~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“My dog bit me on the leg today. My cat clawed my eyes. Ma's been thrown out of the social circle. And dad has to hide. I went to church incognito, when everybody rose. The Reverend Smith, he, he recognized me. And punched me in the nose. He said. "No more Mister Nice Guy. No more Mister Clean. No more Mister Nice Guy". He said, "You're sick, you're obscene". No More Mr. Nice Guy. Alice Cooper.

So I didn't get the world title shot?


I guess this is when I make an excuse or something right? Where I feign a injury that was just now discovered in hopes that I can manipulate the current president into giving me a mulligan. Oh shit, someone else is using this “As the ring turns” storyline. Fuck. I could say that she cheated, and completely ignore the fact that I am the one who set up the table and set it on fire. So I failed to my own cunning plan and now am investing in a flame proof suit for such the occasion to occur again. See, I learn. You should take notes on your failures, Mr. Valentine, and maybe just maybe you wouldn't have to resort to getting a note from your doctor.

You know what this tumor is right? It's actually Jace Valentine's Ego trying to make room by kicking out his common fucking sense. You used Steven to get the world title that you LOST. See, it's funny. I actually beat a guy to become world champion. As a former world champion I can help but laugh at the last match for the old CWF. I won the title fair, Danny won the title fair, and you...blackmailed the title. Your no world champion Jace. Your a poser. Now and forever a poser.

I love that I didn't even have to do anything to ruin you. Now your stuck, being the perfect example of why Steven Gamble running CWF is wrong. Jace Valentine shouldn't even be a curtain jerker in any other federation. WHEN. When this place shuts down I am going to enjoy watching every promoter look at your applications and laugh. Either you will have a “injury” note in you file preventing them from hiring you or you will have this fiasco on there. No one will recognize this world title. You've become a clown.

How fitting. I can not wait for Chance to kick your ass and bring redemption to that belt. If it's even possible only a member of “The Reckoning” could.

“Well you don't get to face me for it 'Tax. Nyeh.” Grow the fuck up radiation kid. I didn't lose at Frozen Over. I improved Jarvis King's face so much that he's going to thank me in that oh so wonderful way he does. In other words, I'm going to get mangled in this match by him if he has his way. Oh well, guess it's time for Ataxia strategy number fifty seven.

Wait, that's call him a Canadian. I'm not that mean.

Instead I'm going to piss him off the best way I know how. I'm calling out his so called “Grand Slam Status”. If your so fucking great how come I can spit in the face of your so called legacy so easily? How can I totally ruin you? How can I destroy the “great” Jarvis King. The simple answer.

I can't...but you can.

And you will.

See, the one thing I do know about you is that your hungry. You are hungry to get yourself back in that main event. More than destroying me, and what I stand for, is this desire you have to be the best. With Cain out of the way now you are in a prime position to take the resident “old man” spot. Well Jarvis, you are no Alex Cain.

Hell, your not even an Anubis to me.

That's right. I don't think anything of you. “I beat you in a match”. Yeah and I returned the favor. Beat me again and I'll probably castrate you and save the world from you having a “Prince”. AHHH!!! Sorry I just saw a younger Jarvis King running around in assless chaps. I need to save that image along with some KY for the fun times from it.

See, I know the real you Jarvis and it makes me laugh. Grand Slam Champion. You know why? Because I wasn't here to stop you. You had a great ride because Justin knew how to market a little fucking weasel like you. It's because of Justin Rishel, and the way he managed talent, that you have a career in this industry. You aren't special Jarvis. Hell, you aren't even on Jumping Jack's level. Oh, but you beat me right? Yeah. You did. Then who beat you? I guess that means we're even then? So should I give you the benefit of the doubt. No. For two reasons.

Reason number one. You are fighting a losing battle. Hell, everyone but Gamble in the front office wants to get his ass gone. He doesn't know a damn thing about a wrestling promotion. Just like you. You want to take up the heroic cause? Bullshit. If you are a hero then it must be great that mediocrity is being celebrated. You want to win so badly? Good. You want to be the hero? Good. Because I am going to make it happen. After I kick your sorry ass in this match you'll get to be hero. Try and stop me after I take what you want because it's the only way you will get anything out of this because this match is mine. That's because of the second reason.

New kid want to be famous. Reason number two. You are a bigger target than me. I am not the one you have to worry about eliminating you. That's everyone else. Remember, I'm not the hero and I'm the guy who everyone is worried about playing a game of grab ass.

Sometimes it's great not to be the “grand slam champion”.


Where am I?

{We fade in on a empty warehouse with a dirt floor we see a bag over the dirt floor that moves around slightly. We see a pair of black wingtips and a pair of black pants walk across the floor. A black opera gloved hand reaches down and pulls off the bag and we see the face of Felicia Powers look up in fear at the man who has kidnapped her. Ataxia looks down at her with no expression coming from the mask. She looks around and realizes that she is buried up to her neck in dirt.}

Ataxia: Hi.

