~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

After “Frozen Over” I started to leave. I think I use to spend time with fans usually, but since I don't know what happened for the past few months I have been keeping to myself. As I start making my exit by grabbing my kit, I have a disguise ready to leave arenas in an emergency so I can avoid being followed, I turn the corner and sitting right there...with my bag...Jon Stewart.

“Hello Kiddo.”

“Give me the bag and I won't break your god damn spine.”Needless to say frands...I am not in a good fucking mood with this guy. Apparently I was rewarded with the ability to run CWF, and in my unintended absence. I know who he is. I know I've talked to him. I also know what he's capable of. He just sits there smirking at me as he takes off his glasses.

“First of all. I have to say. You're definitely the better one at making the faces than I or Trent ever was. Had to outsource that a few times.”

“I said. Give. Me. The. Fucking. Bag.” I say balling up my hand into a fist. Stewart cocks and eyebrow and sighs as he tosses me my gymbag. Then he pulls something out of his pocket. The pill bottle. A black pill bottle.

“Now. That I have your fucking attention. Let's talk.” He gestures towards the way I was heading and I start walking. “You do recall some of what is known about me, but I can tell something's gone wrong with your mind. You're not all there are you?”

“That tells me you know what's happened to me and that doesn't do you any favors. Since me not being here put you in a position of power. Something we were warned to never let you have again.”

“Why would Trent and company ever say that about me?” He smirks as if to test me to see how much I remember.

“It wasn't Trent that told me that. Trent still has some faith in you despite what you think of him. After all you married his adopted daughter.”There is genuine shock on his face. Apparently he considers himself an enemy of Trent. That's interesting. It's a kernel of something that might be useful later, but his face tells it all. There is a reason he wore the mask. Out of all of us. He has the worst god damn poker face. “No the one who told me that is your blonde headed friend.”

“...He's here?”

“Don't act surprised. He's the one that shoved me out of the back at the Hostility show. He's here. You know he's here. Stop pretending and trying to insult my intelligence. It's one of the few graces we both share is the joy of mind games. I don't underestimate you, and you should know better.”

“I knew he was around, but I didn't think he'd actually intervene. Do you think he knows what happened to you?”

“And you don't?”I search his face. Any tick. Any trace of a lie. He just smirks at me and doesn't respond for a while. He's careful to not give away anything. He's learning. It's making me question a few things I do know about him. “Let me put this little thought in that complex maelstrom of a mind of yours. When...not if...When I find out what happened to me. If you had anything to do with it. No fucking pill in the world is going to save you from the hell that I will put you thru.”

“Now you really shouldn't go threatening your boss lik...”Index and middle finger raised out from my closed fist taps his voicebox. Not enough pressure to crush it, but to shut him up. He's gasping for air as I position myself behind him and kick the back of his left knee. My arms are around his throat as he tries to get out of the hold. I could snap his neck if I wanted to, but for right now...I need him alive.

“I'm not threatening you. I'm promising you. Unlike Trent...I don't care if I leave your wife a widow and those kids orphans. You don't seem to understand the situation you are in Jon, so let me clarify this for you. Someone has taken everything from me, so I am going to take everything away from you until I get that back. You worry about me wanting your job...Fuck that job...I'm going to do something that you will never see coming. I'm taking my god damn belt back! I'm going to do for CWF what should have been done a long time ago! I'm going to get that world title and I will hold it fucking hostage until I get some god damn answers. You have no worries about your job...I'd just be worried about your fucking life!”With that I let him go. He reaches for his pill box. I grab it. I walk off with it. He's gasping for air as I make a mad dash. He's reaching for his phone. He's going to call security to try and catch me. I dash off out the back and into the area around the arena. Soon as I can I find a place to duck out and grab the face I am borrowing for the night. I don't bother with the change of clothes. Remove the tie, the gloves, and pull out a pair of glasses and no one will be looking for a guy who looks like he's just left a bar. He's now thinking that belt is all I care about. And that's exactly what I want him to think about. He's going to try something I'm sure...I just have to make it on my terms.

I...I am suppose to fight at “Ladies Man” apparently.

So let's go thru all the usual things and get them out of the way shall we? Yes. I wear a burlap mask. Yes. It does chafe if you don't moisturize. No. You are wrong. Yup. About that to. I have to say this ignorance thing is kind of fun, but let's be honest here. You don't think to highly of me and personally from where you come from...I have no reason to respect you.

SEE what I did there?

You aren't welcomed here in my fucking home. You see. Normally I'd do a thing where I'd wear your face and talk about your short cummings, but let's face a fact. You're coming here to check out if the grass is greener, but I have seen your ilk before. I have seen every single type of person come here into CWF, and I can tell a waste of fucking time every god damn second one shows up and starts touting how god damn important they think they are in their little pond. The people from CW...they have earned a bit of respect from me because I know of whom rides their roster, but you...you are your little wannabes...

