~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

Blame it all on my roots...I showed up with fruits...and ruined your fatal four way affair.

The last one to post...the last one to crow...I was the last one you'd know would give a care...and I saw the surprise...and the beer in his eyes...because I threw a can into his face...I toasted you said bunny we maybe screwed...but you'll never fear me legrannnggeeee...

Cause I got opponents with dumb faces...I think I'z drunk but that's okazies...my frands okayyyy...I'll be sautee'd.

I miss my Mia.

I miss my happy life.

I miss not being in charge of you a-holes.

Look at this shit.

I have to pretend to care about these people who obviously just want to run rough shot around here. I mean look at Duce-bag. I'm gonna carve your sins into your fucking face to where the only way you can be seen in public is with one of these.

I'm gonna turn you into me Duce Jones. After Dorian takes those tag team titles from Freddie I never have to give either of you two a tag team title shot again.

You think Jace is the only one I could ban from competition. Don't worry...Jarvis is getting his to. Then you three will what...Oh I know...I can keep booking you against each other. I can make you guys mangle each other until you refuse to show up for work. Then I can fire your asses. Sue your asses. And watch you all waste away...well you two waste away. If anyone has ever seen Jarvis...he's only got what?...two more months before he vanishes like a fart from taco bell?

This is going to be fun time fucknugget.

Get ready to be so face fucked their gonna call you crusty for the rest of your god damn life!

So why would I book this match. Azreal doesn't like me. Duce obviously hates me. Then we got Jackoff Jimmy...Why put myself thru this.

Simple. You three get to feel my pain this week. Jimmy Allen and others like to say I'm not doing enough to look for Mia. I am. I'm exhausting every resource, but you know...someone actually has to run this place. Someone has to pay their paychecks. I'm sure the noble nature of these men would be in an uproar if I ignored my job to focus on my persona life. That's the rub of being in charge of a federation. No one gives a fuck at how your personal life is...wrestlers can use that as an excuse...which you three know all about excuses right?

I mean look at Azreal. All about the apathy? Oh you've changed? What...you finally take a god damn bath you basement dwelling neckbeard. Oh dear lord he got religion. Yeah well Ataxia 3:16 says I just got some sass. Shut the fuck up. Better yet. Kill yourself. No really. Kill yourself. You've done nothing for CWF since you joined up except make excuses. All you do is just try your damnedest to get attention and you fucking fail at that horribly because even after all of your bluster...You can't do dick. But you're going to finally do something! I am going to make sure of it! I'm going to put you on your back and you are going to pay off...

You're going to be one of my three corpses I bury worse than Danny B!

Speaking of walking corpses. We got Jimmy Allen who has a anal dwelling butt monkey crawling up his anus happy trail about my glorious self. I know why. I know exactly why. He wants the sins of another to pass onto me. His whole complaint about me...is because someone else took his “future”. He wants to sit there and take pot shots at me. He wants to sit there and talk shit to me. He wants to try and manipulate me. Fine. You wanted me. You got me, but you gotta earn a singles shot at me ya beaver looking asshole! You want to fight Ataxia one on one then you gotta get in line. You want to call me out. I don't hide behind my office like other people you use to run with. I'm not going to play a large con like my predecessor who wronged you. I. Am. Right. Here! My office is the ring. You aren't going to like this appointment thou as I bury you into the fucking god damn dirt mother fucker.

Then we got you Duce. We got a guy who is still mad that I outsmarted him and let someone who was lower on the card take the pin. That's what this is all about. It's not about Mia. It's not about Freddie. For you it's that match. That match where you were made to look like a chump. Where you were made to look inferior to a guy wearing a fucking mask!

Hell that's why all of you hate me. It has nothing to do with my actions. Who I am. No. It's this. This fucking bag. This fucking thing is why you hate me.

And you know what...good!

I welcome it!

I love it!

Hell yeah!

You know why? Because the truth is you hate yourselves. You hate yourselves because you are weak. You aren't getting where you want and you start looking for someone to blame. It's easy to blame the guy whose achieved power. Now out of all of you...Allen has a reason to be afraid of someone like me in power. He's seen it, but he doesn't fucking know what I am capable of.

I'll give you a hint thou.

You ever seen “The Human Centipede”?

That's my end game here. I'm tired of you three talking out of your asses, so I'm going to plug them...with your heads!


We fade in on Ataxia's lair. It's all in shambles. We see no light save for odd reds and greens. All over the ground are pictures of Mia. As we pan across we see "The Knight in Burlap" on his knees. In front of him is his mask, but we can't see his face. In his hands though is another mask. It's a face of Mia Rayne, one of the white ones that Ataxia makes to torment his opponents. He kisses the mask. He caresses it.

"Pathetic...aren't I...Well frands...You're seeing something that you wanted to see right? Me...broken...unmasked...and yet...I sense the fear growing. I see the terror in your eyes. Because even now you face the unknown that is Ataxia. What am I capable of? What am I going to do next? I have all the power. Even more than the world title. I can ruin your lives with a snap of my fucking fingers...and I won't turn you into ashes. No...that would be to good for the likes of you."

Ataxia picks up the burlap mask and puts it on as he walks towards us still carrying the mask of Mia in his hands. "You've all said you wanted to see me get serious. You all said you wanted to see what would happen if I quit the laughter? Am I laughing now? Do you find this funny? Go ahead. I'd laugh. I'd laugh for days if it wasn't me. That's what comedy means you know...Tragedy means to me...Comedy means to you. It's not happening to you so why should you care right? Don't worry...I'm going to take something from each of you and show you all what CWF is in for if Mia Rayne isn't brought before me unharmed. You three are going to be a message...I will break your glass ceiling...I will make you see god...and I will take away your "future"...I am not here to laugh now frands...a good man now goes to war..."

A blinding red light goes off in the foreground and we see Ataxia hold out his arms as the pictures fly up and we see on the backs of the pictures are photos of Azreal, Duce, and Jimmy Allen. Each man's eyes cut out o each photo as they start to catch fire.

"And lo...the drums did play...the day a good man...went to war..."

The ravens fly by and consume the screen biting away at the photos...no laughter...just screams.