~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

"That's all right because I love the way you lie. I love the way you lie." Love the way you lie. Eminem ft. Rhianna.

{Rain. It's everywhere in the decrepit circus that Ataxia calls home. He sits just barely outside of the tent labled “Freak Show”. Inside of the tent we see a life size doll of Angel with a beard attached to it. In her hands is the bag mask of Ataxia. He turns to the camera and we see the red pupiled eyes of Ataxia unmasked.}

Ataxia: So you want to rip this bag off of my face and show the world who I am? Pathetic little Angel trying to sound like she's really all that fucking special. Let me clarify this to you bitch. Your nothing. You never were anything. You never will be anything. I love how you pathetic little fucks think you can get inside of my head. You think I'm crazy? You think I am insane? I think you are all in denial about yourselves. Oh, but Angel is crazy.

{Ataxia walks into the tent and grabs the bag mask. The tent is lite in a way where we can't see his face as he puts the bag on. Once it is on the lights come up. Ataxia turns to the camera and pets “Angel's” beard.}

Ataxia: Father forgive her for she knows NOT what she speaks of. You aren't crazy. You are desperate. The same way everyone else is who signed on from the old crew who ran this federation. You fell on hard times because you all leaned on Justin so much. You figured hey, shit was going to turn out all right. Then this little shit head comes to you in your hour of need and says “Hey you can get your fame back”. I never lost my fame, or rather my infamy, just because someone sells a company. You all should be ashamed of yourselves but the fact is if you had shame you wouldn't be in this business you fucking gutter slut.

{He reaches up and rips off the beard. He starts to slowly touch the exact replica of Angel's in ring outfit. He turns to the camera yet again with a red toothed grin.}

Ataxia: First and foremost I dare you to take this mask off and then not regret it. Right now this mask is the only thing keeping me from coming into that fucking arena and taking everyone out with a homemade nuke. I'm going to go apeshit, loose lipped, to legit to ever fucking quit, psychopathic, mild asthmatic, super cali fragulatic, always using prophylactics, sticking in your ear so for once your dumb ass comments will make sense with that shitty voice of yours, brain infected, dick rejected, booger picking, cause we all know Angel likes getting a licking to keep on ticking, pretty much screwed up guy. Let that all sink in for a minute. That would be what I would sound life if I was crazy. You know Crazy Ataxia. That guy who just loves to dance around and do silly things just to piss people off. You know the guy I use to be. The guy who won the world title on a fluke. The guy who went from zero to hero in no time flat and had one man to think for it. Justin Rishel. The same reason why you are a “success” although I think your success might have to do with more of what you do on you back besides getting pinned in the ring. In other words, whore, I don't care what you think about me or my little message of bringing Father back.

{He steps up to eye level with the doll.}

Ataxia: Let's be honest here. You know that thing that no one in the world of professional wrestling can do because everyone thinks we're all fake. I mean hell I wear a mask into work all the time right? You want to talk shit to me about things that you don't know anything about. You don't know a damn thing about me for one reason Angel. That reason is so simple even a dumb bitch like you can figure it out. It doesn't matter. I show up. Win. Lose. Draw. It doesn't matter. I give these people a show. I'm the only thing worth watching on CWF television right now because all you “clique” people seem to care about is yourselves. Danny B was selfish and it cost him his fucking kneecap. Do I regret that? Yes. But it had to be done. Just like beating your pasty white butt all over the ring is going to be just so sweet. You say it's two of the craziest wrestlers going at it for the number one contender spot to the Impact Title. Well I'm not crazy.

{He kisses the doll. He then starts playing with her realistic hair.}

Ataxia: I know exactly what I am doing bitch. You say I have never faced anyone who isn't afraid of me. Are you sure your not afraid of me? Are you sure you are not scared? I don't intimidate you? Really?

{He gropes the breast of the doll.}

Ataxia: Have you ever wondered just how depraved I have become? Tell me, do you really know me? I took on Elisha and beat him. I beat him better than any of you ever did. Yet. You are not afraid of the real monster of CWF. What I long for is not Impact Gold, Paramount Gold, Tag Team Gold, Women's Title Gold, or even the joke of the World Title. I want someone else to win it for one reason. That will be the person that represents this foolish error that is CWF right now. That gives me a target. This week it's you. Sad but true pretty girl. I'm going to have to ugly you up now.

{With one swift motion Ataxia spins around and punches the doll with all his might shattering it. Ataxia reaches down and picks up the face of the doll and licks it.}

Ataxia: You want to get nuts? Okay...I think you'll tap out before I get to have all of my fun. I will be merciful though since Daddy has told me so much about you. The fact you are sort of on his side made him laugh. I like it when Daddy laughs. He's gonna laugh a lot at Massacre...because I'm going to do something so spectacular that no one will see it coming. AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to Gray...}