~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“I'm dangerous, I'm a dying breed. Poisonous like a centipede. I'm capable of the foulest deed. Dangerous at night. I'm dangerous like a razorback. Deadly like a heart attack. Well, I don't bend and I don't crack. Dangerous tonight.” -Dangerous Tonight. Alice Cooper

You know this has been fun but it's really starting to get on my last God damn nerve.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I haven't exactly been honest with you folks. I apologize. You see I'm not this happy-go-lucky, acts crazy to get attention, one world title shot winning wonder that you all get to boo and hiss at because at the moment I'm the bad guy. Far from it. You see I'm actually none of what I appear to be. I appear to be a joke. I appear to not take anything seriously.

Father, forgive them for they know not what they did.

So woe and behold I try to send some of my own good advice out into the world and what do I get for my trouble for it? I get everyone and their mother wanting to pick a fight with me? You boys don't get it do you? Everything I have done has all been for good fun. I have never once done any of this as personal.

Until now.

Oh Danny Boy I'll get to you in a minute because I have a whole section of life that has to be handled with the rest of your little boy scout troop. I haven't got the time or the patience to deal with it at the moment. You see I'm about to break someone's attempt at having a successful wrestling career into nothing more than a joke. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news though.

But everyone knows Jace Valentine is nothing more than a joke.

Ya ready for the punchline or is that something people from Canada hasn't really grasped yet?

Sorry, I made a mistake in my last statement. Canadians aren't people. Hell they probably have some bastardized half french word for it that roughly translated into real English probably means shaved caribou.

See, I'm having trouble understanding what you pretend to pass off as logic Jace. I founded this fucking group of misfit toys so I would be the one to tell you if we were copying any group in the past of CWF. We aren't out to tarnish any great history here in CWF. Why would I want to spit in the eye of The Cyndicate? Why would I shit on the era of CWF that spawned Ataxia? Why would I throw feces upon the greatest main event where I lost the world title to Danny B? When you lost your world title shot in the same match and walked away crying like a bitch, now why would I want to point that out?

Because I can say I never sucked cock to get that world title shot you fucking little toadturd.

You. Hahahahaha. Everyone has to have a hand in giving you your title shots. Hell if Jarvis hadn't taken pity on your splunk sucking soul maybe we wouldn't be hearing the world greatest emo kid video blog that you call your stupid as hell “promos”. Don't worry I got something to get the salty taste out of your mouth. It's called a brick hammer. Get use to getting your iron in your diet rectally bitch boy.

AHHHH. I swear. I haven't been able to cut loose in a long time and every little bitch is going to feel it today. See someone should just finish you off. You've ruined this federation's reputation more than I ever could and I wear a mask! I could be Chris Andrews for all you know! Talk about an embarassment...wait...I could be you.

Then I'd just do the world a favor and swallow a hot lead bullet being shot by my own hand from a sawed off shotgun peppering my brains all over your so called “great advice”. Must be great to be the product of a broken condom and the backseat of a gremlin, at least that's what your dad told me when I made sweet man love to his ear the night he died Jace.

By the way. You notice that I am the main event and your curtain jerking. Shows you just how... “great” you truly are. By the way. Try not to get to much piss in the ring when Jarvis beats you. I don't want Dan to claim yellow spot slipping as to why I will TAKE his title. By the way. If you are so inclined to stick your nose into my business I would reconsider.

You wouldn't want to piss off the enforcer.

Now onto Weapon “se”X “ual fustration”. Honor. You live it. Courage. No denying you have it. Integrity. The fucking definition of it. Hardkore God! One of the legends! One of the greats! The Original Masked Marvel of Professional Wrestling. I just have one fucking question for you.

When the hell did you swallow a load of “STUPID AS FUCK”!!!!!

Probably about the same time you decided to become a spokesperson for the worst party since Seymour Butts decided to throw a shake your naked ass party. I should have known you were a republican. Put someone in the hospital first and ask questions later. You want to talk about all the things you stand for and yet look at who you are standing with? If I were you. I would break that stick your wife loves to brandish so much into the right eye of our “beloved” president for fucking up as bad as he has.

He handed the world title over to a man faking an injury.

Yet, I am the bad guy?

Does anyone else see a flaw in this “logic”?

