~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“Playing solitare till one with a deck of fifty one. Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo. Now don't tell me. I've nothing to do.” -Counting Flowers on the Wall. The Statler Brothers

Counting flowers on the wall that don’t bother me at all.

I’m sorry. I figured it was the new “trendy” good guy thing to do to start off a promo. By the way, folks, for the sake of your sanity I’m not going to reference anything related to WWF/E, WCW, ECW, or TNA in any of my promos because let’s face it. They don’t matter. They’re not in our league. They don’t fucking exist as far as I am concerned because that is “sports entertainment”.

As we can tell by the beating someone keeps getting sticking his nose into my business this is about as close to reality as television can fucking get.

So X. You met Amy’s father. Which would explain the text message I got earlier. Tell me. What part of butt the fuck out do you not understand? You sir, apparently, want these poor girls to die.

Wait. Do I know what happened to Amy Powers and her sister?

Yeah. I do. What your doing is messing up big time fuckwad. Then again you have to be the hero. I find that to be the funniest pursuit you can possibly go for. You see. There is a unwritten rule about being the hero. See I was the hero and now, by your standards, I am the villain. Why? Why must you adhere to something you obviously are not anymore.

Hell, you never were a hero. Your playing a role that your mask lends it to but deep down we all know you are just as sick and twisted as I am.

How can I make such a claim?

Simple. I’ve not admitted to killing anyone. By the way. How are the Yakuza doing these days?

I mean. I am a nefarious evil man. What’s to stop me from using what I have up my sleeve to totally fuck you over? After all, all I have to do is give your wife’s full name to them. A little bribe here. A little twist of someone’s arm here. You’re dead. She’s dead. And I walk off smelling like a god damn rose.

Let me make this perfectly clear. You’re not getting that disk. Matter of fact. Good luck finding it. It’s not at the arena. It’s not on my person. Hell. It’s nowhere near any of us. Matter of fact it would take you actually knowing who I am under this mask to figure out where it is and who has it. You are fishing Weapon X.

And you are about to come up with nothing on the line.

I find it funny that you think that you are actually stopping me. You wanted to stop “The Reckoning” and you quickly found out that this wasn’t some “insert poorly done stable in a federation that has nothing to do with our current circle” and that I was running the show. You see you like to call me a hypocrite. You like to say I gang up on you.

Let’s go back and point out something.

I am not the one who threw Ryan Storm through a metal table trying to end a man’s career just because someone told you he was evil.

I am not the one who came into a federation into a conflict that was NONE of his business and decided to butt in.

I, however, am the man who agreed with Ryan that we should keep his “recovery” a secret until the night of the actual match.

For one simple reason. It has nothing to do with honor or with anything else. I merely did it to teach you a lesson which your thick as granite skull has yet to figure out Mr. Kazuyoshi. If you are going to destroy a man…

Make sure you do the job right the first time.

As for me, Well, let’s just say that I have a reason why I didn’t finish you off. No, it’s not because I use to look up to you. No, it has nothing to do with what you have done to all of my friends. No, it has nothing to do with Steven Gamble.

Simply put X. You are, and never have been, worth the effort to put you away permanently.

Fact. You are not a threat to me. Fact. The only reason you are getting a chance at a “rematch” with me is because I honestly have nothing better to do till after this pay per view.

See, unlike you, I actually pay attention to what is going on in CWF that isn’t just my fights. For example, a moment of silence for our dearly departed world champ…BA..AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

I’m sorry. I couldn’t say world champion without laughing. Kind of like calling you a threat brings a gleeful chuckle into my throat. Oh, by the way, the Trent jokes got you what you wanted. I suggest you take them out of your attempts at bashing me. He doesn’t take to kindly to his name being brought up when he doesn’t want it to be.

Don’t be like Germany. You can barely handle this one front war you have going on with ME at the moment.

Oh you’re worried about rather or not I can work with the Danger Boyz. That’s funny. I’d be worried about losing your hand to your tag team partner.

