~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!” Die Die Die My Darling. The Misfits.

{We fade in on a grave. It looks like nothing has happened here for a long time. We see a man walk up with a shovel and start digging into it. As he digs we see the darkness part and a flash of lightning. The headstone reads one thing.}

Blue Scorpion

Guess who: Oh did you really think it would be my grave I’m digging?

{Ataxia turns to the camera. He is wearing the same bag like mask that we are used to seeing him wear but Ataxia’s eyes are no longer yellow in contact lenses but blood red. He smiles and yes we see blood red teeth as well. Ataxia’s black suit is under a gray trenchcoat and his hands are covered by his black opera gloves. He picks up the shovel and keeps digging.}

Ataxia: So this week I’m a replacement for Twisted. Or is it Twister? Or is it no one gives a flying fuck?

{Ataxia hits something hard and pulls up a rock. No it’s not a rock. It’s a skull.}

Ataxia: Alas poor Ulrich…He gave good head.

{Ataxia makes a skull fucking motion and tosses the skull over his shoulder. We hear a crashing noise followed by a bunch of honks and whistles.}

Ataxia: Damn special effects department. So this is a interesting phenomenon that we have going on here. I get to face Blue Scorpion. I must confess I am rather happy to be facing you on my return to CWF. In the “World Title Tournement” no less. Well fuck that. I’m not here to win a world title. I’m not here to do what I have already proven and done! I beat Cain when no one thought I could. I beat Elisha when no one thought I could. So why the fuck should I even give two shits about this place anymore and let alone about facing another so called “legend” like you. Tell me, how does it feel to have been this new fed head’s little bitch?

{Ataxia tilts his head and smiles through the stitches in the bag.}

Ataxia: So Scrop. How should we handle this? Should I skull fuck a image of your father while dancing the Macarena while “Jack” looks on thanks to a green screen. Tell me. Just when did you think you had me figured out. No one cares who is under this mask? No one knows who is under this mask? No one gives a fuck who is under this mask?! Well. I’m going to change your tune real quick. Something in B Flat-ened! AHAHAHAHAHA. Oh don’t worry this is going to be something very fun for you to deal with. See, I’m not here to win a world title. No. Not ever again do I want that slime around my waist. See I remember when this company stood for something. That’s when I was world champion! That’s when CWF fucking mattered. Now it’s some fan boy’s playground.

{Ataxia finally gets to the coffin and he pulls out a wheelchair and tosses it next to the grave.}

Ataxia: Something you and your father will have in common. I didn’t get what I wanted last week. I am not some pathetic excuse for a replacement wrestler like that God damn fool Titty Twist. I am Ataxia. I am “The Messiah Pariah” and I am going to enjoy breaking you in half because you are just like the rest of the traitors here. The rest of those who have sworn off my legacy, our legacy, for this pathetic little piss ant. Your reasons have no nobility here and this place is nothing more than some attempt at a shitty re-launch. I was about to ask where the old man was but I see him here to. I’m going to enjoy raping your face at Massacre! This will be your first go round with Ataxia. I promise it will be something to remember. The question you have to ask yourself now is this Scorp? Is this the same guy as who won the world title? Or am I something for worse! Get ready to face to unexpected and to learn your lesson well!

{The wheelchair suddenly explodes into flame and fire reaches up from the coffin consuming Ataxia. No he’s rising up from the fire and smoking.}


{Fade to Gray…}