~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“Can't look me in the face or straight in the eye. I'd buy the movie rights for your alibi. I wonder how low you will go. I wonder how high your head will blow. You're psychopathic liar. Your soul is on fire. You're bluffin'with nothin'. While the stakes are gettin'higher. Why trust you. ”-.Alice Cooper.

Seasons Bleedings. I decided to phone in the talking of the trash since it is Christmas and you all get to spend it with your loved ones why ruin it with something psychologically disturbing like me coming into your television screens.

Because it's fun kiddies.

Why should you get a break from me? Why should you get something for Christmas? You've all been naughty and not nice at all. You all swallow this new “CWF” as some kind of happy addiction, but like heroin it's a good buzz but bad for you. Santa isn't bringing any of you any presents...

Instead you get to deal with the Ghoul of Christmas that you deserve.

0600 hrs.
Unknown location.

{We fade in on Ataxia sitting in a interrogation room. He is wearing his black suit and red tie, white dress up shirt, black opera gloves, black loafers, and of course that damn bag over his head. His eyes have the red contacts and his teeth clinched with the red teeth. His left eye looks a little bruised. The room is not the most modern looking and takes a bit of a decrepit look to it. The table is worn and the chairs are folding and metal. Ataxia sits there and unclinches his teeth and starts drumming his thumbs. Coming into the room is the trio of Agent Hart, Micheals, and their supervisor Agent Powers. The three men walk into the room and take seats in front of Ataxia.}

Agent Hart: So how are we going to do this freak?

Ataxia: Stop it.

Agent Micheals: Stop what?

Ataxia: The good cop, bad cop, and concerned father routine. Gentlemen, I deal in clichés. I work in professional wrestling. Hell, I make fun of them constantly. So do me a favor...drop it. If your going to beat me up go ahead but I am going to tell you this. That is going to get you nowhere.

Agent Powers: That so?

Ataxia: It's a fact.

Agent Powers: Then we can make all of this go away. Where is my daughter?

{Ataxia leans back and points to the two other men in the room.}

Ataxia: These two don't need to be here.

Agent Hart: Afraid?

Ataxia: Of you? Only if you sit on me fatty.

{Hart chuckles for a moment and hits Ataxia's hand really hard. Ataxia pulls back for a moment and then falls on the floor.}

Agent Powers: That is enough Hart.

Agent Hart: No it aint. I am getting really tired of this little punk.

Agent Micheals: So am I. Let's just end him.

Agent Powers: You two need to back off. Go get some air.

Agent Micheals:...

Agent Powers: Now!

{The two other agents leave the room as Powers looks at Ataxia.}

Agent Powers: Now what happened?


Agent Powers: You said you would tell me what happened if they left.

Ataxia: I said no such thing. I said they didn't need to be here. Now that it's just you and I we can start discussing things.

Agent Powers: There is nothing to discuss. You tell me where my daughter is, and you are free to go.

Ataxia: No.

Agent Powers: Young man. I am getting really tired and I am very worried.

Ataxia: Bullshit.

Agent Powers: Excuse me?

Ataxia: You are not a federal agent. I did my home work.

Agent Powers:...

Ataxia: Oh you had the “credentials” for CWF to believe it. I am guessing your not with who you say you are, but you use them as a cover. Now, I don't care who you work for or what you do. What I do care about is why you want to find her.

Agent Powers: She's my daughter.

Ataxia: Want to try again?

Agent Powers: I'm a concerned parent.

Ataxia: Parent? Really?

Agent Powers: Young man I can send you off to prison with no record and have you stay there until I see fit to lethal inject you.

Ataxia: I doubt that. The lethal injection part. You would have shot me a week ago. You need something I have.

Agent Powers: You know what happened to my daughter? Now where is she?

Ataxia: What if I told you she was dead?

Agent Powers:...is she?

Ataxia: You know I can tell a lot about people by how their facial reactions are. Your subtle. More so than most people. You have no damn concern for that girl. She has something you want doesn't she?

Agent Powers: I need to know where she is.

Ataxia: For what reason?

Agent Powers: To protect her!

Ataxia: From who? Those guys who jumped me and her? Or you...

Agent Powers: Jumped you?

{Ataxia reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a red flashdrive.}

Ataxia: This and one other copy exists. Maybe you can make some sense out of this.

Agent Powers: So your giving this to me now? Why not last week?

Ataxia: Because I had better things to do than clean up whatever mess you got myself and Amy into.

Agent Powers: It's not that simple.

Ataxia: Oh it is.

Agent Powers: Look you.

