~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“All we need is lightning. With power and might. Striking down the prophets of FALSE. As the moon is rising. Give us the sign. Now let us rise up in awe. Rock 'n Roll angels bring thyn Hard Rock Hallelujah. Demons and angels all in one have arrived. Rock 'n Roll angels bring thyn Hard Rock Hallelujah. In God's creation supernatural high. The true believers. Thou shall be saved. Brothers and sisters, keep strong in the faith. On the day of Rockoning. It's who dares, wins. You will see the jokers soon'll be the new kings.” -Hard Rock Hallelujah. Lordi.

Trent “The Son of a Bitch” Steel? OHHH NOOO MY SECRET IS OUT...Not.

Really? You think that's who you are facing. You think you are going one on one with a real hardcore legend? You think that he would waste his time with this federation? Please. That “sexy” man is chilling out in NLW laughing at the fact that Dangerous Dan thinks that the same week he faced me he was facing Steel because that's who Ataxia was in GCWA.

You tried to peak.

You failed.

You know it's not really surprising. Someone like you is always looking for a real easy way to try to win. You wanted to try and convince the world that I was Trent Steel. Why? So you could make a name for yourself? So you could be “the man” who took down Ataxia. Let me tell you something you should probably know.

I'm not Trent Steel. Trent Steel and I are “friends”. Not in the sense that we are the same person. The fact is that when Trent Steel got the first invite from Justin Rishel he didn't want to do it. He didn't want to come over here since he had no real reason to other than to have another match with Draco. As for me, well, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. He allowed me the use of the identity.

To make it all my own.

Yes, I won the CWF World Title. What have you done in CWF in the short amount of time you've been here?

Oh yeah, injured out the real workers of the federation and working for some asshole who thinks he can make a star out of you again. You honestly thought you had me by trying to pull that shit. Cracka, I was prepared for this. Just like I have been prepared for every fucking thing you have tried to do to me since day one. Oh yeah, I knew I was going to get my ass kicked. I didn't care. The point of this is simple.

Your the lamb and I'm the fucking slaughter boy.

But since you want to try and be a bad ass in your own right this is going to make it even more sweeter when I fucking kill you.

Get ready. You wanted war. You got it.

{We see a animated picture of a cute duck. He looks so cute doesn't he? That's all we see. The audio is playing with some very happy symphonic tones.}

So now that we are all in the proper mindset for what we are doing let's rip apart this attempt at a promo storyline that you have tried to do for this pay per view shall we? I mean hell, there is no point to me finishing out mine now right? I mean after all, you pretty much ruined any chance of anyone paying attention to this for continuity's sake bitch. Oh and don't worry. For you real wrestling fans. You know, the ones I do this shit for. What happened to Micheal Brown will be shown in it's entirety I promise. Unlike some people. I don't try to swerve my viewers when they have NOTHING to show to actually entertain them.

So let's go over the real problem here. Number one. I don't care who you are. No one will let a masked man help them without someone knowing who the fuck you are underneath that damn thing. With all the threat of terrorism in this country let's talk about the real believability that you are allowed to walk around and act all high and mighty and save people from rapists.

Let's clarify this guys. The sketchy guy in the mask saves the girl from another sketchy guy and then he FORCES HIMSELF INTO THEIR LIVES! Deports her parents basically! And he wonders why she doesn't want to fucking talk to him!

Hey, you know maybe I'm just a little bit crazy here but does anyone else not see this guy as the one who should be going to jail?

Wait, We should let the rapist go?

No. I got a simple solution for that problem. Shoot him. You got a private dick license, which by the way I find really really really fucking retarded, you should have a gun. SHOOT THE FUCKER! Oh wait, I forgot you have a moral code. You know, I often wonder, if this code of yours really makes sense to anyone else but you. So far eleven out of nine people agree that your fucking stupid.

