~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“It's not the way you touch me when you... You're daddy's dream, you're a peach in cream. And you're finally ripe at last. But when you hit the sheets you just turn to trash. Trash. Trash. Alice Cooper”

I may have been a little short last time. I apologize. After all, we are all so tired of the Christmas crap by this point we are all looking forward to the real meaning of the season. The end of the year. The end of a decade. The end of a error in my opinion.

Here's the new year's solution. End the Gamble.

Simple way to do so. Beat his “best”. If this is your best it's no wonder that everyone see's this match as a close one. Close, in the case of my partners actually all showing up. Oh well. No one cares really. It's not like the fate of the federation is on the line in this match or anything like that.

No Tax, it's just your ego.

Yeah, that would be what the Pro-Gamble side would want you to think. You know I am more than just some controversy loving attention whore. I am so much more. Bet you didn't know I was such a good dancer did you? Or that I love animals...well I love hamburgers...anyway.

What's the point of all of this? I should just give up right? I should just quit this. This place isn't worth saving if you people want to see these so called superstars right?

Dad, I honestly don't know what to do here. I'm trying. I really am. But, I don't know if I can endure this...

I mean really who can stand Jarvis King whine when you kick his ass?

Oh. We're ya'll expecting something deep instead of a long setup?


I'm sorry. Where was I? Oh yes. The dream team! The three “heroes” that have come forth to fight us. They are oh so wonderful archetypes against the evil “stable” of villains that are Ataxia, Ryan Storm, and Chance Stevens.

We have Jarvis King! Some men are born great! Some men achieve greatness! And some men...have a really good PR person to come up with some sort of really lame three phrase thing to describe them so when they do promos they can get a extra long fade out on a quote. The latter is the case of Jarvis King. Who am I to make fun of Jarvis King? Why nobody. Exactly what he is compared to the rest of you. See, without you fans, Jarvis King is nothing more than a flash in the pan curtain jerker.

Wait Tax, he beat you last week.

Yeah. And? If I let every little defeat get in my way do you think I would be where I am today. If I had let Marcus get to me in the last run could I have had the right mindset to beat Elisha and to then later defeat Alex Cain for the world title? I know it may not have dawned on our audience, because I know the roster sure as fuck isn't paying attention, but I don't give a good damn about if you beat me in a match.

I still win in the long run. See, this has all been leading up to something. Something great. Something wonderful. The pure destruction of CWF's attempt to get rid of us. See Jarvis King is the last missing piece to this. His ego is huge in this industry, but rightfully so, because he is one of the “best” in the industry. At least name wise he is. See Victor Quinn and Angel are good. They are a good draw. They are a wonderful draw. All three. Oh. There is so much hype on this. It's doing us all so well. Storm won't admit it but I know he is entertaining offers thrown his way. I have had some fun phone calls from Hollywood. Then there is Chance, who has earned his success here in CWF because he followed the right path. The path of the rightious wrestler who will not be run by a glorified fan boy!

See that suits Jarvis King well. He, after all, started out as a internet star. He lives to please these zit faced, asthmatic, holier than thou freaks!

He's all for making Gamble his best friend. Because I know if we hadn't brought this number one contendership to the table he would have asked for one when he “put” us away.

Or at least that would be the plan if he was going to win.

Now, here is the part where Jarvis King gets to counter with I have beaten you and I can do it again.

Jarvis. Ask yourself one question. If you do beat us and get your world title shot doesn't that mean the attacks are going to continue? Doesn't it mean that your life is going to get turned into a living nightmare by yours truly. Who knows. I might make you my new boyfriend. I can see a “Team King” t-shirt in the works with pretty pink glitter and matching hearts on a white v-neck baby t-shirt that I can sport to the ring in your “honor”.

“Don't lie Tax. We all know your intimidated by King”.

Oh, I don't deny I don't relish at this chance at retribution. Especially if I am fighting at one hundred percent. I mean, whose to say I put everything on the line last time?

Pull a job? To get what I want? Why not?!

Do you feel like you are walking into a trap yet? Because I am going to do your a professional courtesy because your just being used by everyone in this match, including me, and tell you that you are.

