~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“All we need is lightning. With power and might. Striking down the prophets of FALSE. As the moon is rising. Give us the sign. Now let us rise up in awe. Rock 'n Roll angels bring thyn Hard Rock Hallelujah. Demons and angels all in one have arrived. Rock 'n Roll angels bring thyn Hard Rock Hallelujah. In God's creation supernatural high. The true believers. Thou shall be saved. Brothers and sisters, keep strong in the faith. On the day of Rockoning. It's who dares, wins. You will see the jokers soon'll be the new kings.” -Hard Rock Hallelujah. Lordi.

Just gonna sit here and watch you burn.

You did it! I never had any doubts. I knew deep down that you could do it.

Thanks Danny for proving that Synn can't beat me without help.

How does it feel to be disputed now bitch? Oh, but my favorite thing is the fact that after all of that bullshit of mediocrity known as “The Trinity” we now get Jace and the Valentine's.

Oh you think you guys are equal.


You...equal to Jace? In whose mind? Because last time I checked I lived in crazytown and even I don't see life as fucked up as you do. I think your reading some parallel universe history of how shit happens where Jace Valentine actually gives a damn about someone else besides him.

Let me explain something about your Dynasty.

It's a second string Reckoning. Your “co-leader” wanted to be a part of MY group and I told him to go fuck himself. Don't deny it Jace we have it on camera but then again we all know that you still claim to win the title fairly poser so go fuck off with your distorted reality. I'm going to talk to someone who just drunk a bit of your kool-aid that might still be saved.

Premature? Bitch, you didn't even turn me on.

That wasn't even pre-cum. We got interrupted just like everything that happens in CWF that involves the only thing on the mother fucking show. ME! Ripper gets involved in my match. X getting involved in my personal life. Trent showing up stealing my spotlight. It never fucking ends. Everyone wants a piece of the only thing saving this show in the ratings. Do I even get a thank you. Hell, I don't even get fruit cake. Well unless we count Danny boy.

I'm so wearing my Team Highlander t-shirt.

So I get paired up with Mike and I notice something. That pisses you off more than anything is that you don't get your hands on me by yourself. The real thing that should piss you off is the fact that “Hammertime” Highlander is probably going to MC fail on your ass and leave you at the mercy of me.

Oh wait. You got Jace and...who the fuck are these guys?

I mean whatever will I do if you guys run down and interfere in our match. Oh wait. I got Cheetor. I got Ryan. I got Jaiden. Oh shit! The score is...fair.

I got nothing to worry about Jace Valentine always runs from a fair fight. I just bring napalm to it. AHAHAHAHA...

But oh, what wonderful things are going to happen Synn. My darling syphilis lipped bitch.

Did you beat me. Yes. Did you have help. Yes! Do you admit it? No!

You want to call me out on my faults then I'm calling you out on yours. Seriously fix that left nipple of yours it keeps popping out and I find it horrible. It makes me crave pepperoni pizza way to much and I can't think about what I'm going to turn your “boyfriend's” face into if I ever get ahold of him in a dark alley. Hey that might turn you on though. Seeing a real dick come out of Jace...except it'll be out of his eye and it'll be attached to me.

This is the part where I am suppose to be shocked about you two sucking face right?

Wrong. When Dan and I kiss in this match THAT will be the shocker of the month. Right Dan?

I got a feeling he's going to request me to be disinfected before this match.

Oh but my fucking favorite thing about this whole situation is the fact that you think you actually made a impression. The impression you made on me is quite simple. You don't have it. Not yet anyway. See the difference between me and your toy is simple. I earned my world title. He bought his. You claim to be a real champion. Good for you. The thing is who you associate with is sort of really funny to me. We got two people no one knows or cares about. Then we got Jace. You think you are a equal. No. Your a threat. So he's keeping you right where he wants you. Don't worry. I'm not jealous. I find it humorous. Much more than your attempts to try and seduce me yet again with your promos.

Ya dirty slut.

Go clean your panties and get ready for a real load from this tongue play. Oh but you don't want me anymore.

See. Normally I'd be fine with that.

