~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“ Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand. Workin' in the dark against your fellow man. But as sure as God made black and white. What's done in the dark will be brought to the light. You can run on for a long time. Run on for a long time. Run on for a long time. Sooner or later God'll cut you down. Sooner or later God'll cut you down. Go tell that long tongue liar. Go and tell that midnight rider. Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter. Tell 'em that God's gonna cut you down. Tell 'em that God's gonna cut you down. Tell 'em that God's gonna cut you down. ”-God's gonna cut you down. Johnny Cash.

{We fade in on a “crypt keeper” set. Sort of like those bad horror movie creature feature shows you use to watch late night as a child. Cobwebs, spiders, snakes, tombstones, etc. All over the place. We pan around as some creepy music plays and we see a black coffin. It stands up and from behind it a man in a flesh colored mask appears. The mask has the eyes and mouth zipped up, and the eyes are also buttoned. The outfit he is wearing is that of a black suit and tie with a white shirt, black flat boots on his feet, black gloves on his hands, a black top hat, and a cane. He reaches up and unzips his mouth, eyes, and then unbuttons the eyes.}

Ataxia: Good evening...muahahahahahahahahahaha!

{The music cuts and the coffin falls back down to the ground and Ataxia leaps up onto the coffin and takes off his hat. Nothing from the mask is revealed because it's a full face mask.}

Ataxia: Sorry I can't do theatrics for too long without laughing. HELLOOOOOOO CWF! I have to tell you it's so nice to be accepted into Christian Wrestling Federation. I must say I was surprised but...oh wait. Sorry so many names of independent federations I get confused. So this is the place that helped spawn Jaiden Rishel? I would say I am impressed but I am not. This federation need a enema and I'm just the psychopath to do it. And I'll start with Cris or is it Chris Nightmare? Seriously? This guy got a contract here? This man who is obviously lacking in any wrestling or promotional skill is what I have to contend. Gee, and I thought the retard Bucky Johnson was bad. Oh don't worry I'm going to touch on you later Bucky ol' boy. Let's instead stay focused on the moron at hand. So we have this guy who can go into nightmares right? Wrong. See because if you could go into nightmares you would go into mine. If you did that. Well. Let's just say you'd have a anerism from the carnage. You sir are no threat to me. Matter of fact you not even fit enough to lick my boots which you will do once I dropkick you in the teeth.

{He gets up and walks around the coffin. He leans in and puts his ear to the coffin}

Ataxia: Yes darling I agree. It's funny that some people are ignoring me. Yes. I do agree that Chris Xtreme looks like a little girl. Ohh. Put him in a dress you say? Intriguing idea. So Chris you think that your going to win this battle royal so easily that you even dare to not even think about all of your opposition. How appropriate it will be when I slam your face into the mat and you wonder what in God's name just descended on you. The makeup is a nice touch but you don't have to put on your black eye liner for me little wannabe goth kid. There's one in every federation isn't there. Sad to say that I am not impressed. He's Xtreme! Really? Xtremely boring more than likely. Let's drive for a promo guys. At least when I'm doing this I am making fun of your wannabe scary guys. Because your not scary. You want to really get scared let's talk about what I am going to do to you. I hope you make the dumb mistake of coming after me. I hope you really do. I want you to! I want to take the most Xtreme shot you can deliver and then...when I laugh in your face and tell you that you hit like a (bleep) that you will know as I cackle just how screwed you really are! You want to see adaptation eh? Well let's see how you adapt when I do a nice little move for you. I think E.R. Stat will put you out just nicely!

{He hops back on top of the coffin and leans forward to the camera.}

Ataxia: Hellllloooooo ladies! Sorry. Couldn't resiest. We don't have girl wrestlers in GCWA but I got to say I do think Dangerous Dan is starting to look like a woman the way his hair just waff's around. Sorry I was just thinking of dirty things to do to Dan. Let's see. Wow! You guys got a lot of girls here. Finally! I can grapple a girl in public and not get sued! Oh I love your Cluster(bleep) Wrestling Federation! Oh but apparently someone is actually being smart “darling”. Apparently Miss Abigail Star took time out of her promo to address little old me. Oh how cute. Your pointing out my record in the ring against one on one matches and such. Tell me young lady...have you ever seen me in a battle royal? No. Then you really don't know just who you are now messing with! People underestimate you because you smoke weed? Really! Well I don't underestimate you Abi dear. In fact I'm hoping that you make it to one of the spots in the tournament. That way when I do beat you you can't call shenanigans. Oh but I am nothing more than a freak in a mask. At least I don't hide what I am “Dear Abi”. Matter of fact if I were to take off this mask you would know, along with everyone else, just how much trouble you are all in. I dare you to take the mask off. Give me a excuse to show who I really am! Give me a excuse to cut loose. See. I've been limiting myself in my matches in GCWA. I haven't gone full out yet because when I do there will be no doubt who I am. When that happens you will consider yourself luck that you ever even stepped into the ring with me and survived. I will enjoy beating the hell out of you. One more things Abi. I'm crazy but I'm not insane. Just know when you hear my voice in the ring that it does exist and that when you hear me whisper “Hey pretty!” you'll know your about to get executed. Then we have a knockoff of Val Kyrie. My my. It's so nice when mediocrity is imitated by less than stellar wannabes. I guess this is why Rishel will never measure up to dear daddy. Really? Are you so darn wonderful that you just had to copy someone not worth copying. Why not becomes Plaid Scorpion? Or Amy Blackhole since we have Abi Starr? How about, Christy Dreams...HEY! That might work! It might be a good feud for you! Then you can fight someone who sucks more than you do! HA HA! Oh what I wouldn't give for the ability to go a little “Xtreme” for this match and breaking out the shut the hell up stick to hit you with it. No one cares. No one wants to. Whose next on my list of people to maim?

