~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

We fade in on Ataxia...he's laying in his coffin. His arms crossed, his eyes closed...he looks at peace. Until we open is eyes and we see one thing in his red eyes...


Ataxia: This is the part where we start talking about what is the heart of the matter. The matter is this. For the past while my once wonderful life has become a perfect hell. It seems that the moment I let someone in. The moment I let my guard down...I get buried...

We see Ataxia turn his head over and the camera is there.

Ataxia: I guess I should really explain this. Everyone always wants the answer to the one question. The only question. Who am I? Who am I under this mask? What do I do when the cameras go off? Do I out to coffee and danish like you do? Am I the garbage man? Am I the president? Who am I? It drives you crazy because if you put a name to the face...then you feel safe don't you? That's the whole purpose isn't it. People say I'm crazy...I think I'm the only sane one left.

Ataxia tries to lift the casket lid and all we see is the struggle.

Ataxia: Definitely something weighing me down eh? Definitely something that has to be said. Something that has to be done. Something that should be mentioned. The real question...the one question no one asked me...is why did I come back. Picture if you will. CWF is in trouble. We need a deal to keep us going. I hear about SFT holding a “Lethal Lottery” Tag Team thing. It'll do. I get far in the tournament. We're getting some press. Maybe we will get enough interest...and then...I get taken out by someone who didn't want an “outsider” from SFT to win. That same day...CWF closes. I couldn't save it. I couldn't save Elijah. I couldn't save Highlander. I couldn't save Jarvis....I couldn't even save Danny B...I couldn't save what I had fought for. What I had turned evil for. What I had done for so long to keep it going. The blood. The sweat. The soul...all of it was gone. So I hung up my mask. I walked away. I let Ataxia...Rest...In...Peace.

Ataxia keeps trying to lift the dirt again.

Ataxia: Except...the mask found another. A whole other chapter was written. Yet here I sat. Here I prayed. Then one day I see it...CWF returns. And I hesitated...I am poison after all...aren't I Danny? We both are. We both deserve to be buried. But I eventually gave in. I came back, and then something wonderful happened. Something glorious. Something...perfect...

Ataxia lifts the coffin lid up and we see that he's not buried but just in a room. Inside of this room are photos lining the wall of Shadow, Dorian, Chloe, and most of all...Mia. Ataxia gets up and walks around the room. He clicks off the lights except for the ones showing the photos and then pulls off his mask.

???: I think after all these years...we need to have a talk...

The madness in the voice...it's not there. The shrill, the cackle, the twisted tones...are gone. It's almost monotone.

???: I've done this talking to people without the mask on before, and I know it seems very tired. I want you to see something Danny B. At one point, there were three of us on top of the world and you won. You won the title. Jace Valentine, Danny B, and Ataxia...but I was never meant to be there was I Danny? I was never the one you all wanted. I was the oddity. It was the ego maniac versus the freight train of destruction. I was just...flavor. If I hadn't had beaten Cain...

Ataxia reaches over and pulls the CWF World Title out of the coffin.

???: Would this dance had even started? What choice has led us here? Was there ever a time where you would have looked at me as an equal? Or am I just merely the cackling madman of your nightmares? You see...I do think that deep down Danny...you need this to end. It's over for Jace. I've made sure of that. Even if his happy ass comes back. Not in my CWF. You see while you were gone. While you stayed away. While you licked your wounds after what happened with Harley...I...well...I found a love. I found a family. I found people who accept me for me...but do they really?

Ataxia drops the belt into the casket and rubs his hands thru his hair, but we can't see the hair save for the outline.

???: I mean...who actually knows me?

Ataxia swings around and knocks down the photos. First Shadow.

???: Who the fuck do you think I am? What the fuck have I ever done for you? What did I ever do to you to make you think I was a fucking friend to you! Why did you pick me?! Why?!!! I'm fucking useless! I can't fucking do anything right! I can't even fucking make a move without hurting people I care about...I'm fucking cursed...

Ataxia screams and smashes the photos of Dorian and Chloe.

???: How did I fucking help you??!! You were a drunk and I took pity on you because...because...I'm the addict to...Dear fucking god you let your kid around me...Why...Why??...What good am I to you? What good am I to her? What good am I to anyone? Did you ever think that maybe I'm hiding who I am because I'm the most evil bastard in the world...I might be worse than hitler...

Ataxia stops right before he punches the photo of Mia...

???: This...This is the only person who knows...and she's gone...did I drive her away...What...I almost did what someone did to me last week...and they cheered me...am I the monster even with my face I show everyone. She's the only one who fucking gets it Danny...

Ataxia falls to his knee's and picks up his mask and puts it back on. The lights come on and we see Ataxia shaking back and forth like he did in the match where Dorian unmasked him off camera.

Ataxia: I'm not a good person.

Ataxia gets up and puts the photo in the coffin. He picks up the broken ones with Shadow, Dorian, and Chloe. He then closes the casket.

Ataxia: I'm not the hero...at least I wasn't suppose to be. The only difference between the three of us Danny...was staying power. I stayed. I didn't run. I've never ran. You say this needs to be settled Danny. You're right. You wanted to see the real me? No. You don't. This is who you want to see. The cackling mad man. This simple person who just wants us all to be good to each other, because only someone who has done the most horrible things...would want to never have anyone else be like this again.

Ataxia picks up the CWF World Title and puts it on top of the casket.

Ataxia: What's my reward? I get handed the company I fought so hard...I lose the love of my life...I can't find her Danny! Yet...of all of that...you come back into my fucking life! I've outgrown you ya fucking wannabe champion! I've always been a champion! The belt means dick! You mean dick! You're name is now “The Dicker” Dicker D!

Ataxia walks over to a wall and flips a switch...the casket starts to descend. Dirt starts to fall from above onto the casket.

Ataxia: I'm going to fucking bury you once and for all Danny! Not because I want to...because I have to. If CWF is all I have left...if this is all that my soul is worth...if this is my penance. Then you deserve peace Danny. Jace got his, but you...you deserve a happy ending. I apparently don't. My happy ending destroyed me...Look at me...

Ataxia gestures around him as dirt keeps filling all around him.

Ataxia:...this is what I deserve. CWF...it's been burying me since it shut down...and it will be where I finally die. You win the greatest prize Danny B...You get to see me for who I really am...just once...just this one time Danny. It's just me wearing the mask. You will see who I really am under here. I will set you free Danny, by putting you in the dirt...and letting you finally leave with the dignity you deserve. I owe you that much. And rather you liked it or not...we were always frands...monsters have to stick together after all. If I can't save myself. I'm going to save you. Rather you want it or not...Ahahah...Ah what's the point?

Ataxia looks up as the camera goes up as the dirt keeps filling up around him until all that remains when the dust settles is a burlap sack atop of the dirt.

Ataxia: (Voice Over):And on the pedestal these words appear:
'My name is Ozymandias, king of kings;
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.