~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“The secret side of me I never let you see. I keep it caged but I can't control it...” -Monster. Skillet.

This is what you wanted right?

You wanted me.

Do you really know the real me X? Of course not. You refuse to see reality. I know that's hilarious coming from a man in a mask, but from one masked man to another I have to say at least I'm not full of my own ego and bullshit to see the truth.

And the truth is X at Confliction. I'm going to destroy you.

Everything you have in this company is riding on the fact that you can go one on one with “The Messiah Pariah”and be victorious. I don't have to win the match X. I just have to obliterate you. That's the plan. I'm sure it's yours to.

After all, you are so predictable.

It's funny. Everyone who still talks to me in the back have been asking me one question. Why are you fighting him in a match where even his rules do not apply? Simple stupid. Because I want to fight the real you.

The question is do you even know who that is?

Under the mask, we know there is a man. A man with ideals. A hero. A warrior fighting for “justice”. We know that this man has a wife and a family. We know that this man has what most people would consider to be a great career. This man is a “Hardkore God”. This man is a monster when he has to be and a saint any other time. Righting wrongs. Saving people. Always there to save people conveniently in his promos. On camera he is always presented as the hero. Always a shining light in a world of darkness.

Is that the real you?

See, unlike the rest of “The Reckoning” I have a different insight into you. If you were facing Ryan Storm, Chance Stevens, or even Jaiden Rishel you might get away with your usual crap. This crap that you are more than a man. That you are a ideal! That you are some sort of god among men because of you are unknown. Who you are under that mask is nothing compared to who you are wearing that mask. The mask is power. The identity of Weapon X is more potent than anything “Jon Doe” could ever be. That's real power X. Except for you bought your own hype.

You see I'm not here to destroy the man known as Weapon X. I'm here to destroy the idea of Weapon X.

The mask is useless if no one buys the premise. This career you have is one of great highs and lows. At your lowest you still stood for what is right, in your mind, and that is commendable. I give you all the props in the world for trying.

Because that's all you've ever accomplished. With all your hard work. With all your efforts. The world is still corrupt. In fact, it's gotten worse because no one wants to follow a square like you. They'd rather have a rhombus like me.

What do I know about the real you though X? After wall what could I possibly glean from just these past few weeks when you tried to destroy our greatest triumph. Oh, I know plenty.

I know you are praying this gambit of yours works. If it turns out that Gamble is the vile fiend then...that makes you the servant of the devil doesn't it X? You want to try and blame me for everything wrong with CWF. Where the hell were you when Gamble screwed over Scorpio? Oh yeah. The unemployment line. Where you should have stayed. No one wants you. No one needs you. Your time has passed X.

But you can't let it pass because for some reason reality doesn't really work for you.

Despite my “mask” I do live in reality X. I know things about this world that hasn't even dawned on you. To you, I'm the villain. To me, your the corrupted fool sent to fight me. It doesn't matter whose perspective it is. You and I are counter points. Both men in masks. One grounded in reality with a flair for the dramatic. Then one who drinks his own kool-aid and believes his own hype.

Wait, there is one difference between us. One little thing that seperates you from me. You have a companion.

You know I really hope nothing really bad ever happens to her. I mean, I know she can take care of herself but really what would happen to you. She is what you center this world of yours around. The problem with mentally unstable people like you X is one thing goes wrong and it all comes crumbling down. Everyone in the audience is expecting me to do something to Viper to push you over the edge. I could do it so easily.

I could leave my locker room, or just show up to the arena unmasked. No one knows whose under this face. I could just get out a all access pass for a fan, let's call him Freddy. I just walk around backstage enjoying myself. Get a autograph from Blue Scorpion. Have my picture taken with Jarvis King. Hell, I might even say that I love the new CWF to Steven Gamble himself. Then all I have to do is wait. Viper does love to wander around doesn't she. Eventually I get to where I need to get to. Then the nice gun I bought earlier during the day will come into good use. I blow away your precious little bitch then disappear. Forever. Gone. Without a fucking trace. You would never find me. Gamble would go to jail for his ineptitude and you would be spend the rest of your pathetic life trying to find me. If I really wanted to ruin you X that would be what I would, and could, do.

The thing is. Your not worth the price of a bullet!

