~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

"I put a spell on you.'Cause you're mine.You better stop the things you do. I ain't lyin'. No I ain't lyin'. You know I can't stand it. You're runnin' around. You know better daddy. I can't stand it cause you put me down. I put a spell on you. Because you're mine. You're mine." I put a spell on you. Nina Simone.

{We fade in on a dusty and dark circus park. We see empty cages of animals and discarded tents all around the area. We come into the big top which is still standing but producing a green foreboding light. From the tent we see smoke coming out of it as a shadowy figure comes running out of it. It’s a man wearing a black bag over his head. A t-shirt that says CWF on it, blue jeans, and black shoes. Ataxia comes out after him. The guy is screaming, but it’s muffled as Ataxia tackles him to the ground and pulls out a knife. He stabs the guy over and over and over again. He finally stops and leans over the guy and pulls off the bag. The face is just like Steve Gamble’s but it’s a life like doll just like Ataxia used before. We look as see the stuntman who did the running heading off, alive but a little freaked out over what he watched.}

Ataxia: Shhh. Gamble. Daddy wants me to take care of you so I will. Oh hi there! I didn’t hear you come in. I’m so sorry. Am I making you nervous? Oh this? Oh what’s that?

{Ataxia nods his head and pulls out the CWF Impact Title belt and laughs.}

Ataxia: Oh this isn’t mine? Well it’s not Dan’s either. Why the hell would you think this belonged to Highlander? Oh. Because he was in the match right? Well so was I until someone decided that they would prefer to stay retired rather than to stay in CWF. That’s right Twit, I’m talking about you. Gee, I guess I don’t have to worry about the Boogeyman for another five months till he wants to try to make a comeback only to realize that no one cares because he couldn’t handle that there was a real freak here in CWF. Me. You know the only one still in full support of the man who made this federation. Call me a “Daddy’s” boy all you want but it’s the truth. We are in the hands of a glorified fan boy. Who apparently decided to move me into a match I had no desire to be in.

{Ataxia grabs the camera and pulls it in close with the audience seeing his red eyes and red stained teeth in full anger as he pulls the camera so close we can see his breath.}

Ataxia: I DON’T WANT THE WORLD TITLE YOU FUCKING IDIOT! DID YOU NOT GET THE FUCKING PINK STICKY NOTE I LEFT ON YOUR DOOR WRITTEN IN BLOOD THAT I DIDN’T WANT TO BE IN THIS DAMN FAÇADE OF YOURS! Sorry. I haven’t been drinking decafe lately. If there is any confusion anymore about this please let me know and I’ll tattoo it backwards on your head so you can read it in the mirror every morning you try to hide that pathetic receding hairline of yours Gamble! This whole fucking thing is nothing more than a waste of time really. See I don’t want the world title for one reason and one reason only. I want to take it off someone. Someone who symbolizes the Gamble “ERROR” of CWF. I want to take that world title from whomever wins it and then I can show everyone just what CWF should stand for. This tournament is a insult to my title reign as World Champion more than Danny B is a insult to anything that is considered intelligent life by him being classified as a human being when really he’s just a fucking worm!

{Ataxia sits down in front of the tent and holds up the title. He looks at it and gently touches it.}

Ataxia: Then again look at the booking power of Mr. Gamble. Instead of obviously letting I, The Messiah Pariah, take on the man who claims to be the Impact Champion without facing me he decides that I should be in a tag team match. A what? A tag team match? I take what’s rightfully mine and instead of giving Dan a chance to earn his belt back, fair and square mind you, but NOOOOOO…I get to face a washed up whore and a washed up man who should be on weight watchers! At least I have Angel to be my back up right? Oh GO TEAM CWF!!! Not really.

{Ataxia puts the belt around his waist. It looks strange with him wearing a dirty worn black suit and a blood stained white button shirt. He wipes his bloody tie on the belt and looks at the camera again.}

