~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“So young, so full of life in vibrant side by side wherever you weres ridin i went . So close, almost on some bonnie and clyde shit. When ronnie died you weres right by my side with a sholder to cry on . Tissue to wipe my eyes, and a bucket to catch every tear i cried inside it. You even had the same type of childhood i did. Sometimes i just want to know why is it that you surcame to yours. And mine i survived it, you ran the streets, i 9 to 5'd it. We grew up, grew apart, as time went by us, then i blew up. To both yours and mine surprises. Now i feel the vibe i just cant describe it. As much as your pride tries to hide it. Your cold, you touch its like ice. In your eyes is the look of resenment. I can sense it, and i dont like it. How come we dont even talk no more. And you dont even call no more. We dont barely keep in touch at all. And I dont even feel the same love when we hug no more. And I heard it through the grape vine we even beefin now. After all the years we been down. Aint no way no how, this bullshit can't be true. We family and aint a damn thing changed, unless it's you. ” How Come. D-12

{We fade in on darkness where we hear explosion in the background. Suddenly we see a fire barrel light up as Ataxia steps forward. We only focus on his midsection where we see the mask is hanging from. He's doing this unmasked but where we can't see him. His gloves hands do the talking.}

Ataxia: Did you miss me? I know you did! Everyone misses their favorite freaking form of entertainment! Oh yes I did lose to a better wrestler and when I mention to Rish I am interested in sticking around this bumpkinville excuse for a federation where does he put me? Am I main eventing? Nooooo....I get to deal with someone I have already kicked the butt of! Oh but just to add more spice to it I get to face someone else equally as stupid. Oh I know everyone picks on the former GCWA champion but I'm going to give “The Longwinded One” his due. Unlike CX you did get screwed. Something I know a little something about. See it seems destiny that you and I are to come across each other again seeing as how I have faced you before.

{He holds up a picture of a group of wrestlers and a young Draco in the picture. Everyone else is blurred out except for Draco.}

Ataxia: That's right kiddies. Behind this nasty tan mask is the face of a man well associated with Draco. I would say we are on a first name basis but sadly we are not anymore. Not since he became a little whiny child. Not since he decided to run away from all of his problems. Not since you became, just what everyone else calls you, a coward.

{He starts to tear at the picture.}

Ataxia: Yes. I said it. I said it on television I said it! Your a coward Draco. I don't know who put the fear in you but I know for a fact what's going to happen when this mask comes off. I know you already know. I know you have a inkling of who this is just by how I am talking to you. Your going to run. Just like you always do. Not just from me. You run from your failures. When you got booted out of GCWA did you stay and fight. No. You ran. Just like you have done since ASW. Every single federation things go good for you then you run when things start to get bad. When you can take it anymore. When you can't stand that things get tough. I think I know what did it.

{He points to one of the blurred out people in the picture}

Ataxia: I wish I could take credit. I really do. I really wish I could say it was me that did it. Then you would have a way to get even with what was making you run. Sad to say that fool will never ever get into the ring again. I would speak his name. I would yell it at your face. I would scream it till your ears bleed just to get you into a state where you were so damn pissed off that you would at least for once show some backbone and fight! I would...but your not worth it.

{He tears the picture in half.}

Ataxia: Sad to say I pity you. I pity you Draco. Yeah. After all the shit I've gone through in the past few years I feel pity for you. Your always going to run. You have never stopped running. Your a adrenaline junkie. It's understandable. Most guys in this industry don't get off on the rush of fighting like you do. Which is why I like you. You go in balls to walls and don't care. But. If fighting doesn't work. You only have on other strategy. Run. Just like a deer in the headlights you stand scared. I wouldn't be surprised right now if your not thinking about quitting.

{He crinkles the rest of the picture in his hands.}

Ataxia: You know. I thought about quitting to. I think about running back to Mexico where I was hiding out all this time just to stay away from all of this. The pressure. The fight. I spent the past few years losing what everyone would call everything again. No she's not dead. Trust me it'd be better. She's with some loser. Your “bastard friend” finally got to far into that bottle. I wanted to call you. I did. I really wanted to say I understand for once. I quit smoking to. If you can believe that I became a quitter of all things. I guess you could say I got a little bit of a eye opener. So why can I not just let what happened with us die? Simple. I understand it. I see your point of view. I see what I did to you was something you really didn't need in your life at the time. I see that I am responsible for part of this to. However. Just because I understand you. Doesn't mean I'm letting you off the hook. What happened with freak boy is his own fault. That reject was something that needed to be taken out a long time ago. You stayed to close and he screwed you over so many ways to sunday. So did all the others but you let them. You let them bite you. Hell you even let me drag you into my shit. So easy to manipulate Draco. It's so much fun to think of how many ways I could wind you up and set you loose on these idiots. I could do that Draco. I could have kept this hidden from you to and just messed with your head some more for a few weeks but why wait. Why torture you? Why hurt you? It's not going to chance anything except the fact that you'll run. Even if you beat me. You'll run.

