~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"You know...out of all of them...This one...This one actually might be a problem."

We fade in on Ataxia in "Ataxialand" as he walks slowly with his shovel over his shoulder and top hat. He stops in front of a brick wall and on it we see posters of the many main events that JC has headlined in Carnage, NLW, and OWF. Ataxia stops and points to the walls.

"You see this one. This one is crazy. Just like me. However unlike me...he's not motivated properly. You see. What I need you to understand is that you think you are doing CWF a favor. You're not. You're a big name from somewhere else who likes to run his mouth about stuff that you don't understand. That's not your fault. That would be like me referencing Boardwalk Wrestling to someone from SFT. No one knows...or cares, but I do know what you do care about Joe. I know all to well."

Ataxia slams the shovel into the wall and pulls something from the rubble. It's a title...the OWF World Title.

"Now. That I have your attention because unlike everyone else I do fucking research on people. I want you to look at this. This. This use to mean something to you. This use to matter to you. This use to be something to you and now it is nothing. Why is it nothing Joe? Because you aren't the same guy...or because you outgrew it and it was time for it to fucking die. That's CWF. You like to talk a lot of trash about me and that's fine I expect none the less from one half of "The Rogues", but you have to understand this. Rishel is CJ. Rishel is Diamond Kid. Rishel doesn't know a wristlock from a cockblock. Rishel has used up so many people who busted their ass here for him so much, but what does he do. He goes looking for more people. Shiny new toys. And what does he do when those that worked for him, busted their ass for him, bleed for him, and even ran the damn company for him...what does he do for those people. He throws them away...kinda like CJ did to you and Trent."

Ataxia spits on the belt and throws it to the ground.

"You being here is only prolonging the inevitable. This place is going to end by my hand and if you beat me in a match do you know what that changes you god damn wannabe Trent Steel...Not a god damn thing. You're as ineffective as a eunich's dick Joe! This place will still die at my hand rather you win one fucking match or not. I don't care about being defeated. I don't care about winning this damn fucking title. I've been the world champion here every damn day even when I didn't hold the belt. Kind of like how we know that pretender over in Carnage is not the real champ. He's a placeholder and that is all you will be. I know why you are doing this Joe. You're finishing up soon and it's honestly the one fucking highlight of this damn tournament that I get to face you, but the fact of the matter is this Joe. You are nothing. And nothing will change that."

Ataxia smiles a big red toothed grin.

"What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose. You got it in your head that you can take me because one of your little shitstains beat me in a match on your turf, but let me ask you this...just because he did...does that mean that I let him? Because if a big name like me took that belt what would that do for Carnage? Like it or not Joe...I did your federation a favor. This is CWF. This is international, and you're stuck in Baltimore. And plus Joe...I know that look in your eyes. Do you want me to call Trent so he can take my shots from you? Do you really want to do this again? The difference between now and then Joe...is you know what's wrong with you. Your crazy can be treated. My crazy is because this fucker took my federation from me. He took my family from me. He took everything from me so it's time to return the favor. I know you don't care Joe...but I know you will understand. And if you don't..."

Ataxia smiles as he pulls off his mask to reveal a white latex Lucy Wylde face.

(In a voice similar to Lucy's) "I'll make you fucking understand big boy...now come on and put that big boot up my cooch...you know you want to...AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHH!!!"

Fade to static...