Ataxia: Let’s face facts. If Jace Valentine can make you look like a bitch we all know you’re washed up. Maybe you have been hanging out with autistic kids a bit way to long their Abby but I got to say that it’s really making me wonder if you have the right mindset to be in this match. Granted you don’t like your partner. That’s okay. I don’t like you either. No one likes you. That’s why you smoke a lot. Everyone hates you guts. Hell, even deep down I bet that kid hates you. He’ll never be normal Abby. He’ll always be different. He’ll always be just like you. A worm. An uneducated fool that everyone laughs at. Just like everyone else who has turned their back on what CWF means! It isn’t some fan boy’s circle jerk over OMG I get to own a wrestling federation. Justin Rishel, despite his problems, bleed and fought for this company. Loyalty means nothing to you Abby. Unless you join with me. Throw off this foolishness and let’s bring back the man who is the RIGHTFUL owner of this company. Everyone wants to ignore this tragedy just like everyone wants to ignore the fact that your child is special. Your own mother doesn’t even understand. The woman who birthed you into this world doesn’t understand that. I’m not making fun of your child Abby. I’m making fun of just what kind of example that you are to him. You are a hypocrite. You signed up for a “job” right? Well then be a jobber in one of those fake feds and stay the fuck out of our federation! This isn’t your job Abby. I know you better than that. I know that you are just as much of a patriot of this sport as I am if not more! I know you really want to dominate just as you had done. Unfortunate for you, apparently you and Fat Man are in the same league. Jace Valentine is better than you? AhhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Ohhhh ohhh. This is too good. This is. PATHETIC! Just. Like. You. Have. Become. I would call you what you are Abby but truth be told everyone already knows it. Oh hell, just so our president knows what he has hired. Abby Starr…is a fucking LOSER! Abby, do yourself a favor and do some “rolled thinking” and realize I’m right. Get your head out of your pot filled ass and maybe you can help me save this place like it needs to be. This fucking bullshit is going to start and the first fucking victims are going to start being maimed at Massacre. Don’t worry Dan, your safe for now as long as I have this. I want to take you on for it. What has RM Strong done to get this title shot? Nothing! Nothing at all! But to the rest of the roster…you are better off staying home…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

{Ataxia stops himself from laughing too much and gets to one knee holding up the title to the sky. He closes his eyes and breathes. He looks back at the camera as he holds the belt on his shoulder.}

Ataxia: Speaking of losers. “Jumping” Jack King! Oh. When I saw you were back I had found memories of my father telling me about this big fat loser from Canada. Wow. It’s so nice to see that my father was right about one thing. Seriously, it’s sad to see that you think you can still cut it after all of this year’s when you couldn’t even cut it back then. I mean what the hell is wrong with you dumbass. Your own nephew doesn’t even want to be here why the fuck did you show up? Because this place is a joke, and we all know you’re the biggest joke of them all. A tie and a loss after all those years of being inactive. I must say, I thought you were made of sterner stuff. To hear you talk you were one of the greats instead of one of the flakes. Yet. Here you are. A prime example of the stupidity of the front office under this cockroach of a fool. Gamble is not only taking a unwarranted and foolish risk on hiring you but on everyone else to. All he wants to do is “make a profit” right? Wrong! All he wants is his ego stroked cause that pathetic dick he has between his legs just needs a pair of tweezers to get off! This is a joke! The worst part is he doesn’t care who he takes down with him. You are a legend. I respect you to a extent for getting back in the ring Jack. That shit takes guts to do, and let’s face it you’ve got that in droves. This match though, It’s not about you versus Angel and me with Abby playing second fiddle. This match is about just how much more you can take before you end up paralyzed. Gamble isn’t worth it. You don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve what I am going to do Jack.

{Ataxia starts to cry. We see real tears falling from his face running his makeup under the bag like mask as he hits his knees and looks up to the sky.}

Ataxia: They boo me father. They boo me because they don’t understand. They think I’m wrong. They hate me because I want you back. I want this to be the way it was because this isn’t right. He’s taken our family name and turned it into a fan fest. I don’t want to hurt these people. I don’t want to make them beg to not face me. I don’t want them to hate me. I don’t want them to despise me. I was their hero once. Just like Jack. Father, I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to hurt that old man. He just wants to wrestle again. He wants one last shot at it. But…

{The mood shifts as Ataxia stands up. His eyes closed. When they open again they’re still that blood red but they look determined. The seriousness in his face has set a whole new mood to this promo.}

Ataxia: This isn’t about what I want is it? This is about what is needed. I know no one understand but you father. I know that this has to happen. I know that this has to be what has to be done. Sometimes a hero has to do what is necessary even when everyone thinks he is wrong. Gamble will pay. Gamble will pay. Gamble will pay. I’m going to make him learn his lesson father. I’ll hit him where it hurts. Not with him physically. I’m going to make him lose what matters most to him.

{Ataxia reaches down and picks up the knife. He cuts off the head of “Gamble” and stands up. He holds the head in a Hamlet like pose}

Ataxia: I’m going to take what he loves…and crush it! {Ataxia drops the head and then crushes it! He doesn’t stop stepping on it until it’s nothing but white fragmented plaster.}

Ataxia: Just like he took what I loved and made a mockery out of it. Rather it be Alex Cain, Danny B, Jace Valentine, or even Blue Scorpion again…That title is going to be shown for the mockery that it is. I have to do this. I’m sorry…I’m so sorry I have to do this…I’ll try not to have too much fun…Ahahaha…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAH…YOUR WRETCHED LITTLE LIVES HAVE ALL BEEN CURSED BECAUSE OF ALL THE LUNATICS…I’M THE WORST…AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

{Fade to Gray…}