~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“You´re standin´ too close what the fuck´s with you, You ain´t my old lady and you ain´t a tattoo No need to whimper, no need to shout This party´s over, so get the fuck out Get the fuck out ” -Get the fuck out. Skid Row

Dear Stevie, You have finally found a way for me to be completely disinterested in any form of combat this week.

Angel? Again? Apparently you neglected my requests as well as hers. We don't want to fight each other anymore. I don't want to waste my time. She wants to fight someone who is actually interested in pounding that fat ass of her's into the mat.

So why are you doing this?

It's nice to see the limits of your creativity are being seen by all and not just mine.

So. Angel. Howse it going? Life still the same? Everything still lame and boring for us to watch? Really. Well that's awesome. Let me guess. We're gonna hear about you and Caledonia becoming “GIRLFRIENDS” HEYYYYY and then about how you LOST your little bitch right?

I mean heaven fucking forbid that you do something that pertains to what we actually get paid to do.

I love that about our lovely modern wrestling world. No one is satisfied with just doing a promo about a match. No. I have to know each and every intimate detail about what your doing right? Don't you think that's a little stupid? Don't you think that's just begging for something “unfortunate” to happen?

Maybe I should pay Becky a little visit and show her some real “TLC” that apparently you and her mom can't agree on. That's the problem with you bitches. None of you understand your place. Shutting the hell up and getting the hell out of our way. Leave us also not forget a woman's proper place. Shutting her goddamn mouth.

Dear Feminists, Suck my dick.

So you wanted to blow my brains out and yet you didn't? Maybe I can make this interesting for you. Here. Let me make this match interesting for you and I can live out one of my fantasies to.

Now where did I put my replica Dan Highlander bodysuit with matching mask at?

Hey I figure you got a hard on for him and so do I let's just make this enjoyable for everyone right? Right. Thought you would like the idea. You know I like talking to you like this and not watching your attempts at a promo because this way it makes you more desirable. Hey, weird idea here, why don't YOU wear a mask. That might make you more desirable. Actually I think you wearing a nun costume, a burka, and a paper bag saying “Fugly” would fit the best.

“Ataxia, what's wrong with you? She's beautiful?”

No. She's not. Because I see what none of you stupid ass fans see. That bitch is just that, a bitch. She's ugly on the inside. She has no personality. She has no real merit other than she can fight. Am I disputing she can fight. Hardly. Anyone who can pin me earns my respect as a wrestler or a fighter. However. I don't respect you as a person Angel.

You have to be a person first in my eyes.

You are nothing more than a object that attempts to try and be more than what she could be. You aren't anything special Angel. You are a tough chick. Whopdee shit. I can probably fine a coked out seventeen year old prostitute with five kids who is ten times tougher than you! What makes you so fucking tough? That you beat up men? Fuck. I guess to be tough then I got to beat up chicks like you then though. Oh no. That makes me a woman beater. That makes me an asshole. That makes me a son of a bitch.

I am not a son of a bitch Angel.

I'm the Messiah Pariah. You want to beat me? You haven't even come close. You've won a match! Bravo! FUCKING APPLAUD THIS BITCH! She has done what some of you can only dream of saying you can have. She has won countless matches with Ataxia and yet something isn't right. Something isn't making any sense.

If I am as big as I am in CWF.

If I am the fucking focal point of this federation, which sad to say, I apparently have become with two factions wanting my bagged head on a plate. With Dan Highlander, You, Jace, and every other unaffiliated to a faction wrestler wants a piece of me. That makes me a focal point Angel.

If I am that point, for arguments sake, why the fuck aren't you in that world title picture?

There is something Jarvis King and BS can yell proudly. They beat Ataxia in a match. They got world title shots at Confliction. What the fuck are you doing? You aren't even fucking booked! Oh you will get a match. Probably against Kaylan El and Synn Devile for a pillow fight on a pole match! I'm stealing that goddamn show and you'll be lucky to be curtain jerking Angel! It's a damn shame but you deserve more than that. Victory should be rewarded but here we are again.

Doing the same old song and dance.

You deserve better than facing me.

