~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“Give me back my bullets”Give me back my bullets. Lynyrd Skynyrd

{We fade in on the arena that Massacre will take place at this coming Tuesday. We see the rigging has already been done and even the tron is set up. Sitting in the middle of the ring with a remote is Ataxia in his full gear. He smiles as he stands up and points to the tron as we focus on his bagged face.}

Ataxia: Oh yes. He has certainly run out of options if he is doing a promo in the ring right? Wrong. See, I could keep doing the same old routine of trying to get the edge on top of you two. Truth is I don't have to. I already have it. {We see two photoshopped images of Blue Scorpion and Jarvis King both wearing “The Reckoning” t-shirts.}

Ataxia: The question now is who is really playing whom? In reality the idea of one of you turning your backs on CWF is probably not really a high probability. Yet, the question is still buzzing on everyone's lips. Just who is the next person to join up with us? Who will learn the error of their ways. Who is to say that King isn't going to turn his back on the man who rehired him? If Stevie had any real pull Jarvis would have been back months ago. No. Jarvis got screwed. Out of the world title race. Out of any merit and he even lost his precious tag team titles all thanks to mishandled booking by you know who.

{We see a replay of Jarvis' return to CWF.}

Ataxia: It's not to far to stretch your mind to get the idea that he isn't happy. Less money. Hell, I know NLW pays so much more why would he chose to come here. For the memories? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...That is rich. Why is he really back here? Revenge? For what? Everything he wanted is gone, even his partner by my understanding. Why would Jarvis come back here? To help his uncle? Yeah, Right. Bullshit. Jarvis has no interest in anyone but himself. What is the best thing for himself you might ask? CWF or “The Reckoning”?

{We then focus on some behind the scenes footage of Blue Scorpion walking around with the world title backstage. A montage of Blue Scorpion's recent fights start to play.}

Ataxia: If we talk about one we have to talk about the other as well. So BS...had any good offers lately? Oh marvelous promo you did. Really riveting. Tell me, would I spoil everything if you were in on the swerve? I can see the headlines now. “World Champion Shocks Wrestling World: Joins Anti-Authority Stable!” I am sure it would be so press worthy. Oh but is he really going to switch sides kids. Truth is...I'm not telling you but I will tell you the match is going to be a bloodbath. Oh you like to think that my focus is on other people don't you BS? Nope. I am focusing right on you. You have the most wonderful neckline of anyone else in the CWF I dare say I just want to walk up and kiss it...

{Ataxia starts to unbutton his coat.}

Ataxia: I mean Jarvis is cute and all but I have to say...

{He reveals a black t-shirt with the words...}

Ataxia: I'm on Team: Scorpion! Oh how I can't wait for you to “sting” me with your big, long, blue “stinger”. Oh it makes my shorts all wet with anticipation. Then again, I could just be fucking with you. Or am I not. None of you know truly what I am capable of. I am here to make a impact, oh yes, but what if the impact I was going to make wasn't to reveal who the new member is. What if it was simply to take out the world champion? What if all this is Blue...is just a trap to snap your fucking neck? Tell me, How does it feel to know your only world champion because I didn't fight you the way that I should have. Does that ever play onto your mind or anyone else in this federation? Maybe all I am doing is setting you all up. Oh, I am spreading myself so thin aren't I? Maybe that's the plan. All of you chomping at the bit to take me out you don't see what's coming. Has it ever occurred to you that I don't care about what I am “suppose” to care about anymore? {We see someone walk down the entrance ramp towards Ataxia. She is a brown haired business woman in her early twenties wearing a black business suit and skirt. She is wearing glasses and seems very plain.}

Ataxia: Who the hell are you?

???: I am someone interested in you Mr. Ataxia.

Ataxia: Really. Then what the hell are you doing interrupting me?

???: I am here to tell you that by the authority of Mr. Gamble I am your new PR rep.

Ataxia: What?

???: You are hearby to have everything you do monitored by me or you will not be able to show anything on television.

Ataxia: Really? What's your name miss?

???: Amy Powers. You may call me Miss Powers.

Ataxia: Well bitch.

Amy Powers: Excuse me?

Ataxia: You heard everything I just said.

Amy Powers: You can't call me that.

Ataxia: I think I just did. Get the fuck out of here before I pop out a eyeball of yours and...

Amy Powers: Fuck it?


Amy Powers: That's what you were going to say wasn't it? Skull fucking right? You want to shock me sir then you are going to have to do better than that. I am not going away and I will not be intimidated by the likes of you.

Ataxia: You know it's funny. Dan Highlander said the same thing.

Amy Powers: Yet, he still beat you didn't he?

Ataxia: Did he?

Amy Powers: You lost the match.

Ataxia: Did I lose the war though?

Amy Powers: Excuse me?

Ataxia: Dan fears me. That promo I did scared him. So much so that the mere thought of me probably makes him shake. Everything I do from now on towards him will have a ripple effect. Everyone on the roster is questioning just when am I going to snap.

Amy Powers: Then why don't I just call Gamble and have you fired.

Ataxia: Because I'm needed. I make everyone here look better. I am the “evil” and besides that Gamble would have to pay out my contract all at once. That's the clause I added in instead of a world title shot. He fires me, he still has to pay me. Up front instead of over time. He can't afford to get rid of me.

Amy Powers: But he is going to censor you.

Ataxia: Through you? That's what you are here for aren't you?

Amy Powers: Yes.

Ataxia: Well then...I guess my first job is to break you.

Amy Powers: You won't.

Ataxia: We'll see. Now beat it. I have to do my job.

Amy Powers: Nope. Ataxia: Suit yourself.

{We see Ataxia start to go off on a rant but something happens to the screen behind him. It's a picture of Steven Gamble.}

Ataxia: Well that ruins my fun. What's that sour puss want?

Amy Powers: Oh he requested that he appear in your promos from now on to show that he approves them. Ataxia: What other rules do I have to abide by.

Amy Powers: There is a list.

Ataxia: How many...

Amy Powers: Right now it's over two hundred rules. I think you might want to stop the promo and discuss things with me.

Ataxia: This is MY promo! Amy Powers: Not anymore...cut the feed.

{Fade to Gray...}