~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

“Playing solitare till one with a deck of fifty one. Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo. Now don't tell me. I've nothing to do.” -Counting Flowers on the Wall. The Statler Brothers

I know what you are thinking.

I should be happy I am not facing Weapon X at Modern Warfare.

I'm not. I'm, in the words of Charles Bronson, “damned pissed off”. Why? Because I feel pissed on. This little fucking weasel. This pathetic faker. He gets away with it. He gets away with attacking my friends. He gets away with sticking his nose into my business. He gets away without me getting my fucking vengeance on him.

Did humping your wife finally scare you off. Hell I should have done it months ago.

“Naw, I'll come back. The reason will be good.”

No shit for brains. You ran. You are a coward. You bulked on what YOU wanted. You ran away, hiding behind whatever pile of crap you think is “worth” it, and somehow, when you come back, you will try to justify it to the fans.

Bullshit. It's all bullshit.

You came here for a purpose. That's all you have been preaching since you fucking came here. It's all that we have had our ears bleeding from your high pitched whiny mouth for the past few months. You got your streetfight. You lost that. “Ryan Storm helped you”. I'm sorry. Maybe seeing the look on your face when Ryan came back almost at a hundred percent was worth it. I lured you. I fucked with you. I kicked your ass. The point is rather you won that match or lost it one thing didn't happen.

“The Reckoning” lives on.

Because I'm still here.

I have always been here.

Everyone else has run away. I am still alive. I am still breathing. You can't fucking stop me you pathetic old bastard! I'm ashamed for anyone who has faith in you because just like the government you let down those who put faith in you.

Now go stew in your juices for a bit loser.

Come back. Because the best part about this.

Gamble is not protected except by security.

My patience has run it's last mile with him. I want you back so I can finish you off.

So I'm going to give you a reason to either stay away or come rushing back from your yellow streak.

Get ready for a little “change in the guard” around here.

{We fade in on Ataxia standing on the top floor of a hotel in Sydney. You can see all the sights of one of the most underrated cities in the world. He holds his arms outstretched as the wind blows his black suit jacket, in a cape like motion. It's almost as if Ataxia is conducting a symphony.}


{Ataxia turns to the camera and glares at us with his red eyes and red teeth filled grin. His bag like mask whipping in the air to.}

Ataxia: Thought it would be the end of it didn't you? Thought that after all of the hell I have been put through that I was done and that Steven Gamble had won. Well truth be told so was I. I spend most of this past week clearing up some things with my predecessor. We are going to make sure that Modern Warfare is going to be a show to watch even though sadly...both main events are no good.

{He makes a big pouty face.}

Ataxia: Jace go bye bye and Weapon X runs home with his dildo in his ass because he knows he doesn't have a fucking chance. This pisses me off. The fans deserve better than some mystery man that isn't me. The fans deserve to see something spectacular after all the hype that has been going on here in CWF. Who will do it? Dan? Mike? Synn? No. It will be me. Yes me. The Messiah Pariah once again has to save CWF from true horror of being the laughing stock of the wrestling industry.

{Ataxia looks down at the streets below. It's a long ass drop.}

Ataxia: I guess we'll just see just what it's going to take to keep these fans in the seats...whose going to drop off the face of the planet next...Not I...I'll bounce...AhaHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhAHAHA...

{Ataxia leaps off the building. We follow seeing that there is a airbag down at the bottom of the hotel. Ataxia hits it. Bounces up and holds up a Mentos.}


{Fade to Gray...}

People wonder why I hate the booking department around here.

Here I stand at one of the biggest CWF Pay Per Views in the history of the new era!

Instead of facing two sacrificial lambs. Instead of Hell in a Cell. Instead of ending the reign of boredom once and for all. What does Ataxia get.

A standard match.

Against a unknown.

Now, any normal ego maniac in this sport would be insulted, but we all know I am anything but normal.

This must be what Alex Cain felt like when he got booked against me for the world title. This seems like it's going to be easy. Bullshit. Anything can happen in CWF. Hell. We got people getting taken out by parked trucks to piece of shit wannabe's wanting to get in Ataxia's face. Hey Danny B! Fuck off. We got Dan Highlander facing a mystery opponent for the world title. We got Mike Crisis drinking a bit of Tiger Blood and becoming some red face painted psychopath. We got four of the most eclectic wrestlers in the world fighting it out for one shot at the world title. We got Tyler Anderson and Psycho Ninja taking on The Danger Boiz! We got every title being defended and then we have...Lance “Falcon” Andrews taking on “The Messiah Pariah” Ataxia in a one on one match for nothing.

Doesn't seem fair.

What do I get out of this?

Everyone else gets a chance at greatness and Ataxia gets to hold the shaft.

Now that I got Highlander's attention with that. Let me point this out. There is something to be gained from this match.

It's not personal justice.

It's not glory.

It's a reminder.

See. I know that Lance wants to make a big impact. I'm a former CWF World Heavyweight Champion. I dare say it. I am the most watched superstar on this program. I am the man that is the measuring stick of just how tough you are in CWF.

This is a big deal for you.

This can make or break you for a few months at least.

Do not disappoint. All the pressure is on you. Isn't it?

Because if I win. Ataxia beats a nobody. If I lose...you pull a upset of the century. You do what Weapon X and Viper can NEVER do.

See. I don't think that is fair.

See. I am the one who never disappoints.

So sadly Mr. Andrews. I have to remind everyone just why I am so fucking dangerous.

I got no reason to go all out for this match. I am going to though. For the simple fact of these people seem to think I am some kind of joke.

So sorry if you thought that. I can understand why? I'm a man dressed in a nice suit and tie who wears a “brown sack” mask. I would understand your logic in seeing me as a joke.

Yet here I stand.

I could take the CWF title anytime that I want to. I could also destroy this company with but a thought.

So to the matter at hand though. Everyone is wondering who the mystery opponent is? Who will win Synn vs Crisis? Who will be the new number one contender? What they should be asking...

Is just what is Ataxia going to do to make the show go from mediocre to amazing.

Well let's just say that someone is going to get what they deserve.

You know everyone goes to war for different reasons. I wonder what reason you have for trying to come in here Lance. Doesn't matter though. All that matters is that you don't disappoint me.

I'd hate to have to mutilate you.

Actually...I lie...that might just be what I feel like doing.


Go ahead and try to insult me back. Please. Riddle me with insult like bullets and they will bounce off of me like I was superman. Truth is, young man, nothing is going to save you.

Don't worry.

I don't kiss on the first date unless your special.