Mainly because I'm fucking tired of you facing me. I am tired of fighting someone who, in my opinion, hasn't earned IT! You want to fight me. Fine. You want to say you beat me? Bitch, no one in CWF can claim that. I have not lost an inch since starting this war with that pathetic fan boy in office. What have you done? You won the tag team titles! Whopdee shit! Blue won the world title and no one gave a fart until Jace screwed him over! That's what is selling this fucking fed. It's not the wrestling matches. It's not the fact that you are beating a former world champion, legit, every time! Every victory you have gained is soured by a man who can't fucking book his way out of a library!

You deserve better than being booked like this.

Dear Front Office of CWF, Book this woman in a world title match! Give her a number one contender spot or does she have to fake a injury, complain about a screwjob, or just be a old guy that sucks your DICK to get a world title shot!

I know why I don't get one.

You are that fucking scared of me.

If I win that belt you know this company is over. That's why your sending the best attempt at a hitman you can find at me.

More on that fuckwad later. Right now I am talking about the plight of an Angel. What I mean by you not earning it dear is that I don't see you as a threat. You don't do anything but fight me and apparently make Dan question his dick size. You are without a doubt one of the most talented individuals in CWF.

And your spat on.

Because you take it like the bitch you are.

Get off your back. Clean some “indignity” off of your face. Smack that little nerd in the face. Get what you DESERVE Angel! Just not on my fucking time. You won't get me what I want. You won't get me the type of stranglehold I need to get to save this fucking hellhole!

All you do is get in my way.

Why?! WHY! Why the fuck should I keep putting up with this. I know what Stevie wants. I know what he is trying to do.

We all see it. He wants me to do to you what Elisha did to Elijah! He wants his controversial figure! He wants me to destroy you! He wants me to beat you like the street trash that you STILL are Angel!

Oh what do I know? I wear a mask after all. Sweetie. I get paid to wear a mask, you are doing it for free.

You can take the garbage off the street but you can't get rid of the smell that easily.

And you smell like the shit you are Angel.

Fact is deary, If you had learned how to be a proper human being you wouldn't have flogged that woman when you were trying to keep that child out of her track marked arms. Fact. You fucked up. Fact. You will always fuck up. You do not have a winner's edge in anything. You can scratch, claw, bite, beat, punch, kick, and whatever other physical thing you can do to make yourself a success. You aren't successful Angel. You are a “insert here” wrestler.

Jarvis King made something of himself. Alex Cain made something of himself. I made something of myself! We both beat Elisha. Look who got further. Me. Not because I am the toughest son of a bitch out there. I just happened to be better than Cain at the right time. Everyone called me a loser for that Angel! Everyone spat on me just like the front office spat on you! He's not winning all his matches! He's not doing this, or that, or anything right!

I did, and I still do, lose some matches.

Tell me this though. Even when I lose do you still remember what I did?

You do. You can not deny that fact. I lost to “He who won't be uttered” in a match I requested. I called out Elisha which NO ONE wanted to do. No one wanted to face him. He fucked up a great wrestler and everyone was scared shitless of that dumb fuck. You beat the man. I beat the monster. I took everything that fucker had and I walked away. I wasn't carted off. I walked away. For that I got a world title shot. Not because I'm tough. Because even when I lose I win.

You can ask who the face of this company is. You'll get arguments over who is the big man on campus. It's Scorpio! No it's Valentine! No it's Dan Highlander! No it's Jarvis King! No it's this guy! No it's that guy!

Whose the man that everyone hates?


I am the unwanted. I am the hated. I am the thing that should not be.

People pay to see me lose Angel.

People pay to see what I do next.

People pay to catch a glimpse of the most controversial man in this industry today!

They don't tune in to watch you wrestle other than to see your boobs giggle when you do it.

The former Impact Champion is scared shitless of me! Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris think they know who I am but the fear of the unknown is still there. Ryan Storm, Chance Stevens, and my new allies all want to be on my side instead of being on my bad side. Scorpio founded a group just to take out what I have wrecked upon this pathetic excuse for a indy fed! Jarvis King doesn't want to get in the ring with me because he's worried I will make him unrecognizable to the public! Everyone wants a fucking piece of me. Gamble has brought in a tag team of so called “hardcore” legends just to take my group out. He's getting desperate. It's to all take me out.

Who the fuck is Angel again?

A pile of shit that looks good in spandex.

Make a fucking impact woman. I could help you. I could put all my effort into fighting you. I could go all out! I could make this match the most difficult fucking thing in your life! Because, Angel, I have been holding back.