Felicia Powers:...where

Ataxia: You are nowhere about to be nobody.

Felicia Powers: You...You're going to kill me?

Ataxia: No. I'm not going to kill you. Think of this as a form of a assisted suicide.

Felicia Powers: What?

Ataxia: You tell me what I want to know...and I let you go. You don't. I walk away. Only you, Smokey, can prevent your horrible death.

Felicia Powers: I just wanted to know what happened to my sister.

Ataxia: Getting any ideas?

Felicia Powers: You did kill her didn't you?

Ataxia: I liberated her from her current situation.

Felicia Powers: I wouldn't be surprised if your filming this you sicko!

{He gets down right in front of her in the dirt. He smiles.}

Ataxia: Yeah. I am. I want to see the look on your face when your life gets choked out of your neck. I told your father to leave it alone. I got it handled.

Felicia Powers: Yeah. You just scream that you have got a handle on everything.

Ataxia: You think I'm crazy?

Felicia Powers: It's a fact.

Ataxia: Good. Now tell me what I want to know and you live.

Felicia Powers:...what do you want to know.

Ataxia: Your father. Who does he work for?

Felicia Powers: I don't know.

Ataxia: Really?

Felicia Powers: But I know someone who does.

Ataxia: Now that I am interested in.

Felicia Powers: His name is Fred Carpenter.

Ataxia: Where would I find this “Fred”?

Felicia Powers: I'll tell you when you let me out of this hole!

Ataxia: Okay.

{Ataxia gets up and pulls out a notepad.}

Ataxia: Fred Carpenter. Does he live in a nice white house with a picket fence and a red mustang?

Felicia Powers:...

Ataxia: Oh, you thought I didn't do my research on everyone who has ever been seen with your father? Silly girl. I just needed the name from you. Hope you make friends with the cockroaches.

Felicia Powers: You can't leave me like this. I just want to know where my sister is! You have to let me go! I kept my end of the deal...

Ataxia: You are right...

{He pulls out a crowbar from the inside of his coat pocket.}

Ataxia: Let's pretend that you didn't tell me what I wanted to know...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

{Fade to black...}

Your my Angel...are you going to save me tonight.

I am sure you are afraid. I am sure you are not happy. I would be to. Not in the world title picture and not having a tag team partner anymore. That last part I feel bad about.

Alex was...is a great man.

I honestly don't want to face you this week. Not because of anything that happened in that match. No. I don't want to face you because of how we both feel about this. I don't want you to think of how angry I am in this match as some sort of personal shot at you.

I got a lot of reasons to let out my anger. You don't want me to keep it all inside. That's when I really get nasty.

So Angel. Good luck.

As for two morons. I hope the previous scene clued you in on how to do a promo properly. I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. First off, you set a shirt on fire in a promo in the middle of a ring. Then someone else decides to follow you.

That is not how it works.

You two wanted to make a impact. Well, one of you did and the other decided to ride the coattails of a retarded monkey acting like a wrestler. Mike Crisis. Shut the fuck up. “Hero”? No bitch. No heroes live in CWF it's all about sucking dick if you want to be a hero. So go suck off Steven Gamble that he gave a jobber like you a fucking job! Oh you use to have this big bad fed that no one has ever heard of! Nothing that matters to CWF now or the past. You want to call out your tag team partner like that then do it on a show. Don't do it in a promo. A promo is suppose to entertain. You are nothing. We all know it now. We are all laughing at you. Especially me. You want to take someone out? Try me. I'll send your ass packing back to middle of nowhere indy fed faster than Jace Valentine can buy a three count!

Now, we got Damon Divine! Such a crop of morons can only come about do to the horrible hiring policy around here by one Steven Gamble. Apparently your reference now are only those of your Burger King Manager. Well, you have already made a whopper of a promo so allow me to give you the fries with that. I'm going to show you that coat tailing doesn't help you out in this fucking federation. You want to prove your worth around here. Then try and take me out you curtain jerker! I'll show what it's like to be a real wrestler.

Get ready to take notes little bitch. Ugly? Actually, I'm prettier than you. I wear this mask for one reason. Power. The same power that I have over little shits like you. The same power that is going to prove that a wannabe like you can never be as good of a wrestler as me.

Now, Copeland. What can I say about you? How does it feel to be everyone's stepping stone. Synn and now Dan. Wow. You are really making an impact. Why don't you try messing with me? Why don't you get ready to go one on one with the psychotic one! Come on. I'll take that somewhat handsome face of yours and take a shit on it! It's time to make a real statement to the Impact Title division and sadly it isn't you.

That's me.

Alex and Leon. You two have kept quiet. Probably for the best.

Which just leaves one more thing to say. I want to face Highlander. Not to throw off on you Dangerous Dan but I don't think you'll win. I want to face him for one reason and one reason only. The only way you could become a legend is to take one out Highlander.

Turn about is fair play.

You hurt my friend.

Now I'm going to kill your career! Smile...I'm bringing some kisses.