~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

ďI'm inside. Open your eyes. I'M YOU! Sad But True!Ē -Sad But True. Metalica

My. My. My.

Isnít this a fine little matchup I have this week. This is so interesting. Itís almost like this has happened before. Iím even getting a sense of Dťjŗ vu.

Or is it simply a case of go fuck yourself Blue?

You know. If I had known just how fucking pathetic you were going to be all those months ago when I ďhelpedĒ you get your world title. I honestly would have done us all a favor and just killed this place when I had the chance. You had it all.

And that fucking maggot in the front office took it away because of a fake lawsuit. Now a real one is going to take his company away from him if my old ďfriendĒ has anything to say about it. Enough about that though. The truth is Blue. It would have been better for you if I had actually fought you instead of let you win.

That has to also grate on your nerves doesnít it?

This nightmare could have been avoided if I had just put you in your place. Oh. To think about how things would have changed for you. Sure you wouldnít have won the world title but at least you would have still had the one thing that CWF has stolen from you.


Letís face facts Blue. Youíre losing your grip on reality. I should know. I lost my grip a long time ago. I mean we could focus on what has happened to you over the past little bit but that would just waste time and be boring.

Oh what the heck. Itíll be amusing for me at least instead of these buffoons watching the promo.

We start off with the hero on his ďnobleĒ quest. He faces down challenge after challenge until finally the dream is realized. A once tag team wrestler has gained the greatest singles title the federation can offer. He is the champion. He is the king of world. He is at the moment unstoppable!

ThenÖheís cheated by the very man who made his world title win possible. The owner screws over the hero because heís worried about losing money. Oh what a bitter taste in your mouth it left. After bitching and moaning the hero gets his rematch. He fails to regain what was his. He fails to win back his coveted prize.

The hero gets his mind screwed up. He tries to compensate for this by getting back his comfort zone. He wins the tag team titles with a loser of a partner. He forms a stable against someone who he has NO REASON to fight. Then he dissolves his own group of friends because in truth he canít stand himself. He gives up the belts that once meant something to him. He starts to isolate himself. He starts to run inside of himself wondering is it worth it at all?

The thing is Blue. If I was Jace or my sexy boy toy Danny Highlander I would make fun of you for all of this.

The truth is I understand you better than you understand yourself Blue.

You and I are a lot alike. Scary isnít it?

Oh sure there are differences, but really itís pretty much to people on the same journey.

I was the hero once to if you remember. Friends have turned on me as well. People have INTERFERED in my life. So much so that I am about to finish this all off once and for all once I get the chance.

Just like you would if it could change everything.

The bitterness is all you have left Blue. I can see it in your eyes with every promo and every time I see you wrestle. Itís getting to you. The reasons ďwhy I do thisĒ are starting to get to you. Soon you got to do ďsomethingĒ to make you feel good about yourself.

To make you feel like a man.

Youíve forgotten that you are more than a man Blue.

You are better than those people who praise you.

It was only a matter of time Blue. A matter of time before you realized it. I knew it oh so many months ago. When I saw you in our first encounter in the ďnewĒ CWF.

I knew I was just looking at a non cracked version of a mirror.

You are I.

I am you.

Tell me, the reason you wanted to stop me was so you wouldnít become me?

Too late. Iím sending you your own bag mask.

Ataxia: So this is the part where you tell me what the hell you think your doing.

{We fade in on Ataxia standing in a empty bar in Australia. We see two people walking into the bar. One is a man with short blonde hair and a long ass blonde beard wearing black shades. Heís dressed all in black and smiling as he walks past Ataxia. The other person is Trent Steel. He walks in smoking and takes a seat at the bar.}

Trent Steel: Jack. Now.

Bartender: Oh sure boyo!

Trent Steel: Since when are you irish?

Bartender: Since about five seconds ago OH HO HO HO!

Trent Steel: Iíd say youíve lost your mind but you got to have one first.


{Ataxia walks over to the bar and slams his fist a mere millimeter from Trentís hand.}

Ataxia: Iím not one of your little flunkies. Answer me when I fucking ask you a question.

Trent Steel: You need to mellow the fuck out. Coming from me that should say something to you.

Ataxia: Gamble is mine.

Trent Steel: I have no intentions on taking your date for the prom Tax.

Ataxia: Then why the lawsuit? You are trying to mess with my plans Steel.

Trent Steel: Since when have I ever gave a damn about your plans?

Ataxia: I am getting really tired of getting jerked around.

Trent Steel: Gamble really got to you didnít he?

Ataxia: Nope. Youíre starting to though.

Trent Steel: Well no worries Iím no longer under contract am I?

Ataxia: You are up to something and I donít like it.

Trent Steel: Well what are you going to do about it?

Ataxia: I donít know. Maybe Iíll go to the states and dig up your goddaughter and fuck her in the eye!

{Trentís face twitches into a smirk for a moment.}

Trent Steel: You want to leave this bar. Right now.

Ataxia: Or what?