No one trusts a man in a mask stupid. That's why no one trusts me. Now onto another point. Leader? There is no leader to “The Reckoning” you idiot! The only leader is the REAL owner of CWF. The man who gave ME my world title shot. The man who gave us all what we really earned. You know, earned, that thing you haven't done since nineteen ninety blah blah blah when you first started in this great sport of professional wrestling that you destroy more than anything I could do. I love the fact that you think that you are some sort of hero when really you are the most warped villain I have ever met in this sport.

Mental toughness. It's something you talked about in this past promo. Tell me. Are you trying to set me off to be as turned up as you are? Right now your about a eleven and I am still at a calm 2. You seem to be under the impression that last week I even gave you a hundred percent in that fight. That was a walk in the park. As for how fucked up I am. Let me tell you something.

Even if I was in a body cast I could kick your ass X.

I might even come down to the ring in one just to prove it. You know it's funny. You talk about me like I'm some kind of bad guy because I walk into Gamble's office and fuck with his head. Do you know that's when CWF ratings have gone up the most. Has it ever dawned on you that maybe how someone has to save a company from mismanagement is to do the one thing that no one is willing or able to do.

Why do you think I'm called “The Messiah Pariah”. It's not just something sell t-shirts.

I'm the one no one has ever wanted X. I'm the one that no one has ever wanted to be. I'm the outcast that everyone would rather spit on that help. It's how it has been my whole life. My family threw me away. You say you want to be a dad. Let me tell you something. You would make a decent father. But as a role model. You suck. I had nothing. I have always been the one person who never fit in even when he was the life of the party.

When Trent Steel declined to go to CWF he called me up.

He asked me if I would do it because he knew I had a personal reason for coming to CWF.

I was set to debut as myself and Justin liked the idea. So took up the paper bag mask as everyone likes to call it.

I got what I wanted though. I took out the man I came here to take out. I took out Elisha.

It was the proudest moment of my life. I did the right thing. You want to talk about doing the right thing. You want to put on a SHOW about doing the right thing. I did the right thing. I took out the man who hurt the most important person to me as a human being.

It's all I am going to say on the matter but know this. You make me sick.

Then I get a shot at the world title. A dream for anyone who has been in this business. I get a shot at the champ. No one. No one. No one person though I could do it. I won. I beat Cain in his prime for his world title. Not Jarvis King. Not Jace Valentine. Not Danny B. Ataxia. The man I became out of necessity.

You want to sit there and judge me. Let me give you the real story about why I am after Steven Gamble. Justin told us we were all going out of work. Worst meeting I've ever been. I still had the world title and I didn't know if I was going to have a job the next week. Justin pulled me aside and said he had talked to Trent Steel. After he was done in GCWA. All rights to the name of Ataxia were mine. Justin could have kept them.

Justin could have sold them to Steven Gamble.

He gave them to me and didn't ask for a dollar.

Not. One. Cent.

So when I here CWF is coming back from the grave and that the new owner wanted to talk to me. He said he wanted me because I was a surge of popularity back in the final months. He hired me. Under the rules of not knowing who I am. I wanted to keep that a secret because I didn't trust him. I was right. I told him I didn't want to be in the world title picture. I wanted to be the Impact Champion. I wanted to “earn” my way back to the top and beat whoever won that world title. He pulled me from the battle royal to fight in someone else's place when I told him I didn't want to. Steven Gamble did something that Justin Rishel never did to me.

He spat on me.

He spat on everything we worked for. You want to talk about shock value. I gave up during that match with Blue Scorpion because I didn't want to win. I didn't want the world title. That was not the plan.

That wasn't what I wanted.

I wanted justice.

This guy doesn't know how to book his way out of a bag mask and you sit there and defend him because you want to be famous in the big leagues. You want to make your mark old man. You want to make a name for yourself instead of a mask. Your a greedy, sick, nosy, ignorant cunt.

You chose the right political affiliation.

When I turned on CWF I did it out of necessity because Steven Gamble would run this place like a half assed efed.

For those playing the home game that's when a guy creates a message board on the internet and does results based on who he thinks is the best. His own clique usually get the best stuff. This is the type of booking Steven Gamble does.