{He gets up and starts walking through the set. He gets to a torture rack and smirks as he points to it with a cane.}

Ataxia: Kind of reminds me of having to deal with Bucky Johnson. Oh yes Bucky. I find it funny that your capable of coherent speech here but in GCWA your Bucky the retarded wonder kid. Intriguing. Guess that's why you want to try and call me out. Try being the appropriate word because Dumbo you failed hugely. I think I's seen about everything when I see Bucky try to insult someone! Chode? Really...that's funny. No serioulsy I Laughed Out Loud it was so funny because it was you failing at insulting someone. Chode? Seriously? Chode was the best you could come up with for me? Bucky. It's not like you haven't seen me promo before and I am facing you later next week with your brother. I mean darn man you really are fishing if that's the best you could do. At least Billy Anderson is aknowledgeing that this isn't personal. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh sorry! This is personal you hillbilly inbreed little crackhead! It's a chance to walk into a federation and win a title. That would be my response if at this point in my career I gave two craps about a gold plated weight belt being backwards on my ass. Your apparently a chasing parked car dog. Every dog has it's day dog and at Summer Games it just aint yours. Sorry for all you guys wondering why the masked man is quoting country but I had to let him know what was going on in his own language. Now getting back to Bucky. I know your new at this and I'm not going to deny that I can tell your scared little man. Nothing to fear but fear itself. In this match you on my side. I say you, Dan, and I just start chucking these “kids” into the eliminations and get a good set for this title. Speaking of Dangerous Ham. Hey Dan I wanted to talk to you but...OMG!!! TERRIORIST ATTACK!!!

{Ataxia ducks under the rack for a moment before he gets up shaking.}

Ataxia: I don't know about the rest of you but I swear I almost gave a crap. Not really Danny Danger Boy. I swear you and Chris are like the Hardy Boys. Not the wrestling team I mean the books. Golly Gee Wilikers you boys are in a scooberific mystery. Maybe if you smoked up in the Mystery Machine we might get something interesting from you, promo wise, that wasn't seen at least once in a season of “24”. Sorry Dan but I hate to point this out to you but if you want to win that belt your going to have to go through me. Trust me. You think Lori, Shayde, Rage, and Powerhouse have been getting it bad. You haven't seen what I can do against a wannabe high flier. Yeah I said it. I said it on CWF television I said it! You are not “Dangerous”! I'm (bleeping) DANGEROUS! I'm insane! Or am I not? Maybe it's all a act. Maybe I'm some washed up wrestler just jerking everyone's chains or maybe just maybe I can be a bit more inventive with high flying finisher moves than a SWATON BOMB! OHHHH I FEAR IT! OHHHH I AM SOOOO SCARED! Dan. Just be glad I like you kid. Because in all honesty you need all the help you can get. So instead of your brother you got me. I think you just upgraded!

{Ataxia walks over to a table and pulls up a violin. He starts to play it. It's a haunting melody. He keeps playing as he starts walking around the creepy set.}

Ataxia: So we also witness me facing Jackie Kidd Williams. Well Jackie boy, I hate to spoil your return but it's going to be one hell of a fight you have to face if you lock horns with me. You'd do best to stay out of my way. Technical wrestling is your style. You don't want to go that route with me. I'll make you tap and end your career if I feel like it. I'm very “adaptable”. So much so that I think I can take down most of the rest of this card very easily. Win the match no. Destroy them. Yes. Jamie Kendrick, your quiet as well. Maybe you know the inevitable is going to happen and that you will possibly not get any farther in this match than being one who hits the canvas. Fall down. Elimination. Well Clark Kent get ready to go back to Kansas because Superman I got your kryptonite right here. Johnny Champion I can out brawl you any day of the week. I've been watching you. Your nothing more than a never will be. Then we have The Little Guy. Well I never count out the little guy but in all honesty I don't see the appeal in fighting such a person. It really isn't worth it. Then we have Psycho Ninja...

{He pauses for a moment. Then looks at the camera with a what the hell look.}

Ataxia: Girls and Ninjas? Holy Crap! I've died and landed in a fed based on G.I. Joe! So should I call you Snake Eyes or Beach Head. Wait. I get it. Strong silent type right? Wrong. Someone who can't cut a promo either. My my my. This is sad but then again considering who has come from this place in my federation it doesn't surprise me. Really? You think I'm going to be a pushover martial arts boy. Maybe some nice drunken boxing and judo will teach you the error of your misjudging ways.

{Ataxia does some martial arts poses as he starts walking towards the coffin again. He puts down the violin and grabs his top hat. He starts making his way for the door.}

Ataxia: This is the part where I should be afraid right? This is where I go into a long monologue about how it was a rough day for me at the office when I took a poop and it was hard because of the constipation that was roaring through my bowels. Sorry that's what I hear with all this drama crap that goes on here. To be honest you people sicken me. You all focus on your lives and you don't focus on the match except for some random trash talk here or there. Truth be told none of you are worth the effort I am putting into this. J. Rish asked me to come in here because he needed some spice to the match. Well consider me a hot pepper to the face. I'm not going to bore you people with a “Days of our Lives” scene. Instead I'm going to leave you with this thought. Win. Lose. Or Draw. CWF is getting a dose of Ataxia and mark my words. You will. Learn. My. Lesson! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Isn't that right “Darling”? Oh yes I agree. Oh...that would be so funny. Yes. I'll get right on it. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to Gray}