~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"This is out of control" Drop the Bombshell. Powerman 5000.

{We fade in on CWF Headquarters at seven in the morning. Coming out of his car is CWF President Steven Gamble set for a long day of planning before gearing up to get back on the road for Massacre. Suddenly President Gamble is stopped by two men. One is a fat gentlemen in his mid forties and the other is a leaner red head that is taller than his fat partner. The two show President Gamble their badges.}

Fat Cop: Steven Gamble. We'd like to have a word with you.

President Gamble: Oh for the love of...all right what happened now? Who do I have to bail out?

Tall Cop: I'm Agent Micheals with the FBI and this is Agent Hart.

President Gamble: Hahahaha...

Agent Hart: What's so funny?

President Gamble: Oh come on. Hart. Micheals. It's...Sorry I'm in the wrestling business so it's just kind of funny.

Agent Micheals: Uh-huh. Save the comedy. We are here to talk to you about a kidnapping.

President Gamble: Who?

Agent Hart: Miss Amy Jacqueline Powers. She was hired by your company to “censor” part of your programing. Her last reported where abouts this week was at a independent wrestling event with two of your superstars. Chance Stevens and “Ataxia”. We need to know when the last time you spoke to Miss Powers.

President Gamble:...Last week when I told her it was her job to make sure Ataxia doesn't pull off whatever he's intending at Massacre.

Agent Micheals: What was the nature of that conversation.

President Gamble: I wanted her to do the job I was paying her for more efficiently.

Agent Hart: What is the nature of her job?

President Gamble: She is my personal censor for the wrestler known as Ataxia.

Agent Micheals: Censor? What does he need to be censored for?

President Gamble: For a number of reasons. The main one being is that he is trying to get me shut down by the FCC by his actions in his promos.

Agent Hart: Why not fire him?

President Gamble: If I fire him I have to pay him his entire contract as long as it's not by him failing to show up at a event. In other words, he has me by the balls. So I decided to fix him by having a censor make sure he can't get me in any more trouble.

Agent Micheals: We're going to need to talk to this “Ataxia” person.

President Gamble: Um. Okay.

Agent Hart: Something wrong?

President Gamble: I know where he is going to be at today filming a promo but other than that I have no idea how to get ahold of him.

Agent Micheals: You don't know how to keep track of your employee's.

President Gamble: It's easy if you know who they are.

Agent Hart: Wait. You don't know who this man is?

President Gamble: Don't start with me. I've had a long day already.

Agent Micheals: I don't think you understand just what the problem is.

President Gamble: Some twit failed to show up somewhere because Ataxia probably scared her off. Why the hell should I care?

Agent Hart: Because her father happens to be a very high ranking official in the FBI.

President Gamble: What?

Agent Micheals: Yeah. Our boss to be precise. Now. Tell us everything you know about this employee of yours.

President Gamble:...Do you mind if I get some alka seltzer first. I am starting to develop an ulcer from this.

{We fade in on green smoke inside of a black stone pyramid. Standing over a pool of green flaming water stands a man dressed a Egyptian pharaoh with the words “An00bis” written on his chest piece. Around the pool are four statues each of a furby. He cackles as the smoke fills up from the pool. Him basking in his evil power. He speaks, not with the voice of a evil malevolent figure but with that of Mandark from Dexter's Lab}

An00bis: No one can stop me. I, who have walked the earth. I, who have made the world what it is. I, that which can not be parodied. I, who am he who shan't be named. I, who am that which can not be destroyed. Fear is a sin...

{An explosion off camera and we see Ataxia enter in wearing a Indiana Jones costume. Ataxia poses heorically as An00bis cowers.} Ataxia: Good thing I don't suffer from it.

An00bis: You...You, with the bag over your head. You, with the foolish inclinations of actually trying to defeat me. You, who...

{Ataxia shoots An00bis with the gun ala the same way Harrison Ford does it in the movies.}

Ataxia: Well that was easy.

An00bis: I will not be defeated so easi...

{He shoots him again. This time in the nuts.} Ataxia: That was even easier. Who knew they're be six chambers in here. I could do this a lot more times. Well, at least four.

An00bis: That does it...

{Pyro goes off and the smoke shoots up out of the pool covering An00bis and when the smoke descends he is now wearing a sparkly pink version of his previous costume but in addition a “Team Scorpion” t-shirt.} An00bis: Ancient Spirits of Emo! Transform, I, the great and powerful An00bis into An00bis the undefeatable! Transform, I, the long winded and impotent An00bis into An00bis the stereotypical monster character of CWF. Transform...

