~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Cause when your a celebrity...it's adios reality...” Celebrity. Brad Paisley

I won.

I am the CWF World Heavyweight Champion.

This is the part where I get an ego right? The part where the underdog let's it go to his head. I must say I find the thought rather intriguing. No one thought I could do it until I did. Oh but he's not going to hold onto it. He'll be a transitional champion at best. A paper champion. One who can cover a rock but can be cut by scissors. Funny thing though about this role. It's not my type.

Speaking of types. I must say I am a little beside myself right now. On the one hand my opponent is not exactly what you would call a “worthy” opponent to a world champion at this moment. On the other is the truth. Truth is I am a fan.

I've loved your work. Always been a fan of action movies. So much to the point that I can tell what is CGI, wire work, or stunt double. Out of everyone in the industry the only time you used any of these was when it was inhumanly possible to do what you did. Admirable quality. A stuntman who became a star and then gave it up. An intriguing underdog story of your own. However as much of a fan as I am. I have to say I am unimpressed with you at this moment.

You let people get to you. That sickens me. You let what people say go right to your head and your heart. “He's a fake”. My response. “Only in your mind”. You weren't exactly the popular kid in school were you Mace? Were you bullied? People made fun of you so you decided to prove them wrong. Commendable but you took it to far. You seem to have this thing about trying to prove yourself. Over and over again you have to prove that you aren't what they said you were.

It's funny to me because I find it very similar to how I use to be. Long before this mask I use to wear a different one. Back in high school I had a interesting situation come up. The girl I was seeing wanted to go to prom with me. Well I wanted to please her so I got a tux and everything. Well the problem is in my family the only time you buy a suit is for your own funeral so of course all of my brothers made fun of this. I had to endure getting a haircut which my mother loved to death and made fun of me for it because it took her sixteen years to finally see me with short hair cause I hated haircuts. Then it gets to the big evening. We got to this prom. We dance even though I can't dance and had to put up with everyone laughing and making jokes. But I did it because I wanted to prove to her that I loved her. At the after party I caught her in a foursome with the center, quarterback, and the tight end of our football team. Now everyone is laughing. Everyone is making fun. Everyone is being a grade A dick. So then I proved something. I proved I could whip the ass of three guys bigger, badder, and “tougher” than me. She was so upset with what happened. She was so angry with herself. That's when I did something to prove to myself that I was in charge of my destiny and not the rest of these jackasses.

I belted that bitch in the mouth.

Point is, after that I didn't care what people think. You need to have that realization because quite honestly I see it inhibiting your wrestling ability. Think of this as proper “motivation” for your “character”.

If you don't get over this prove yourself crap by the time that match starts I'm going to feed you your lungs.

Digest that for a while friend.

{We fade in on Ataxia as he is waiting inside of his hearse outside of a club. He is wearing his typical ring gear of a gray suit, white button up shirt, mask, black opera gloves, black boots, and of course the “bag”mask. He gets out of the car and walks towards the club.}

Ataxia: Don't you want somebody to stab. Don't you need somebody to gut. Don't you want somebody to kill. You better find somebody to kill.

{As he utters this the bouncer looks at him strangely. Even though apparently it's “goth” night at the club. He looks Ataxia up and down and shakes his head.}

Bouncer: No way man. Not in that get up.

Ataxia: Oh really?

Bouncer: Yeah. No imitators allowed.

Ataxia: And what makes you think I'm not the real one?

Bouncer: I've turned away four guys wearing the same mask tonight.

Ataxia: My image precedes me as usual.

Bouncer: Yeah, but at least they had the decency to not wear the full get up. Your unoriginal man.

Ataxia: I have a appointment with your boss. I don't want to be late.

Bouncer: Tough shit.

Ataxia: Very well then. If you won't move. I'll just make you.

{The bouncer laughs as he lunges at Ataxia who sidesteps him. Ataxia slams his elbow underneath the man's shoulder at the man's armpit. The shock of pain sends the man to his knee's as Ataxia comes around and clips him in the back of the head with a kick in one motion.}

Bouncer: AHHH!

