~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“I'd like to see how you all would bleed for me.” Bleed the Freak. Alice in Chains

So it all comes down to this.

One show.

One last chance.

One final fight.

It's not about winning.

It's not about losing.

It's about do you have what it takes to survive.

The other two men in this match have expectations.

Jace Valentine wants redemption for the loss of his “quest” to end the career of Cain. To get his shot at the world title and win it from a established champion instead of a masked fraud of a wrestler. To do what his mommy and daddy use to do and tell people what to do and they listen. To be credited for his unsolicited “World's Greatest Advice”.

Danny B seeks redemption for his own reasons as well. He seeks to prove that he is the master of his own destiny. A man that can and will do anything to win. Haunted by past failings and former glories as well he strives to prove that he is the best that CWF can offer especially over some masked freak! He won last year against Chris Xtreme in a grudge match so everyone knows that “Redemption” is a winning place for Danny B. Danny B is haunted by losses from Draco, Blue Scorpion, and many others who place doubt in the mind of Danny that he is truly...a world champion.

But what does Ataxia seek at Redemption? What does Ataxia seek to redeem himself for at this final bloodbath inside of the triple cage appropriately named “Hellbound”. What can this upstart do two these two “great” superstars. This is a glorified execution for Ataxia. He can't possibly beat two men who dared to attack him at the end of Massacre. It's never been done before. Attacking a opponent after their match and first title defense. In this weak state of his own sense of self worth how can Ataxia possibly stand up to these two.


Everyone knows what to expect from Danny B and Jace Valentine.

No one knows Ataxia.

...and that's why these two men are afraid of “The Messiah Pariah”.

{We fade in on Ataxia as he sits in a office of a film studio. He is wearing his full regalia of his suit, black opera gloves, black boots, and his bag like mask. Over his shoulder is the CWF World heavyweight title. A young man dressed in business casual clothes walks into the room.}

Man: Hi, I'm Brad I'm the director slash producer for today's events. How are you Mr...um. What do I call you?

Ataxia: Just call me Tax. I'm not formal at all.

Brad: Awesome.

{Ataxia looks at him a bit oddly.}

Brad: Sorry. I'm a bit of a fan of yours. That's why I'm really excited to do this piece for our sports network's coverage of the final CWF show.

Ataxia: You'll forgive me I'm not used to having fans. It's a little overwhelming still.

Brad: I thought all wrestlers wanted to be popular.


Brad: Something funny?

Ataxia: No..it's just...oh lord. Phew. My sides. Ah. No I never wanted to be popular. Far from it.

Brad: You picked a strange profession.

Ataxia: Family business. After what happened to me as a child I tended to gravitate towards the violent aspect of the business.

Brad: What happened.

Ataxia: I shot a man in the face after he raped my sister and was about to murder my brother in front of me.


Ataxia: Ahh the silence.

Brad: That...wow...that's...how do you...

Ataxia: How do I cope with that?

Brad: Yeah.

Ataxia: Easily man. I got angry and I took it out on opponents. After a while I became the most sought after bad guy in the industry. Because they knew people would pay to see someone attempt to beat me.

Brad: So why the good guy routine.

Ataxia: People cheer for who they want. I decided to do some things right for once. That's why this happened I guess. Now I got a world title and two nimrods gunning for me this week. To me. This is nothing. To them it's everything.

Brad: Well Chester Taylor will be interviewing you as you requested. He's a bit hesitant to do it though.

Ataxia: Yeah I kinda screwed with him a lot.

Brad: Poor guy. But hey thanks for talking to me. I hope you enjoy the interview.

Ataxia: I hope it pays off how you guys want it to.

{Brad turns and leaves the room.}

Ataxia: Just a little while longer...then this dream ends.

The World's Greatest Advice eh?

How about I give you some in the form of Ataxia's Friendly Advice.

Get over it.

Mommy and Daddy were important and your not. Just face fucking facts man. Your nothing more than a whiny ass child. And worse yet a Canadian child. You know I love the fact that only in professional wrestling in hockey does anyone care what a Canadian thinks. You know what I think of Canadian wrestlers? They're good. But let's face facts.

You are not a wrestler.

Your a loser.

