~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“ Did you hear that voice. Did you see that face. Or was it just a dream. This can't be real. That only happens, babe. On the movie screen. Oh, but he's back. He's the man behind the mask. And he's out of control. He's back. The man behind the mask. And he crawled out of his hole. ” He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask). Alice Cooper

{We fade in on the “creepy set” of Ataxia's last promo and we see a “Out having a good time” sign in front of it with everything shut down. Where the heck could he be at...We see squiggly lines come over the screen as we suddenly fade in on the outside of a place called “Molly's” that looks like a fifties dance club. Inside we see kids doing swing dancing and bopping around the dance floor. What the hell kind of crap is this? This is a wrestling promo! Where is the wrestler...Oh there he is. Oh lord. Okay so he's up with the band. One big guy is playing a cello, another thin black guy is playing a small drum kit, and Ataxia is playing lead guitar doing a cover of “Sexy and 17” by the Stray Cats. Ataxia is wearing his mask with a elvis looking wig on top of it, white suit jacket, black tie, white button up shirt, black pants, and fifties style loafers. The sad part is he really sounds good doing this!}

Ataxia: Well when I hear that rockin' beat. I can't sit still up , out of my seat. come on Babe lets jump 'round your feet. Can't learn nothin' in school they don't teach you on the street !

Wo-oh , wo-oh , baby I like your style. Wo-oh oh oh oh baby I like your style. You don't care what the other kids say , You go real wild!

Well you're sexy and seventeen. My little rock-roll queen. Acts a little bit obscene. Gotta let off a little steam. Dig that sound and shake it around you're mine , mine , mine. Dig that sound and shake it around you're mine , mine , mine. Dig that sound and shake it around you're mine , mine , mine. WOOOO!!!

{There is a lot of applause as Ataxia takes a bow.}

Ataxia: (Elvis voice) Thank You. Thank you very much. HEH HA! All right cool cats and kittens we'll be back in a minute. Elvis has got to drain the king if you know what I mean!

{Ataxia heads off the stage to some applause as he runs to the bathroom. What he was serious. He goes into the “Men's room” and we stay outside for a moment. We then go into the bathroom as we see Ataxia at the bathroom stall.}

Ataxia: Ohhh ho Blue Suede Shoes...

{He turns his head around for a second.}

Ataxia: AHHHHH!!!

{Static for a moment as we come back into play at one of the corner booth's of the club with Ataxia taking his hand back away from the lens.}

Ataxia: What the hell is wrong with you! I was taking a piss!

Cameragirl: Well I dunno Elvis you tell me.

{A scowl comes on the exposed part of the sick mask's face as he grabs the Elvis wig and takes it off.}

Ataxia: Well what the hell are you doing here?

Cameragirl: Well you have a promo to do this week.

Ataxia: Uhh. GCWA doesn't have a show until this friday.

Cameragirl: I am from CWF asshole!

Ataxia: No wonder your not Eric I thought he was sick.

Cameragirl: Wait so you thought I was your cameraman from GCWA.

Ataxia: Yeah.

Cameragirl: Are you retarded or something! Your in the semi-finals against Abigail Starr.

{Ataxia stares off into space for a moment...}

Cameragirl: HellllOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Ataxia: Oh. Sorry were you saying something I was thinking of something cute and smelling of Doritos.

Cameragirl: Oh don't tell me you have a crush on her.

Ataxia: What if I do?

Cameragirl: Oh this is going to be good. All right let's start this I got a life to you know.

Ataxia: All right. Let me start off first by saying I do feel sorry for you. No not because of what happened to Skyler. That's far from it. The fact of you had to face Psycho Ninja. I mean really. That was a squash if I ever saw one. I mean I thought my match was bad but damn it's no wonder people are hyped up about you and I getting together this week. Errr...I mean one of us trying to pin the other. I mean one of us trying to make the other submit.

{He takes the palm of his hand and slams it into his forehead. He shakes his head for a minute and blinks.}

Ataxia: Uhh COUNT OUT! Yeah count out doesn't sound sexual at all. Oh baby can I count you out Ahahahaha...Oh darn that does have a nice ring to it to. AHHH! All right focus! Your a psychopath with a mask on you can do this!

Cameragirl: You do know she thinks you tried to kill her fiancee?

Ataxia: What?! Well I guess asking for her autograph is out of the question. Wait. What the hell! I wasn't there! I don't know where she even lives at! How or why would I want to blow her up! I like her! I don't want to blow her damn brains all over her freaking house with a explosion! Who the hell put that idea in her head?

Cameragirl: Her voices I guess. Looks like people are suspicious of a man in a mask. Maybe your hiding something under that.

Ataxia: Yeah I'm hiding the wrestler I use to be.

Cameragirl: Who was?

Ataxia: Your a curious little thing aren't you?

Cameragirl: What can I say. There's a pool going on in GCWA and CWF as to who you are.

Ataxia: Whose your guess?

Cameragirl: The man who blew away a woman's fiancee. You don't strike me as Clark Kent Tax.

Ataxia: Oh using my short name I see.

Cameragirl: I figured you didn't care.

Ataxia:..Your a strange woman you know that.

Cameragirl: From what I can tell you like strange women. Or do I have to smell like a cheech and chong movie and speak to voices in my head.

Ataxia: So you think I'm some kind of psychopath to behind this mask eh?

Cameragirl: Like I said. Good guys don't have anything to hide. Good role models have nothing to hide. So what, or who, are you hiding Tax?

{He pauses for a moment as we hear a slow blues like song playing over the jukebox playing in the interlude between sets.}

Ataxia: You got a transcript of her promo?

Cameragirl: Yeah.