That's not CWF. That's...wait what was the initials of that fed you came from?

Oh yeah, no one cares.

Steven Gamble spat on the legacy of what gave me my shot. What gave me my spot! What gave me my life! For the first time I felt like I belonged. To hear people cheering my name. To be idolized. To be someone who belonged.

He took that from me.

He was taking it from all of us.

And you defend him. WHY?! Because I turned my back on a fanboy itching to push us all aside for what HE wanted. It's not about what he wants. It's not about what I want. It's not about what the high and mighty WEAPON X wants! It's about them.

It's about these fans.

They loved me.

And I had to cruicfy my dream, to save this one.

"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

Didn't know I liked poetry did you. Did you predict that? HUH?! This colossal wreck is what Gamble has made it. All the vets are leaving. They don't want to be here! Whose next? Blue? Jarvis? Cain's gone! Anubis! Whose left? Angel, Highlander, Valentine,...and me.

Someone had to make a choice. Someone had to do the real right thing. It's easy to do the right thing when your being cheered for it X. It's so easy to feel justified. You. You don't know what it's like. This mask had to become the villain because I had to save this place. Everyone hates their boss on some level. Everyone hates new people trying to run old things. That's why Steven Gamble is such a prime patsy. I'm not going to kill Gamble. I'm going to drive him to sell this business to someone competent.

None of this was personal.

Until you decide to come in here and wage hell. You took out a man whose spent his life in this business for what reason? To be a dick.

No. That would be almost justified compared to what your doing.

You want to pretend your a hero. Let me tell you what you are. Your a hitman.

A piss poor one at that.

Now, I know Ryan Storm isn't the best man in the world. God knows everyone thinks he's a prick. But, what did he do to you? Something in some indy fed that three people saw? You claim to be the hero and yet you tear a man to shreds without even giving him a chance to explain why?

Got no answer. Well I got one. Two types of good guys in the world X. One is the one who acts like a good guy and justifies his behavior as the “right thing” to do. The other is the one who does the right thing even if it means his own damnation.

You like to say the good guys always win in the end.

Your right.

Now let' wait for everyone to calm down after what I just said. Yes. You are right X. You are right about good winning over evil. I lived that with Elisha. I lived that moment. That moment where I had doubt about what was good and what was evil! That fucking asshole was scum. I enjoyed what I did. Then. I had to become like him.

Every boo.

Every piece of trash thrown.

Every sacrifice that I made. Was for CWF.

I'm the one being booed because I had to make the tough decisions. I'm a fly right? A pest? Let me ask you a question then. Flies eat shit right. Guess your my next meal.

Since your the biggest turd I ever laid eyes on.

I've nagged?! I've bitched?! I've complained?! Your damn right! What has it done? Kept us alive where your monologues about right and wrong have made us all lose money. This is about right and wrong but this is also about people's lives. We fight for money. Let's not make any noble quams right now we get paid to do this. We get paid to beat the hell out of each other on a weekly basis because it's what the people want to see. John Q. Public gets off on seeing us kill each other. That's why I kept fighting you the whole time because I knew you would keep fighting me. Because deep down you do exactly what you do for the same reason.

You do it for your wife.

To keep food on the table you fight. Don't lie X. We all know it's true and that's okay. Now. What am I doing?

I'm doing this for every wrestler in the back. Jace did what he did because it would get him money. Jarvis came back because he needed the money. Blue does what he does because he's finally earning the big money. Dan is a douchebag because people love to see douchebags get their just desserts.

And I'm the bad guy because we need one.

What are you?


A hatchet man. A poor one at that. You couldn't take out a slut on a date with dollar menu coupon. I honestly feel sorry for your wife. Actually I feel sorry for everyone who has ever known you. Because to be honest I use to be a fan.

You disappoint me.

You use to make everything all sunshine and rainbows. No matter what pile of shit I went into I would always think what would Weapon X do? Bullshit right? Weapon X will sell you out for the boss because that's the way it's done. The booker books, the wrestler fights, the fans enjoy the show. The problem is when the booker pushes his own agenda ahead of what the fans want then we have no choice but to get rid of him.