You were mid card status because that's all you were ever good for. Your daddy was a politician and your mother had style so you look pretty. You look the part. It's more of a acting exercise for you than a actual career. Let me get this through your ego infested brain. Your not the best in this industry. You never will be. That's me. I'm a product of many generations of wrestlers. My brothers are wrestlers. My sisters are wrestlers. My father. My mother. My cousins. It's not just a job to us it's what we are. We are wrestlers. So for you to call yourself the best thing in professional wrestling today is nothing more but earning my maniacal laughter.

Because your that much of a joke.

So I took something you wanted to do from you.

Well in the words of Mr. Blonde. “You gonna bark all day little doggie? Or are you gonna bite.” All I hear from you is bitch, moan, and cry. I'm sorry. This isn't fucking third grade where your words actually hurt me. You want to kick my ass and take my title. I know you can't do it. I'm not worried about you at all. Your a talk show host. You know what you are to the wrestling world. A curiosity. Why would this guy who was a obvious failure in the media try to become someone even sports casters call pariahs? Did you think you'd get respect Donahue? Hell you should have teamed up with Colton and together you could have been the C-List Failures. Great Tag Team right there!

I'm sorry. I'm suppose to be bowing at how awesome you are but I'm not. Yeah I beat Cain. Whopdee do. Your going to complain about it. I did you a favor. I gave you a shot at actually winning this thing because there is no way a punk like you can even lace his boots. Me. Hell you might have a chance.


No. No you don't. But I love seeing hope destroyed in someone's eyes when this shit happens. Oh but I lost to a woman so I am obviously a fluke. Let me ask you a question then Jace. What's it like to know that the title that you “earned” so much was just dropped by a guy when he left? I mean really your title isn't exactly anything special. It's not the number two title around here. If anything it's the Impact Title more than your pathetic little belt. I mean you beat Billy Anderson for it. Wow. Big time upset there. Abi, who has proven she can be a champion, beat me fair and square. Because that night she was the better wrestler. You. Hell your never the better wrestler. It's all a matter of luck. You getting into this match is just that. Then again people say it's just luck that I beat Elisha. It's just luck that I beat Cain. It's just luck that I beat Mace.

Maybe it's one way or the other.

The thing that pisses you off is that I get a shot at something and won it. I took away a chance you had for glory that you probably would have never won. You see the problem with you is that you think you deserve something just for showing up. The hard work. The years of training. The pain staking nights. The long days. They all build up to earning something. You. Your damn lucky to not just be a on air interviewer.

But you want the fans to fight for you. That's funny. That's fucking hilarious. You, who care nothing about them as long as you live off of the profits of their hatred for you. You figured you weren't marketable as a good guy so you made a business decision. You chose to be an asshole. It suits you. You chose to be a bad guy.

At least you had a choice. I didn't. Something about a man who beats people with brick hammers for fun just seems to not scream “Randomwrestlermania”.

See the thing is I love violence. It's in my blood. Seeing that man's brains splatter after I ended his miserable life did do one thing for me Jace. It awakened a blood rage. But rather than become a serial killer I found a place that was just right for me to be a bloodbath generator. I'm the surgeon of professional wrestling. I'm the man who will break you in half in this match. And I am going to enjoy it. Because your not a wrestler.

Your a parasite. And it's time to remove you from the host once and for all.

A true champion? You don't know what a champion is. To have the weight of the whole federation on you for you saying that you are the best by this item that we all decided was the trophy of that position. You know nothing of professional wrestling aside from how to fight. Badly I might add. Every move with it's own name to make you feel special.

I'll make you feel special...when I rip your fucking face off and feed it to you.

You like to point out people I have beat and those I haven't. I'd like to point out something to you. Here's my advice to you. It's not Ronnie I'm facing. It's not Blue Scorpion I'm facing! It's not anyone else but you and Danny that I am going to beat. You want to call out Draco for beating me? My friend, Draco, is one of the best wrestlers in the world today! You aren't fit to lick his jockstrap you little fucking canuck! No one would take you serious in anything but bad comedy skit shows except in this sport because for some stupid reason we actually think you guys are good at it. In reality your just as effective as Canada is in world policy or as effective as a clay condom.