I will say one thing though. Get me. I don't want you to have any misgivings about what I am going to do. See. I didn't start this war. He did. He did it by not being a real promoter. He did it by not following the rules. He's broken the most sacred rule of wrestling and yet you stand by him? Are you that desperate for a job? Are you that desperate to lose what honor you lost in that fed that you no longer work in? Sorry. I don't mean to pry at a nerve but do you see a similarity here as it was there. A group of people ruining your little federation? Your dream? Your hope? Your life? You see me as the enemy. You don't want to see me that way. You really don't. Because let me tell you what is going to happen if you don't walk away from this. See, I haven't officially declared war yet. I haven't officially given my declaration to CWF about what IS going to happen. I'm going to point this out once to you. Because, like you I do focus on details. You don't know me.

Allow me to introduce you to the mind of Ataxia.

You come into a fight you know nothing about. You want to win it. That's your goal. You want to destroy me. Common logic of survival says that I should hit you before you hit me. Which is what I am going to do. Now. You have pointed out my long list of crimes. If I have done all of the things you think, but can't prove, that I have done. Ask yourself one question.

Am I really the guy you want to goad into a confrontation?

Ponder on that. I will promise you one thing. I can take anything you can dish out. If you want to “end” The Reckoning though I have a simple solution. Get a gun. Load it. Shoot Steven Gamble in the face and make sure he leaves a will saying that everything goes to Justin Rishel. Then I'll dissolve this. I am not a unreasonable man. You end your precious fuck up of a president's life and I will dissolve this stable and you can go on your merry way to prison. We all win. Because you and anyone of Fox News have a lot in common.

You haven't checked your facts and you don't want to listen to the other side.

The fact of the matter is this. Steven Gamble will fail. Anyone aligned with him will fail. He's pissed off everyone in this roster and anyone in this business who is worth a damn! Except you. He's going to do that to you. He's going to drive a wedge between you and what you want. Now, I know since I am demonized in your eyes that you are not going to fucking listen to a damn thing I say but hear me out.

A wise man once said, he who is going to stab you in the back has no right not to be stabbed in the face, eyes wide open, to see his treachery has failed.

Do the right thing and drop that waste of forty eight chromosomes.

However, I guess asking you to do the right thing would be to let me pay you back for what you did. Tell me would it be fair of me to give your wife a career ending injury? Or does that ying yang balance thing only work for when “you're” right? Tell me. What's fair play? What's “right”? What is the real logical and wonderful truth that you have come to, oh wise ninja bastard?

Well Naruto, let me tell you something, a orange jumpsuit or a mask a ninja do not make.

Now, for now, I am going to stop with the ninja jokes because, let's face it, you are already the laughing stock of CWF next to Jace thinking he's actually a world champion. It's funny really. Apparently you two should team up and become The Legion of Losers. Hell, two people can be a legion and four people can be a Trinity. This is wrestling math after all.

Two plus Two does not always equal tag match.

But enough about retarded things...

Shit I can't talk about CWF at all then other than Chance is awesome and I think Angel and Syn Deville should have a pillow fight match for the Paramount Title.

Now back to special ed needs wrestlers which consists of all of our roster.

Mr. Weapon. I am going to do something nice for you. I am going to give you until next week to back the fuck off. Or I am going to do something that you will wish I didn't do. See this week I have a very special segment planned for CWF. I don't want it interrupted. Matter of fact. I don't want to see anyone out there save for those three idiots we pay to talk during matches and the rest of the ring staff.

Because if I see you come out there kendo stick in hand. I will make your wife a widow and I will make sure I am the only masked guy on the payroll. Got it!

{We fade in on Ataxia sitting in a easy chair in a nice quiet suburban house. In the house we see a woman gagged, in her nightgown, tied up with phone cord. She's a woman in her late thirties. Blonde. Quite attractive. We hear the door to the house open and a man walk in. The man is wearing a gray business suit, gray temples, black hair with a short cut. His thick rim glasses are black and probably have bifocal lenses. He walks in and see's his wife bound and gagged. He reaches for something in his jacket pocket as Ataxia kicks the chair back and falls to the floor. Ataxia stands up and whips around. The man points the drawn gun at Ataxia's face. Ataxia just starts laughing.}

Fred Carpenter: You?

Ataxia: Hi. Got a present for you.

{Ataxia pulls out a remote. It has a nice red light that is flickering until Ataxia puts his finger back on the button that is the trigger.}

Fred Carpenter: What do you want?

Ataxia: Answers as to why my life has been turned upside down by all of you and your little friends.

