~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“And when they came down to him, Elisha prayed unto the Lord, and said, Smite this people, I pray thee, with blindness. And he smote theme with blindness according to the word of Elisha.”-Elisha. The Bible. “I'm going to do at least one right thing with my life. I'm going to stop him.”-Ataxia.

{We fade in on a church. It's an old catholic church. The outside of it. We see Ataxia in his full ring gear of a gray suit, black tie, white button up shirt, black shoes, black gloves, and the mask. Also the inclusion of a black fidora and a tan trench coat. The man next to him is a man in his later forties wearing a catholic priest collar, black short sleeve shirt, black dress pants, and black loafers. He is carrying a bible and his rosary in his right hand. He doesn't look happy to see Ataxia.}

Father Micheal: Why are you here?

Ataxia: Look. I have done a lot of bad things in my life. I know that now. I know you don't owe me a damn thing but I'm asking you father. I'm asking you, face to face, Micheal. I'm asking you to help me fight this guy.

Father Micheal: Why should I help you?

Ataxia: Because I'm your prodigal brother?

Father Micheal: Nay. Your my real brother and that's the point. Your whole life you've done nothing for anyone but your damn self. This whole mask thing is just another way for you to get attention and I'm sick of it. I am sick of you not even owning up to who you are.

Ataxia: Who I am Micheal or who you want to believe I am. Aren't you the one who believes a man can change?

Father Micheal: You are like no man I know. Your a monster. You've burned people's faces off. You've hit women with brick hammers because they dared to get in the ring with you. You attack your friends to “save them” as just a excuse for you to get back in the ring. You are not a man in my book and I gave up on saving you a long time ago.

{Ataxia sighs as he turns to walk away.}

Ataxia: Then I won't ask you. I'm sorry I wasted your time.

Father Micheal: What no a “FU” at the house of God?

Ataxia: God has nothing to do with this.

Father Micheal: Neither do I. Why come to me of all people. You could call Duke, Frank, or Danny and probably get more insight into this man.

{Ataxia reaches into the coat and hands the priest a folder with “Elisha” written on it.}

Ataxia: Because he's going by a biblical name. As far as I know your the religious scholar of this family. Micheal. He's done something horrible to. As far as I know aside from the man he took out I am the only one who can beat him at his own game. I need your help. If you want.

{Ataxia gets down on both knee's in front of the priest}

Ataxia: I'll beg. I'll plead. I'll do anything you ask of me. I know it's hard to see me like this. I know you don't want to help me. You have every right to not help me. You know me. I never ask for anything other than that you all leave me alone. I've tried to stay out of everyone's way. Just...just think about it.

{He gets up and starts to walk away.}

Father Micheal: If you fight this man. If you do what I think your inclined to do they will come out of the woodwork to take you out. You'll be back where you started before you went into this masked hero mode of yours. When you do that. That mask isn't going to protect you from your past brother. It's going to bury you with it.

Ataxia: I haven't done the right thing since I was a child Mike.

Father Micheal: This has nothing to do with Raul Rodriguez!

Ataxia: Yes it does.

Father Micheal: Tr...Tax. You had no choice then.

{Ataxia turns to his brother and pulls back the mask. We can't see his face but we can see the back of his head with the bag like mask still on. We cant make out any hair length or color though.}

Ataxia: But I do now. Only a monster can put him down. That means me. I'll call you sometime this week Mike. Make sure my check got in for the orphan fund.

{Ataxia pulls the mask back down, turns, and walks towards the camera. Fade to black.}

So they say your a monster. I don't buy that. They say your the devil himself. I don't buy that. They say your a prophet of madness. I really don't buy that. You stabbed a man you admired in the chest. Your a whimp.

Yeah I said it. Your a whimpy little kid.

Oh sure you can beat up people. There is no denying that fact but the fact is that you are unstoppable when it comes to taking punishment. The tape speaks for itself so to speak. Your a powerful person. Your a strong person. Your also “insane”. You've got a lot going for you.

So then why am I not afraid?

Because I'm not out to pin you. I'm not out to pay you back for hurting my friend. I'm out to do something to you in revenge for something you've done to my federation. There is no animosity between you and I. Hell I have never even introduced myself to you.

So let's get that out of the way. I'm the masked guy who doesn't give a fuck about you. We've never met but you better believe your going to know me when this is all over. See I'm not the typical wrestler. No I'm not some high flying extremist. Despite my moves that I use with this mask I am not “xtreme”. Not in that sense. In reality it's just the newest style to my rep. Style though isn't going to break you though. The thing that is going to break you is to break who you think you are.