Kinda like how America kicked the British out. No offense to our brits here. That's the ideal you try to symbolize patriot. What do you do instead. You prevent the changing of the guard. You are acting like a fascist. My way or the highway. Well, given the choice. I'd take the highway and leave you to rot in this hellhole. Then again I don't have a choice.

Kind of like you.

Except if I win we all get what we want, well except you but your the one who through your lot in with the wrong booker.

Happens to the best of us, which you are not anymore.

By the way, you still hit like a girl.

And by the way, just for shits and giggles, Trevor Kent is more of a wrestler than you could ever want to be. I hope he shows up here next just to piss you off even further. Because we all know what happens when Weapon X meets Trevor Kent right? Bye bye X, hello money.

Speaking of other things that we need clarified. You know the funny part about the whole GCWA thing. Most CWF fans watched GCWA to. They already knew. Wow. You. You. You just spoiled NOTHING! What's your fucking point? All you did was question rather I was a man who has spent a lifetime drinking JD by the gallon, smoking cigs like his life depended on it, and could kick your fucking ass any day of the week you pathetic ignorant little bitch!

Figures, a republican would say something redundant.

But one thing you did say needs to be clarified.

I never got better?

Really? That's funny. Because since I'm not Trent Steel the whole insult has no matter. Matter of fact I will call him up right now if he would be so kind to show you just how stupid you really have been. The only problem is, and I know this for a fact, you don't want me to. If you think I'm bad? If you think I am some kind of fucking insane psychopath then you really don't know the name your invoking.

As for rather or not I am improving. Let me clue you in on something since your a history buff. I have said on many occasions that I haven't been giving my all. Because if I did. I'd be world champion again. Oh but then again let's talk reality. Reality being. Yakuza would have killed you already and you give the FBI to much credit. They have to have proof. They don't have a fucking finger print. They don't have DNA. They don't have anything. Just like your pseudo happy ending. Whose actually happy. The girl who hates you now because she has to deal with you as a father.

Maybe I can help.

I know exactly what to do in this case.

Hello, yes I'd like to talk to social services please. Yes, I'd like to report a wanted and admitted murderer is raising a illegal alien down the street from me along with a woman I swear use to be in porn. Yes.

Sit back, watch the truck, laugh my ass off.

I'd be doing the cunt a favor. You as a dad. I'd kill myself to save me the hours of MORALITY LESSONS!

You want to take out the mystic of Ataxia. The only thing you've done is proven one thing fuckwad.

You don't know dick.

Just like always.

Happy Valentines Day X...Won't you be my massacre victim!

{We fade in on Micheal Brown with his hands handcuffed to the table and we see the blow torch next to his right hand.}

Micheal Brown: All right. I'll tell you. Powers is a low ranking member of one of the organizations you don't hear about on CNN. Someone tried to take out the daughter who didn't belong to the agency. Amy. When she was with you that's when shit happened. I don't know the details because all surveillance was messed up. The only lead we have. Is you. A public figure. We can't go through the usual channels to find out what's going on. One by one you've figured out the trail that lead you to here. Now I know you know who my boss is. We just want to find out what happened to Amy.

Ataxia: Why?

Micheal Brown: She's...engaged to my son.

Ataxia: Really. Why should I believe you.

Micheal Brown: Why should you? Have you ever loved anyone other than yourself?

Ataxia: Yes.

Micheal Brown: I don't care if you kill me. I just have to know. Is she alive or dead?

Ataxia: You'll find out in five seconds.

Micheal Brown: Is that when you kill me?

Ataxia: No. I'm not going to kill you Micheal.

Micheal Brown: Why do I...(coughs).

Ataxia: I already did ten hours ago. I'm sorry.

Micheal Brown: Why did you do this?

Ataxia: To prove a point. To do the right thing. Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing. I'm sorry about your knee. And your face.

