~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

We fade in on Ataxia's lair. The real lair. The one we haven't seen him in since he supposedly turned on all of his friends. We see a single chair in front of many black coffins. Each one has a name of a Forsaken member. They're open. Nothing inside of them. Ataxia is still wearing the bloody suit and mask from the last time we saw him.

“...I am normally not one for a rational response. It's been hazy. What happened. What's happened to me has not be fair. I go into a match with the powers of being commishioner of CWF and I wake up...and it's all gone. My love. My friends. Everything. They've denied me everything...except one thing.”

He looks right at us. Dried blood still on his lips and his usually manic stare is calm and collective.

“My revenge...”

Ataxia gets up slowly. He stops over every coffin. Dorian, Shadow, Zac...He stops over Mia's and places a photo of both of them into the coffin. He kisses it before it's placed in.


He starts walking thru the cheap horror looking set. Odd wood buildings, manikins, and other oddities litter the place until Ataxia stops on a hill of dirt. He grabs a shovel and starts to dig a hole.

“So we got a tournament. Yippie. Who gives a fuck. Everyone knows this is a corpse of what it was suppose to be. CWF is deader than Jaiden's sex life after I'm done with him. Stewart's gone. Everyone's gone. The only thing in front of me are dead men and women fighting for a corpse. And who better to crack open this cold old bitch one last time to see if we can fuck the dead awake? Me...”

Ataxia keeps digging faster.

“Bubba Love. Didn't even bother to learn my name. Usually this is the part where I put on your face, do an impression, and get inside of your head. I'm not going to waste my time with your dumb fucking stupid ass redneck bullshit brain. I need to hurt someone. I need to make someone pay. I need to break someone's fucking god damn head off of their shoulder and then skull fuck the hole. Guess whose first...”

Ataxia finishes digging the last of the hole and he walks over to the side and pulls up a headstone. It says “Ataxia” on it.

“Foreshadowing? No. Forsakening. You see I had it all. And it was taken away from me and I want to know why. There is only one fucking thing that can clear it up and I know who has the answers. Right Jaiden? Don't worry. I'm going to give you plenty of reasons to throw everyone at me. I'm going to try not to enjoy what I am about to do to you. I will go thru every mother fucker in this god damn fucking tournament and take back what I never should have lost years ago. I will have my belt...and then...I'll have my revenge.”

Ataxia gestures to the hole and there is one next to it. We pan over and we see another tombstone. It just has three letters on it. C.W.F. Ataxia smiles as we pan back.

“A wise man once said when you go down the path of revenge you need to dig two graves. I'm prepared to do what I need to do to fulfil my goal. That goal is very fucking simple Jaiden. That goal is to take the last bit of life out of your federation that you fought so hard for. All the sacrifice that you made. That your father made...and end it. This place took something from me more precious than that damn title. This isn't about a belt. This isn't about bragging rights. This isn't about my own ego. It's about my life. I can't find the ones responsible...and my friends won't even talk to me. So you better hope and pray that changes. Because Ataxia has nothing to lose...and you have everything to burn...AHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHHAA....”

We fade out on the dirt filling in on a coffin that says “CWF” in the hole.

So this looks like a job for me so everyone dug up me with a side of beef.

Hello Lover.

So I know. I know. You are going to make you're really lame ass jokes about my mask, how I look, and how much you wanna bone me. That last one might be made up. It might not be. After all you are named Bubba and you are in it for Love.

Fair warning. I had a taco eating contest last night so my asshole is hotter than Chipotle right now so you might wanna get the hefty bag for the condom.

I'll bring the astroglide. You bring that fine ass sunshine.

Oh isn't this what you all wanted? Me making jokes. Me making weird statements...

How about me killing this place worse than the Dan Highlander sex tape...

What? That wasn't released?...Oh...that's only on my hard drive...WELLLLLLL...

No worries thou. I'm sure you came up with something clever to try and make yourself seem superior with your redneck ass. And I hope you succeeded. Because no matter what you did. No matter what you said. No matter how well you fight...I'm going to win.

Wanna know why?

Because I know where all the dynamite is buried under the ring.

I aint playing anymore kids. All these new people want this place to come back. I got news for you. I'm the last one here from my little group for a reason. I'm going to make things right. I'm going to do the right thing.

I'm going to kill CWF...and if you think Bubba Love can stop me...

You're dumber than my mask looks...AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA...