~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“Vengeance is mine...to forgive is divine but vengeance is mine. Vengeance is Mine. Alice Cooper.”

Ataxia: It's a happy day. It's a hap hap happy...did I have a bender last night?

{We fade in on Ataxia's freak show tent. Everything is a wreck. All the dolls are destroyed. Everything that is Ataxia has been burned.}

Ataxia: Who did all of this. I guess I should invest in a security system.

???: How about investing in someone else's identity instead of mine.

{Ataxia turns and see's a man walking out of the shadows of the tent. He's wearing a black and gray hoodie, black pants, black gloves, and black shoes. He's the same height as Ataxia and we can't make out his face from the hood being over his head. Save for two details. His pale skin looks weird with his yellow contact covered eyes and matching yellow teeth. We cut back to Ataxia's bag mask and see the red eyes and red teeth are looking quite scared}

Ataxia: Uh-oh. Somebody's pissed.

???: What's your first clue.

Ataxia: Well. Probably the fact you wrecked my set.

???:Your set?

Ataxia: Yeah. You know the whole freak show circus thing is my schtick.

{He lets out a low toned low key laugh}

???: Ahahahaha...

Ataxia: That's not how you laugh.

???: Your right. However it was pretty funny that your claiming that as your schtick. Everything you have you stole from me. The costume. The moves. The history. Hell, you even stole that lame life size replica doll joke I did against Marcus. You really stole that. You've been using that way to much. Last week, imagine my surprise when I saw what you had done.

Ataxia: Impressed?

???: Disgusted.

Ataxia: Same thing.

???: You see boy, I don't think you realize what you have done. Your not just ruining your name. You are messing with my legacy.

Ataxia: A legacy you abandoned.

???: A legacy that was suppose to end.

Ataxia: Oh, but it did end! It ended when the company shut down. There you were the world champion for the last few brief seconds of CWF and you just walked away. When I found out you were not returning I had to do something.

???: You could have chosen to show yourself instead of copying me!

Ataxia: Truth is I am a better Ataxia than you ever could have been.

???: You know. I like one thing about you. You got guts. I'm going to enjoy ripping them out of you.

Ataxia: Old man. You don't have a chance.

???: Think so?

Ataxia: Know it.

???: Prove it, or do you need to rape another man's true love to make yourself get all hard for me? Ataxia:...

{Ataxia lunges towards the hoodie wearing man and they start fighting. Martial arts moves are Ataxia's style of fighting with this as all the hoodie wearing man can do is block. He lands a shot and dislocates the hoodie wearing man's arm.}

Ataxia: I! AM! BETTER! THAN! YOU!!!

???: Maybe...your faster, stronger, and have a good tactical mind. Except I got one thing you don't.

Ataxia: What's that?

???: Patience and I'm not stupid enough to let my opponent catch a breath to monologue.


{The guy slams his arm hard into the ground and we hear a sickening pop as Ataxia gets taken aback by this. The hoodie wearing man grins.}

???: Now then. I think I owe you an ass kicking.

{The fight continues until the hoodie wearing man gets Ataxia into a sleeper hold. He holds onto it even though Ataxia, albeit akwardly hits him in the ribs, until Ataxia passes out.}

???: You hit like your dad. (he spits on Ataxia) Bitch.

{He reaches down and takes the mask off of Ataxia but we can't see the Messiah Pariah's face. The hoodie man puts the mask on then takes off the hood. He smiles at us in that traditional Ataxia grin and the camera cuts off.}

Ataxia: Wakey. Wakey. Hands off your dick!

{We fade in. The red teethed Ataxia is the first thing we see but he's unmasked. He realizes it and in the darkness he lets out a scream and thrashes around. He's tied with chains to a chair. He looks around. The only thing we can see are those red eyes. He stops looking and the camera pans over to reveal the other Ataxia. He's wearing his original gear along with the mask. He smirks at the imposter.}

???:Where is my face?

Ataxia: My face. I'm wearing it.

???: That's not yours!

Ataxia: Actually...yeah...it kind of is!

???: You can't do this! Not now!

Ataxia: Give me one fucking reason why I should slit your fucking throat and just walk away. It'd be so easy to do.

???: My father will kill you!

Ataxia: Apparently you are under the impression that J.Rish is going to find out.


Ataxia: I know everything. I know about you. About the plan. I know every little detail. Who do you think he talked to about this first?


Ataxia: Speechless little fuck aren't you?


{Ataxia leans into the imposter and pulls his head up.}

Ataxia: You know. It's funny really. For a while I thought about actually letting you continue in this hoax. Then you had to go and cross a line.

???: Like you didn't before me!

Ataxia: I bent the rules I never crossed them. Not like you.

???: I have no fear.

Ataxia: Really? Then why are you fucking shaking.

{The red teeth almost bite Ataxia's arm as he pulls back}

???: Just get it over with.

Ataxia: What? Killing you?

???: Yeah. Come on bad ass. Do it you pussy!

{Ataxia whips out a gold plated pistol and points it right into the imposter's head}

Ataxia: You know how easy it would be to do this. I've done it before. It shaped me into who I am in front of you. One moment a guy is standing in front of me just like I am to you. He said the wrong fucking thing. After he did some of the worst things to me he told me I didn't have the guts just like you just did. One shot. One squeeze. It was fucking easy. It was so easy. It was so simple to end his fuckng existence. I felt a surge of power the likes of which you will never fucking know. I felt complete. I felt like a god damn immortal beast!

???: So why don't you do it?

Ataxia: Because. You aren't worth killing.

???: What?

Ataxia: Read my crusty lips. You. Aren't. Worth. Killing.


Ataxia: I can see why you took my identity. In all acutality you are a pathetic little shit. You want to be great. You want to be just like dear old daddy. You want to be remembered and try and you might you will never be remembered. You are a footnote to wrestling history.

???: I swear to God I will end you.

Ataxia: Oh? How are you going to do that chained up to a chair ya little shit?

{The imposter spits onto the Ataxia mask. Ataxia wipes it off.}

???: “With my last breath I spit at thee”

Ataxia: Good job. Is this the part where I yell.p> {Ataxia tilts his head back and screams up to the heavens.}


{He starts walking around the imposter.}

Ataxia: You want me to do it don't you?

???: What?

Ataxia: You want me to kill you. I don't fucking believe it.


{That manical laughter starts to get on the nerves of the imposter.}

???: Stop laughing at me!

Ataxia: Oh but it's so god damn funny! Can't look yourself in the mirror with my mask covering your ugly ass face because you hate yourself so much. It's because Daddy doesn't fucking love you ya little shit! He never will. He never cared. Your the fucking black sheep and you know it!

???: Do it! Do it! I dare ya! Your not man enough to...

{The gun goes off right next to the imposter's ear.}

Ataxia: Oh I am. The problem is your not man enough to take it. You failed. You get up. You do it. You want to act like the biggest monster in this federation. You fucking better start admitting one thing.

???: What's that?

Ataxia: That you have nothing to lose. Your not afraid of this? Then why are you afraid of failure.


Ataxia: That's what being Ataxia is all about. It's about not being afraid to be who you are. It's not about doing a bad imitation of me. It's about being who you want to be with this mask.

???: This was some sort of lesson wasn't it?

Ataxia: And you learned it.

???: You were never going to kill me were you?

Ataxia: Why waste a bullet on something not worth it.

{He puts the gun away and starts to walk away.}

???: When will I earn it?

{Ataxia turns to the imposter}

Ataxia: When you deserve my attention...that's when I'm coming for you. And when I do. I'm taking back my mantle.

???: It isn't your mantle to take. It's mine.

Ataxia: Then why am I the one walking out of here and your stuck to that chair.

{That's when the chain snaps and the imposter leaps to his feet. Ataxia smiles.}

???: What chair?

Ataxia: Good boy.

???: Ready for round two.

Ataxia: I am. Your not.

{The imposter lunges and Ataxia reaches into his suit jacket. With little effort Ataxia stabs the imposter with a needle. He injects the contents of the syringe into the imposter who breaks the needle off of him. He lunges at Ataxia but falls down. He tries to get up and fumbles down back onto the ground. Ataxia stands over him for a moment on his knee's.}

Ataxia: Good Ataxia. Bad Ataxia. Real Ataxia. Fake Ataxia. Who is really Ataxia? What is Ataxia? A legend in his own mind or the boogeyman that CWF fears? I mean if it was me in this match coming up what would I do? A CWF Legends show without the “real” Ataxia? Am I the “real” Ataxia? Hahahaha...That's for all of you to decide. Now. What to do with you. Do I take over or do I let you finish?