That's what I'm here to do.

Because you've only fought wrestlers so far.

You've never fought something like me.

You want to see what it is Elisha.

It's what you look at in the mirror. Except I give a courtesy . I wear the mask so people don't know. Your mask is that of a monster. You think your right. You think you've got some kind of destiny. It's almost to damn funny that you think that you are something special.

In reality your just like me

Except for one difference.

I am a monster pretending to be a man, your a man pretending to be a monster.

So while you stand there and enjoy your demented distortion of reality I'm going to sharpen my tools. I'm going to try and not enjoy this.

Ahahaha. Sorry. Old habit. It's strange. I feel...like my old self again just thinking about breaking into my old gear for this. What's that “Darling”? Remember why I am doing this?

It's not for Elijah.

It's not for CWF.

It's not for me.

It's because I put someone like you in the dirt before without a choice.

This time I'm making the decision.

Maybe I'll let you live to reconsider but then what other person have you given mercy to?

Destiny...Fate has delivered you into my hands.

Like a surgeon.

I'm going to remove what's ailing you.

Time of death. Recorded. Right after that match is over.

{We fade in on what looks like some sort of demented workshop. Television sets align the walls showing promos and matches of Elisha. It's like a serial killer obsession is in the room with this guy. In the middle on a platform we see a life size model doll of Elisha. Just like what he did with Marcus. Ataxia is looking over the doll. He's attire has changed to wear he is just wearing a black “Messiah Pariah” t-shirt, and we discover the gloves he wears a elbow length opera gloves. The small patches of skin we can see on his arms are all scarred. He walks around the doll with and speaks into a tape recorder.}

Ataxia: So...we've got a guy whose six foot six and weighs two seventy five. He moves pretty fast for a big guy so I'm going to need to consider that when I actually start fighting him. The thought comes to mind though where this big gorilla learned how to wrestle. It's obvious someone taught him. Don't really care whom but he seems to have a fascination with impact. I would say it's “power wrestler syndrome” but the truth is it's more than that. The man is a sadist. He loves to inflict pain. Possibly a flipper as well cause he has taken the “best” CWF has had to offer and yet he still stands tall. It's like they can't put him down. He's capitalizing on it which means he knows he can't be beaten yet. Winning a match doesn't matter to him as long as he gets to hurt someone. I understand that all to well.

{As he walks he picks up a file that has all the listed injuries of Elisha since and before Wrestlefest Two.}

Ataxia: Everyone always says behind every villain is a hero whose lost his way. I don't see it that way. I see it as gray. Black and white were foolish representations here. He's not all bad and we're not all good. That's not to say something horrible and pity worthy didn't happen to this guy. Something is wrong here. He's wiring is all screwed up compared to the normal people. His choice of assault is also interesting. All high impacting power moves. Nothing real technical other than a sharpshooter which he rarely uses. Not a high flier. Thank God. Big man flying means peeing blood for a week from your kidneys getting rattled. Although I just may have given him a horrible idea. Eh. I've taken worse.

{He puts down the file and starts looking at the monster in front of him. He looks peaceful with his eyes shut like that. No psychotic grin. Just peaceful. Ataxia is studying the ribcage area looking for something. }

Ataxia: It's not his physical abilities that worry me. That's easy to take down, but the problem remains he doesn't know when he's beaten. He's got it in his head that he's doing something special. Who or what it is isn't relevant to me. However that might be what gets me out of this. He seems to enjoy, the most, taking out people who were friends with his “mentor”. This Elijah guy. I'm familiar with his work only through the tapes I've already studied going back as far as it's been recorded. This guy was a interesting character as well. I see the connection from the bible to the names. Elisha was sort of a prophet in training to Elijah and then when Elijah was taken up by fire Elisha took over his role. So if his psychosis seems himself as heir apparent to Elijah. Could be what he's trying to do with that girl in his promos that Elijah did with Omega. It makes me wonder if he's trying to just turn into Elijah Two: Electric Bugaloo.

???: Okay that was a bad joke on my level.

Ataxia: Who let you in here?

{We see the same man who appeared in front of Ataxia at Wrestlefest Two. He's wearing a black suit with a purple button up shirt. Blue hippie shades. A black hat. His beard trimmed a bit more and his blonde hair barely peeking out of the hat. He doesn't look happy. Ataxia shrugs and keeps looking at the doll.}

Mr. X: I have a key remember. Your “workshop” has been used by a lot of your friends while you were retired.