However, I think the funniest thing I can do to Jace instead of take his title is show him what I am going to do to him. Starting with how I'm going to obliterate his “equal” in the ring. Your going to crack my skull, take out the Reckoning, blah blah blah. Hello Weapon X, I think someone is stealing your rant. Your going to destroy me and call me insignificant. Oh no. However will I counter this. What could I possibly say that could mean anything to counter such horrible verbal bashing that I, my poor self esteem, hath suffered from yon gigaslut the tongue lasher.

You speak the same type of song and dance as everyone else here. I'm playing a different game than you cuntslut.

You want your precious little title. Good. Go for it. Take it. Run with it. Go undefeated and retire with it. I don't care. All I care about is getting what I want. Right now, that's kicking your ass with a little help from Mike Crisis and making Dan Highlander piss himself.

It's like Christmas and Santa gave me a free pass.

Oh I could counter every single thing you said in your trashtalk but truth be told it's not worth it. Just like Jace. Just like Dan. Just like this match. Just like X. Just like everything but one thing.

Gamble. After I'm done with him, if Jace hasn't thrown you away like the used condom dispenser you are I might actually give two shits and put you in your place.

For now.

It's off to Danny boy.

You and I are set for a moment of destiny. It will be glorious and wonderful but right now Dan. I'm not coming after you. I'm only doing one thing. I'm shutting a bitch up. Do yourself a bit of a favor and do please stay out of my way. No, I am not talking about Synn. I'm talking about our boss. Trust me Dan. You'll get your chance to do what you want to do to me real soon.

As for my partner. I couldn't ask for a better one.

Because when going up against “The Hammer”.

One can always use someone G.R.E.A.T.

As for you Synn. I leave you with this thought.

Your the one we love to hate? I'm the one everyone hates to love. Keep talking up like Angel did and your going to end up the same when I actually put forth a effort. So enjoy your little victories for now. I've got bigger fish to fry than you. Kisses and hugs.

Or is it kidney's and lungs?

{We fade in on a hotel in Sydney, as we see the night time cityscape in the background. Ataxia is on the roof of the hotel in his usual costume and we see he is talking to Trent Steel. Trent is wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, black shirt, and black boots. Ataxia is in his usual gear and mask.}

Ataxia: Thanks for meeting me.

Trent Steel: Not like I got anything better to do.

Ataxia: Yes. So let me ask you a honest question.

Trent Steel: Sure.

Ataxia: Do you ever regret what you do?

Trent Steel: In the ring? No. Never second guess myself. Then again, I'm not you.

Ataxia: I've been doubting myself lately.

Trent Steel: Well you did threaten to quit. Not like you kid.

Ataxia: Stop calling me that.

Trent Steel: Want me to use your real name?

Ataxia: No.

Trent Steel: Then deal with it.

Ataxia: I just. Everything has worked out exactly as I planned. The only thing I didn't count on was that it's working to well. I just want to wake up tomorrow and it all be over. So I can try to get back some of who I was before this all started.

Trent Steel: Not going to happen.


Trent Steel: That mask is a prison. There comes a time when you have to do the right thing. The right thing is always what you can live with. I loved being Ataxia in GCWA. I got cheered for the first time in years. I felt like what I did actually mattered. However, I made a promise. I kept it. I made the president pay for what he did to a friend of mine. It cost me so much but in the end. I couldn't live with myself if I hadn't done the right thing. If you feel what you are doing is right. Fuck everyone else.

Ataxia: Ripper. Anubis. Everyone I've injured out. It's going to come back and haunt me isn't it.

Trent Steel: We all have ghosts. The question is do they rule you or just piss you off. Me. They don't bother me anymore.

Ataxia: So this will pass.

Trent Steel: Either that or there is the other option.


Trent Steel: Walk away. When your done with Gamble. Walk away. Leave CWF. You won the world title. You got nothing to prove to anyone. Not even your dad. Hell he doesn't give a damn about you from what I can tell.

Ataxia: He...doesn't know I'm here.

Trent Steel:...sounds like you got a reason to stay then.

Ataxia: So what do I do now?

Trent Steel: Live with it. Oh and one more thing.

Ataxia: Yeah?

Trent Steel: I'm not joining your little group. They're not why I am here.

Ataxia: I wasn't going to ask you.

Trent Steel: Good. Be seeing you kid.

Ataxia: Sure thing old man.

{They stand for a moment looking at each other like there is more they want to say but we fade to gray before it is uttered.}