Trent Steel: Or you are going to find out just how out of your league you really are.

Ataxia: I have had it with you. Being your underling. All those weeks in old CWF having to use your storyline to help further who I was. You know damn well I had a good reason to fight Elisha on my own but I had to play ball with you. To keep YOUR secret.

Trent Steel: I donít hear you walking.

Ataxia: Iím not afraid of you.

{The bartender puts down two shots of Jack. Trent gets up and chugs his and looks at Ataxia.}

Trent Steel: Then allow me to put the fear into you.

{Fade to gray for nowÖ}

Itís amazing. It really is. I got every idiot in the woodwork coming out like the vermin that they are trying to attack me. X. Abbott. Danny B. Now, I get you.

Whatís the matter hero? Got nothing to say to me?

There is a surprise. I mean after all Blue you are the one who always says you let your fighting do the talking.

Lately. It hasnít really been doing any talking has it.

Lately. All you have been doing is making excuses.

Itís getting older than Alex Cain ya little bitch.

Oh donít tell me. Youíre in the emo corner right Blue? Getting all sad because you canít seem to do anything right and even the fans are starting to get wise to the fact that your sucking up the place. Well itís no small wonder after all.

Itís what happens when glorified midcarders become world champions.

This is where my sensitivity training goes out the god damn window. Iím sorry. No one gave you the memo. You were a float over. Just like the turd you are my dear boy. You see. The difference between my one time reign as world champion and yours is that I am still a threat to the world champion and you have become a joke. Just couldnít cut it. Just couldnít make it! Just canít fucking do it!

You fucking suck Blue.

Now what are you going to do about it? I got no people for you to lust after in your promos that use to be associated with me like Dan. I got no one claiming I have a brain tumor to get a win over you like Jace. Iím not Jarvis King who is gonna show up the run away after I get beat by you ONE time. So whatís it going to be now Blue?

Are you going to get mad?

Good. Maybe now Iíll at least get some satisfaction out of a match.

As you saw last week I proved my point to Synn Deville. I proved that when I actually give two shits you canít fucking beat me. Iíve about had it with you little children assuming that just because Iím losing matches means that I suck at what I do. Far from it. A win isnít important in wrestling anymore. I lose and I am still the biggest superstar in this damn federation. The bad part is you know it.

Gamble knows it.

Thatís why he will never fire me. He went and found a ďgood guyĒ that could do the job that you couldnít do with your pathetic little ďTrinityĒ Blue. He went and found Weapon X. Damn, I almost wish he would have given you a shot. At least you speak English in your horrible promos.

But then again what do I know? I cheapen the product.

You know. Coming from someone else I would take that as something I wouldnít even give a response to. You on the other hand deserve to get told that you donít know what the fuck you are talking about.

Cheap? You seem to have me confused with someone who does a quick roll up with their foot on the ropes to win a match. Cheap? You seem to have me confused with someone threatening legal action to get what they want. CHEAP!?

The only thing cheap around here is your fan base. You will find them to be as fickle as mine was. Hell. Most of your friends use to buy ďMessiah PariahĒ t-shirts.

I sold out I guess.

Yep. I sell out arenas every night. I make the product cheap? No. I give these people something they want. Not just the blood. Not just the gore. Not just the shock. I give them what they want.

Something to hate.

You want me to try? Ask Synn Deville about what happens when I get to actually try.

That bitch got the taste slapped out of her mouth and I actually like her. You. You are going to be oh so fun to rip apart because you donít even like yourself at this point. I got twenty five years of experience. Yeah. You busted your ass! You did the impossible thanks to me not giving a shit. You know what you get though Scorp? Do you know what you get for all your hard work.

You get fucked over by someone who has no business in this business and yet you want to come after me?

Are you really trying to become me so badly that you want to take me out?

I mean hell. You are even obsessing over something that is out of your reach yet again. Kind of like Gamble is slightly out of my reach. Something. Someone seems to be making it really ďhardĒ for you. You know. Itís really easy to see just how little of a push you need just to become just like me.

Hell. You might even do something even more dangerous at this point. You want to beat me so bad Scorp?

Then become me.

Become what you say you are. Not Normal. Your right. Normal is boring. DING DING DING! SOMEONE FINALLY FUCKING GETS IT!

It is like looking in a funhouse mirror isnít it Blue?

Nothing really matters to people like us. I mean who cares about our hard work right? I mean I got people pulling my tricks now. I got a Dynasty copying my stable. I got every freaky wrestler in the world wanting to come here and turn this place into a murder spree! I got this place on the fucking ropes and you pathetic little punks still try to save it.

I don't understand. I really don't.

Because you like to talk about hard work and dedication to this business.

What has it gotten you? What have those fans gotten for you?

Is it starting to dawn on you? They don't matter. They pay a lot of money to see a hero Scorp.

They pay a lot more to see a villain. Hey, if you're going to get beat up...why not make yourself get a bigger paycheck for it.

Then again I guess there is one difference between you and I.

