~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“For what you did to me, and what I'll do to you, you get, what everyone else gets, you get a lifetime Let's go! Do you remember that day when we met you told me this gets harder well it did been holding on forever, promise me that when I'm gone you'll kill my enemies, the damage you've inflicted, temporary wounds I'm coming back from the dead and I'll take you home with me I'm taking back the life you stole ”. It's not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish.My Chemical Romance.

{We face in on Ataxia, wearing his mask, looking at his hands. He's sitting in a chair on the creepy set. He's got ten fingers up. Then he starts counting down to one on his gloved hands. He looks at the camera and smirks as he keeps going back up to ten.}

Ataxia: It's amazing. It really is. Wow. It's so cool to count. I mean I really think that counting is the new chair shot here in professional wrestling. Oh out of the five matches that you have had you have only won one match. Ahahahaha. Yeah but I lasted longer than you did so I guess you lost your argument eh? I made it to the finals! You got eliminated because your own tag team partner thought it'd be funny to make an (bleep) out of you more so than you usually make an (bleep) out of yourself. Okay let's drop that one.

{He holds up five fingers and dropped the thumb.}

Ataxia: Okay. Now let's take out Jimmy Riot.

{He drops his pinky finger.}

Ataxia: Now let's drop the dq loss because I don't count that one. Just to be fair. If your not counting one I'll drop that one.

{He drops his index finger.}

Ataxia: Then I get punked out by a betrayal. Wait. You bitched about a betrayal and I'm not counting that one already because that's unfair to you so let's not count mine.

{He drops his ring finger leaving up just the middle one.}

Ataxia: And with that Chris Cortez becomes number one in my book!


Ataxia: Seriously was this the best you could come up with in a week? What kind of trash talk is this? You suck at this! Seriously I am going to contribute to the help “Simply the worst” Chris Cortez learn to (bleeping) cut a promo that doesn't look like it was done by a film student who jacks off to old italian cinema that never (bleeping) changes angles or perspectives and never does anything exciting at all! What in the pit of despair known as New Jersey did you learn that this is a acceptable thing to do. Really. This is pathetic. First you do a paper bag routine? Oh wow. How about a clown mask? Freddy? Jason? Micheal? Any one of those guys would have cost you like five bucks and you could make a joke about it but again you show that you give us know effort! NONE! No God (BLEEP) EFFORT!

Your Intercontinental Champion. We are soooo proud.

Ataxia: Your complaining about getting into a tag team match? First off. You should be grateful to even be working right now after getting eliminated by your own team mate at US. Hell I would have stripped you of that belt after having something so stupid happen to you. Seriously. You actually trusted your team not to screw you over. Oh but you also didn't want the world title shot so why are you so upset? Because your a loser. By the way boy. Once this mask comes off and you see who this is. Your little comments about my list of (bleeping) accomplishments is going to make you look like an even bigger gold plated turd. This is a champion? Wow. No wonder no one takes this federation seriously. I'm just glad Ace found a guy more stupid, slower, and dumber than Biff. I guess Bucky was just to smart for the part.

Apparently it's give retards championships year in GCWA.

Ataxia: Now I'm not saying that you didn't earn it. Oh wait. You didn't. You beat TLS. Good job. I've said it many times in my life and I'll keep saying. The Lost Soul is not a (bleeping) benchmark in anyone's career. I know it's going to make me oh so popular in this place but it's the truth. Good guy. In all honesty though he's not been the same since a certain person broke him. He knows it to. The funny thing is Chris. The president doesn't want you losing that belt and looking like a paper champion because he knows you can't cut it in the ring by yourself unless it's in a stipulated match. Even then it's hit or miss as we saw at Ultimate Survival. You want to try and impress everyone with that belt and yet you yourself admit that you on a bit of a losing streak when it comes to any match your in. I think Ace is giving you a break but your being a ungrateful little cuss. Then again this is all opinion. Facts however I also do have. I'm going to rip your (bleep) fool head off with my bare hands. I was going to be nice. I was going to let you just lose the match. Now...

I'm going to end you.

Ataxia: See it's going to be a slow death. Kind of like how slow and deliberate that we got to the end of Rishel's promo. You want to criticize what I have done in GCWA when all you care about is yourself. Me. I care about the whole federation. This whole Bifford as world champion bull crap has to stop. That whole scene man, is one that even Warrick Hill noticed was weird...man. You want to criticize me but let's be honest. Unless it benefits you. You really don't care. That's okay. None of us care about you either. If we did you wouldn't have been betrayed. If Lori would have not been a selfish prick just like you. You might have gotten past me. I played him like a cheap wind up toy. You. Your even more of a cheap toy. Your not even a (bleeping) blip on my radar kid. I am going to enjoy making you learn a real lesson Chris Cortez. That is. Point, blank, and period. To be afraid of Ataxia!

{Ataxia stands up and starts walking around the set. He stops in front of his fiddle and starts to play it again. He keeps walking playing a haunting melody.}

Ataxia: This world is not meant for the likes of those who do not understand that there is more to being a wrestler than just titles. I know you are all young and hungry but the fact is I don't envy you. I remember those days before I earned my first world title shot and then after I won it. I thought everything would change. I thought respect would be finally handed to me. Paper champion was the word uttered. I hadn't earned anything in their eyes. There are two ways you can earn people's respect in life children. Trust or Fear. They would never trust me. Once I take off this mask I know I will have to go through that again. I know I will have to be feared instead of trusted. No one counts me out for anyone but myself. No one believes in anything beyond themselves anymore. None of you can be trusted with my respect.

{He stops. He puts down the fiddle. He turns from the camera and starts walking towards the black coffin.}

Ataxia: Oh before “it” happened. How happy we were. How happy we were my “darling” before they took it away from us. Back when I walked as a man unashamed of who I was or what I did. I was more of a monster than anyone is in this industry anymore. I set the bar. I tore the world a new asshole in his throat and laughed at it as it drowned in it's own blood. Back when I was a fool. Back when I was just like you. Then I tried to change. I tried to be the better man. I did everything I could. Still nothing changed. I was still the monster. I couldn't escape it. They wouldn't let me escape it! It took everything away from me. The titles, the glory, and the world were all taken away from me. Family, friends, and even my enemies left me to suffer except you.

{He touches the coffin.}

Ataxia: Then. You died. The one thing I could count on left me a broken man. The unthinkable