~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~


I've been waiting for you. I knew the moment I saw your damn name on the fucking sheet for this tournament that it would come down to either you or JC from your damn federation coming into this place. It's bad enough I got Trent Steel sticking his god damn nose into my fucking affairs, but you and your damn Baltimore bullshit garbage bag federation come into my fucking life again...I'm sick of this shit so let me clear it up for you.

Take your two cent worthless fucking world title and shove it up your hemorrhoid infested fucking asshole you god damn pedophile looking mother fucker...

Allow me to introduce myself to you Mr. Jack “Off” Michaels. My name is Ataxia...and unlike everyone else in CWF...I've done my fucking research.

I know exactly who and what you are. So you're little motivational old man speech that you will no doubt try to do to overcome your stupid ass personal life shit to try and give yourself some viagra for your fucking motivation is not going to work.

Because Jack...You think you know me.

You think you know everything about me. Why I wear the mask. Why I do what I do. Who the fuck I am...all because you think you know Trent Steel.

I am a kindness.

Out of everything you think you know about your rival. The man you took that world title you so covet from. That man made me, or at least the old me. He found me. Trained me. Gave me this mask he use to wear...oh yes. A little history lesson for you.

There was a time even when Trent Steel couldn't stand himself, so he found solace wrestling under this name. Ataxia. Meaning Paralyzed by Fear. The fear that he was going to go to far. The fear that he had no redemption. The fear that he couldn't turn his life around. He used this mask to destroy a federation all because they pissed him off Jack and after he took it off in front of the world...they hated him, but while he wore it they loved him. It was his kindness that he gave it to me, and others.

You always claim about having a legacy. I'm a legacy made flesh from a wrestler who made it his career to hurt people. He taught me everything he knows Jack...except I'm younger, faster, and smarter than he is.

And the only reason you have that god damn belt is because you fought him in a cluster fuck. I'm surprised Jack. I mean you come in here talking a big game. Trying to impress your girl. Trying to win won for you gutterbag wrestling federation like you actually matter, but the truth is Jack you don't. I mean you've ran your mouth before. Hell your mouth cost you a shot at that very belt before did it not?

How did Trent Steel manage to beat you and the former champion before him all in the same night. Simple. It isn't because he's the better wrestler. It isn't because he's faster...it's because he outsmarted you.

A small feat indeed.

You think you know me because you know Trent Steel. Trent Steel's kindness is my face...and you will be terrified by it by the time I am done Jack. Because tonight Jack...This is your soul...presented by Ataxia.

Get ready for an asswhipping your geriatric ass won't recover from!

We fade in on a lavish looking place. Titles everywhere. Highlighted photos of victories. All of them Jack Michaels. And then we see it. Sitting in the room, wearing just a black robe...is Ataxia. The flesh of his hands and feet that we see are pure pastly white. The same as his latex masks that he always wears from time to time. He pulls off the burlap sack and we see Jack Michaels face looking right at us. The mustache and hair are the only things colored. The red eyes and red teeth of Ataxia underneath the mask smile a sickening, almost face splitting smile.

“I'm sure this is making you question a few things.”He says in a voice that matches Jack Michaels pitch and tone perfectly. “You're wondering how is this possible. How can someone do this to me? To me! I'm “The Blast” Jack Michaels! How dare you try and intimidate me with my own face Ataxia! The answer is quite simple Jackie boy.”

Ataxia stands up, and drops the robe. We see this is a full white latex body suit that matches almost every scar and muscle that we could see on Jack. The only thing we see aside from this “nude” form is a copy of the Carnage World Title Belt. Ataxia stands there for a moment and poses. He turns, we even see some shapely Jack booty...actually this suit looks even more muscular than normal.

“This is how you see yourself. This is how you want people to view you! A champion! A god! A heroic image of praise. What do you and your little groupie band call yourselves? Oh yes... “Paragon”. But you see Jack...I know something about you that you don't want the audience to know.”Ataxia undoes the back of the belt and turns dropping it...right in a trash can. We see nothing. No. Like it's a ken doll basically of Jack Michaels is what Ataxia is wearing. “Without a world title over your waist. You are impotent. You got no balls Jack! You're all bite and no bark! You're worse than Jarvis King! You're worse than Jace Valentine! You're worse than every other wannabe world title holder...hell you even make KC3 look somewhat credible. Yet here we are. The truth. The truest thing about you Jack...The full monty if you will...”

Ataxia does a crotch chop to...well nothing...and just starts to cackle.