{We start to fade to gray but suddenly we get static...}

{We fade back in on Ataxia wearing his in ring gear save for his left eye is red and his right eye is yellow. His teeth are half and half. He smirks as he applauds with his opera gloves at the camera.}

Ataxia: So. Which one am I? Can you really tell aside from the colors of my eyes and teeth? Who is the real Ataxia? What is the real Ataxia? The seeking redemption monster or the man out to save CWF from itself? Does it really matter? None of you seem to care. However my encounter with “myself” has left me to know one thing. There needs to be some house cleaning in CWF. (Ataxia holds up some bubblegum cards of Billy and Tyler Anderson along with The Danger Boiz} Ataxia: First we have The Unstoppable Farts. I guess Billy and Tyler are gonna come and challenge me and Ryan Storm to a gunfight at the okie dookie corral! De-YUCK! Oh no. Whatever will I do. Oh yeah. Beat the hell out of both of you. Go play with the Danger Boiz and maybe if your lucky I might actually let one of you get to attempt to land a punch on me. See we're going to put both teams in the kiddie ring with sock'em boppers and let you two “legendary” teams duke it out. I mean what do I really have to fear from the best GCWA had to offer. Oh yeah. You guys weren't the best GCWA had to offer. AHAHAHAHAHAHA...GCWA had nothing to offer! It was a regional fed at best where as this place was the grand stage of what pro wrestling is suppose to be. This whole fucking attempt at having all these “legends” on this card is just Gamble trying to make up for the fact that he's out of ideas. Oh it's a anniversary show. Hell why don't we do a clip show. Be more fucking effective than these matches that mean nothing. Oh look Anubis is in the main event. Remind me to set my alarm for after my match and get my barbwire covered teddy bear, Mr. Cuddlydeath, because this fucking card is a snoozefest!

{He then pulls up two cards of Logan Abbott and “The Wolf” }

Ataxia: Seriously the best people you could book in this were these losers? AHAHAHAHA...Logan Abbott? Why isn't he in the rookies and return battle royal. He doesn't belong in the same fucking ring as I do. This little bitch isn't worthy enough to strap my bootlaces on. This little bitch is a curtain jerker if there ever was someone who needed to be a visual reference for the term. This guy isn't worth the time of The Reckoning to put down. Hell none of you are. “The Wolf” is your tag team partner? Really? We've went back to the eighties for wrestler names now. Didn't this guy get the memo that we already have a “Hammer” here, we don't need a “Puppy dawg”. Iz he hungry like zi wulf? Can I get another bad pun mother fucker! Hell yeah, sing it loud, say it proud, drop my balls into your mouth! Seriously, None of you are worth this shit.

{Ataxia flips the cards around and we see Alex Cain and Angel along with Jarvis King and Shane Donovan.}

Ataxia: Not even big bad Alex Cain is worth this level of aggravation. Even the man who I had my best match with in this federation is not worth my time right now. Right now your focused on so many “wrong” things in your life. Your quest for revenge against Jarvis King and Shane Donovan is a good joke. You will never beat me like you want to Jarvis. Oh, I know in the back of your mind you want to out do Highlander since he's apparently beaten me and you haven't. Then we have your pathetic tag team partner in Angel. Oh I got a win over Ataxia. Get a cookie. It's not the fucking point. The main point is I should do to you what I did to that doll last week, right? That's all you really want isn't it Angel. Someone to give you a hell of a lot of a attention. Guess what I am doing. I'm giving it to you. In the form of a hardcore beatdown. I'm going to snap your other leg and take you out of the business for the sheer simple fact of you do not belong in MY ring! By the way my last name is Twister! AHAHAHAHHA...Then we have Jarvis King and Shane Donovan. Oh how it must be nice to get the FTF from NLW up in here. Seriously you don't think we don't watch your pathetic show to see who Jackie-Bitch has been stealing from this week. Jarvis, you show up on the same card as your departing uncle. What no family team up, no turn coat relative storyline? Hell, that could have given you something to actually be marketable again. Sure as hell aren't going to be relevant anymore either. Then we have Lame Donovan. Oh my, haven't you done enough stupid shit in your life than to try and get into the ring with me. “But we must defend our tag team titles!” Really? Because that's going to change with “The Reckoning” taking them because you have out lived your usefulness as being the team of Jarvis King plus one guy who can do a hammerlock properly.

{Ataxia then leans up and holds up the cards of Electric Mayhem, except they look like the muppets who use to be known as Electric Mayhem.}

Ataxia: This is a definite improvement. I thought for a moment we actually had a real tag team of muppets. Really? This was the best that you could get Gamble. Fuck. I got to save this show again. Jesus Christ, wait let me pray to a savior who does something. Shaun Morgan...make me a sammich bitch! AHHHH. Why? Why?! This makes no fucking sense. No worries though because I got a announcement that will save this show.

{He leans in close as the cards catch on fire.}

Ataxia: Daddy will be at the show....AHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to Gray}