{Ataxia lunges at Agent Powers and slams him into the floor. Hart and Micheals rush back in bu Ataxia already has Powers in a neck breaking hold.}

Ataxia: BACK OFF!

{Hart and Micheals back away.}

Ataxia: Now. I am going to say this one. Count this. One...FUCKING TIME! You and your cronies have been pissing me off slowly more so than your damn daughter ever has. If she is even your daughter which I hold in very much doubt. You think you can play me? I've been playing you. I have played all of you just to get to this position. I could snap your neck and it not affect a damn thing! It's just these two don't want you dead...which leads me to believe there is someone else pulling the strings they don't want coming down here. Now, I am going to let you go. Then. If you have a fucking brain inside of that God damn head of yours. You will. YOU WILL. Let me go and not follow me. Or you will never know what happened and something tells me. Deep down in my own psychosis. That you would prefer me to deal with me than your superiors.

{With that Ataxia lets Powers go and walks past Micheals, who helps Powers back up. Hart stays in Ataxia's way. He swings at Ataxia and Ataxia grabs the arm and judo tosses him into the other two agents. With that Ataxia bolts out of the interrogation room.}

Agent Powers: That son of a bitch...he...what's that?

{Agent Micheals walks over where our camera has been the whole time.}

Agent Micheals: He sneaked in a camera! That bastard filmed the whole thing.

Agent Hart: The superiors are not going to like this.

Agent Powers: They'll like it more than if we don't get some answers.

{We fade to black for now...}

You know I love how stupid you really are Angel.

You really think that your pathetic little match has me intimidated? Never gonna happen.

I am not intimidated by a damn thing on this planet let alone something that Steven Gamble thinks is going to finally shut me up.

I stood up against Elisha. Same as you. The only difference is I did it without the big pay off. I did it because it was the right thing to do. For the right reasons. Can you say the same? Why are you throwing your hat in with the pro-Gamble side because that is what you are doing. You gutless turncoating little bitch.

There will be no parlay here for I will not abide by the pirates code.

I'm going to do what Elisha couldn't do and that's make sure when you fall this time you don't get the hell back up. Oh, me and my team are a bunch of girls at a sleepover. Actually no. What we really are is this. Three guys go to a bar. One is focused on himself. The other on his family. The last one just wants to have a good time. You come in with your two partners in a similar state. One is just out to keep his name going and the other wants revenge. You. You don't know it but your going to provide one of us with a good time. See, I'm the guy whose not going to beat you Angel.

I'm the guy who is going to humiliate you.

I am going to turn you into a fucking pile of roadkill and I get away with it because of Steven Gamble.

Just what you deserve. So go make your jokes. I've been looking for a way to piss Cain off for a rematch. I think I just found out how to do it.

Tell me have you ever wondered why women have a short career expectancy in wrestling?

Your about to find out why.

Speaking of bitches. All hail to the queen.

Jarvis Queen that is. It's nice to see that we all are getting what we want for Christmas. Your getting a way back into the spotlight by trying to become some sort of hero. The sad part about it is I am not surprised. Hell Jarvis, we all know the truth. You are just here to get your fame back. You had that NLW crap keeping you down but truth be told no one missed you. I honestly would have stayed there given the option. Your doing a lot better there anyways. At least they have a fed head whose not completely retarded like this one that you seem to be in full support of. I find this unsettleing if it was anyone else but I'll be honest.

I never expect anything special out of you.

Because all you care about is you.

I hope that works out well for you. Because if it doesn't. Your going to be the pariah for once.

Now let's move onto the gorilla.

Victor Bitch. First off, offically, welcome back to CWF. As a former one time world champion to another. Go get fucked.

Seriously get laid man. You need it. Because this whole anger thing you have stemming towards me is unwarrented.

Wait. Did I burn you and spit shit in your face? Oh yeah. Why did I do that? Because I reserve it for a target who is just being used for exploitation purposes.

Sorry if you got the impression that I actually gave two shits about you but you were just a means to an end.

The end of CWF.

Operation: Total Anarchy. Coming to a glorified indy fed near you.

I still find it funny. You all think that I am locked in there with you.

You are all locked in a match with me.

I just heard three people shit their pants.

And who says bad boys don't get what they want for Christmas...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{We fade in on Ataxia walking into a hotel room. He's wearing the same thing he had on earlier in the promo. He is holding a remote which he turned the camera on with. He locks the door and locks it with a computer pad locking system. He then reattaches a wire to the front door that is connected to a lot of plastic explosives. He walks into the room and heads to the living room of the massive hotel suite. The lights are dim but not out. He heads to the big screen television and turns it on. He pushes play on a DVD player and we see footage come on with the date as the same date as Chance Stevens' independent match two weeks ago. We see Chance, Ataxia, and Amy Powers after the match in the parking garage of the arena.}

Ataxia: You sure you don't want to go out and party with me.