{Ataxia leaves with the camera in his hands. Micheal starts to say something but keeps coughing. Ataxia walks out of the warehouse and puts the camera down on a trashcan. He opens up his phone.}

Ataxia: Yeah. I'm leaving the camera here. Yeah, garbage can outside of the warehouse. Yeah, that's the right number. Gotcha. He's got maybe twenty minutes. I'd call the ambulence on your way here. Yeah. Oh yeah. He's gonna need it. Don't worry. No one is going to miss me when I'm gone. Why? What I've done only I know about. Oh the camera? Why not? Every good bad guy has to document what he does right? That's how the nazi's did it. Right? No, don't call. No. No. NO! I have to do this myself! I don't want any help from him. I don't need it. Fuck you. All right. ALL RIGHT! I've got this. I've always had this. This was my plan from the start. Mine! I will take full responsibility for what is going on. Just...just don't tell Dad all right.

{Ataxia turns his back to us but we can see him rub his eyes like he's crying.}

Ataxia: This is my cross to bear. The least you can do is let me finish this out my way. I'm not asking you to stop what your doing. Just. Let me do this. Please. I don't want to look back on my life and think that I got screwed because of anyone else but me. I can take it. I know I can. You trained me for this and I love you for that. I know that you and I don't always see eye to eye. I just don't want to end up hating myself when I know what I'm doing is right. This is hard.

{Ataxia nods his head agreeing with what's being said on the other end of the line.}

Ataxia: I know life is going to keep throwing shit like this my way. I know that about as good as you do. You have to understand something though. I had it all. I had it all and I threw it all away for what? For people I will never see. For people who throw garbage at me! For people who hate everything I stand for but they will watch. Because I don't want to be the one to kill it. That's not what it's about. I was nothing before it came into my life. You had a life! You had everything! You had it all taken away from you by your own fucking stupidity! I made the choice. I made...and I got to live with it. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. This mask feels like a prison. This hell feels like home. Everything sucks. Life is horrible. I'm fighting against someone I once looked up to. This is worse than Elisha. This is worse than Cain. This is...what did you say? A defining moment. How right you are.

{Ataxia leans up against the brick wall and slides down. He doesn't look like the usual confident wrestler. He looks like he's broken, ever so briefly.}

Ataxia: What do I have to do? Is there anyway for me to go back? No, I'm not whining fucker. I just want you to tell me that sometime. Someway. I can get back what I loved. Will they cheer me again?

{He doesn't say anything. Five minutes. Ten Minutes. Ataxia just shakes his head.}

Ataxia: Well, it doesn't matter. I win either way right? I just hope someday. Someone appreciates this. You know it's funny. He mentioned mental toughness and he has no fucking clue how tough this is. How tough it is to keep doing this shit to people. How tough do you have to be to just keep this going. To keep doing this. I. I. I just want it to stop. I hate myself. I hate everything.

{He looks up at the camera.}

Ataxia: Yeah I left it on. Why? It doesn't matter anymore. It ends at Confliction either way. Might as well show that I can bleed to. He wants to talk about how much he can beat me. You know what? Just this once. I think I'm going to go one hundred percent just to show him just how out of his league he is!

{Ataxia gets a pissed off look on his face that we can see through the mask and he walks over to the camera.}

Ataxia: Confliction. Verb,used without object, One. to come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; clash: Two. to fight or contend; do battle. Noun. Three. a fight, battle, or struggle, especially a prolonged struggle; strife. Four. controversy; quarrel: conflicts between parties. Five. discord of action, feeling, or effect; antagonism or opposition, as of interests or principles: a conflict of ideas. Six. a striking together; collision. Seven. incompatibility or interference, as of one idea, desire, event, or activity with another: a conflict in the schedule. Eight. Psychiatry . a mental struggle arising from opposing demands or impulses. I got one more definition of Confliction for you. See Weapon X vs Ataxia. Related Articles. The Final Fall of Weapon X!

{Ataxia kicks the camera and we fade to gray...}