Then again who is to say that “Randy” isn’t going to jump at the chance to fuck you over more than I will? See, the difference between him and I is that you can at least deal with me. You can attempt to reason with me. Him. Ha ha! You see, I’m not the one trying to do to many things at once like you. Oh sure, I stick my nose here and there and pull the strings. The difference between you and I doing that though X…is I know what the fuck I am doing and you. You. You fail jerk. You fail worse Charlie Sheen’s sanity chart at the moment.

See. Here is the thing. Out of everyone in this match I got the least to lose. Dan and Chris want to "avenge" their loss to you, like it matters, and then Randy boy over there wants to take a bite out of your wife because he wants some hibachi. The funny part is that this match has screwed you over. I can get along just fine with Dan and Chris because, despite our differences, we all hate you just the same.

You're annoying, you make no fucking sense half the time, and let's face it...you bring the product way down with your attempts to try and make everyone just like you. You are a nazi in the most pathetic Glen Beck hashing of the word. You are what is wrong with professional wrestling because you attempt to go backwards and name drop.

See. I don't deny what I am. I am a psychopath. I am a sadistic fuck. The difference is I am that way all the time. I don't deny who I am and what I am like you do. You love it when you get the excuse to take me out. If you really wanted to prove that you had this fucking honor and that I can't outwrestle you then maybe you should have requested a match where I have to beat you legit. Where I have to beat you with no way for someone to interfer and every way for me to cheat blocked.

But you want hardcore. You want to be hardcore. You don't know the meaning of the word. Because you censor yourself and you like it. You call me a hypocrite but, in truth, X you are the biggest one in the universe.

You want to prove your the better man than me X. Then walk the fuck away.

Because I'm not blinking. You wanted me in a match to redeem yourself and now you got your wife fighting your fights for you. Fine. Just remember one thing. Once that bell rings at Modern Warfare. I'm not responsible for the monster I unleash on you and your precious bride. Now as for Viper. I'm going to be honest with you. I have pity on you. Not because your married to the dummy. Hey, love is blind so maybe somewhere deep down you like hypocritical men that murder your father. Who am I to judge? I screw dummies remember. Anywho. The point is that I can understand that you love your husband and that everything is what you hope for on that front.

What I pity about you is that you got the raw end of the deal. See, I can't argue with Captain America but I can talk to you. You, I can reason with. You got involved in something that is not your fight and because you stand by your husband that is going to get you on my bad side. Despite what I have said to get under your husband's skin I have no intention of doing anything but kicking your ass when we have to face each other in a match.

Why am I being so "nice" and "out of character".

Because I'm not the bad guy either. I am not as evil as your husband makes me out to be because your husband is making assumptions and making an ass out of you, me, and CWF in the process.

Gamble has manipulated your husband and thrown him to the wolves. Sure you take out Jaiden. You take out Ryan. You claim to have helped take out Chance. Yet I am still here. The problem is that I am stronger than my fellows because of one reason. One reason. I got something he wants. I got something your husband needs from me in order to justify this whole horrible thing.

He wants something that he has no idea how to get.

And that means I am going to win no matter what happens at Modern Warfare. We will be right back to square one because all I will do again is ignore you. Then what do you have to do to get my attention? Take out Trent Steel? That will make me happy. Take out Dan Highlander? No skin off my teeth. Take out The Dynasty? Sorry, a truck beat you to it and they weren't even a threat to me. Take out Gamble? Fine. I still have something your husband wants.

The question is can he blink? Is it in him to blink? Is it in him to just walk away from something. Because I am going to tell you exactly right now what is going to happen at Modern Warfare.

At some point in that match. He's going to go down. Then it's going to be me and you. Let's be honest here. I got one thing on my side compared to you. Youth. I'm younger than you. Which translates into your not as fast as you use to be back in the day dear. I've got moves I have yet to unleash on CWF because it hasn't been worth it. Your husband wants to test me. Your husband wants to hurt me. Okay. Turn about is fair play.

I let you go last time you got in my way. I could have flatlined you. That was part of the plan. That's what Ryan wanted me to do. I didn't do it. I didn't need to. I still don't want to. It isn't fear it is just the simple fucking fact that I don't want anything to do with you and your pathetic family.