Ataxia: I'm kind of busy.

Mr. X: Yeah I see the camera. I also saw Eric outside. What the hell is wrong with you? Your going after someone you can't beat again all because you got your pride busted by Marcus.

{Ataxia cuts off the tape recorder and turns to his friend. The yellow contacted eyes of Ataxia gazing at this mystery man.}

Ataxia: In all the years you've known me when have I ever had a ego when it came to winning or losing?

Mr. X: Well it's the only logical explanation my brain can figure. Your going after a guy who stabbed someone live on the air! This guy should be locked up in a insane asylum and I should know I've been to enough.

Ataxia: That's the reason. This guy has no fear. I'm about to put fear into him.

Mr. X: This isn't some noble quest for redemption Tax because we all know even if you beat this guy and break him your still going to carry around that I'm a monster shit till you die!

Ataxia: And?

Mr. X: Your still blaming yourself for something you HAD to do!

Ataxia: I could have not pulled the trigger.

Mr. X: Then you'd be dead! Your brother dead! Your sister unavenged raped and dead! Your family heartbroken! Your friends you would have made, some of us would be dead! Your kids...NEVER EXISTED!


Mr. X: What?

Ataxia: What I did “friend” was shoot a man in the face without hesitation. I had never ever thought about killing a man before. I never even lifted my fist to someone before.

Mr. X: You were nine years old!

Ataxia: That doesn't matter! I killed someone. Maybe they deserved it but I didn't deserve to carry this shit my whole life. I can't get rid of it. I tired to be happy. I did what your suppose to do in life man. I got married to a girl I love, and I still do despite everything. I have three lovely children. I got rich by doing what I do best. I became a world champion and if not respected at least feared in the industry. I became everything you would want and you know what. I hated every damn minute of it. I have not had a day of true happiness where this beast inside of me hasn't wanted to lash out at someone.

Mr.X: Good for you. You want a damn cookie. You don't think I want to beat the hell out of everyone to?

Ataxia: Well I would to if what happened to my family happened to yours.

Mr. X: Your ability to piss me off is astounding you know that.

Ataxia: I'm not trying to piss you off. I'm trying to make you see my point.

Mr. X: So what's the point?

Ataxia: This guy isn't going to stop. Just like him. He's not going to stop until he gets what he wants.

Mr. X: So what is it he wants exactly.

Ataxia: The same thing I did only slightly off kilter.

Mr. X: Which was?

Ataxia: To make everyone hurt just the same as me. The difference is he isn't hurting. He just wants to hurt people. Look at how he wrestles. If he wanted to break people he'd go my old route. He doesn't. He just slams people around because it gets him off. It makes him happy.

Mr. X: That's the part you don't understand.

{Ataxia turns to go and get the tape recorder again. He does walk over to his friend to answer his question.}

Ataxia: Why's that.

Mr. X: Because your never happy. Look. I came here to talk you out of this. You don't owe that federation shit and unless Rish or whoever the fuck is running things puts you with this man, that would be when I would worry. Your picking a fight Tax. You never pick a fight unless you have a reason to. This isn't the right reason. Your doing this out of some feeling of guilt you have over something you did on instinct. Something you should be proud of that you did.

Ataxia: Proud that I killed a man?

Mr. X: A man who had a gun pointed at you to. Yes!

Ataxia: You just don't understand.

Mr. X: Your damn right I don't. You feel like shit because of doing the right thing. I stress that. THE RIGHT THING! Now your going to go throw yourself to the wolves here for no reason. Other than your own sense of self worth. Enjoy that mask. It suits you.

{The mystery man walks away off camera. Ataxia is going to retort but he decides against it and gets back to his work analyzing everything he can about Elisha.}

Ataxia: Yeah. It kind of does. But I'm going to have to get rid of it. Wait a minute.

{He goes back over to the file and thumbs through it till he finds something.}

Ataxia: That's it! Of course! AhahahahahahahahahahahaaAHAHAhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

{Fade to black}

So I'm a freak am I?

What was your first clue. I mean really Captain Obvious it's kind of the general sentiment even when I don't have this thing on. A freak. What do you think you are nancy boy? Oh we both know we're two flavors of the fucked up ice cream company the difference is your vanilla fucked up and I'm magic surprise cluster fuck.