No. I don't want to break you the easy way. I want to break you the fun way. I want to break you when you break character. This shit about you doing this hardcore shit is a contradiction of hypocrisy that makes the rest of the world see you for the bullshit artist I know you to be. I want you at your so called “best”. You know why that is? Because after I destroy you then your fucking finished little boy.

This is real life, it's not a fucking comic book. I'm not some stupid costumed freak with a death ray threatening to blow up the world because I didn't get my Hostess Fruit Pies the way I wanted to so I could go into a diabetic coma.

Your “fire suit” is going to be fun to rip off then burn your ass!

That whole wardrobe of yours is going to be fun. I'm stripping you down. Bare bones. Hell, I'll even strip down to.

Dan, calm down. You won't get to see my naked ass. I know you wanna see it so you can see your future but just chill.

Because deep down X. No matter what. You are nothing without that mask. When this one comes off. I am more fucking powerful than you ever could imagine! No, I'm not Obi-Wan. I'm the psychotic one! I fear nothing you can throw at me. You want to talk to me about all these hardcore matches. Blah Blah Blah. Fuck off. All of that “experience” just tells me you got a lot of easy pleasy bleedable flesh! You want to fight me in a street fight. I got a history of these. This played right into my fucking hands bitch.

Then again you should be used to getting played by now.

Ataxia: This is Micheal Brown.

Micheal Brown: (muffled scream)


{We hear the sound of a smack. A thick smack like that of something metal hitting someone in the side of the face. The camera finally cuts on and we see a young man in his late twenties with a growing bruise on the left side of his face. He looks up. He's mouth is gagged and his body is tied to a chair that is now on it's side. The camera is hand held. We can see one of the hands putting down a metal pipe on a table. It's wearing the black opera glove that we have associated with Ataxia.}

Ataxia: As you can see. I've stopped him from talking. Silence is golden and duct tape is silver. See I know for a fact that you are the one responsible for what I have had to do for these past few months Micheal. I think it's time you start talking. Once your superiors see this tape on national television they'll realize you've been compromised.

Micheal Brown: (Angry muffled yell)

Ataxia: Okay fine.

{Micheal's eyes get really big as Ataxia pulls out a black revolver and shoots one shot into Micheal's left knee.]

Ataxia: We'll do it my way.

Remember I'm just a clown in a mask who is out to turn things upside down in the wrestling world. Really? Do you think all of this is about wrestling? No. This is about revolution! This is about taking back what is rightfully ours.

You think a glorified fan boy can run this company? Of course you do. You are just alike after all.

Yes, you and Steven Gamble are cut from the same otaku infested cloth. You sweat with facts and what you think wrestling is about. I bet you think that this gimmick you have is one that is destined to go over with fans and give them a bright shining outlook on life. Basically wanting to give them a choice. The choice is to follow your ideals or big bad Weapon X is going to beat you all within a inch of your life with a singapore cane.

Wow. How fascist of you.

Remember kids, He's a republican full of republican ideals. Ah yes, the great party of morality who go gung ho to kill anyone who dares to have a problem with their precious country. You make me fucking sick. Your the reason why things are wrong in this country X not me. You want to make me out to be a bad guy? Okay. Let's look at how things are when YOU get what you want.

Everyone cheers for you. “Bad guys” are punished. Blah Blah Blah. Then what happens. People have no choice but to support heroes like you. People can only chose to support heroes like you. Where does that leave everyone else X? You want to do what's right for this business put Gamble through those metal tables instead of Ryan Storm. Ryan Storm who see's, just like the rest of the damn roster, just how incompetent this man is. This is almost as bad as the early nineties with him bringing in all of these wannabe characters.

Now I make be something out of a comic book but I am no character.

This aint a Looney Tune last time I checked.

This fascist idea of yours only benefits two people in this federation X.

You and the douchebag you suck on.

And no, for once I wouldn't dare insult your wife to be in the same league as that vinegar infested cesspool that is Steven Gamble.

You want to talk shit to me? You want to call me the bad guy? Why? WHY!? Why am I the bad guy here X? Because your boss tells you so. Good little nazi. Enjoy the parade. Back to business.

Ataxia: Now...let's take this off.

{Ataxia removes the gag from Micheal's mouth}

Micheal Brown: I don't know who you are! This guy just came into my office! He killed three people and then drug me to this ware...

