~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

Beat. We see the room that Ataxia's been in for the past few promos we've see. We see a chalkboard in the room. It shows “The Forsaken” as a team, with Zach added start to burn on the chalkboard.

“You know why people like groups in wrestling. Because together...we are told we can acomplish anything. E Pluribus Unum. What a noble concept. It was really something right? All these freaks came together and we were unstoppable. Well I was. I was always unstoppable. This damn group of tag along idiots however...was just that. A bunch of fools. And the best part is that you thought I was there to help you. I faked it all. I faked every moment of calling you “frand”. I faked everything. Even loving Mia. How could I ever love someone? That would imply that I have to care about someone. And you decided to keep putting your nose into my business after I let you go. I let you leave. So I broke you down. It was very simple...”

We see pictures from the past few shows. Shadow losing the world title. Ataxia no showing. Shadow facing off with Ataxia in the rafters. As we pass each one they catch fire.

“Let the bitches fight over the scraps. That damn title is nothing without me carrying it or you. As far as I am concerned, and my vote is the only one that matters in my federation, you are the only one worth what I am about to do. I built you up. I fucking made you. And I will break you down like the bitch you are. All you need is one more push Shadow and you'll be right back where I plucked you up from. I've already taken everything...except one thing.”

We see the chalkboard catch completely on fire leaving just Ataxia with his back to it. He turns his head and we see the silhouette of his masked face.

“This game has gone on quite enough hasn't it. Duce. That pretender holding my belt for the moment. Let them fight for the trinket. I'm here to do something that no one else can do. I am here to utterly and permanently finish off your foolish self. The whole idea behind the past few matches has been to play you. To see what would finally get a reaction out of you, and you didn't disappoint me. You know how much I hate being disappointed Shad. Now this begs the question. Just what am I going to do to you? What am I going to take away. Falls count anywhere. Probably reminds you of what happened with Dorian all those months ago. Oh yes. The memories are back. Or were they ever gone? How long have I been lying to you? Has it all just been one long mind game? You have to be thinking that. Why would I have teamed with you for so long if not to just get inside of your head. After all. It's what I am all about. Look at what we did for CWF together...and you think it was all just coincidence. That I was that gullible little fool you thought cared about you. How could anyone as selfish as you be loved by anyone else.”

Ataxia turns and adjusts his opera gloves and tie. He paces back and forth in front of the camera.

“The whole truth of the matter is I have played you since the start. You were a broken man when you came to CWF and I saw a new toy. I've broken many a person Shadow, but you. You were already where you needed to be. That wasn't fun. So I twisted you. We teamed together. You distrusted me at first, but then I started gathering allies. It was I who turned Dorian to our side. Not you. It was I who sought out Mia. I manipulated that poor diluted freak into falling for me. Then it put a thought into that pea brain of yours. If I could find happiness...could you again. You let your guard down. War after war we fought and bleed together and now everything that we built is turned to ruin. Why? Why would I do this? If I am lying right now it's a bit of a stretch, but tell me...was it not crueler of me to be kind to you. To build you up. I made you a world champion...and in less than twenty four hours I throw you back where you came from.”

Ataxia stops and blinks randomly for a few moments. Then he smiles.

“Totally worth it. Truth was I didn't disappear. This whole thing was to get Stewart to run CWF because let's face facts. He's not a Rishel. He can actually do the job and he'll listen to me. He'll do as he is told. Everyone took shots at me and when they did they showed their true colors and now...Now the reckoning can begin for them. This is merely just the first step towards the true end of the previous CWF. In it's place will be the home I always wanted. And no one will ever take it away from me again. To bad you won't be around to see it. Because when I do what I am going to do to you in this match Shadow. You will beg me to put a bullet in your head. To do what you could never do. One last favor for my old frand...”

Ataxia reaches up to his mask and stops himself.


Ataxia turns and pulls off a latex face from underneath his mask and then turns around.

“I could destroy you right now with that. I'm not going to. No. I want you to suffer. I want every moment you are in to be pure agony. I want you to feel like I feel every second of everyday. That no matter what you do. No matter how hard you fucking try. No matter what sick little fucking god damn bit of hope you have crawling in your veins like fucking god damn heroine...it doesn't matter. I could flip that switch in your brain to make you want to finish me off, but no. I have a better idea. I'm not going to kill who you were Shadow. I'm going to kill who you want to be. Then all you will have left...is this face...that I am being kind by not showing or imitating. You really should have better watch over at your mansion. You'd be surprised what I dug up on your past without you ever noticing...AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...”

Ataxia laughs and rushes towards the camera knocking over. It stays focused on his face.

“Stop me if you can old frand...and remember...rule number one...EVEN IF I LOSE...I...STILL...WIN!!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!

Fade to black...