When I go after a woman I make them come to me instead of chase after them like a pedophile on a mission.

Start thinking with Mr. Big Head instead of the Trouser Titan.

You might actually last more than five minutes with me in the ring.

Hey, maybe I'll even put you in a dress like Danny.


Maybe if you start cross dressing you'll actually get into Caledonia's pants...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...oh but don't think I have forgotten about the Queen of Tease...

Hey Synn. How does it feel to be made my bitch!


{We cut back into the bar and we see Ataxia and Trent Steel are brawling it out. We see slammed remains of chairs and tables all over the bar as the bartender is just simply wiping a glass off the counter. Trent slams Ataxia onto the bar and throws him down the length of it.}

Trent Steel: You know you could help me out here. Heís a bit tougher than I thought.

Bartender: You need help in a bar brawl?

Trent Steel: Good point.

{Trent reaches behind the bar and picks up a crowbar. Ataxia gets up and glares at Trent Steel.}

Trent Steel: This is the part where you run like a bitch.


Bartender: TrentÖ

{Ataxia has his mouth full of something and we see behind him is a lighter. Trent goes to swing the crowbar but figures it out at the last second and drops it as Ataxia spits out a fireball near Trentís face. They both eyeball each other for a moment.}

Trent Steel: You picked up my tricks really well kid.

Ataxia: I should have. You taught me after all.

Trent Steel: I didnít teach you everything.

Ataxia: I know. Thatís why I havenít come at you yet.

Trent Steel: All right. You want to know why Iím doing what Iím doing?

Ataxia: I think I deserve the right to know.

Trent Steel: Because itís something I have to do.


Trent Steel: This little fuck brings me up in your situation. Normally. I wouldnít care. X pissed me off in a business sense. You donít go around doing something like what he did without asking permission first. I had a hand in creating you. In a way I am the first and the father of Ataxia. Itís my gimmick. Itís my image. I copyrighted it. I make all the money off of it. You get a percentage of that because you got the gimmick from Rish. That was my deal to save you from going belly up after this place died down. You had earned it. Now. This fucker comes in a fucks with not just you. He fucks with me. So does his fucking boss for not reading the contract. Violating my deal with CWF television makes him liable. Since kicking Jace Valentineís ass seems to be impossible by anyone except you I guess the only thing left to do is hit him where it hurts.

Ataxia: This is my fight.

Trent Steel: Which makes it my fight or have you forgotten that I am you as well.

Ataxia: No. Iím sorry. You get in my business again. Iím fucking your world up.

Trent Steel: You donít want to play your games with me boy. I wrote the book.

Ataxia: Iíve added new chapters.

{Click. We turn to see the bartender finally interject. With two guns cocked, one at each of the men.}

Bartender: Now that we have established who has the biggest cock in the bar sit your asses down now.

{Ataxia, who seems to know this man sits down at the bar and so does Trent. Trent is really looking angry at the man with the gun.}

>Bartender: You know I donít use this unless itís needed Trent. That should tell you how tired I am of this fucking shit.

Ataxia:...so what? I have to let him destroy what I have worked so hard to save.

Trent Steel: Excuse me?

Ataxia: You are federation cancer Trent. Every federation you join dies relatively quickly. Iím not letting you ruin CWF.

Trent Steel: Iím not out to ruin CWF.

Ataxia: Then what the fuck do you call screwing with Gamble right now. I have a plan that will save my federation from...

Trent Steel: Then what?


Trent Steel: Then. What. CWF gets someone even worse with the board of directors coming down on you like a ton of bricks. Your not thinking this through all the way.

Ataxia: I can take anything they can dish out.

Trent Steel: Like Amy Powers.

Ataxia: That is...

Trent Steel: No. It is my business. You don't seem to get it. Since your dad apparently doesn't care enough about you to do...

Ataxia: You're pushing.

Bartender: Drop it. Now.

Trent Steel: Look. I don't know what you have done. I don't care. Fix it. Because if you don't I'm going to fix you.

Ataxia:...How does it feel thinking you have power over me?

Trent Steel: Boy. I've destroyed punks like you for no other reason than it was a monday night show. I could end this right now Tax.

Ataxia: What do you want me to do.

Trent Steel: The thing you do best.

Ataxia: Which is?

Trent Steel: Show them all why you are ďThe Messiah PariahĒ.

Ataxia: You mean Scorpion.

Trent Steel: You held back last time. Prove it. Then I might let you in on my plan.

Ataxia: What makes you think I care about your plan?

Trent Steel: You want to save CWF. So do I.

Ataxia: You got a deal. For now.

Trent Steel: Good. Now get that damn gun out of my face before I make you eat it.

Bartender: Testy little fucker aren't ya?

Ataxia: What's your stake in this?

Bartender: Me? I'm the craziest man in professional wrestling...I'm friends with both of ya. Whiskey?

Trent Steel: Please.

Bartender: You?

Ataxia: Water. I got a match to win.

Trent Steel: Good boy.

Ataxia: Bad man.

{Fade to Gray...}