Just like I did with Scorp in the world title tourney.

I have yet to unleash hell in a match here in CWF. Why? Why would I do that? Because none of you are fucking worth it! You are not worth the semen that broke your crackhead mom's uterus! Why the fuck should I go all out when I don't even want to be associated with a pile of garbage like you!

This isn't a Cinderella story.

Rags to riches doesn't mean shit if you are still trash.

Grow some class woman. If that's even possible at your age.

Or maybe you just need to turn in your “assets” for some new “hard” getting ware.

Either way. I'm not done with you yet bitch. You want me? You really want me? Fine. I'm gonna enjoy making you realize just how much of a ride you've been taken on!

{We see Ataxia sitting in the drivers seat of his hearse. He seems to be in a bit of a rough neighborhood by those we can see outside of the tinted windows. We see him remove his mask for a moment but we can't see it as the camera focuses on his chest.}

Ataxia: Hey sweetheart.

Hooker 1: What the hell kind of car is this man?

Ataxia: Look my boss is a bit of a freak okay. One of these guys who likes to do the scary shit. He's perfectly clean though. He's trying to show some investors a good time and he wants us to arrive in style. That's why I'm here. He wanted me to ask for a certain girl though. Brandy, I think.

Hooker 1: Yeah I know her. Skinny bitch with some hot pink highlights.

Ataxia: Yeah that's the one. Hey, if you can find her why don't you, her, and a couple of your friends come out for the party. I promise you'll get double your rate.

Hooker 1: I dunno man this is kinda sketchy, but...we'll you are kinda cute.

Ataxia: Aw. Shucks ma'm. Your making me blush. I haven't ever picked up ladies before but first time for everything.

Hooker 1: So what's with that mask in your lap.

Ataxia: Oh this is kinda part of the gig. I didn't want you to think I was some kind of creepy freak guy. It's part of the job. Scare the investors cause that's what they pay for.

Hooker 1: So you're a actor then?

Ataxia: Yeah.

Hooker 1: Well all right. I'll go grab Brandy and the girls. Just come around back right.

Ataxia: You got it.

Hooker 1: All right...handsome.

{Ataxia puts his mask back on and once it's adjusted he puts the camera back up.}

Ataxia: Hello, Boils and Ghouls! Why is Ataxia picking up “ladies of the night”? Well, I figure I should do some research on street trash since that's all I am good at facing is “street trash”. Riff Raff, Street Rat, I think Angel buys that. No, the real reason. Is apparently this Brandy girl is the favorite girl of that lovely group of people trying to shut me up. So I figure. I got enough bitches what's one more! One good bitch deserves another. Yay. Bad language. It sells tickets. Anyone can cuss in a promo and get your attention because you people like to be shocked. You sit back like voyeurs and watch. Publicly condeming what you see and yet secretly getting off on seeing it. What's Crazy Tax going to do this week? Who is he going to “murder”. See I say it with those cool quotes because I know “someone” is trying to pin the crime on this jackass and it's not going to work! Because one masked man can't turn in another mask man. I found it on the rulebook!

{Ataxia holds up a roll of toilet paper that has “X's rules of honorable ninja code of bullshit honor” on it. On the roll is numbered rules all wound around it.}

Ataxia: Just like your code of honor and the place that it's written on. Sooner or later it just runs out of shit to clean up. I'm daring you to find some solid evidence of anything. I'm daring you to try and find something that actually incriminates me. No one is going to talk. They're all afraid and, for once, not from me. No one is going to talk to you. Much like the guys in the back. No one wants to talk to you. No one wants to hear from you. You are a idea made flesh. A idea that no one believes in anymore. Hell, even your girl doesn't follow it totally. A uncompromising man. A man without a face. Let me tell you something. Something you already know. Life sucks. You and I are on the same path until this one concept causes a fork. You, chose to try to live up to this myth that good guys always win. I, on the other hand, chose to point out to you that for good guys to win they must do bad things.

{We hear a slew of girls talking up as the come around to the hearse.}

Ataxia: You see X. I win because I know exactly what I am doing. You come in here and demand some sort of respect because of who you think you are. You are nothing. You never will be anything here in CWF but a footnote. You attacked me finally last week and that's just what I wanted. You gave it to me finally. Now. What happens this week. What happens at Massacre is all your fault. Gamble hired you to go to war with me. War. You don't want that. I'm not even going to come at you with ten percent of what I COULD do to you. I could do a lot of things. Maybe this will give you a hint about just what I am capable of.