So don't you ever fucking insult my friend again you fucking little bitch. I swear to God I am going to enjoy making you eat metal in that cage. I am going to give you a real education in how to fight in those cages. You want to run your damn mouth like your something important. Well let me be the first to point out that you are important. I'm going to make you famous. Your going to be so fucked up by the time this match is over that they are going to call this “The New Age of Violence” when I am done with you. There are no rules except get the belt. You aren't going to make it out of the first cage if I have my way about it punk.

My dues? Fucker I've been wrestling since I was thirteen years old! I am catching close to thirty. I've been wrestling longer than you've been pretending your a fucking man. You want to talk about dues and yet you call me out for getting a shot and running with it. Instead of being happy that someone took down this ancient old man who is like the grandfather of everyone here you get upset about it. Now why is this? Your ego. It's the only thing that drives you, just like my desire to hurt people is going to be what wins me this match. Cain underestimated me. Even if he says he didn't he did in the back of his mind. Elisha underestimated me and I whipped that fucker's ass. The only people who haven't have been the ones to beat me. You don't know me little child. You can't know me. See you talk about me being a rookie here but not the fact that you know nothing about what's under this mask. The mask protects you. It protected everyone until this match.

This match all bets are off and the character goes away. You want to fight the real me? Your going to get it! Because once that ring bell rings and I'm standing across from you and Danny and we all breathe that final silent breath. I'll see it.

You'll both blink.

And I'll win.

{The interview set is simple. It's two chairs with a table with some water on it. Chester doesn't look happy to be here as he adjusts his tie for the interview. Ataxia walks in and sits across from him in the other chair as they check lights and make sure Ataxia's microphone is working.}

Chester Taylor: Hi.

Ataxia: How are ya?

Chester Taylor: Good. As long as you stay the hell on your side of the set.

Ataxia: Are you worried my friend with the chainsaw came today.

Chester Taylor: You know I put up with a lot of crap but the last thing I want to do today is put up with something crazy that your going to attempt to do.

Ataxia: You have my word this will be a standard interview. Nothing funny...well aside from some jokes.

Chester Taylor: I'll believe it when I see it.

Brad: All right guys...we're ready...in three...two...

{Brad finishes the count and Chester goes into professional mode as the cameras roll}

Chester Taylor: Hello fans and welcome to what is sure to be one of the last interviews for CWF television. I'm Chester Taylor and I have been given exclusive interview with the current, and possibly last, CWF World Heavyweight Champion. That man is the mystery man known as Ataxia. Ataxia, welcome to the program.

Ataxia: Thank you. It's a pleasure to be here.

Chester Taylor: So you won the CWF World Heavyweight Title on what some people consider a squash match for Cain but you pulled it off. What do you say to those who think that you haven't earned that title?

Ataxia: The fans can get over it. I won the match. I didn't ask for it. It was given to me by the president so if they have a problem with the booking decision then they did. If you are referring to certain wrestlers pointing that out then they will be happy to know that I am a veteran. I have paid my dues before. I have been wrestling for a very long time and this is not a flash in the pan.

Chester Taylor: But we only have your word on that.

Ataxia: Your point?

Chester Taylor: Well. You could say your this guy or that guy and we have no way to prove it. It still seems that you have not earned it.

Ataxia: Do you think I've earned it?

Chester Taylor: That's not relevant.

Ataxia: I think it is.

Chester Taylor: I'm not the one being interviewed here.

Ataxia: I think you should be honestly. You deserve it more than me. Go ahead Chester. Ask me anything you want to ask me. Let's skip the crappy questions and get right to the heart of the matter. What do you want to know?

Chester Taylor: All right. Why did you screw with me ever time you could on Massacre?

Ataxia: Because it was fun.

Chester Taylor: I didn't think it was fun.

Ataxia: Well I'm sorry for that.

Chester Taylor: What?

Ataxia: I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry if you feel like your the butt of everyone's jokes. I am sorry that you and I are both losing our jobs. I'm sorry that everyone apparently thinks that this match is going to be a clusterfuck.

Chester Taylor: You can't say that word.

Ataxia: Who gives a damn they can bleep it out later. Look the point is Chester is that we are both in a crappy situation here.