{She hands him the transcript and he reads it. He looks at the camera and smirks showing his yellowish teeth and accented by the yellow contacted eyes it looks quite freaky.}

Ataxia: Oh the effects of a deranged mind. I want to make this clear. I do like you. I think your beautiful. I think your wonderful. However I want to point this out to you. I did not try to kill you or your little inflatable boy toy. I should be upset though since obviously your hanging out with a inferior man who can't handle things. Kill you for a title? Are you serious? Do you honestly think I am even here for your federation's lackluster belts? No. I'm here for a challenge. I am here for a fight. I am here because everyone in GCWA is a waste of my fucking time! You, in this state, are also a waste of time. Whoever did this has robbed me of beating you at your best and your demented mind has made me out to be the bad guy. You have no idea who the hell your messing with little girl. Despite my feelings about you when that ring bell rings you are in for the fight of your career. Not your life. Career. I might just put you out of your misery and put you in a bed next to him!

Cameragirl: Whoa I think you need to chill out your talking about beating up a woman.

Ataxia: Shut your damn mouth. No one pays you to interrupt the talent.


Ataxia: Better. Now you want to go blaming me that something bad happened to you go right ahead. It's not like it hasn't been the first time that people have blamed me for something that is their fault. If you weren't who you were then this wouldn't have happened. Blaming me because you got no one else to blame. If it were Chris Xtreme this week I think you would do the same thing. No. Because I'm everyone's damn scapegoat. I'm tired of this. I am tired of everyone always blaming me for their problems. Maybe if you wouldn't have put so much faith in someone that you, yourself, were doubting at the time the explosion occurred maybe you could lead a normal life. The only person stopping you is you. I hate to be cold here but leave him. It'll do him some good because all I hear from your promo in this transcript is me. Me. ME! Fuck you! You don't deserve to be happy if all you can think about is your own damn self. You got a decent guy who took a bomb for you and all you can think about is ruining other people's lives to make you feel better you selfish bitch. Normally I'd be kind and caring and actually pretend to give a shit about your boy but in all honesty I think he's better off than dealing with a needy whiny child like you.

Cameragirl: Your really pushing it.

Ataxia: And you are no camerawoman either. So drop the act reporter.

Cameragirl:...how did you?

Ataxia: How did I know? Because I'm not as fucking stupid as everyone thinks I am! You think your gonna get away with acting like a great A jerk to me and me not put two and two together? I'm a wrestler, not a baseball player. I think with my brain and not my steriod infested ball sack. Now. Getting back to how stupid she's acting. You think I want to ruin your life just because your booked against me. You know even when I was a asshole back in the day I would never go out of my way to do something so deranged as that just because you were booked against me. Now if you did something stupid I'd smack you down to the ground where you belong. Everyone says your really good. Everyone says I should be afraid of you. Everyone here is full of shit. Because everyone here has a disadvantage. They don't know whose under here. I've seen it all little girl and your drug addicted brain is nothing for me to be scared of. Your angry. So your taking it out on me. Normally I would just ignore this and shrug it off. To be honest. I wouldn't even deny such claims as I am a psychopath. No. Not anymore. See you caught me at a bad time. See I'm not out to prove once again that I am the baddest of the bad ass. It's a established fact. Your little boys running this place are nothing compared to me. They have never fought a mother fucker like me. Cheap Jason Mask? Really. Mike Myers might work better. Hell let's go with something obscure maybe! No. We have to go with a HOCKEY MASK! Does this damn thing look like a hockey mask to you ya high ass mother fucker?

Cameragirl: I'm getting out of here.

Ataxia: Sit down! You want your story so I'm giving it to you. You wanted to make a fucking impact by trying to catch me off guard with a interview and now your getting it. I'll just claim it was all in character and that this is all just a way to build up hype for the match because that's all this is and you won't even get a job at TMZ. So sit down and take your lesson or I will do to you what's going to happen to her in that ring! Sit!


Ataxia: Good girl. Now. Getting back to your attempt at a rant. Let me clue you in on something. I don't care about Skyler. I don't even care about you anymore after you attempt to make me out to be the problem in your life. You need help girl. You are going to lose this match because if there is any type of opponent I can take out easily it's someone who is angry at me. You screw up. You make mistakes. I think what you need to do is take a pill of “Shut the hell up” and then a “Calm the fuck down” glass of milk. You want to talk about revenge. Oh if you only knew who you were talking to. The tales of my vengeance have made for the best feuds in this industry over the years. Those who have wronged me even if they won have lived to regret ever facing me. You seem to be under the impression that your going to stop me. You seem to think that you are going to drive me from this place forever. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You've really lost it sweetheart! I'm! Not! Going! ANYWHERE! Even if through your rage you beat me. Even if you go on to fight whomever for the right to go after what you've lost. I'll still be here. I kind of like it here. Maybe we can even learn to get along but I doubt it. Only if you get your head out of your ass and realize you don't need this title. You don't need this fight. All you need to do is just be yourself. This whole not good enough thing is just in your head darling. Everybody doubts themselves but you have no reason to. Your a talented wrestler. Not a talented woman wrestler. I mean that in the sense you can take down more than half the guys here and most female wrestlers can't even take down a sandwich. This isn't you. This is a shame. This mask is a shame but everyone knows it, but what your doing with this whole I'm insane and I hate the world cause shit went wrong on me is a shame that you think is reality. So get over yourself and meet me in the ring like a great wrestler or be a whiny little girl and get your ass handed to you. Now I'm done.

Cameragirl: So...I guess asking you for a real interview is out of the question.

Ataxia: Not at all. Sit down. No bullshit, but no questions about who I am. Dig?

Cameragirl: Sure. The names Morgan by the way.

Ataxia: Ataxia...my friends call me Tax. Just don't call me a Taxi.

{Fade to Gray...}