~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

The secret side of me I never let you see...I can't control it...The beast is ugly...-Skillet. “Monster”.

{Back to “Creepy Set” as we see a raven sitting on the black coffin. We see Ataxia in pretty much the same gear as last time sitting on the other end. He looks towards use with those zipped uped buttoned eyes and the smiles as he unzips his mouth. The black lips and yellowish teeth grin at us like a madman about to preach.}

Ataxia: Theatricality. That's what this all is? Well isn't it? What do you think Darling? Oh yes. I get it. These interesting people are just chalked full of perpetual ego and self gratification. I've seen less exaggeration in porn! Seriously do you people ever actually watch what you do? I mean I do. I watched my first promo and realized something. I have really crappy production value. I mean who does promos in the exact same place every time? Former world champions of many useless and DEAD federations aside not a lot of people. However since I know who I am and you don't this makes you guess even more. Don't it? Well doesn't it? ANSWER ME!

{He slams his cane on the coffin and the raven caws. He looks it for a second and smirks. He walks over and picks up the bird.}

Ataxia: Shhh! It's okay. I'm sorry. Did I scare you? Oh it wasn't always like this...or was it? Maybe I was a scary man, or perhaps an angel. Maybe that's why my opponent has remained quiet as a mouse. Maybe that's why I keep hearing about all of this Riot and Rage stuff and I keep laughing. Maybe I shut him up all ready. Wouldn't that suck Rupert?

{The raven caws almost purring like a kitten.}

Ataxia: I mean that would truly be a horrid thing. I would hate to really have to up the attitude in this match just because somebody didn't do their job. I mean it would be so easy to just “snap” his damn neck! I could let loose a “Last Resort” on his stupid self. However, what would that do for the rest of the program. I mean this is for the fans isn't it? Not to give Ace a ego stroke. It's for the fans. Something that Linchy apparently forgot. Something that someone needs to give each and every one of these so called “superstars” a wake up call about. I swear everyone here is trying to prove that they are a “bad ass” or someone that “deserves” what they got.

{Ataxia let's “Rupert” sit on his shoulder. He leans into the camera.}

Ataxia: I mean I really have nothing much to talk about. Let's look at my opponent. Now he's a “brawler” or a “high flyer” depending on which “persona”is in charge from my research. So basically he can't even decide a style. So when you do a piledriver does that mean your a third persona named Mr. Monkeypants? I mean seriously Ace where do you find these losers? I swear it's like I'm fighting El Linchador lite. Sort of a Diet Loser. Same bad taste but with the worst aftertaste. It's almost as bad as listening to ODJ rant. Oh gosh gee golly I'm dropping hints again...silly me! Maybe I should just tell you exactly who I am. I know I got a better idea. I will SHOW YOU WHO I AM!!

{He reaches for the mask and...points and laughs at the camera.}

Ataxia: NOT! Ohhh don't worry kids all will soon be revealed. I must admit this is quite a lot of fun. Right Darling? I bet I got the president's attention with what I said last time. Let me clarify what that card actually means because I would hate for any misconceptions. In my Darling's deck the fool is how everyone see's you and also how you see yourself. It's a sign of insecurity. Now Ace is a “legend” but let's be honest. Your wrestling days are over. Good thing to. I doubt you would last because you are honestly nothing more than a punching bag around here. You try to keep a tight grip on your federation and well. It just slips through your fingers. People like Draco are always going to be around and you keep making more enemies. Eventually the fat man is even going to drop you and none of us can blame him. After all you have done I am not surprised. Hell you remind me of someone who in this circle is one of those dark ones. Some crazy Canadian Indian guy who tried to prove he was more powerful than his talent pool. Know what happened to him? I'll let you fill in the blanks.

{He walks over to the coffin and opens it. Green light flows upwards as “Rupert” flies down into it cawing away. He smiles as he starts sinking down into the coffin.}

Ataxia: See you at Inferno...Time for Riot to learn his lesson...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

{Fade to Gray...}

Let's play a game.

It's called stay the fuck out of my fucking business.

You think anyone in SFT is going to do that? NOOOOOO...

And why should they? Why should they worry about repercussions because apparently there are none. If there is no...no...NO...consequences...then why the fuck should you follow the rules. You got mad because you didn't get your title shot? You decided to take it out on me.


Then I'm going to make sure you never get your title shot.

An eye for an eye makes the word blind.

Get ready for a skull fucking Oedipus.

I don't know what pisses me off more. I don't know if it's just how lame this program is with it's lackluster wrestlers or if it's the fact that none of you seem to want me to actually fail.

I mean I'd be a less credible threat if I would actually lose a match in a appropriate way.

This is not good. I have to beat someone half to death now or I'm going to just blow up the arena.

OHHHHH...MMA Hybrid Title Thingy! You've all been saved. Isn't that right Mr. Fucknuts?

What the hell is this cornholing crap?

I dunno. It seems to be trendy to be completely fucking retarded in your promos these days I guess I decided to be a cool kid! Next thing I'll be doing a “shoot”.

My left side is my good one...less scabs.


I dunno. I can't do riviting promos like being in a diner and getting pie so I guess I'm out of the main event!