~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I know this is going to come up, so let's just go ahead and explain something here.

Why do I hate Danny B?

I don't hate him. No. You see, back in the day, who he used to be...Danny was something special. Danny was someone who could turn the tide at any given minute. Danny B was special...then he became “special”.

Oh sure, out of that famous threeway we like to talk about where our careers went for that one title match. The three of us, including Jace, have certainly done many a thing. Hell...two of us have become commissioners. One of us with a rather lackluster one where as I have been keeping this place together.

Now...why do I hate him? Why did I attack him? Why am I still to this day hating on Danny B, if not more than Jace Valentine.

Quite simple.

No matter what you say about Jace. No matter all the horrible things he's done. The one thing you can say is that he's consistent. He's a consistent pile of turds in the wind, but he's consistent. Where as you never know what you're going to get with the modern Danny B.

Mostly a skid mark on his best day. It's not his fault. Danny out of the three of us was the one who was the more “hardcore” action in the ring at the time. Sure I was the mental anomaly, and Jace was the ego that could, for the most part, back it up, but Danny had an intensity. A drive. A passion for the business...

It was what I most admired about him, but along the way he got bitter. Now maybe out of all three of us he got the shaft more. I can't really tell, but the fact of the matter is the old Danny B wouldn't have ran into my office crying like a bitch about what Colton Mace did. Danny would have sucked it he fuck up and not pulled a god damn diva card out of his fucking back pocket.

Let me ask you an honest to god question Dan...what the fuck have you done to earn a god damn shot at the title other that show up CONVIENTLEY on the night that our former world champ decides to have a mini-tourney to fix something. Which by the way I want to make this perfectly clear. I did not book this.

I wouldn't book myself in it.

I wouldn't book Colton Mace in it.

I sure as fuck wouldn't book Danny B into it until I was sure I was going to get six months out of him at least because that's about as long as it takes before you or Jace have a god damn meltdown and I have to pick up the slack around here.

That's a fucking fact.

Now granted, right now, my mental state is not the best in the world. Right now I am really fucking pissed off at life. The only person whose ever loved the man behind this mask is missing, and instead of spending my time trying to find her I have to run this business and then to top it all off...the one guy who holds ONE accomplishment over me gets to try and waltz in here and act like I'm going to give him what he wants.

When you aint done dick to earn it.

Cali gave you a break...

I'm going to make you fucking earn it. Because that's what you did with me if you recall correctly. If you remember back when you had your little ego trip...you wanted to break me. You failed. This is my point about this whole thing with you. You always wrote me off Danny.

And who is the one that keeps having to save this place when you can't cut it. You couldn't even manage to destroy me Danny, and you belong in the main event? Not in my federation. We don't need any more part time fuckers like you! And the funniest part about this whole thing...Jarvis King is more fucking reliable than you!

That makes me want to vomit up my spleen for saying that you fucking asshole.

The thing that really stings is that you knew I wasn't in the right frame of mind when you came in. Yes. I saw him interfere and no I don't care. Because in the end it probably helped us out. With that happened in the past few months we don't need any fairweather champions.

I don't want the title in the hands of anyone who is going to cut and run. I have no doubt Colton Mace will stick it out at least until someone beats him. You. I'm not so sure.

That hurts me to have to say it after all we have been thru, but you...you disappoint me.

You use to have it. What happened? Did this place shutting down affect you like it did me? Did you question it? No. Of course not. Not “The Ripper”. Not you. Never you. Never a question...

Except one. Is this home?

To you and Jace this is a place to hang your legacy on, but this is my home...

I played a part with Rish to help keep things going and you fell for it...now...I'm being honest...I'm being myself...right now I want to cancel this match and go tear Loki Synn a new one...but you'll do...not because I hate you Danny...because I hate what you've become.


Where is she?

Loki knows. He has to know. He's the only damn lead that makes sense. I have found connections in the weirdest places, but I know there is nothing else that makes sense here. Loki knows where my Mia is. I just pray Shadow can handle it. I don't know what I'd do at this point. I don't want to lose control. I don't want to lose my soul that I have gained. I don't want people to see...

That part of me...

Oh but I am sure you all want to see it. I am sure you all...

“Tax...you there?”It's Armstrong. I sigh. I'd passed out again in the office. Getting things together for Wrestlefest has been the only thing keeping my mind together. “You alright kid?”

“I'm peachy as fuck...” I say getting up and putting on my suit jacket. I don't even bother fixing the tie. Fuck it. I'm beat. He looks me up and down and I can already figure out what he's going to tell me. “Still no luck finding her eh?”

“I can tell you if she was anywhere thru proper channels we'd have found her. It's like she's vanished.”

“Well then that means she can't be to far then.”

“How do you figure.”

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. They know we're looking. They know Shadow's looking. Local law enforcement. Everyone. So why move her. She must be in one location and hasn't left. That just leaves one person who has become the bait here.”

“Are you sure about that.”

“It's the only thing that makes sense with the information we have.”

“Well...that brings up something.” I start to leave. I got a match to train for...oh who am I kidding...I'm going to cry myself to sleep. “How much do you really know her.”