{Ataxia kicks Micheal in the mouth knocking out one of his teeth.}

Ataxia: Micheal! Stop fucking with me. I'm not with your people. I don't want to kill you...

Micheal Brown: HELP ME!!!

Ataxia: All right. Where did I put that blowtorch.

Gruesome eh?

Let me guess. APB for Ataxia. Gotta find out who this guy is and save him right. Maybe I should call you and talk to him. Maybe you could talk some sense into him. Don't tell him anything! Hold out! Just hold out!

Yeah. That'll kill him.

What do you care though? I hear he's a Jace Valentine fan.

He doesn't like you. I don't like you. No one likes you.

That's what this is all about X. Some little kid who couldn't figure out that the damn comic books he lived in didn't reflect the real world. So he made himself a wannabe Batman. The thing is I aint your joker. I have no equal. Unlike that fucker in the comics I don't want to do this dance forever. I want to end it. It's going to end. You think you got this all figured out.

You don't have a fucking clue.

Come on hero. Tell him it's going to be okay.

{We see the blowtorch being started up.}

Ataxia: You know it's really fucked up. It really is. All that I want to do is beat a guy half to death this weekend. BUT NOOOO! No! I gotta find out some little shitbag like you whose been ruining my life. You know you could be helpful and just tell me the truth.

Micheal Brown: I don't know anything.

Ataxia: Everyone knows something. Tell me. You ever heard of how you really get to know a man? You take a man into your house for twenty years. Ya live with him, you talk to him, you share your life with him. On the day you kill that man. That's when you know the real him. Do you want me to know the real you Micheal Brown? Do you? I'd rather be spending this time training for my match than killing you slowly.

Micheal Brown: I don't know what your talking about!

Ataxia: I am not a superior officer Micheal. This is not a exercise. I will fucking kill you in a bad way. Besides I already know who the next person on the list is.

Micheal Brown: What?

Oh. I'm the crazy guy right? Oh I don't know what I'm doing right?

So you want to know the real me. Okay. Lights.

{We fade in on the same warehouse. We see Ataxia with his back to us and the mask of Ataxia on a table. Both masks. He's not waring one at all. All we see is his chest level.}

Ataxia: Now. Let's talk for real. No mask. No mystery. No anything. This is just between you and I. Every smark and mark in the place is about to get ready for a shoot. Here's the shoot. The fact is X your a fucking moron. No one buys into this crap about you saving some rape victim or whatever lifetime movie of the week bullshit your trying to pass off as reality. Oh I'm a private investigator. Yeah just cause I can make a sandwich doesn't make me a gorumet chef does it? Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit man. Let's face facts. You call me fucked up? You killed your wife's father and she's just okay with that? Come on man. Let's see if the fiction of this horrible fan fic where you mary sue'd yourself into being the hero actually has some meat to it. Because I seriously doubt that it does. You want to know what happened to Amy Powers? Why? So you can try to use it to get rid of me right? Fuck you. The only way you are going to pull that off is by beating me in this match and it's way out of your league boy. Yeah. Boy. Not old man. Boy. Because in all honesty your a fucking child. You think I'm some immature little shit. No bitch. I'm anything but. I got everything fucking figured out including you. You think you know brutality. You think you know fucked up shit in a wrestling match. Son, you have never gone one on one with me. After this match you never will again. Last week was just for fun. Last week was to test you out. This week I choke you out! I'm going to make you submit if I have my way about this match. That's right. I want to make you tap out like the bitch that you are little boy. I'll settle for just kicking your ass. See you win this match X. Nothing changes. I'm still the biggest threat in this federation. I am still in charge of the fate of everyone in this fucking company. You. You get a little bit of breathing room before you become a laughing stock that we all know you are.

{Ataxia pulls out a lighter and sets the mask on fire.}

Ataxia: I don't need this mask to make me something special X. I need nothing to make me special. I don't need a mantra of justice that gets thrown out of the way when steel chairs get added to the mix. I see everyone as equal. Things to be manipulated. Some easier than others. You want to beat me. You got to look deep inside of yourself and realize that all your bullshit doesn't matter. All of your hopes, dreams, and philosophy will get you killed. We all have a reason for putting on one of these. You, to hide who you really are from the world. Me, so they will accept it! So your a “Hardkore God”. Well, I guess God is dead at Confliction. No laughing needed. Your a joke that isn't fucking funny anymore.

{Fade to Gray...}