Merry Christmas.

Now for the “girl”.

Angel. Sweetheart. Let me ask you a question. Did you ever think I've been counting on all three of you being the opponents since the start of this?

Jarvis is a accident. You were planned.

After what happened with the tag team title match I figured it would be a good idea to latch onto one of you and get in your face. Since Cain is “busy” with Sexy Danny I figure I could play with you. Now I get to rearrange your face the fun way.

See I'm not after you.

I'm not after your title.

I'm going to get someone's attention.

How does it feel to be used in this dear? How does it feel to be thrown away like the trash that you are. The pathetic pile of trash that you have become. You aren't even on the list of people who have earned my attention. This whole match is going the exact way I have planned.

Gamble, cute as he is, is so fucking predictable.

Just like the rest of his “champions”.

Right now Alex is focused on Dan and has to stay that way because if he isn't focused he is going to lose his ego to Dan Highlander. Which will still get me what I want.

If he doesn't focus on saving your ass.

I still win. I get what I want.

I am the most powerful man in this federation, and I don't have to fake a brain tumor to do it.

Oh but what if you beat me?

Well then. Ask yourself a question, pretty little thing, is it really worth having a diva war with me?

I'll understand if you run away. I'll understand if you tap out. I'm apparently a scary person. Probably because the fact that you are a woman in this industry makes you automatically some sort of masochist. Which means I just HAVE to test this theory.

Get ready to get the gimp mask for Christmas dear.

Now...Victor Quinn. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...


I have gotten you all turn onto revenge and rage that I have just flat out gotten you this way just because I want to. Just because I have to. Just because you are bait.

See, you and I are a lot alike. One time CWF World Champion.

The difference is you take things here personally.

Bad choice for you. The worst in fact. You see the angier you get the easier it is to exploit you. Everyone knows that. Everyone has been laughing at you. You are not the savior of CWF. No one is.

Because this CWF is only worth saving if we have direction.

If we have a God damn vision.

If we bring about the return of Justin Rishel.

Which I intend to do starting with this pay per view.

The Reckoning is going to get the upper hand. One way or the other.

I've got an ace in the hole that no one remembers.

That's how you win. You are all playing poker. I'm playing rummi.

I'm about to one card.

{We fade in right where we left off as Ataxia sits on the couch of his hotel suite with the video of what happened to Amy Powers paused in front of him. The bloodied jacket of Amy Powers is next to him. He sighs as he gets up and pulls out his cellphone. He dials a number and puts it on speaker. After four rings, it finally picks up.}

???: You better have a damn good reason for calling me this late.

Ataxia: I take it you know what's been going on.

{There is a pause as the robotic voice is quiet on the other line.}

???: Did you do it?

Ataxia: Did I kill her? Is that what you are asking me?

???: It's not to far of a stretch.

Ataxia: I...It doesn't matter. I need help.

???: I got a number to a good shrink. Although she might want you to take that damn bag off.

Ataxia: Please. You are the only one who can really help me out here. You are the only one who knows.

???: Maybe you should let the secret out to someone else.

Ataxia: There is no one else.

???: Whose fault is that?


???: You are the one who is trying desperately to stay alone. Haven't you been alone enough.

Ataxia: Father would...

???: Stop talking about your damn daddy like he is something fucking special!

Ataxia: Your treading here...

???: What?! Your father is not a saint. He loves you. You know that.

Ataxia: That's not the point.

???: What is the point then? To be alone forever because you feel like only you can pull off this hair brained scheme of yours.

Ataxia: You? You are criticizing my plan? That's hilarious.

???: I'm hanging up.

Ataxia: Wait...

???: Why? All you care about is yourself. You are a selfish little child who wants something that you have been denied by daddy because maybe, hell maybe, he actually doesn't want you to end up like him! Maybe you just need to grow up a little bit.

Ataxia: You don't know shit about it!

???: I know enough. Now all your planning has made you do something fucking stupid that you need to fix and since you have no real friends you have to call me to fix your mess. No one is going to want to help you. No one even likes you. In or out of the ring you are on your own. That's just what you wanted. I'll see you in a few months. Your time is running out...