“She's seen my face Armstrong.”

“You're an idiot for letting her see that. What if this has all just been a ploy to get that information. You know what would happen if people found out who you were...”

“I know.”It's not something I like to think about. I didn't ask for this. I never wanted this. What if finding that out is why she was taken. What if someone is torturing her just for that information. Is my secret worth this? My mind hasn't stopped thinking about it since she left. I can still feel her hand in mine. I failed. I failed again!

“You need to...”He puts his hand on my shoulder.

“Don't fucking touch me!”I think the shock of seeing me get angry makes him back off. “I get it! I fucked up! I told someone who I really loved who I was because they needed to know the risk. The risk came back in a big way pal! I'm not the only one paying the price this time. If it meant saving her...I'd tear this mask off right in my match, but I can't do anything. It's just like when CWF closed the first time. Everyone else was fine, but me...I lost myself. I fell into a dark hole and it took everything to pull myself out. Now...on the biggest night of our company's year. I have to run the show, beat one of my greatest rivals, and also not worry about my girlfriend's disappearance. I think I am handling this as best as I can.”

“Kid...I don't see how anyone can handle this. Especially knowing everything that I do.”He walks around me, and despite my not wanting it. He fixes my tie. “You carry the heaviest of burdens and you never hesitate to do what you think is best. The biggest weakness you have is you care, but you also know you have to keep everyone at arms reach. Shadow and Dorian don't know right?”

“Just Mia.”

“Then you keep it that way. Because if what you think is true, those two could be next. You need them to help keep you sane...well as much as you can be after that lovely dance number the other night.”

“Hey...Gunt is an angelic voice.”We both have a laugh as we exit the CWF building. I feel like someone is watching. Hell. I know someone is always watching. It's like something in the back of my mind is itching...

“Sleep with one eye open son...”

No. Not him. Not him. Nope. Nope. I fake it. I fake it till I get to the car and they take me to the hotel. Only there do I take it off. Only there do the tears flow. Only there to I let myself grieve. Because as Ataxia I can't let anything affect me, but as myself...I can let it all go.

We fade in upon Ataxia's lair. We haven't seen it here for a while, but we do see that around the random buildings and odd surroundings is a graveyard. Suddenly out of one of the graves shoots up a coffin. The Black Coffin. Out of it steps the master of madness himself...Ataxia. He opens his eyes, but instead of the madness we see a sadness.

Ataxia: Dearly beloved we are gathered here to pay our last respects to the one known as “The Ripper” Danny B. Someone who thinks he fucking knows what I am about. No doubt Danny is going to boast about a few things in his promo, but I wanted to set the facts straight about something. He's going to talk about how angry I am that I lost the CWF World Title. I am not. Nor have I ever been angry about that. The better man that night won, but you are no longer that better man. Why should I worry about the world title. It's slipped thru my grasp how many times since we've been back here. Oh wait. Silly me...someone's been on vacation.

Ataxia picks up some of the dirt near the coffin and let's it blow in the breeze.

Ataxia: How does it feel to come back and get put in the same situation that ran you off before? Did you think it was in bad taste or do you remember exactly what happened in the match? You think I hate you because you beat me Danny? You think I hate you because you went out of your way to attack me when you were commish? No Danny...I hate you because you are lazy. You're a coward. You run away. See you do just like Jarvis, Jace, and every other part timer here. Hell let's throw in Elisha and Elijah while we are at it. Cults aside...when the going gets tough and you lose a match...you run away like a fucking cowardly little bitch!

Ataxia spins around and kicks the coffin back into the hole it came out of. Ataxia looks directly at the camera as part of the lair start to fly around in the background.

Ataxia: Everyone thinks that I'm all fun and games. That I am some kind of goofball in a mask, but the one thing even you admit to Danny is that I am damn scary in the ring. At this very moment Danny, I pity you. Because I don't see Danny B when I look at you in that ring. With Wrestlefest being our biggest show there is only one way this could have went down...me burying your ass! Literally!

Everything is flying around with debris, tumbleweeds, The car from Ash vs Evil Dead, and some lemmings in a row boat fly past as Ataxia's red eyes start to glow along with his teeth. As he speaks we start to hear the sound of ravens cawing.

Ataxia: You think I am here to have fun and let this go. I'm putting you in the dirt! I'm not ending this feud! I'm not playing around! I don't fucking care who you are Danny...in my mind...You're Loki! You're everything that has made my life a living hell and for once and for all...No one will ever fucking doubt that I am "The Messiah Pariah". We've all changed since that match Danny. We've all grown and evolved. You became what you are. Jace became a Jacehole, but one thing hasn't changed. I have never quit. You can't beat me Danny! You know why? Because to beat me would be to kill CWF! It's strong now! It's whole now! Nothing can stop it! You think you can destroy me...bitch please...you are not made of sterner stuff Danny...you aren't even made of tissue paper! Quote the Ripper...Go fuck yourself! Feast my little frands...I give you the worst meal of your lives...Carrion...my wayward frands...AHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!

With that we pan around to see the ravens feasting upon a carcass with the face of Danny B...becoming nothing more than dust in the wind.