~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Your cruel device .Your blood, like ice. One look could kill. My pain, your thrill. I want to love you but I better not touch (Don't touch). I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop. I want to kiss you but I want it too much (Too much). I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison. You're poison running through my veins. You're poison, I don't want to break these chains.” Poison. Alice Cooper.

{We fade in on the “creepy set” that is the domain of Ataxia. It's scary lighting and smoke covers everything as we go from tombstone to tombstone. Suddenly we see something leap up at us. It's Ataxia. He's wearing his in ring gear of a suit, tie, white shirt, black shoes, and black gloves. Unzipped and unbuttoned is the mask on his face. He lets out a cackle as moves towards what looks like a black coffin in the background.}

Ataxia: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Did I scare you? No of course not because that's all this is. Scare tactics and non-violence. All we are trying to do is scare each other. Something tells me my opponent isn't buying it. I don't blame him. If I saw someone who looked like this I would think the same thing. Attention Whore! Well your right to a extent but not the way you think. Allow I to give you a little insight. This. This is all an act. Under this mask is a different person and wrestler than you see before you. Maybe you've even faced me before. Maybe all of this is a bad dream. Or maybe. Just maybe. I'm a lying son of a bitch who just enjoys screwing with people. But let's talk match talk.

{He walks over to the unburied coffin and sits upon it. He looks to be enjoying himself.}

Ataxia: Look. I know you don't want to do this. Not saying your a coward or anything. Far from it. I think your just like everyone else here. You get booked. You do the job, win or lose, and then you do it all over again. I know you don't want to do this match to match build up to get that title. It's a pain in the ass. Each week you have to go out and fight someone and then you have to stress about whose next. It can get to be a bit of a hassle. I understand that. I think I understand how you feel Chris Xtreme. So I'm going to do you a favor.

{He suddenly just leaps up and grabs ahold of the camera and pulls it in close to his face. You can see the wild eyes, yellow pupiled, glare into the lens. His yellowed teeth and black lips grinning in a almost face splitting grin because of the yellowish tan mask.}

Ataxia: BECAUSE YOUR NOT GETTING PAST ME MOTHER FUCKER!!! You think your going to win the Impact Title again? Why? You made your impact. Obviously you didn't do much else afterward so why the hell are you doing this? Because your a failure Chris Xtreme. Just like all those wannabe's in the battle royal who didn't make it you just had the luck of not getting tossed out quick enough. Your a loser Chris Xtreme! Always have been. You always will be you pathetic little piss ant!

{He lets go of the camera and laughs maniacally as he walks a bit back and sits down on the black coffin.}

Ataxia: Oh don't worry Chris. It's not your fault your a waste of valuable show time. I mean hell I all I could do is dog and pony tricks off a turnbuckle I wouldn't be as big of a draw as I am. Your president asked me to show up for this. I am a guest. I am doing this for a nice little donation to my back pocket. I am being brought in because this is suppose to be something extraordinary and heavens know that I am anything but ordinary. I mean I look at you and I see what I could have been. A loser.

{Ataxia leans back on top of the coffin. He kisses his hand and then places his “kiss” on the coffin.}

Ataxia: I could have been just like you. I could have been something of a caricature. You. Your nothing but a wannabe trying to take on the wrestling world. You know how stupid that sounds. Your only going to go as far as they want you to. Your not a hero. Your not even a comedian. Your worse than a clown. Your a mime. High risk is how you play but in reality it's why you fail. You are not grounded. You are not insane enough. You are not, and I dare to say this to sound pun worthy, extreme enough. Of course some could say the same about my style. I am a high flier to. The difference is I can do more than just fly around and be extreme. I can do more with my body and mind in that ring than you could ever hope to. Behind this mask is the mind of someone whom the wrestling ring is like a operating table. I don't like what I do in the ring. I do however like the result. Because win, lose, or draw. Everyone who see's it will remember it.

{He rolls over off of the coffin and stands. He goes to the head of it and then circles around putting the coffin between us and the camera.}

Ataxia: Then along the way we forget who we are. Along the way Chris you forget who you wanted to be. Who I wanted to be. Who was I trying to be? What was the purpose of this? Why am I so far from what I wanted? It's a interesting perspective to think on. Looking back on all I did behind this mask I'm glad to have it on now. It's liberating. I don't have to be that man if I don't want to. I do however have to take you out of your hunt for you title. It's something you want. It's something you need. It's something that you strive to prove to yourself that your not as I claim.

{He looks longingly at the coffin and sighs.}

Ataxia: Sadly that's what I have to do. I made a promise to someone special.

{He almost opens the coffin but instead walks away towards the camera.}

Ataxia: You strive to be the best Chris. What exactly do you hope to gain from that position? Do you hope to be world champion? Do you want to be the man at the top! Do you want to know a little known truth? It's not worth it. It never has been. Everyone wants to be the champion. Everyone wants to be the one that says I got proof. What proof? A golden reversed weight belt. Not worth the plating that's pressed in it. It's always disputed. A challenge always made. A upstart to knock you off of your pedestal. “Oh but what do you know Ataxia?”. Well. I know what it's like. I won them long ago. I won the titles for the honor and the glory only to find it was not what I expected. You probably thought that after the title things would change. They haven't. It's because you truly are just being a character and not yourself. I don't see it. I don't see how you can keep doing this the way you are. I also realize hearing this from a guy in a mask is a little off putting. Who am I to tell you who you are? Someone whose been there. Trust me kid. The minute you quit trying to be Xtreme is probably going to be for the better. High fliers have a short career unless they learn to expand. You want to be hardcore and extreme then you better learn something very quickly. Fundamentals.