{He rolls up the window to the front of the hearse and girls pile in the back in seats around the coffin. The camera cuts off and we switch views to a small camera in the car that catches all of the seven girls. We see the girl with the pink highlights. No audio is heard. The car starts up and starts to move. After a while we see a few of the girls start coughing and they try to get Tax to pull over. Eventually they all pass out. The car comes to a stop and Ataxia opens the back window. We switch back to our camera now outside with Ataxia.}

Ataxia: So. Who else is wondering just what I am fucking capable of? I got seven girls in here. I only need one but I can't let the other six go free. Who is going to miss them? Right, Angel? Who is going to miss piles of vermin like this? Let's take a look at them.

{He opens the door and the camera scans over each girl.}

Ataxia: Hey. That one looks kind of like that little trollip you tried to save! Maybe I will go grab her next. Nah. I'll just get her mom to trade her to me for a pile of smack and a goddamn klondike bar! What are you going to do about it Angel? Fight me? Like you fought Elisha? You try it and you'll be carted to the back on a stretcher again. You want to really fight me! You want to really get me to go away. Do the right thing street trash. Go into Gamble's office and break his neck. Since your so good at fighting go land yourself in prison. Then you will have beaten Ataxia. People like you can never beat people like me because I am smarter than you. It's not because you are a woman that I disrespect you. You have no respect for yourself. You shouldn't put up with this bullshit! Something like this is going to happen to that little girl you claim to give a shit about Angel! Wise up. Do the smart thing. Calm the fuck down and educate yourself. This is just going to keep happening. One day some lunatic just like me is going to come into that little girl's life. When that happens. You will hear my laughter in your ears along with this.

{Ataxia throws his head back up to the sky and screams!}


{He looks dead at the camera and smirks.}

Ataxia: Has it not dawned on all of you yet? I am that which should not be. I crossed a line? BULLSHIT! The line was drawn in the sand. This foolish fan boy said this is my sandbox now and you have to play by my rules or I am going to do...what? I said fuck that the first time and everyone told me I was a idiot. Whose the fool now Scorpio? You use to have respect! You use to have dignity! Now what do you have? A grudge against me because apparently the only way to save face is to stop me? What kind of logic is this! What kind of logic do any of you have? You want to stop me! You want to end me! Join me! Join the right cause! You don't have to join “The Reckoning” but tell that little turdbump that he has to do his damn job and stay the fuck out of our business. He brings in this fucking masked wannabe to take me out. What's he going to do Jace when you pull your next stunt. We're going to get someone with even less of a personality spewing out garbage trying to stop you. We are all expendable in his eyes because we are not his “vision” of CWF. Let me tell you what my vision of CWF is and you tell me if I am the bad guy?

{Ataxia clears his throat, as it is almost hoarse from all his efforts in this promo.}

Ataxia: CWF. Sell out arenas. Not the high school gyms we have been playing in. Not taking pay cuts and having to face glorified indy wrestlers who leave the second their check doesn't bounce. The guys who are in it for the long haul get rewarded. A place where the one who is the best gets the best! That's what I want CWF to become instead of this glorified shock wrestling that it is. I'm the most shocking guy here. ALL EYES ARE ON ME! They want to see what I am going to do next? I'm going to really shock them. I'm going to really ruin CWF. It's just a matter of time before my plan falls into place. Angelica is already wanting to call the shots. I can respect her. She's one of us! SHE IS ONE OF THE DAMNED! You want to call me a freak and a villain because I don't act like you and I don't play by your rules. Guess what X? Your rules suck! Your life sucks! Your wrestling sucks! Everything about you sucks including your woman because that's the only reason to keep a slut like that around is her vacuum comparison! This match. At Massacre. Is nothing. It's a prelude to annihilation. What I do to X though. Is going to send a message to Steven Gamble. You want to take me out. You fucking try it yourself bitch. Be a real man and fight me like Angel does. Or can you not do what a woman can do little boy? Now...I got bodies to get rid of. Pleasant fucking dreams.

{Ataxia shuts the door and puts the camera on the side of the road.}

Ataxia: I've been working on the railroad...all the live long DDAAAYYYYYY!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...

{Fade to gray...}