You talk about falls. You don't know what a fall is son. You fell from a tower and still got up. The problem was they didn't throw you high enough. See if Angel had done her job I wouldn't have to take over. See the difference between all of these people and me. I don't care about you. I don't. To me your nothing more than another wannabe “monster” wrestler with delusions of grandeur. Here's the thing though. I know your more than that just like you know there is more to this bag than I let on.

The difference is clear.

Your pretending. Even now your pretending. Oh sure you have the stars and the heavens to talk to you or whatever else myspace emo kid bullshit you want to spew out so the rejects actually think your talking to them. But what do you really have?

The anger of the entire locker room but me.

That's it.

Oh but you got a pretty girl who apparently gets off watching you work. Ha ha.

Damn, your pathetic.

You think she's actually going to stay with you? You. Your going to have to chose between the image that you have of yourself and that girl when it all comes down to the truth. The truth is you want to be this monster because your tired of trying to disprove people. They see you and yell AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I see you and I got Bwa-Ha!

So let me ask you? Did you just suck at basketball or something? I mean the world needs good bouncers at clubs I'm sure you could have made a good job doing that? Did MMA tell you you'd have to give up doughnuts so you decided to be a wrestler instead?

What was it? What was it that made you want to come into my domain?

Elijah? Ohhhhhh pardon me while I whack off to his memory to so I can get inside your head. Good guy from what I hear. You. Not so much. With one act you got the entire place to hate and possibly fear you.

Except me.

I've seen it before.

It doesn't work on me.

See everyone wants to take you out for their own reasons. Me. I got no reason to. Seriously. Why should I throw myself into your path when I see every week what you do. Why the hell am I going to put myself in a situation where you can use whatever you want to take me out? Hell maybe I'll get stabbed like Eli did?

Been there. Got stabbed. Got stitched up and was back next week for the rematch. The difference between these guys and I is that I am a fighter as well as a wrestler.

I haven't gone to war in a long time.

I'm going to try and not enjoy your dismemberment.

{We fade in on Ataxia asleep, sitting in a black marbled room in a chair in front of a fireplace. Around the floor are pictures of Elisha, Elijah, Omega, and others who were connected to him. We hear a door open. Ataxia turns around fast and stops. In the light of the fire we see he is shirtless. The amount of scar tissue on this man looks like he's been through a warzone with barbwire.}

Ataxia: You could have called first.

Father Micheal: I didn't know if you'd be home.

Ataxia: So?

Father Micheal: From what I can tell Tax. You've got someone who just wants to be noticed. He wants people to fear him because he's afraid to let people love him. From my theological standpoint. He wants to have a double portion of what Elijah had.

Ataxia: He wants more fame then.

Father Micheal: He wants to be more than he was.

Ataxia: Well. I think I'll give him his wish.

Father Micheal: So what are you going to do.

{Ataxia pulls the mask off of his face and throws it in the fire.}

Ataxia: I'm going to let him face something that even Elijah would fear. Me. Thank you.

Father Micheal: Your welcome.

{Fade to Black}

So we sit here and wonder what exactly am I compared to you?

A man hiding from himself? No. I know exactly who and what I am.


On the other hand.

Don't know jack shit about who you are or what you really can do.

I think it's time someone really tested your potential.

You want to be the one that everyone fears?

You want to be the one that the pretty girl falls for cause your a badass?

You want to be all these things.

And you never will be. Because you will never be anything more than a rejected hallow man who can never fill the hole. You want to love.

You can't hate enough to love to quote the song.

I'm interesting am I? You think I might be at least a amusement. Well get ready to laugh son. Because I'm what you are after the fall.

I'm Satan in “Paradise Lost” maybe not as good as the good book but a good story.

In it Satan refused to bow to beings that were lesser to him for he was made first. That's me. I refuse to bow to a wannabe like you. You might win Elisha but your not breaking me. Matter of fact I hope you win. So I can do this again.

Your my new best friend. They don't tend to live long!

{We fade in on Ataxia, sans mask in front of the fire looking at a article about Raul Rodriguez. He keeps looking at the picture with a look of pure hate in his eyes.}

Ataxia: When I see Elisha...I'll see you...I'll see what you did. I'll remember everything! I'll destroy him just like I did you but I'm going to let him live with it! So he'll learn! So he will know...the truth. God damned you and he hates me. Let's see what he feels about Elisha!

{Fade to Gray}