~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“Get him out of there.”

We fade in on Ataxia sitting tied to a chair in the room where he's been for the past few promos. He's still wearing his ring gear and his mask. Entering into the room comes someone we haven't seen for a while. Those who remember what happened a few weeks ago will remember him as the man who grabbed Myfawny. He removes his shades and looks at Ataxia. The man with the long blonde hair in the ponytail wearing the white suit slaps Ataxia to wake him up.

“Morning assbag...”

“Oh...it's you...I thought it was gonna be Santa Claus...”

“And why would it be Santa Claus?”He says smiling at Ataxia who closes his eyes for a minute and mumbles something. “What was that?”

“I said your dead girlfriend tasted like a christmas present...” Ataxia says laughing as the man's left eye twitches for a moment and slams his right fist into Ataxia's face. Ataxia spits up blood and starts laughing. “Oh...look at you go...I think I finally hit a nerve didn't I?”

“You are damn lucky Stewart needs you...”

“He needs me, but does he need you? After all...after you got your new spine what's the purpose of this. Have you figured it out yet or are you just to damn fucking st...”Ataxia gets kicked in the gut and sent sprawling back against the wall, and he's still tied to the chair.

“You always talked to much.”

“You use to talk a lot to. You use to be someone important. Not some fucking little worm's lapdog. What would Trent say to you about who you are working for?”Ataxia says smiling as the man walks over and grabs Ataxia by his shoulder and lifts him up. “I mean...does he have good dental from all the shit you've been swollowing from licking his ass.”

“...You definitely got your mouth from Trent.”

“You definitely got your life because of him, and yet you betray him...why?”

“I outgrew him. Like you did your friends.”Ataxia looks at him for a moment and then starts snickering. “What's so funny?”

“You. You thinking I believe this. I know what's going on. I've known all along. You think you are so invincible with your enhancements. You think that they rebuilt you Steve Austin that you are some kinda invincible person. This is all going to end badly for you. I know it.”

“If it ends badly for me...just think of what it's going to do for you.”The man says smiling as Ataxia looks at him with his head slightly tilted. “Your girlfriend's gonna screw you over in your match. Your best friend is going to try to kill you with those tables. And there isn't a damn way you can get out of it.”

“My dear Dude JoB...what makes you think that isn't the plan to begin with? Hmmm?”

“The name is Dee Jay. I don't wrestle anymore for a reason. Being...what I am...tends to cause a problem.” He starts to untie Ataxia. “Now then...Where were you...Ah yes...”

“Don't...I'll do it without it this time.”


“If I'm going to do something right...I best be in my 'right' mind. That's what they want right?”

“It's good to see you're coming around to what we want.”

“Of course...To complete the circle...”

“Yes...the circle...”He finishes untieing Ataxia who gets up. “Now get to work. I've got...other things to watch.”

He leaves the room as Ataxia gets up and we hear his bones pop. He reaches his hands up to his mask.

“...To complete the circle...”

We fade back into the room and we see Ataxia standing with his back to us as he pulls something over his suit. It looks like one of the druid robes. He pulls the hood over his head.

“Dobus Nobius Rectum Ripppeddd...”

He turns around and smiles while still wearing his mask.

“Funny...I don't look Druish...Don't worry Princess. I'm not here to make you upset. I just wonder why do you keep insisiting on doing this. I mean look at us. Here I am. Just fine. Doing great without you. And look at you...Everything is gone. Everything that was bright is now dark. I put you right back where I wanted to. Right where I found you. Alone. Wallowing in self pity. You know. You're never going to see her again. Well...”

Ataxia pulls off his mask and he's wearing a white latex mask of Myfawny.

“Allo der deary...Top of tha 'morning to yah. Di ya miss my fat arse clomping around yer big ass howse? Why haven't yah saved me yah big turkey?”

Ataxia puts his mask back on. That impression was spot on just like he always does. Perhaps it even unsettled him a bit there.

“Never say I am unkind my dear fellow.”

Ataxia walks over to the wall for a moment and taps out a particular amount of taps on it before continuing.

“You know. I didn't want to do this. Out of all of them. This is the most hurtful. I mean truly you could say that I made you and now I have to unmake you. It's cruelty at it's finest, but it must be done. You think you can save me from what I must do. You think that you are some kind of hero. You aren't a hero. We both know that Shadow. You're a monster. A nightmare made flesh. You aren't here to save CWF. You're here to consume it. And I can't have you be the monster anymore. So I had to make you that way again to break you. I had to take everything from you. But you think I had something to do with the red headed bitch being grabbed...it does sound like something I would do.”

Ataxia turns back and winks at the camera. “But I...I have a much better plan in mind. I got Mia Rayne on my ass now trying to get just deserts and you...pining for something that you lost. Someone got close to you and they are no longer there. It's gotta be pulling your mind back to darker times. The difference is it's not Elisha...it's me. That's got to hurt. That's got to make things painful. You're going to make me feel your pain aren't you. You're going to let it all out. You're going to shatter me thru that glass...and then...after you've done it all...I'll get right back up...”

Ataxia pulls off the mask again and reveals the face of Shadows missing friend...


Fade to a photo of Myfawny and Shadow. As we start to blackout it starts to catch fire. All we hear now is the echoing of Myfawny's voice...laughing into the night.