~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“All we need is lightning. With power and might. Striking down the prophets of FALSE. As the moon is rising. Give us the sign. Now let us rise up in awe. Rock 'n Roll angels bring thyn Hard Rock Hallelujah. Demons and angels all in one have arrived. Rock 'n Roll angels bring thyn Hard Rock Hallelujah. In God's creation supernatural high. The true believers. Thou shall be saved. Brothers and sisters, keep strong in the faith. On the day of Rockoning. It's who dares, wins. You will see the jokers soon'll be the new kings.” -Hard Rock Hallelujah. Lordi.

I think highly of you. Matter of fact I think for the first time since certain ass licking butt kissers got into this federation last month I can successfully look forward to getting into a match with someone who actually deserves a match to showcase just why they are a earned champion.

That's right. I'm complimenting Synn Deville.

You earned it. You earned my respect. You have everything a young superstar could want. Winning two titles. Becoming the first Ironman Champion of CWF. Becoming immortalized as the person who set the bar for a entire division. You have everything you want.

Then you fuck up by showing just how God damn stupid you are.

Bitch, you have no idea what my goals are. My goal is to save this fucking company. Hence why I have stayed out of your business. Don't you think it would have been a good idea for one of us to go after your precious little belts?

I said no once Highlander lost the belts.

The point of that whole thing was to make him fear me.

But you don't fear me do you Synn? After all I'm just some kind of joke.

Yeah, but the funny thing is I'm still a bigger star than you and that's what pisses you off.

What have I done? I won my first title in CWF to. I won the CWF World Heavyweight Champion. What titles have you won again? Oh yeah, the curtain jerk title and our attempt at a midcard belt. Congrats. You are now officially the middle of the show or the show opener depending on how lame of a card our illustrious booker comes up with.

Which basically means dear, your his bitch now. Enjoy the fucking.

Second to Jace? How right you are.

Jace is a manipulative little shit stain. So your a second rate shit stain. Good job. What a life goal to be. You think just because you are now the only other singles title holder that you are something special. Truth is that you are only about as special as your fucking matches. Which to be honest have sucked lately.

Dangerous Dan?

Please. Dan was a jobber in GCWA. We all know this that's why he came over here to actually get some real credit. Credit where credit is do you are a excellent cheater.

Wrestler on the other hand. Get the fuck out.

You want to do what Weapon X couldn't do?

Well for starters you can actually talk like a human being instead of some mark doing a audio blog online about wrestling. I don't hear any “X Factor” jokes from him now. You don't have some walking syphillis teaming up with you trying to pretend to be some kind of wrestling superstar. Your not walking around here overcomponsating for a lack of dick by carrying a cane around like you actually have a set.

You want your little stipulations.


You got it. I'll be my pleasure to take your pain. I want to take your pain baby. I want it. Give it to me long and hard. I want this to be a orgy of pure pleasureable persistant pain! You want me! You want all of what I can do? You really want this? You want all of this baby? Okay. I'm down. Maybe I can get that pretty little friend of yours in on this to. How about I start a opening round on her. How about I start by blacking both of her eyes and telling her to get her ass back in the kitchen?

Oh, but you want me to shut her up.

You want me to give you pain.

Okay. You want real pain. I'll give you real pain.

The pain of losing even when you win.

Synn Deville is going to kick your ass. That's all I keep hearing this week. Whopdee fuck!

You can't hurt me. You can't beat me. You can't do anything to me that hasn't already been done. What do you think you can possibly acomplish against me?

Your going to beat a former world champion?

Really? You know how easy that is in this business.

Hey X? How many world titles to federations that don't matter have you won? Wow! I am the greatest ever! Truth be told after that match. That match which everyone said “That was one of the sickest matches they have ever seen.” It was a one star match at best. I can only carry someone so far by myself. We had to script that little turn by Ryan just to make sure people would buy this fucking pay per view. They didn't tune in to see Jace. They didn't tune in to see you.