I'm going to do something at Modern Warfare that is going to blow both of your minds. Don't worry. No one is coming to save me from the big bad "Hardkore Warriors". It's something even more shocking. I'm going to have something there for your husband. Something I think he will enjoy.

Maybe if he's lucky I'll let him live long enough to enjoy it.

{We fade in on a ring. The same ring we saw in a earlier promo. As we zoom in we see Ataxia sitting in the ring corner just relaxing humming to himself.}

Ataxia: Nobody knows the trouble I see. Nobody knows my sorrow. Nobody knows the trouble I see. Nobody but me knows what's coming. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Oh what a glorious day.

{Ataxia stands up and pops his neck.}

Ataxia: Agent Powers! What a surprise to see you in Weapon X's promo. I guess you decided to welch on what we had already agreed upon. I guess that means that your trying to employ that little piss ant to try and get something you want from me right? Wrong. See. The thing that none of you realize is that CWF is about to enter into it's proper era soon. See right now as we speak CWF stocks are selling. Right now they are at a all time low because of the threat from certain parties lawsuits going on. My my my. Isn't that a fucking shame. Then we have our world champion get hurt in a tragic car wreck. I must say that I am actually sad about this.

{Ataxia pulls out a copy of a dvd entitled "World's Greatest Advice". He puts it down in the center of the ring. We suddenly hear a ten bell salute as Ataxia bows his head.}

Ataxia: I know it's costumary for people like me to remove my mask for such a event but you'll understand Jace why I don't take part. I wanted this to come from me without the pressure of the shows. I think it sucks what has happened to you. I wish you a recovery. This may shock you but I don't want to see anyone go out the way that you did. It's a indignity. Now people like Weapon X will say that it's good triumphing over evil or that you are getting what you deserve. You deserve a lot of things Jace. My foot going up your sphinter is one of them. This. No. I wouldn't even wish this on Steven Gamble.

{Ataxia pauses for a moment.}

Ataxia: It's just like that you know. Something not planned happens. One day you are trying to do what you think is right and then...you find yourself alone. Your friends have all been taken out by some unwanted force and try as you might, because you know they are not worth it, you have to make a decision. So I made mine. I've made my decision about the two who are going to pay. Now, how can I expect sympathy for me? I have injured Logan Abbott, Anubis, and Danny B. More than that probably. So why should I not expect that to happen to me. Oh I expected it. I just didn't want to have to do this so early. Spoils my plans so to speak. See. I got nothing to lose now...

{Ataxia smiles as he looks at the camera.}

Ataxia: But what do you have to lose? I gave you a way out. You could have saved face. Called me a coward. Left. It. Alone. Instead you chose to take away my friends. You chose to bring in my "mentor" by your stupid actions. You chose to try and ruin my plan to save CWF. All you have done is to try and be a thorn in my side. All you have done is made this easy. I don't like easy things. I don't like being handed something on a platter but damn if you haven't made this easy.

{Ataxia holds up a picture of Weapon X and Viper from a wrestling magazine from a few years back.}

Ataxia: Just like that something bad can happen. Jace has lost his world title he stole so hard to get. I have nothing to lose. If something bad happens to me. No one will care. No one will mourn. No one will even give it a thought. I have nothing to lose...but you have so much to lose. You have so much worth fighting and living for. Yet, you chose to throw it all away into the hands of a maniac that was kept on a short leash.

{We start to fade out...}

Ataxia: I'm not going to do anything to fuck over Chris and Dan. They haven't done anything actively to piss me off lately. I got no reason to. So the only thing I have to worry about that is a unknown factor is Randy. Randy isn't going to be a problem though. The thing is...we know his M.O. He likes to eat people. The question is do you really know just what I am capable of? How have your investigations gone into finding out what is truly going on in the mind of this mad genius X? You are only seeing and clawing for what I want you to. You don't know it. You just helped me without even realizing it. Sad but true it's time to die die die my darling. Maybe I need a new girl. I hear your's will be a widow soon....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA...

{Fade to Gray...}