~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

" Comin' down the years turned over. And angels fall without you there. And I'll go now and lead you home. and. All because I'm. All because I'm. And I'll become. What you became to me." Black Ballon. Goo Goo Dolls.

You think you're on the same level as me?

How cute “pretender”. Even when you were facing me it was all a lie. Bravo. You fooled everyone and let out your rage. Only to come back...a fool. Only to run out of steam and lose. You dare compare yourself to Ataxia?

Sorry. I couldn't keep up that line of thought because it's bullshit. You did impress me Cheetor. I'll give you that. You have done a phenomenal job of making your own impact here in CWF. You're still a glorified second banana, but hey...so is everyone else compared to me.

You said it yourself. Everyone wants to kick my ass. They're chomping at the bit to. Everything in this world that we fight in wants me. Even your own brother wants to tangle with Ataxia. You want to make an impact yet again Cheetor. This time under your own face. Under your own name. You want to shock the world by saying you can go one on one...

...Against me.


I'm honored you feel that way. It feels my sadistic black heart with a fiery passion that hasn't been there since I did face Elisha. Since I faced Alex Cain. These past few months I have had my attention on a fool. A fool who ran away like a coward. You didn't “run” Cheetor. No. You wanted to make something of yourself and you couldn't do that in your brother's shadow. You had to make your own point. You had to do things your own way and I commend you for it.

You wanted my attention. WOOOO. You got it...“brother”.

The question now is...be careful what you wish for.

You played freak. Fuckwad. I am THE FREAK! You wanted to play mind games with me? Ha! I called you out last time when you wore the facepaint that you were not in my league and I was right. The fact of the matter is this. I don't care how you try to bring up my past. I don't care how you try to make yourself still seem freakish. The truth is that you are not on my level. The truth is you can't win this fight! The truth is that you don't have a prayer.

Then again...neither did this former world heavyweight champion.

They said it couldn't be done. You can't beat Elisha! Okay so you beat him. You can't beat Alex Cain. Not Alex Cain in his prime. I did it. They still detract me. They say I can't beat Dan Highlander if I get a shot at the world title. The truth is they don't want to take that chance. I've done it twice. So why should I be concerned about you? Why should I care about a man whose hungry with nothing to lose?

Because, in that way, you are just like me.

You think you can stand toe to toe with Ataxia. You think you might have a chance of getting a win over me. Good.

What about after? What are you going to do after you beat me? What is next in the path of greatness for Cheetor? I know. It's proving to everyone that you are not the lackluster of your team.

I remember my team. I remember my brothers. I remember that I am left alone, just like you. Sure. Mike has your back.

Does he have it tomorrow? I aint got no friends anymore boy. I have no one in my corner and neither do you. Two men. Locking up. In what will be a pay per view quality match that will make the so called “main event” look like the pile of trash that it is. No one cares about Team PMS taking on The two bitches!

Figure out whose who I got better things to talk about.

So what's going to happen this match? Is it going to be a “Peaceful Tolerence” for you? Is this the part where I go on a rant that says you can't beat me?

I think you know you can't beat me. No one in this fucking federation has a chance of actually stopping me. Everyone wants to know when I am going to unleash my full potential on everyone. Everyone wants to know when Ataxia is going to lite a fire under his ass in order to show the world just what I can do. I am the whole damn card in this federation. Oh sure everyone has their role, but who do the people tune in to see each week?


Glorious! Wonderful! Screwed Up! ME!


The question is who do I get to face? Do I face Randy or Cheetor? Do I face you acting or do I face the real you? Do you get to face the real me?

Who is the real me?

Do you want to know?

It's not the caskets or my “darling”. It's not the mask or the suit. It's not an attitude or a psychological edge. Who is the real Ataxia?

It doesn't matter. The mask itself gives me the ability to surpass who I am outside of this ring. You don't have a prayer in this match Cheetor. Not because you can't beat me. Because I can't be truly defeated. You can win the match but can you steal the show? Can you out perform Ataxia?

I don't think you can.

Because I can't. On my best day out perform myself.

I'm the real reason why Danny B is a household name cause he not only won the CWF World title...but he won it from me.

He knows it.

You know it.

Everyone else does. You want to be famous Cheetor.

Allow me to help make you a real star.

Get ready to go another round “darling”.


{We fade in on Ataxia as he is putting on a white t-shirt at the hospital. His right shoulder and neck are bandaged up but he is still wearing the mask, suit pants, and shoes. We see hi arms are kind of cut up but not really that bad. Coming into the room with the camera crew is Trent Steel.}


{ Trent doesn't say anything and just reaches out and hugs Ataxia. Ataxia has a strange look on his face for a moment as he reciprocates the hug.}

Trent Steel: Are you all right?

Ataxia: Yeah. Just grazed my neck.

Trent Steel: Is he dead?

Ataxia: Nope. He got away. I pistolwhipped him till I passed out from shock. Didn't see his face.

Trent Steel: Any idea who he is?

Ataxia: No.

Trent Steel:...So how do you want to handle this?

Ataxia: I fight Cheetor.

Trent Steel: This guy could make another move if the police don't catch him.

Ataxia: I'm counting on it.

Trent Steel: Why?

Ataxia: Because he'll get sloppy and I got backup.

Trent Steel:...

Ataxia: Hey. No one ever said fighting the front office was easy.

Trent Steel: You are really pushing this whole mentor thing you know that?

Ataxia: I don't think so with our hallmark moment dad.

Trent Steel: Don't call me that.

Ataxia: Sure thing.

Trent Steel: So just what is your plan now?

Ataxia: To enjoy myself.

Trent Steel: Someone just shot you. Aren't you feeling a little bit humbled?

Ataxia: No...I feel invincible.

{Fade to Gray...}