{He gets shot again this time right in his butt. The camera pans to Ataxia who shrugs. } Ataxia: What I had three more shells.

An00bis: AHHHHHH!!!!

{With that An00bis charges at Ataxia who holds the little nerd back with one arm.} Ataxia: Whoa Fugly!

{Suddenly the lights go up and a bell sounds. Everyone working on this cheesy parody promo shuts down production. Ataxia let's the actor playing An00bis go so he can talk to the director.} Ataxia: HEY! It isn't time for your Union Break ya lazy bums!

Director: Sorry Tax. These guys from the F.B.I. want to talk to you.

Ataxia: Always something...

{Ataxia walks off stage and runs into Agent Hart and Agent Micheals who we saw earlier.} Ataxia: I was no where near the grassy knoll. I have no interested in those little plastic things on shoelaces. I don't care that the truth is out there as long as Twilight is glorified fanfiction. Finally, I am not the one armed man since I have two arms. Now what the hell do you want?

{Hart grabs Ataxia from behind and Ataxia flips him over. Micheals shakes his head and hold up his badge.} Agent Micheals: You are coming with us sir.

Ataxia: Am I being charged with something?

Agent Hart: Only if you don't cooperate.

Ataxia: All right. What do you want?

Agent Micheals: First off, we need you to tell us your name.

Ataxia: A.

Agent Hart: A. A what?

Ataxia: Taxia.

Agent Hart: ...Stop being a smartass before I pistolwhip you.

Ataxia: Ohh a threat on television good plan!

Agent Micheals: Tele...hey cut that camera off.

Ataxia: LEAVE THAT FUCKING CAMERA ON! You want to talk to me. You do it on camera or I call a lawyer and you can wait to get your answers. Now. What is so fucking important that you have to bother me while I am trying to do my job.

Agent Hart: Do you know where Amy Powers is?

Ataxia: No. And I don't care. Are we done?

Agent Micheals: I don't think you understand. She's been missing for the past seventy two hours.

Ataxia: I've noticed things being quiet around here and my creative juices not getting cock blocked by some little tramp.

{Agent Hart loses it and pistol whips Ataxia. The force knocks off Ataxia's fedora and we can see blood coming down Ataxia's mask. He whips his hand over the blood and then starts laughing.} Agent Hart: You ever speak of her like that again, and I swear to God, I will kill you ya fucking faggot.


Agent Micheals: Why is he laughing like that?

Ataxia: Hey fatty. Have you ever heard of career ending stupidity.

{Hart just realizes he just decked Ataxia while the camera was still on.} Ataxia: Oh don't worry. I'm not going to report to your superiors...

Agent Micheals: Our superior is the girl's father.

Ataxia: Something spawned that? Wow. I thought humans didn't fuck cattle.

Agent Hart: Let me have five minutes with him.

Agent Micheals: I think that's a great plan.

Ataxia: Oh goody. Torture!

{Ataxia smiles and gets taken off by the two agents into a prop room. Ataxia gets slammed into the wall by Hart who starts kicking the shit out of him while Micheals just lights a cigarette.} Ataxia: You boys are really good at this. I must say I'm impressed.

Agent Hart: Start talking dirtbag. Where is she?

Ataxia: I spy with my little eye something that's made of bacon. OINK! OINK!

{Hart kicks Ataxia square in the throat. Ataxia spits up the blood and starts laughing again.} Ataxia: HAHAHAHAHAHA...

Agent Hart: Keep laughing shit for brains! You know. I know your kind. You get off on this kind of stuff don't you.

{Hart pulls out his gun and puts it right at Ataxia's head.} Agent Hart: How about you get off on this?

Ataxia: Put it on my cock and see if I do!

Agent Hart:...

Ataxia: You don't get it do you? You have nothing. Not in some pathetic “The Dark Knight” way like that wannabe in that movie. No. You don't see. I don't know. All your doing is fucking with the wrong mother fucker. You see. You think you can intimidate me. You can't do anything.

Agent Micheals: We could rip off that mask.

Ataxia: Do it.

Agent Micheals: What?

Ataxia: Oh don't tell me you have done your homework. You want to rip my bag off and show the world who I am. Go ahead. I guarantee you one thing. You won't like the surprise. Come on. Fuck. I'll do it if you won't. Once it comes off though and this goes live...you'll never be able to find out if I know anything about that girl. Now play nice and help a brother up.

Agent Hart: I say we just fucking kill him.

Agent Micheals: No. If we kill him we won't learn anything.

Agent Hart: Just let me...