Chance Stevens: Nah. I need to crash man. Got to rest back up for CWF.

Ataxia: Eh you can phone that match in.

Chance Stevens: Maybe you can with Anubis but I got bigger problems. See ya later.

Amy Powers: Have a good night Chance.

{Chance walks off leaving Ataxia alone with Amy Powers. The video pauses for a moment as Ataxia looks at her. We see her long brown hair is pulled back in a business bun. Her black rimmed glasses keep her brown eyes covered well giving her a educated yet cold demenour. Her outfit is the usual black business jacket and matching skirt with a white button up shirt. She is pretty plain in her appearance. There is nothing special physically about this girl. Ataxia shakes his head and pushes play again.}

Ataxia: The only good night is the one where I say goodbye to you forever.

Amy Powers: Oh come on, I'm not that bad once you get to know me.

Ataxia: What makes you think I want to get to know a plain pathetic pu...

Amy Powers: Tax. Don't make me get the shock collar.

Ataxia: Careful you might turn me on. You wouldn't like that.

{Amy stops in front of the rental car her and Ataxia came to the arena in.}

Amy Powers: You know everyone else may think they're buying into your act but I'll be honest with you. I find you just to be a big whiny child.

Ataxia: Flattery will get you nowhere but flattened.

Amy Powers: Your cute when your trying to be angry. You know it must be so lonely for you.

Ataxia: What?

Amy Powers: That's why you crave attention. Now what horrid thing could take a talented wrestler like you into such a attention whore?

Ataxia: I'm not that talented and I wasn't always a wrestler.

Amy Powers: Oh what were you?

Ataxia: You are not going to find out dear. Now let's get back to the hotel. Without Chance, I'd rather just get wasted there.

Amy Powers: You know I could party with you.

Ataxia: You? Party?

Amy Powers: Hey, just cause I have to censor you doesn't mean that I'm some kind of prude who just reads books at night and does needlepoint work of Jesus.

Ataxia: You can't mention Jesus in a promo and not expect me to do a crucifixion joke!

Amy Powers: Promo? Damn it. You've got one of those mobile cameras working?

Ataxia: Yep. Follows the remote.

Amy Powers: You are seriously the biggest asshole I know.

Ataxia: And you want to party with me what does that say about you?

Amy Powers: You know. Sometimes it would be nice if you weren't such a dick. You might miss out on the good side of me.

Ataxia: What good side? Your ruining everything I am working on.

Amy Powers: Why by being offensive your expecting to send Gamble out of business? If anything your bringing him more because of people who want to see what you do next.

Ataxia: You'd be right. Except he can't afford the FCC fines I'm going to give him.

Amy Powers: Whatever. Let's just go.

Ataxia: Suits me just fine.

{They stand there for a moment as Amy leans in real close to Ataxia.}

Amy Powers: Are you feeling the same thing I am.

{She leans into him and kisses him passionately and then she lets go. For a moment he doesn't say anything.}

Ataxia: Good try.

Amy Powers:...well it was worth a shot.

Ataxia: How much?

Amy Powers: Gamble would pay a fortune to have anything on you. So I figured I'd extort you to get you to comply.

Ataxia: Going out of your way to get me to hold my tongue.

Amy Powers: Trying to get you to focus it elsewhere is good for business.

Ataxia: However, you are not interested in me in the slightest are you?

Amy Powers: Not that way no.

Ataxia: I figured.

Amy Powers: Good to know your intellect isn't as bad as you thought.

Ataxia:...yeah. Let's go.

{They both stand there for a moment.}

Amy Powers: Oh shit, I have the keys.

Ataxia: Duh!

???: Oh your not going anywhere.

{We see three guys walk into camera. All three wearing ski masks and black outfits. Amy starts to back off.}

Amy Powers: What do you want?

Ski Mask Guy 1: We need to have a “chat” with you Miss Powers.

Ataxia: Oh well, I guess I'll be on my way then.

Ski Mask Guy 1: Go ahead...

Ataxia: Have fun.

Amy Powers: What?

{Ataxia starts to walk off.}

Ataxia: Not my fight...

{The film stops. Ataxia sits back and covers his eyes for a moment.}

Ataxia: Why did I do it...

{On the couch next to Ataxia we see a blood stained jacket. The same one we see Amy Powers wearing on the film as it is paused. Fade to Gray...}