Fred Carpenter: I don't know what your talking about. I work for a security firm.

Ataxia: Fred. You can lie to your wife cause you fuck her. You don't fuck me...unless you've been to Singapore.

Fred Carpenter:...You think blowing me and her up will get you answers your crazy.

{Ataxia motions to his attire. Brown cloth bagged mask, red contacts over his eyes, red teeth, black suit and tie, white shirt, black opera gloves, and black boots.}

Ataxia: What was your first clue fuckwad. Look. I don't care about all of this secret agency he said she said bullshit. All I want is some answers as to why I'm being hounded left and right by anyone with the last name of Powers. Now. You can be nice to me. You can be the hero here Fred. Or. I can blow us all to hell and laugh about it.

Fred Carpenter: You don't want to kill us or yourself.

Ataxia: See. That's where you are wrong. I live in a world where people interfere in classic fights. Good versus evil because someone CLAIMS brain cancer! I live in a world where someone who works his fucking ass off gets his company bought by a fanboy with disillusions of grandeur. I live in a world where a man in a mask is a republican! Trust me! I want off of this fucking crazy planet! However, I don't want to kill myself because I am the sanest person in this universe. You and your lovely partially plastic wife however...I could care less about blowing up. For all you know I got a body stashed in the house with my dental records with a brown mask over his head. All I gotta do is dive out that widow and save my ass. Now Fred, I am going to call you Fred, put down the fucking gun before I decide to give myself a vacation and you a nice new hole in your chest from shrapnel.

{Fred looks at his wife and puts the gun down.}

Ataxia: The other one please. I do my research I know you got one in your shoe.

{Fred also puts down his back up pistol. Ataxia picks up both guns. He puts one in his coat pocket and cock the other one. He lets the remote drop.}

Ataxia: How does it feel to be bluffed. Don't answer that. Sit your ass down.

{Fred glares at Ataxia as Ataxia pulls the chair back up and makes Fred sit as Ataxia sits down next to Fred's wife. He points the gun right at her head.}

Ataxia: Now, we've established I'm not the most normal carrot you've run across in the carrot patch Farmer Brown. So start singing.

Fred Carpenter: Look. I don't know who gave you my name but I swear I don't know...

{Ataxia fires a shot off into the ceiling and then puts the gun back at the woman's head.}

Ataxia: In case this hasn't dawned on you. I am not in the mood for bullshit. Just tell me what I wanted to know. Which is what the fuck is going on that I have to worry about Agent Powers or any of his cronies.

Fred Carpenter: All right. Powers is a leader of our cell. Our cell is responsible for safeguarding a secret government project. We're not officially affiliated with any part of the government but we have people who work for us in all areas. That project is why he's interested in Amy.

Ataxia: So what? They experimented on her to remove her sense of humor?

Fred Carpenter: We never experimented on family. It's. It has to do with someone else in the Powers family. That's all I can tell you without getting myself killed.

Ataxia: So look into Amy Powers and I can move on with my life.

Fred Carpenter: What life? You don't get it do you.

Ataxia: Hmmm...

Fred Carpenter: Your going to die.

Ataxia: We all do. Some more violently than others. Goodbye Fred.

Fred Carpenter: Wait. No!

{Fade to black...gunshots.}

So what we have here gentlemen is a interesting situation. See Dangerous Dan and I have a history. A history that is a mystery as well as a lie. You see Dan and I faced each other in GCWA or so the legends go if I was the man who was unmasked as Ataxia there. Truth be told Dan, I am not the same guy from GCWA. I never was here. Sorry to disappoint you but you will not hold my identity over my head like some kind of sword.

Hell he'd probably show up just to laugh at you.

Oh he knows. So do you. So does everyone who thinks they know what is really going on here. I mean, hell, most people think I am Jaiden Rishel. I could be. I couldn't be. Could I? Should I? The fact that you do need to know Dan is I don't blame you for joining up with “The Trinity” other than picking a stable with horrible name choices. I am going to point this out though. This isn't some good guys versus bad guys final showdown. No. This is to prove a point. This match is all about proving a point. That point is, like the great Twisted Sister song, that we're not gonna take it anymore!

This match has nothing to do with the bullshit promoter known as Steven Gamble. I went and got this match approved by other channels and it was decided that Jace Valentine wasn't going to mess up another main event. This match folks was put together by three men. Weapon X for wanting to get a cheap shot at me after the match is over. Dan for winning the Impact Title. Great job by the way man seriously. And me. Me. Who brings so much heat that they can't put me near a glacier for fear of global flooding.

