~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“It's funny isn't it...”

We fade in on someone running around what looks like a maze of hallways. They crash into a glass door and keep going into a room full of...belts.

“In this industry the gold standard for success is all about belts. It's the trophy that defines us. The prize a the bottom of the cereal bowl of life. What we all give it up for...well most of us. I hear Duce gives it up for some Listerine and some anal beads in the back alley at about two in the morning. Yet. Here we are.”

We see in this room there is nothing but belts. Some are makeshift CWF titles, some are from other federations. In every shape, color, size, and name you could think of. Universal. Galaxy. International. World. Even a pink frilly one called Lillyass hangs on these...meathooks. Each title is pierced with these and they drip blood down. We look down at the floor and it's actually a pit filling with blood and out stretched hands reaching up to them. The poor souls below trying to come up for air and a belt just get drug down and start drowning in the blood. We pan around from them to see Ataxia sitting on the ground with a CWF world title just mere feet away from him. He smiles as he turns to us.

“This is the part where I'm suppose to make excuses right? About why I didn't have my match with Duce and thus am out of the title scene now right? Always coming up short am I? Always just barely out of reach is this token of trivial temperament isn't it? That's what Dan Ryan would have you think, but instead...let's look at reality for once. I didn't need to win that match because as far as anyone else can say or know...I have and always will be the champion around here. I hold my head up high for CWF. I did everything for CWF! I MADE THIS FUCKING FEDERATION WHAT IT IS TODAY!!!”

The title starts to move on it's own towards Ataxia.

“And yet what thanks do I get? What joy do I have for it? Oh...that's just the game and it's how it goes. No. That's because you're a fucking idiot throwing his life away for a fucking shitty ass weight belt with less gold plating than a rappers house...You think that makes you the champion? You think that makes you my federation's true pinnacle? No bitch. I hate to be the bearer of bad news for you. That fucking thing is going to be your hemlock. The hubris you just drunk is going to make you choke. You say unto me and my flock of fellow freaks that just like clockwork it happens. And...Here...We...Are...”

The title flies up and lands on Ataxia's shoulder. Suddenly the title belt has a sick and twisted face with many teeth and they bite into Ataxia's neck.

“Feel it choking you yet. You see...the trick isn't to win the damn thing. Oh no. That's not the point. The point of being the one who wins one match at one point is easy. This thing bites you and it becomes an addiction. You have to keep winning them. You have to keep up this facade. Because the second you stop...”

The title starts to choke on the blood and spits it out. The blood of Ataxia looks black as the title starts to turn pale and then to ashes as Ataxia stands up.

“Here we are indeed. Let me ask you a question. If you are the world champion. If you are the most important thing here in this federation...then why am I still on everyone's lips like your wife's taint juice? Why am I that which this federation can't get over. You think you are something special because you win a title. Let me ask you a question...an honest question...these federations that you win these titles from...how long do they last after you win? Are you that which breaks a federation or makes one. It's easy to destroy a federation. Those who have worn this mask have done it time and time again partner...but you see...a true champion...is one who makes a federation. One who does what is needed, and I have done all that I needed and here is my reward...You...”

Ataxia pops his fingers one by one before he continues.

“You see. I am going to have fun hurting Duce and Shadow. Duce already suspects I'm up to something. You. You're probably thinking I'm scared of you or something. You think that he's all talk. He can't scare me. I've beaten him! I've made fun of him! I've turned Ataxia into a joke! Then why honestly are our opponents more scared of me than they are of you? You who will no doubt hold back in this match because that's just your style. If there isn't a way for you to be in the power bottom position you tend to hold back. I know I'll have to carry you. Now this puts you into a particular situation. If you are the weak link. This kills everything you just went out and bragged about. If you do show off here, those two will eat you alive because they've seen it all before. You come in here bragging, boasting, bellowing your bullshit bile like it's beautiful brilliance but it is simply buffoonery. You are no champion. You are an addict. You are no role model. You say that you are the world champion of world champions. Then why do you need a belt? Overcompensation I'd say...To much cocaine in Japan shrinky your dinky?”

Ataxia cackles under his breath as he walks forward to the camera.

“As for Duce. I know you're upset. You had your heart set on beating me to get that spot to make you feel like you have learned something. To prove that you belonged. Duce. I'm shocked you still haven't learned. You above all people should know every time you look in the mirror that you are, and have always been, just like us...a freak. A freak who doesn't belong anywhere else. I'd say I'm impressed with you finally realizing that, but I know you were still disappointing. Because if you are to beat Ryan then...that gives me a backdoor to claim that you aren't the true champion. A hollow victory is now your only recourse. Aint that a bitch mother fucker? You strive, struggle, and sneer trying to come up the ranks after you sat out the tournament only for me to take a massive shit on your plans. It's almost as if it's all part of the plan. Oh wait. Now remember. Dan's right. Here we are. He's on the high ground. He's the king of the mountain. He's...about to fall isn't he. You know it. I know it. Shadow knows it. The question is whose gonna push him over the edge yet? You get the crack at him that you want and another title reign. You're welcome...And you can thank me by asphyxiating yourself with the title belt bitch. Then there is the fucknugget whose riding my god damn dick more than Mia ever did! Tell me...how does it feel? How does it feel to start to lose everything you “worked” for. You know. The funny part about all of this...if your little bitch had stayed out of our affair earlier you might still have some fucking dignity left, but no...Gone is the man who stood up to Elisha. Instead you're just another addict like Dan. You don't give a fuck about me. If you did...if you did you would have stopped me, but you want to keep me around. Because without me you are nothing! Ally or enemy you need me to survive because you are fucking nothing to CWF. Without my brilliant light...you aren't even a true Shadow. This is the last time I carry your ass, Duce's ass, and especially Dan's ass. No worries though. I promise to show up...because I'd hate to leave you all wondering. Just who the real champion is. Because we all know deep down...it's me. It's always been me. I AM CWF...and you are all just my fucking puppets AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!”

We fade out as Ataxia turns pale with the laughter and then turns to ash himself...