~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

“Thou shalt not fall...”Cry Little Sister. The Lost Boys.

{We fade in on the “Freak Show” as we see three life sized dolls standing in strange poses. They are as follows: Justin Rishel, in the center, Ryan Storm, to the left, and RM Strong, on the right. Justin is posed with his hands up in triumph. Ryan Storm is looking smug and attempting to be awesome. RM Strong just looks angry. We see Ataxia sitting on his knee's in front of the statue of Justin Rishel.}

Ataxia: It was the perfect plan.

{He leaps up fast and turns to the camera while also pointing at Justin. His red eyes glaring at us with pure hate.}

Ataxia: THEN YOU FUCKED IT UP!! Them?! Those two fuckheads couldn't tie their fucking shoelaces together without instructions, Father, and yet you...you allow them to become The Reckoning. Then they attack my friend? What had he done father? What had he done!

{Ataxia calmly walks up to Justin's statue.}


{He holds up a black box with a red switch in it and clicks it. Justin's statue explodes. Once the debris settles Ataxia continues to rant as he stands between the other two.}

Ataxia: This is not a plan Father, it is suicide. I am fool for thinking that you could even do this right. You've never done anything right. It's always been wrong. Your the vision of CWF, the man who made everything and yet you chose Ryan Storm and RM Strong? Ryan Storm is a mockery of what a real wrestler should be. Ryan Storm is the one thing from Philly that makes people wish they were from Pittsburgh! Ryan Storm is a fucking wannabe wrestler Dad! This guy couldn't cut it in the last incarnation of CWF. Hell he wouldn't even be fit to wash Cain's jockstrap. Hell, he's less bookable than fucking Twiztid! Walking Disaster by Sum 41 is a appropriate song for you in only one sense. No not because you are a fucking disaster but because you suck just as much as that Canadian emo band! Seriously, in this business your theme song does say a lot about you. In this case it tells me your taste in music is the same as your wrestling move list. How fucking retarded can you be? The Hurricane? Paging Dan Highlander...someone has a lamer finisher name than you! This can't be! No! No! No! This was who I had to prepare for? This was who I set the stage to arrive and you expect me to work with that? That isn't fit to be in the same ring as a wrestling bear, although give Gamble some time and we'll see Billy and Tyler Anderson wrestle Winnie “I'm a Badass Bear” Pooh and Yogi “The Picanic Basket” Bear for our main event at TV PG CWF Lost it's Balls Pay Per View next month.

{Ataxia smacks the remote with his head and Ryan Storm explodes as well. He turns to RM Strong.}

Ataxia: Then we have this excellent example of why spermicide was invented. RM “My B.O. Is So” Strong! I thought “Anger Management” for wrestlers was a great idea but after seeing you the past few weeks I know for a fact why Dad asked you to do this. It's very fucking simplistic. Let's face it. It would have to be with someone like you being involved. Your the power in it, because let's face it Storm's wrestling ability is about as good as your ability not to be a dumbass. Your fucking dumb as a post and he can't wrestle a post. Now I will say you have a good theory going. That theory is that you can just go through being a abusive angry little fuck. Here's the problem. The problem that both of you didn't think of when you beat up my partner!

{Ataxia kicks the remote and the doll of RM Strong explodes as well.}

Ataxia: You didn't think that I was going to let that go did you? You didn't think that the real monster of CWF was going to let you get away with the ONE fucking person who is not being a complete and total disappointment to me. I told that boy I was going to make him famous, and that is what I am about to do. I'm going to tear you all new assholes in your fucking throats! I am going to for lack of a better term “rape” you in that ring. You two want to be badasses then your going to have to go through the biggest one in this fed because you have incurred my wraith! Then...in that moment when both of you stand defeated, bloodied and broken, it will not be me that pins you. No. You will go down to Chance Stevens. Then he will make the money. He will get the glory. He will get what he needs! He will rise up on your backs because you are both going to fail. Then I will slip into the shadows. I will watch his star rise because of me. Not Gamble. Not Rishel. It will be Ataxia that rises Chance Stevens above all of this.

{He reaches down and picks up a bit of Rishel's eyes.}

Ataxia: Forgive me father...I am about to sin against your will!

{He crushes the eyes as we fade to gray...}