“AHAHAHAHHAHAHA...Oh! I know! Everyone in Carnage is going to be upset about this! How dare I insult your pathetic world title! It's simple really. Because I know in Carnage right now, everyone from Robert Zodiac to Dr. Winn is more qualified to wear that damn thing than you! You offered that damn thing like it was a cracker jack prize last week. Let me save you the trouble. I don't want it! I don't need it! I am Ataxia! I am “The Messiah Pariah”! I am the one thing you don't have Jack...Balls incarnate! You and your boys make a good impression. Trent Steel wrestles with you full time. That's enough to tell me you are tough. That's enough to tell me that you are an opponent to be taken seriously. I'm not Silas. I don't look at you and your small town production as just that. It's more, but it's not needed here. It's nothing. Because what really matters. What has always mattered...Is CWF...to me. You might make it here Jack, but your motivation is all wrong and I don't take well to people in my federation coming in here with wrong ideals. They end up like The GC...outside in the cold.”

Ataxia turns his back to us and reaches behind his head and tears off the latex mask of Jack. We only see a glimmer of short pale looking hair as he puts the burlap mask back on. He turns to us holding the mask of Jack Michaels.

“You see...”The voice now the raspy creepy psychotic voice we all know. “Years ago. I did what you did. I went to a place called Strike Force Towers. They had a tournament. If I won. I got a shot at their world title holder. I was set to win...and someone interfered. Someone dared to get in my way because I didn't belong. It cost CWF the boost it needed. In one match. One decision. CWF closed. I had to carry that burden with me for years Jack. So understand me when I tell you I feel utterly disgusting having to do this to you. I know Carnage would benefit from you being champion, and in turn...you might be world title worthy. Just what are you willing to do to earn it?” Ataxia extends his tongue and seductively licks the mask right on the mustache.

“Emm...I wonder if the taint stache tastes the same. You see Jack. You're all man. You're all machismo. So let's see if you really want it. You want this world title for what? To prove that you can do it in more than Baltimore's Glorified Backyard Wrestling Federation? It's easy to be the big bitch in the small pond, but can you hang with the real superstars on a national stage? Look at us! We're what your pathetic wannabe boss wants to be. You want it. You want it because deep down what truly disgusts you is that he's right. You may have won over Carnage's audience, but can you win over MY federation? Because in CWF...”

Ataxia kisses, full on makes out with, the mask and then bites down as we see overly red stage blood come out of the latex as Ataxia gurgles it and spits it out. He drops the mask and tears off the mustache.

“You think you are ready to face the real me? Do you know why I am CWF? Do you know why I do what I do? You think it's because of pain? You think it's because of fear? You think it's because deep down I am trying to hide what kind of monster I am. I am a monster...frand...and I intend to use that for good. You. You're the scared one. You want my world title...You're going to have to do what you did in Carnage and get past the line. Get ready for the fight of your elder life old man. I'd say I'd be gentle, but what we have here from a new fish is a rare opportunity. You can take all of my full frontal ferocity. And don't worry Jack...I'll prove myself wrong with one thing.”

Ataxia smiles as he brings up what looks like a latex...um...man part that been blurred out and covered in blood.

“I'll show the world just how much testicular fortitude you have...AHAHHAHAHAHHAHA...”We fade out on Ataxia laughing maniacally as we pan down to the bloodied, pale, tattered latex face of Jack Michaels.

I hope you understand.

This isn't personal.

I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't respect you enough to treat you like anyone else here. This is what facing me is all about. You think you can psychoanalyze me. Heh anal. You are truly wrong here. The truth is Jack. You aren't in the right mind set. You got to many things on your mind. You got to many fires to put out at home. You don't have it here yet. Because without CWF you still have Carnage, your girl, your title, and your fanbase.

Without CWF...Who am I?

It's not that you are being beaten by a better man. Far from it. You're going to be beaten by a man without anything to lose. I've lost everything save one thing in the past few months. My federation. My home. My life. This is who I am. This is what it means to be CWF.

Can you hang with us...or do you need to learn a lesson?

Because there is one lesson you should have learned from your fight with Trent Steel. A lesson that even in my haze I remember. The motto of Ataxia if you will.

Even if I lose...I still win.

Because if I lost CWF will still stand. CWF will get the world champion it deserves. Not to say Shadow isn't worthy. This isn't anything personal with him either. This is my federation. I am the Rubicon...

Try and cross me mother fucker!

Although, I might just be so inclined to ask you a favor. Try to be kind to Trent in Carnage. You know it's funny. I see you two actually being friends. If you'd get your head out of your ass. Maybe I should take a little trip down to Baltimore and take your title there since you want to come and offer it here so willy nilly.

But I won't...because I respect Carnage Wrestling.

Which is why I will leave you in tact...maybe...Your girl might need a new chewtoy thou.