This match is going to be great. It's going to be wonderful. We are going to have a match that they all wanted in GCWA. “The Messiah Pariah” versus “The Man without Fear”. That's right Dangerous Dan. I am looking forward to actually having a match that means nothing. So what if I am in a stable that is out to overthrow a corrupt official and you are in a stable that wants to kick my ass as well. I'm putting that out of the equation Dan. Because to be honest. I love you.

Keep your gay comments to yourself oh ye foolish peanut gallery.

Dangerous Dan has always been a joy to work with. He's smart. He's fast. He always has you trying to think ahead of what he is going to do next. He's unpredictable. He's unstoppable in any high risk match he has been put into. Which is why I chose Casket Match.

Figured you could add another lunatic stipulation to your highlight reel for your entrance movie.

However Dan, you have to ask yourself. What can the unpredictable do against itself? You see, you and I are a lot alike. Where you are unstoppable when it comes to leaping from the heavens down upon your opponent. Then there is me.

Dawned on you yet son?

I'm going to hurt you Dan. I'm going to make you earn that title. You won it off of Highlander. Do not disappoint me. I want a fight! I am in need of a good fight! Something that isn't going to leave a bad taste in my mouth. I want to fight a REAL champion and beat him or get beaten by him. I know X isn't going to get involved as long as we all stay out of it. There is nothing that is going to spoil this match. I've told Chance to stay out of it. Ryan is still on the shelf. I know you don't want anyone to ruin your chance to shut me up. To put me down.

I can't wait.

This is what CWF is suppose to be about. Two men putting it all on the line for the Impact Title for the fans and the glory. I know one man has to win with the title over his head. One man has to walk back with failure but pride that he did the best he could. This is your chance to put me away Dan! This is your chance to do what Alex Cain couldn't do! This is what TGO couldn't do! This is what Ace couldn't do! You have a chance to beat me. You have a chance to go one on one with the insane one!

I personally can't wait to fight you my brother. Anytime you and Chris want a real tag team match let me know. I'll even go handicap I don't care. You see everyone is expecting me to be some kind of freak about having to face you! Everyone is wanting me to do something out there! To do what is “expected” of a monster like me! I promise you. You won't get the monster...not till after the match. I am going to break you in that match Dan. I'm going to make you know why taking this challenge was the foolish mistake. Then after that, when everyone descends on this match. I know I'm not walking out of Massacre without getting beat up. I am expecting it! I am wanting it! I need it! Come on you fucking pussies hit me! HIT ME! Beat me like the scalded dog you think I am. Because just like Dan you will all hear the cry. The cry of Ataxia. It will echo in your ears into your nightmares.


Give Chris and Maddie my love. I'll give you my tolerance...peacefully. AHAHAHAHA...

{We fade in on Ataxia in a hotel room as he picks up his cellphone.}

Ataxia: Chance. Yeah. It's me. Yeah, I saw the promo. No, Mine is not going out for a while longer. I want to make sure I get the idiots to say something stupid. Hey. Listen. Have you noticed all the bullshit we got going on right now? Yeah. Oh, You're tired of it to. Imagine that. Yeah. All of them. Statement? Oh. You hit the nail on the head buddy. Yeah. Oh, you need any extra cash? It's not. It's. Will you let me talk for five fucking seconds. It's not a problem. Look. I know you got shit going on with your daughter and that...lovely ex of yours. So if you need anything just ask. What? Your concerned? About what? Oh. Do you think I did it? I'm asking you though. Well. If you don't think I did it then why are we having this conversation. They've got nothing. Have I let you down yet? We will discuss this later. By the way. If you need me to help you talk to Gamble about you...Whoa! Just because he's got the hardkore dummies as bodyguards I just want you to get backup.

{We hear something in the background scream.}

Ataxia: Stop changing the subject. That's nothing you need to worry about! I'll tell you everything later. I promise. What the hell is your deal? Let me clear something up in your head right now. You and I are not fighting! You and I are not having any problems. You want to go make money and name for yourself you go right ahead. You tell those fucking little peons that the next time they suggest a breakup to you I am going to stick something in their ears to make them hear. All right. See you at the show.

{He hangs up the phone and we see tied up in the room is Felicia Powers along with Fred's wife.}

Ataxia: Now we're going to be quiet.

{Fade to Gray...}