Chester Taylor: Yeah but your a world champion.

Ataxia: And your one of the best interviewers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Chester Taylor: What?

Ataxia: Your really good at your job. Seriously.

Chester Taylor: This isn't about me. This is about the final World Title defense of the CWF World Heavyweight Title.

Ataxia: Why is that important to you?

Chester Taylor: Why isn't it to you?

Ataxia: Because this doesn't make you a world champion. What makes you a world champion is defending yourself against all odds against those that think they are better than you. At Redemption it is going to be me versus two of the best CWF has to offer. All new guys. None of the vets. It's two guys who were like me who want a chance to get what they think they deserve. If I wasn't a real world champion I would try to get out of this. I would do every sneaky underhanded thing I could to get out of this. Instead I'm facing them head on. I am going to enjoy this...

Chester Taylor: Why? Why are you going to enjoy going through the triple cage match? It's called Hellbound for a reason.

Ataxia: You seem to be under the impression this is the first match like this I have been through.

Chester Taylor: So you've been in this exact match.

Ataxia: Ahahahaha...No. Not really. I've been in a match similar than this. Back in a former federation of mine I was in nothing but what we would call cluster...screwed matches. All sorts of crazy stipulations. You know what the sad part of it was. I loved them.

Chester Taylor: So your saying...that this match plays in your favor.

Ataxia: Chester. I couldn't have asked for a better title defense if I picked the stips.


Oh Danny Boy! The Taxia is calling...you out!

Ahahahaha. Oh this is precious. I get one guy who is a glorified wannabe “superstar” then I get you.

Your fucking hilarious.

Seriously. I love that this.

You think your entitled to something? Boy you aren't entitled to anything more than the ass kicking your going to get. I'm not going to hurt you. Your right. I'm not going to cause pain. Your right. I'm going to fucking murder you and your little team up butt buddy for the sheer joy of it. The mask is coming off and everyone is going to feel it.

You two seem to not understand something. What you don't understand is that I am a man who enjoys hurting people. You two jumped me. Good job. Now you have my undivided attention. You idiots seem to be under the impression that this is my first rodeo. I'm going to love taking both of you to the ends of the earth and back through the level of pain that God himself hasn't seen fit to unleash on the planet.

I'm a tactical nuke.

Your fucking microwaved bitch.

You want to go nuts.

No bitch.

You can't go nuts with me. You think I like pain. I live for pain. I have been in pain every day of my life when I killed that man even though he deserved it. I have hurt inside because of what I had to do. I was a nice kid...and I lost that. So my goal is to make everyone hurt just as much as I do.

So when I say your going to wish I killed you. Your going to know what I mean Danny.

You wanna go through every fucker who ever walked in here and try to impress me with names that are not in this match? Shut the hell up with your history. You have a chance to make history. For one night you have a chance to be World Champion you limey bastard.

So shut the fuck up about who your not facing and get over your history lesson. Save that for Chester “The Molester” Taylor.

You've fought in ever clusterfuck match eh? Well guess what shithead. You have never fought me! I'll show you a real Ripper. In the words of a good friend of mine. I put the hard in hardcore. I will take you to places and give you pain that will make any masochist splooge his pants.

So get ready for a real lesson in how to be a champion. It's not about the belt. It's about can you take what everyone else can. After you and Jace have double teamed me into oblivion I will enjoy getting back up and laughing in your face. Not because it's psychologically silly but because in all honesty.

You both hit like limp wristed bitches.

{We fade in on the triple cage structure that is going to be used in the main event at Redemption. Walking around the area of the construction is Ataxia taking notes on a notepad. He notices the camera and smiles.}

Ataxia: So it all comes down to this really. What can you do and what can't you do. This match is about Redemption. Well. What's my redemption? Redeem myself in the eyes of everyone who knows who I am under this mask by doing something right? No. There is no redemption for me or for anyone involved. This is a war. If this is our death. Then I will gladly be the crescendo of the magnum opus of our own apocalypse. Pray to whatever God you worship. Now your messing...no. Now your dealing with The Messiah Pariah and I am going to make you learn this lesson. That no one can live though hell but me cause it's my life. Welcome to hell...I'm your fucking tour guide. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!

{Fade to Gray...}