They aren't fucking welcomed.

Allow me to introduce you to something. There is a concept in most federations that I think you and your backwatered backwoods backtracking backbiting bastard of a bedlam of brutes doesn't seem to fucking grasp. In every true federation there is a benchmark. A person you have to face in order to see if you truly belong. It's not always the world champion. It's not the wily veteran. It's the guy that you have to slightly afraid of. The guy who makes your hands sweat slightly at the thought of looking at him on the card sheet.

Please allow me to introduce myself...The name is Ataxia. And this is where your dream of trying to embarrass this place ends.

Oh...are you surprised someone actually did their homework?

Were you chomping at the bit to try and get one over on me. Tell me I don't know you. Tell me I don't know anything about you. Go ahead. Lie to yourself to try and convince yourself it's the truth, but the truth is this. You've never faced a mother fucker quite like me pool boy.

You see. Fun story. Normally I'm all about getting to know new people. Giving them a chance. Letting them have a moment to see if they have any potential for my federation, but you see you got a very bad mark on you.

I've lost my memory for the past year...I don't recall things. So I have to watch videos to see what all I missed. Make connections to things so my brain can understand what's happened to my family. My family. My beloved was...is...Mia Rayne.

Whom you might know as Loki Synn or Cheshire...

You all have become quite a pain in the ass.

So instead of my usual nice fella demeanor and my let's be “frands” attitude. Instead. I'm going to treat you like your federation treats people. Like shit. Like vomit. Like the sweat the dribbles down your taint when you've got a fever.

Ladies' man my ass.

You wouldn't know how to treat a real lady if you got a damn guide book written by her with a map on how to exactly hit her konami code to make her super jump.

You are a waste of forty eight pairs of chromosomes...

And it's time I eject the genetic mistake you are from the airways.

This isn't even a squash match Stewart...This is a god damn mercy killing. The last bit of my mercy this place will get. That title is mine. Everyone else...is just soon to be roadkill in my god damn way!

I saw her. We walked. I don't remember when but our hands touched. It...It did trigger something, but what it triggered wasn't something that I would say was enjoyable. You can tell if it's someone different holding your hand. It was like holding hands with a stranger. Which is even more odd for me, because I don't really remember who she was to me in the first place. Loki Synn, Mia, and...I don't know who the fuck. As much as it would be nice...I can't lie to myself. That's not fair to me. That's not fair to her. She's been thru enough.

“That was very kind of you, coming to this familiar place that brings back all these wonderful memories, but... I know that you aren't her, that's probably the one thing that I DO remember. Everything comes in flashes. In my dreams, I know, I just KNOW who she is. You have her face, but you aren't HER. So... Who are you?” I draw away from her. This new persona. This new legend as it were. One thing I do know it's about being other people. I put on a latex face and I can become that person. It's a curse, but this is harder. That face. It's her face, but it's not. It's a face that makes my head ring. Who is this person? What's going on?

“I'm... I don't want to hurt you. I want that to end and I want to help ease your suffering. You're right, I'm not Mia. I wish I could bring her back right away for you, but I can't, not yet. She needs to learn her lessons, she needs to grow stronger from her past mistakes. Loki... She isn't gone, she'll probably be here to stay no matter what. I'm here to make sure that Mia learns what she needs to to harness Loki's power and wielding it as opposed to succumbing to it. Her time will come again and I'll be nothing but a memory. I'm hoping to make it a pleasant one for you and while I might not be Mia; you HAVE to know that she is alive and well in me and yearns for the day when she can hold you once again. Until then though... I have one question for you, maybe it will end up benefiting the two of us in some weird way and maybe we'll find the answers we're looking for individually... Together....”She's alive. That's good, but she can't face me. Maybe it's better this way. Maybe I'm just a toxin to these people. I don't feel like I've done anyone any good. Maybe I should have stayed in the grave.

“Will you be my FRAND?”Frand. A word I say. It means more than frand. It means family. I wish I could say yes. I wish I could wrap my arm around this person and say that of course you are. I wish I could feel that way whenever I am around Dorian and not feel like any second he's going to powerbomb me into a bus. I wish I could say the same thing about Zach and not worry about him hitting me with a hadoken. I wish I could say the same thing about Shadow...with two belts looking at me as a threat. I know he does. He would be a fool if he didn't. Can I be this person's frand? I walk away. I walk away because I don't know. It's not that I don't want to, I just can't trust myself. I don't know what I've done. I don't know where I've been. Maybe it's best that I don't get involved right now.

“We'll see...” I say to the night air as I walk away. A knight in burlap they call me. I never really understood that name. I am no knight. I am a pariah. I am a messiah. I will sacrifice myself for those who don't even care for me. No more...I am Ataxia. And it's time CWF...relearned it's lesson. The Reckoning starts now!