Agent Micheals: Something about him not sit right with you Hart?

Agent Hart: He's just so...sick.

Ataxia: Gonnaherpasephlitus. Gets the AIDS out.

Agent Hart: He's just toying with us and your letting him.

{Agent Micheals sighs and helps Ataxia up as Hart storms out.} Agent Micheals: You do know who her father is don't you?

Ataxia: She mentioned it.

Agent Micheals: Do you know where she is?

Ataxia: Somewhere beyond space and time and somewhere between my rhyme.

{Micheals smiles for a brief moment and then slams his knee hard into Ataxia's nuts.} Agent Micheals: You know I bet in the ring you think that your some kind of Hannibal Lecter smart boy don't you? Let me explain this to you. We will find her. When we do, if you had anything to do with what happened to her we will find you and we will kill you. Whose going to miss a man who know one knows is under a mask!

{Micheals leaves.} Ataxia: You hit like girls. Oh we're not going back to the set that was a silly promo anyway. Leave the camera and tell everyone to go home. I'll settle this.So I bet this is not what you expected? You expected fun and silliness. The likes of which that everyone else has been getting right? Wrong. You want your match. I said you could name the stipulations. I'm a man of my word. You get them but are you sure that is what you really want. I'll give you till the match call time to change your mind. They say your some kind of god among men.

{Ataxia pulls off the mask as he gets up but we can't see his face.} Ataxia: That you feed off of fear. There are many ways to win over your opponent. You have pretty much all of the advantages. Size. Power. Speed. Psychological superiority. Save one fatal flaw. A flaw that you don't want exploited. The flaw is that your human. That humanity is what I am going to exploit for one simple reason. Your no monster. That's me. I'm the one who took out your little partner. I'm the reason that Danny B isn't in CWF anymore. Not because he got scared of BS beating his ass. No. That isn't it at all. What it is dear little emo kid is the simple fucking point that I broke your little bitch of a partner's knee. Hell, I did him a favor. This place is a joke and it is so fucking fitting that someone like you is the one trying to legitimize that worm in the front office. I'll show you what Steven Gamble fears.It's me. Not you. No one fears you. You left. You left and someone decided to be a real monster. Someone decided to out do you. Someone decided to stab Elijah! Then someone finished him off. It wasn't Blue Scorpion! It wasn't Alex Cain! It wasn't even Jace Valentine! It was me. It was Ataxia. “The Messiah Pariah” killed the real fear of CWF. I destroyed it. So after all of that what can I really be afraid of when it comes to a wannabe like you.

{Ataxia sets his own mask on fire. The burning effigy of the bag is quite interesting to watch.} Ataxia: But what do you have to fear oh he who has walked the desert sands since the dawn of time. You. You, the man who lost to Tyler Anderson! You, the man who has done NOTHING! By the way I love the fact that you know Democlius Herakles. He's your son is he? My. It must be nice to know that the spawn does better than the spawner. Although to be fair when I knew of him he hailed from such a better federation that this one. It's really sad. He was pathetic and even more of a loser than you. How funny, to me, is it that your son is more superior than you.Oh I know all about you Anubis. I know every trick. I know every joke. I know every slide of hand and twist of fate that you can pull for this. I even know the stipulations to this match and I have to say...they are right up my alley. Why am I targeting you? Do I see you as a threat? No. I don't see you as anything more than a waste of time. With you Gamble can revive this franchise if he was smart. He's not. He's allowed you to get tossed into a place with me. See I don't care about who you are Anubis. I don't care that you have a family or have all of this power. The humiliation is what you fear. Your sin.

{We pan up just to see the red eyes of Ataxia. They look full of glee.} Ataxia: It's sort of fitting that the fear that you have is that of Ataxia. “The Messiah Pariah”. Do you know what that means “mummy”? It's a term seen as a savior of the forsaken. Those who are not wanted by the likes of you. You, who have all the power, that will now lose it. What you fear isn't to be killed. What you fear isn't to be humbled. What you fear is to be made what you are. A joke. You can have all the power in the world. You can have everything but if no one takes you seriously then what do you have left? Oh sure, you can win this match. If you do. What would you have done. Beaten Ataxia, like so many before you. Your in a lose lose situation. You win you still lose because no one will see this as a real victory. You lose. Well. I think it's self explanatory. You were so quick to want to shut me up to get back in the spotlight. Now, I'm going to do more to dismantle you than Jace Valentine ever could. I'm going to put the sin back into you. Just like I did to...Shhh...That'd be telling...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... {Fade to Gray}