{We see him throw the picture of Draco into the fire. He then brings up a picture of Chris Xtreme. A picture taken right as Ataxia pinned him.}

Ataxia: Can't say I blame you though with opponents like this. Oh Chris. How I long for the day when your throat dies so I don't have to hear your emo voice moan and cry. Seriously. Well he beat me before but things are gonna change. I'm going to beat him because I'm XXXXXTTTREEEEMMMMMEEELLLLYYYYY RETARDED! This bullshit has to stop and I am about ready to take your head off with my boot. While I'm flipping off Draco doing it and even he's going holy shit he knows how to high fly to? Oh. You like the turnbuckle move? I'll tell the originator that you enjoyed an ass kicking. Yeah. That's right Draco. I picked up new tricks. HA HA! But it gets better for you Chris. You get to survive a ass kicking from two men who “know” each other so well. You want to talk down about my old “friend”? I don't think so. Not without me giving you a truthful statement. This mother fucker use to skull fuck people like you just for fun. That mother fucker is a sick bastard who your lucky has changed. You see you think I'm a freak. You think I'm strange. I've seen what this man will put his body through to screw your life up. Not your career. Your life. He'll break you in half! Especially if I set him off by uttering one thing. One phrase will set off The Hellacious One! So you got to ask how much grace does “The Messiah Pariah” have for you! How much shit am I going to let you get away with while I watch him tear you apart and enjoy every damn minute of it! You think you can be “mentally stronger” than me? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

{He slams hard into the fire barrel.}

Ataxia: OH LORDY I'M GONNA PEE MYSELF FROM LAUGHING! HA HA! Oh don't worry. Don't worry. You can be. Only you go to go through some more mental anguish to get up to my level. Hell you aren't even on Draco's, and we all know how fucked up that knucklehead is. You want to be stronger than me. Let's start off with a fact. Your daddy was abusive and your mommy did drugs. Good for you. You know what that is in my neighborhood? Easy living. You got nothing to complain about? You want abusive? How about your father beating into your head everyday that you will never be better than your arrogant little brother? How about having to shoot a man in the face when your nine years old because he's about to shoot you? Huh? What! Can Ataxia really be more hardcore than me? Hell no! I am ten times the hardcore you claim to be. Instead of being a whiny little crybaby about it like you though I am going to just do what I do best. Screw with little shits like you. Make your mind do backflips wondering just how much is it going to take for this guy to snap. Guess what? I already did! But when I do it again their isn't going to be anything left of you my friend! Oh I got sick moves but the sickest ones isn't even this high flying crap! High fliers like you give the term the bad name. Oh I gotta do high risk cause that's all I can do. How I use to roll. How I use to hurt people. I'd end your career with one move and spit on your crying body as they hauled you away. I don't play in that ring. I don't go for the “WOW” factor. I go for the “OW” factor! You got in a ring with me and I let you walk away with your whole body in tact and now you dare to try to come at me again instead of letting me take my frustrations out on someone I know can take it.

{He tears up the photo of Chris Xtreme and chucks it into the flaming barrel}

Ataxia: I don't know who I feel pity for more. CX for getting in the middle of a “Holy Fuck” sandwich, Draco for having to face me again, or me. I pity me in this case. Because I get to start the kickoff to Wrestlefest Two all by myself because in all honesty all this crap about Elisha, the world title, The Uprising, or anything else just doesn't seem to be worthy of such a big deal. Wait. Who the hell are you to say anything about CWF? {The mask goes on his face. Followed by a zoom out. Ataxia is in a “Uncle Sam” costume. Standing out in the field we realize the explosions we heard were fireworks. He smirks through the mask laughs.}

Ataxia: I am Ataxia! I'm a performer here. I get paid to put people in the dirt. From what I see. This place need a good taste of really xtreme behavior! I think it's about time someone took it up a notch because so far I've been out of the building because these main events are snorefests. This whole damn federation aside from some capable wrestlers is nothing more than a rehash of everything I see out there. I think that needs to change. Matter of fact. I'm going to change it. Wait. Ataxia...you aren't even on Wrestlefests card. Yeah. I aim to remedy that. Starting at this massacre get ready for all of it to live up to the name for once. I'm about to take you kids to the next level because right now...Your not made of sterner stuff. I think it's about time for some more people to Learn! Their! Lesson! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!...Draco...I still say he was better than you. That's what you couldn't stand. You know who I'm talking about? The same man who had that lovely dog you use to play with. Yeah. I'm not dropping the name yet. For a reason. I want you to figure it out for once stupid.

{He outstretches his arms as the fireworks for off behind him.}

Ataxia: Welcome back to hell...I'm once again your tourguide!

{Fade to Gray...}