try...is to save this place from dying. I've let it happen once...twice...There will be no third....CWF will live forever!

So this is the part where I start talking to all of you about the rumble. How it's my intention to win it...it's not.

Don't look so fucking shocked kids. I know I'm walking into a trap. Everyone is out for that title shot and what am I doing here? I'm trying to put on the best show. The truth is I could go thru and trashtalk every single person on the roster for this match, but what would the point be. My best intentions you fools cannot fathom. Even my own stable mates are trying to figure out what is going on in my head.

What's going on in my head is that I am trying to live up to a legacy. Trent has made that quite clear that he is here for a reason. For that reason I have to be on my guard. My goal is not to win that match. My goal is to stop him and anyone else who would bring harm onto my federation.

Rishel isn't the president anymore.

This is my house! You will live and die by it with my authority god damn it!

I'm not here to do what's best for me. What's best for me would have been to go after the world title from day one and keep smashing each of you. Left Dorian to go drown in a bottle. Left Shadow to fend for himself. Left Mia...well no...that's actually not true...I'd still have fallen for my angel. I could have won and lost and regained the belt dozens of times...why haven't I pushed it?

Because I'm pushing all of you!

Because I am what's best for CWF!

"Rawk! World Title! World Title!" Shut up Silas! You're so vain that you know this promo is about you, but it's not just him. I'm so proud of all of you...we might even get half a fuck out of Jarvis King if we are lucky enough.

Don't hold your breath but it might happen!

We all come together and we get stronger. I'm going to love watching Dorian try to go thru me again with full force to earn that title. I'm going to love tangling with MJ again! This is my greatest joy...

Come together...right now...