{There is a dialtone. Ataxia sits down on the floor and takes off the mask. We can't see his features other than a shadowy head looking down at the bag.}

Ataxia: Is there anyone out there who cares? Is there anyone out there who feels the need to help me? What do I have to do? Everyone hates me. Why? What did I do? This...This...This...This isn't fair. It wasn't suppose to be like this. Why did I do it. Why did I...Why...Why. This makes no sense. There is no one who can help me here. No one. No...

{Ataxia gets up and grabs the phone. He cuts off the speaker phone. He dials another number.}

Ataxia: It's me. I know you don't want to talk to me. I know you don't want to hear what I have to say. I know I am a fuck up. I just want you to know I'm doing this for...Oh sorry. I dialed the wrong number. Fuck.

{We hear someone knock at the door. Ataxia walks over to the door and disarms the homemade bomb from the door. There stands a girl about nineteen years old with sharp red hair in a short haircut. She's very pretty. Her face looks really familiar but her body doesn't match. Where as the plain features of Amy were hidden this girl flaunts them. She is wearing a red tanktop and black pants. A leather jacket is wrapped around her hips. Her black boots come up to her knee's. She winks her brown eyes at Ataxia as she walks inside.}

Ataxia: Let me guess...sister.

Girl: Yep. Name's Felicia. I'm the little hellion of the family.

Ataxia: So why should I let you in here?

Felicia Powers: I think you want to let me in. See, Daddy didn't send me. Well he tried. He figured having me seduce you would get the information that isn't on that tape.

Ataxia: You want to seduce me?

Felicia Powers: Nope. I want to fuck you.

Ataxia: What?

Felicia Powers: Because if Amy is alive it's going to piss her off.

Ataxia:...Get the fuck out of here.

Felicia Powers: Aww. Did I hurt your feelings?

Ataxia: I think you need to leave.

Felicia Powers: Or what?

{Ataxia rares back and backhands her in the face sending her flying across the room with such force into the couch. She gets up with a trickle of blood coming down her nose as she looks up terrified.}

Ataxia: Now you can't leave...You want to see your sister...I'm going to send you to her. Right now!

{Fade to Gray...Nope...Smoke...Then audio.}

People ask me why do I wear this mask.

Not that any of you care but there is a reason and it is not the reason that you think. I'm not afraid of who I am. Far from it. I think it's a great person under this mask. A under-appreciated genius is what I am.

You all think you have me figured out.

You all think you have me beaten.

You have no idea what I am going to do to this fucking place. I've been placing home made naplam everywhere!

I've taken out Anubis! Now there is no monster man for Gamble to build up on. I took out Danny B! I took out the one man who could beat me for that world title! Another head liner is gone! I am set to take the tag team titles out from those who dare to say they have it earned! I am set to rekindle the greatest world title upset once again! I have the Impact Champion afraid of any man looking at him! I have the best damn rookie we have ever had next to me in my corner and one of the greatest superstars as my allies. I am about to make an example out of Jarvis King! I am about to end the career of Victor Quinn. Now there is only one last thing that I have to do at Frozen Over 5.

See...someone decided to try and get involved with my plans.

The question is do I help him or not. Because I hate to bring up something to you.

Whomever wears that world title...is my target.

So is it really worth becoming a headcase Jace? Is it really worth your life Scorp?

Ask yourselves one question. I got everyone wanting to rip my head off that none of you figured this out.

What's to stop me from just walking into that shithead's office and blowing him away with a shotgun?

Simple stupids.

It's a lot more fun to break a man than kill him.

Get read to learn a real lesson in strategy.

The Messiah Pariah is about to unleash the fury of the forsaken upon your pathetic federation of losers and wannabe's.

Those who stand against us will perish.

Those who sand with us will survive.

Those who make no decision...will be the casualties of war.

One more idiot to address. Sean...do it! Stop me! Stop me! Stop me!

Because if you don't you are going to wish you were still getting ass raped in prison you wannabe ginger!

Fade this shit out. I got to clean up this mess.