~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

We fade in on Ataxia standing in front of a manikin with it's back to us. It sits in a chair. We can't tell if it's a female or a male manikin. Ataxia is wearing his usual clothing and mask. He looks to be making an adjustment to the face.

“Let's put a smug little smirk on that face shall we?”

He looks over at the camera. His wide eyed red eyes looking at us with that red toothed grin. He spins the manikin around and we see it's a white latex face, sans hair, of Autumn Raven.

“I know. Cliche. It's a word you guys like to throw around when you think something I do is predictable, but yet the predictability of things that I do often leave you all wondering if I take this serious or not. It's funny really. With someone like me, who you people can't stop watching, it's really strange isn't it. You know. Auttie, here, got to CWF about the same time as Mia. You know. You could have been Mia. I mean really she is nothing sp...sp...unique. She's not someone that I...I...I actually care for really. I could make a new Mia out of you or practically anyone. Hell...I could make a new Shadow out of Sila...AHAHHAHAHAH...Sorry. Even I have to have a little bit of talent to pull that off.”

Ataxia twists the head off of the manikin for a moment. He holds it like Hamlet giving a soliloquy to a skull. He sniffs the forehead of the manikin.

“You smell...used...”

Ataxia can't help but chuckle.

“I mean. That's something we have in common dear sweet girl. People have used me to pull themselves out of the gutter for the past year and a half almost. Everyone uses the bagman to get themselves over. Shadow. Dorian. Mia. Zach. Hell...at least Ducebag and Lack of Style are at least honest about using us. Messing with my head. Messing with my past. Trying to test my patience. Not realizing what they were going to be truly unleashing. I'm awake now, and for that...everyone whose used me should be shitting themselves. You...you've been used the same way. Instead of me being pulling the shit up. You. You were used as a stepping stone that became a stumbling block for some. Now...the question is what are you going to do about it?”

Ataxia puts his forehead to the forehead of the mask. Almost like he's holding onto the face of Autumn in a loving embrace.

“Maybe I'll pull you out of the shit if I feel like being generious, but that would be a disservice. Because you deserve to be there. You deserve to be used and abused like Si...Shithead wanted you to be. You...You want this. You want to be beat up. You're the best sub in this federation. You love getting beat down. Because you feel like you deserve it. The truth is Auttie. You do. You deserve everything that has happened to you because you are nothing. You have never been anything. It's why I have never concerned myself truly with you. An afterthought. A indigestion caused belch. A fart from a four day old burrito in the gullet of a fat man. Expected and meaningless. A skidmark on brown underwear if you will.”

Ataxia chuckles as he turns the head to where it's cheek is laying on his.

“Why am I saying this? Do I really mean it? Of course I do bitch! Everyone in this federation treats me this way so why shouldn't I treat you this way. No one is my true friend. Frand. Whatever the fuck I called them. They use me and when I am not around they laugh. Ohhh they laugh...until they lose to me. Until I put them back in the shit where they belong. You are going right back in the septic tank that is the curtain jerker where you belong dear. And there isn't a damn thing you can do about it, because deep down you want me to send you down there.”

Ataxia kisses the mask on the cheek.

“I understand. You know your place. Everyone else in this god damn shithole is about to find out. I love how everyone whose just tuning in is going that Ataxia has to be the one who is losing! Ataxia has to be the one talking shit and not backing it up. Bitch. Please. If anyone knows me...they know it's not the match, but the war that I will win. I'm gonna put Dorian back in the gutter where I found his fat ass! I'm gonna leave Shadow in the light and watch him shrivel like a raisin! I'm going to take Mia...”

Ataxia kisses the Autumn mask on the lips and then bites them off of the mask! He spits them right at the lens of the camera and the lips fall off leaving a water streak on the lens.

“And make a new princess for this knight to make his bitch!...”

Ataxia is shaking for a moment. He drops the head and grabs his head. He sits down on the floor and starts rocking back and forth.

“This little mind of mine...I'm gonna let it fryyyy...This little mind of mine...Gonna use it to make you dieeeee...AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA...Ahahaha...AHHHHH!!! Get out of my skull you god damn gnomes! Out! Out! Out damn spots!”

He stops for a moment and then tilts his head looking at the camera.

“I'm done dealing with shit...I'm out to make something...beautiful...like...me...AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH...”

Ataxia keeps laughing as tears stream down his face as he picks up the head of the Autumn Raven mask and throws it at the camera. We cut to static.