They tuned in to see me.

I carried Confliction. Not you.

Remember that. You want to make a impact. Go for it. Because right now I am due for a five star opponent and to be honest.

Your the only real one I see right now. That includes Trent Steel.

No one can give me any satisfaction anymore. Everyone in my group is the best of the best at what they do. Everyone wants to say this and that about them. They say we aren't doing anything in this federatin. Well what is there to do?



The Hardkore Warriors?

No. Not going down that road. You failed X. You and your little bitch are done as far as I am concerned. Go fight the Danger Boiz for the XA Express' old spot in the tag team world. Do something you can do properly. Suck as two people instead of just one ya fucking loser.

I use to admire that fuck.

I did. Then I grew up and got a English Textbook.

I could say it's sad that I am facing you.

I mean what have you done really?

Remember what I said about titles in federations that don't matter. Right now CWF doesn't matter darling.

You want to prove yourself. Bring this place out of obscurity. You can do it. You just need the right push off the cliff.

That's me.

I got to admit I don't know why I am looking forward to this. I've been fighting Angel all this time but I have never felt this way yet. I think. I think I like you. I think I am going to enjoy what we are going to do. I think we are going to make beautiful carnage together. Matter of fact I'm dedicating something to you in this match darling.

Your going to realize why my theme song is what it is.

Don't cry when it hurts dear. You'll just turn me on more. You want to try and sex me up?

Little cocktease.

Be careful what you do. You might just get what you want in the ring. What's to stop me from whipping it out and fucking you from post to post.

One thing.

It's not anything censorable.

It's not any one person.

It's me.

Because I respect you Synn. I'm not going to play your game. You want to make something happen. Your going to have to do it without trying to make all the blood rush out of my head into my “other”.

Tempting as it is darling.

Not my type.

Your to much like me.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...One good push. One good thrust into madness and I'll have you as my female alternative. You think about who you are messing with though.

Where is Amy Powers?

Where are all the people from my promos?

All of these questions have all eyes on me darling.

You want to try and seduce me. I think I have already seduced you.

You talk about a one night stand. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I hope you enjoy the cards and flowers. I'm just going to skip to the angry sex part. Time to skip to the spousal abuse part. Time to flip this gear into overdrive.

X made me a little uglier under hear. That's fine.

I hear sluts dig scars.

I'm going to enjoy digging you darling.

I just have to wonder.

Just how hardcore can Synn Deville actually get?

Because sweetheart, I'm triple X multiple penetration.

You did well against a bunch of boys.

Let's see you beat a real man. Someone who isn't turned on by you in that way.

Although, I do have to admit.

I'll be nice to cuddle something living for once.


{We fade in on Ataxia. For once his face is uncovered. We see it is taped up with nothing but bandages. Red spots from wounds from his match form all over his face. His eyes eyes, blackened around the skin, and red teeth smile in that helter skelter smile of his.}

Ataxia: I've not had a good week or so off. I've been getting fixed up. The doctors said I should take another week off. I thought about it. Then I thought if that happened my federation would die. We wouldn't want that. I saw my opponents promo. I got to admit. She lite a fire under my ass. Now. I'm going to set her ass on fire.

{He pulls up the Ataxia mask and pulls it on.}

Ataxia: I may not be a hundred percent. I'm not even at fifteen but I can tell you this. I will give it my all Synn. Not as good as I usually am but I am as good once as I ever was. Get ready for either the easiest victory of your career.

{He stands up and we see Ataxia is wearing full on “Dr. Frankenfurter” outfit from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.}

Ataxia: Or the one who just made you the hardest. You know you want me baby. Your going to get....Alllllll of me...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

{The camera pans over and we see a full lifesize model of Synn Deville wearing a red sequinned bikini.}

Ataxia: I think we're the two hottest babes in CWF...AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{We fade away on a picture of a card saying “Synn and Ataxia should they mate?” Fade to Gray...}