{He starts to laugh to himself as he walks away from the coffin.}

Ataxia: Yes I know “Darling”. I'm starting to sound like my father in my old age. Is that not funny how we all try to avoid being who we were spawned by. Obviously the boy I'm facing was spawned from a broken condom and a bad decision. In all honesty I think you would have been better aborted. Save your family some stress and seeing you in a wheelchair in your old age. You know. Your thirties because I don't see you making it. Maybe you should start drinking and just save us all the trouble of watching you turn into your mother. Is that what is is Chris? Is that what makes you Xtreme? Is it mommy issues? Is it daddy issues?

{He looks back at the coffin and starts laughing as if someone said something funny.}

Ataxia: Oh your right! That is a great point “darling”! He is just like his father! It makes perfect sense now. Abuse runs in your family so in turn you chose a profession where you can curve those emotions by trying to vent them in a way that will help you not become like someone you hate to become. Maybe you should just take a drink. It's exhilarating. You lose your inhibitions. I think that's what your going to need Chris because you have no chance against someone like me. Why? Why should just give into your dark side of your genetic code? Because it's all you have against me. It's all that you are going to have against me. You have no idea what I am capable of doing in that ring other than the few matches that you possibly could have watched in GCWA. I've been holding back there. I have been playing nice.

{He pops his knuckles.}

Ataxia: At Massacre I intend to live up to the name of the show. I aim to misbehave! For this I am going to drop one of the aces in my hand just for you. I want to teach you a real lesson Chris. Something your father never taught you because he was abusive. Something your drunk whore of a mother never taught you because she was to busy booze hounding. Something that someone here in CWF just doesn't have the stomach for. The lesson is simplicity in, and, of itself. The lesson is never bite off more than you can chew. Your sitting there thinking this will be a walk in the park. Might be. I might be a pushover. If I were in your shoes I would see it as such. This guy is obviously someone who is insane. He can't possibly take me out. He can't even stop the beatings that occur in his own federation on his person.

{The unzipped smile of Ataxia comes to fruition.}

Ataxia: That would make me someone without a plan. Yes. It is true I am on the beating end most of the time but it's all worth it. Just like taking you out in this federation will be worth it. Just like destroying your hopes and dreams will be worth it. Then maybe if I am lucky I will get to face that beautiful lady. Oh the joy it will be to see her and I exchanging blows, and that's before the match. I got a sneaky suspicion that you are not really anything to truly worry about. Then again I have been wrong before but tell me Chris. Even if you do beat me are you going to be rid of me forever/ Am I going to go away like mommy? Am I going to never be a problem for you like daddy? No. Hey maybe I'll dig up grandpa and skull fuck him in front of you! How does that sound!

{He leans in close to the camera as he starts walking towards something off to the side.}

Ataxia: See I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I really do Chris! I really hate to be the harbinger of your doom but the fact of the matter is I don't give a good god damn about you and your attempt at greatness! I am here to do a job and that job this week is to break you in half and laugh about it! See I guess fate or whatever has control over life has decided to let you in my hands. No matter. It's all relative at this point about just how fucked you really are. See over here I can be just as graphic as I want to be about how I am going to beat you within a inch of your pathetic life. This is all about one thing and one thing only. Your out to prove your better than everyone else. That's why your going to fail because your a pathetic piece of shit!

{He points back to the coffin.}

Ataxia: I made a promise that I intend to keep my word on. I made a promise that for once in my life I would be something other than hated. That's why I'm coming at you with everything I can do because deep down Chris no one likes you. No one likes what you are. Your a shame. Your a little boy trying to be better than what he is. Embrace who you are Chris because in all honesty you make me sick. I am one of the most sought after talents in this industry under this mask. I could have showed up here two weeks ago and already have a shot at the world champion if I wanted to. I am that damn marketable. I am everything you want to be under this mask but not how I got it. You think Elisha is a fucking monster. Bitch please. He's a child taken advantage of just how stupid you all are. Me. I'm the real fucking monster and I am not a behemoth. I am the most deranged man in wrestling. So why do this? Because I promised someone that I would be cheered at least once. I would be something other than the most hated man in professional wrestling. I am going to do what's right for once in my life. So starting at Massacre I'm going to teach you a lesson in humility that hasn't apparently worked it's way into your shit infested skull! I'm going to obliterate you! So I want you to come at me with every “xtreme” cracked out move you can so I can just flat out break your damn face. I'm going to laugh at you the whole match boy! I am going to take everything you dish out, get back up, and tell you the truth. You hit like a bitch! So get ready to see the error of your ways. Get ready to face “The Messiah Pariah” and be ready to get your ass kicked by the madman.

{He stops in front of a straw doll with a mask made to look like Chris Xtreme hanging from a noose. He smiles as he pulls out a vial from his coat.}

Ataxia: Time to continue a ancient tradition.

{He swallows the liquid in the vial and then holds up a lighter. He spits out the liquid and it fireballs from the lite lighter and starts to burn the dummy in effigy.}

Ataxia: Burning away the foolish to make way for the truth! Beware CWF! Even if I am eliminated I promise this is not the last you will see of Ataxia! This will be the greatest joy in your lives! I am going to do something at Massacre that is just...plain...INSANE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Oh and Abi. I'll be sure to send you another gift tomorrow my “love”. I have plans for you pretty. Big plans. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to Gray.}