Ataxia: I'll let myself in.

Bouncer: Fuck you!

{The bouncer swings again and hits Ataxia in the gut and then grabs his hand in pain. Ataxia lifts up his jacket to show that he is wearing The CWF World Heavyweight Title.}

Ataxia: Hmm. Finally found a use for one of these decorative things.

Bouncer: Gah! So you are Ataxia.

Ataxia: Your a fast learner. Ice that hand. I'll tell one of the others to releave you. You were just doing your job after all.

Bouncer: Jerk...

Ataxia: Nicest thing anyone has said to me tonight cuddle bunny. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

{We fade out on the scene for now as the bouncer looks at the CWF world champion as he keeps laughing manically.}

The Johnny Cage of Wrestling.

How interesting a persona for you to take on. Really? Out of all the choices you could make that was the best persona you could do. I think I know why.

It's the same reason why I wear the mask.

No one expects anything from Johnny Cage. Your not Scorpion. Your not Sub-Zero. No one expects you to win the game. It's a dubious situation really if one thinks about it because things are quite laid out for you to pull the upset.

However I don't buy it leading man.

See I know an act when I see one. After all I know a little something about acting. This whole mask is an act. This whole act is one of parody and making fun of everything that everyone is so uptight about around here. This whole industry is nothing but a joke.

And you get that joke.

The sad part is though my friend is that no one really cares about what you have to think about. You see the truth is. I am not acting when it comes to being in the ring. I'm going to destroy you or not. Depends on how I feel at the moment. See I'm not a method actor.

I'm the real damn thing.

{We fade in on the office of the club. The owner is a japanese looking guy who does not look happy to see Ataxia. He's wearing a goth looking tuxedo an black facepaint.}

Owner: You got a lot of nerve showing up here. Why didn't you call me when you got here!

Ataxia: Because I knew you wouldn't answer Jason.

Jason: You'd be right.

Ataxia: I need your help.

Jason: Why should I help you? Your divorcing my sister! Your walking out on your family! You've fucked me over back when I was a wrestler so why the hell should I help you!

Ataxia: Because of who I am facing. Colton Mace.


Ataxia: Thought that would get your attention.

Jason: Why are you fighting that jerk.

Ataxia: We're not bitter are we?

Jason: Not at all. He's a fucking idiot who can't act his way out of a paper bag.

Ataxia: Yet he apparently can wrestle in my federation now.

Jason: Oh really. Kick him in the nuts for me.

Ataxia: What can you tell me about him.

Jason: He's a horrible actor. Always had to keep doing more and more and more. He was never satisfied with a take from what I hear.

Ataxia: Never worked with him?

Jason: Never wanted to. I make movies that are fun...Tax. This guy was all about proving he was the best. He didn't have what it took because he couldn't handle the pressure. Why is he wrestling now?

Ataxia: Don't know or care. All I do know is that I'm going to have “fun” with him.

Jason: You going to burn his face off to?

Ataxia: That was a long time Jason. Jason: Fuck you! You set my fucking face on fire with a burning barbwire baseball bat. I had to wait for years to look like a fucking human being. Don't think the irony of you wearing the mask and me looking at you hatefully isn't lost on me. Your a fucking jackass who doesn't deserve that belt Tax! Ataxia: You want it. Take it.

Jason: I don't want it! I don't want anything to do with you. Get the hell out of my club and stay out of my life.

Ataxia: I'm sorry. Jason: Not buying it. Not going to deal with it again. You and I are done.

{ Ataxia starts to head off. Just before he leaves the room he stops himself.}

Ataxia: You know. I've always regretting you being the first one that I jumped on. I wish you would forgive me but I don't deserve it. Say hi to my kids for me. Your sister is going to make sure she will never let them see me again.

Jason: I will.

Ataxia: Goodbye then. Don't hesitate to call me if you need me.

So the question remains. Can I take you out?

Sure. I can.

Because I'm real. I'm not trying to be something I am not. You.

Your still acting. Even if you are being “yourself” I know your acting. So sign me up a autograph Johnny.

Get over here.

It's time to finish him.

{Fade to Gray...}