~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

" Comin' down the years turned over. And angels fall without you there. And I'll go now and lead you home. and. All because I'm. All because I'm. And I'll become. What you became to me." Black Ballon. Goo Goo Dolls.

You pull for the Cubs and you expect me to take you seriously? No, small wonder though. After all, I know for a fact that losers pull for losers. Wouldn't surprise me if your favorite football team with the Bills.

Really Mouthy Strong. I had hoped I would never hear from such a annoying voice in that pitch again, but damn it, like everything in pro wrestling you had to return to. Jesus...first Danny B and now you. What is this. STD's of Pro Wrestling breakout week?

Are they hanging out investigator licenses to pro wrestlers like candy now. Well at least you're not like Weapon X and constantly interfering in people's lives at least. Oh. Ha. Ha. Apparently I have to worry about my “good” name being trashed again.

...considering your taste in women I must say I am not surprised this federation appeals to you for a return. After all...every federation needs their trailer park trash underdog. I guess X will have to find another gimmick. Figures you can only use me as a way to fuck a fat chick.

Strong. I would say I'm flattered but the truth is you're nothing more than a little clown. Clown Prince of CWF? No. That would mean I go for humor. I see nothing humorous out of this whole thing at all. Except for the fact that yet again I have to face someone from CWF's past who seems to love it when I put their ass in retirement.

You should have stayed a martyr, now I'm going to make you an example once again.

A more perfect example of someone who needs to be taken out I could not think of other than perhaps Psycho Ninja. You are the most pathetic superstar in the history of this organization. No one has ever underperformed as well as you have. Hell. This is probably just Gamble's way of trying to weed me out since he has NO OTHER FUCKING OPTIONS!

I've accomplished nothing?


Allow me to sing a song for you. Tune of “Heartbreak Hotel”.

Since R.M. left CWF.
He's found a new version of hell.
It's down at the end of Weapon X's dementia.
At the Curtain Jerker Drive at the Doesn't Get It Hotel!
Oh this is so funny. This is so funny. This is so funny...I could cry.

Thank you, I'll be here for the rest of time. You, on the other hand, are going to have the shortest comebacks in wrestling history.

Also, just for the sake of your sanity after I put you in traction, I am not taking what you did in my name personally. You're going to need that money to give yourself a new life after I finish this one for you.

...wait. I got a better idea. After you fail to hurt me at Massacre you are going to have to deal with this man. You are going to have to deal with a very angry client who will probably kill you for this. Got to love it when simply doing your job hurts the people you want to maim more than you doing it yourself.

That was always your problem R.M.

You never could see the big picture right in front of your face. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

I think this is where you left me last time.

Ataxia: Well...that was a success.

Trent Steel: Yeah. Except one thing.

{Trent rares back and slams his fist into Ataxia's jaw sending him to the ground.}

Say what you want about Trent Steel. This guy hits like a rock to the face.

Ataxia: Oh! Oh...I don't believe it...You hit like a girl HAHAHA... ...Oh come on? I got Spiderman syndrome. I could be worse. I could talk like the Tazmanian Devil...aka Christian Bale's “Batman”. He really doesn't look to happy. I wonder why? Trent Steel: You got some explaining to do Lucy.

Oh this isn't gonna be pleasant. Still better than a Weapon X promo.


Make 'em laugh...uh oh...Smiling Asshole...That's not good.

{Trent smirks for a moment as he reaches into his trenchcoat and pulls out a crowbar. Ataxia stops laughing. Trent takes off his black oakleys with red lenses and sends a emotionless stare down to Ataxia.}

Trent Steel: Fun Time...

To give the audience a nice little bit of information whenever Trent Steel says that he's about to perform surgery. A bad kind. I dodge the first swing of the crowbar and try to sweep his legs. That fails about as much as my opponents insults usually do. He comes crashing down and...

{Trent has the crowbar over the throat of Ataxia. He pushes down preventing Ataxia from talking but making sure he can still breath.}

Trent Steel: You didn't do your fucking job little man. Now you got someone who is somewhat competent interfering with your plans. The best thing you can think of is to reform that stupid stale of yours? I got news for you. That shit isn't going to cut it. You are going to finish this. Now!

He lets me up. Blood. I'm tasting blood. I look up at him.

Trent Steel: You really don't know when to quit do you? You're pathetic! I never should have let you loose onto this federation if you were going to become some second rate comic book villain.

Great...I'm Toyman to his Lex Luthor.

Trent Steel: You need to get your head in the game or you are going to get taken out by someone who...

This isn't going to end well, but hell I'll feel better.

{We see Ataxia has reached into his suit jacket pocket and now has a switchblade, blade out, at Trent Steel's...nether regions.}

Ataxia: You know what's funny. You could try to kill me with that crowbar still in your hands but I will stab your left nut in twain. I go out, but I make my mark. For the past few months all I have had to do is make a mark to keep surviving because of things outside of my control. Yet, I have still stayed in control. This was before you decided to stick your nose into the equation. I know what I am doing...Danny B showing his face was not unexpected and it will get me what I want in the long run.

Trent Steel: What do you want exactly.

Ataxia: For one thing. Put down the crowbar.

Trent Steel: Not while you got a knife to my nuts.

Ataxia: And you say you and I aren't anything alike. Think about it. If I had went after the world title in the first part of my run I would have had everyone gunning for me from the get go. I would have eventually lost the title and thereby lost more merit. Now that I am use to everyone wanting a piece of me I am more equipped to the task at hand. The allies suit me because the more chaos that is being dealt into the federation. The more I win and Gamble tries to tighten his grip. Danny is just serving a function of what I need him to be the same as everyone else in this damn place.

Trent Steel: So what? Your just going to waltz around until Gamble gives you a title shot? You are crazy.

Ataxia: Am I? Eventually there is going to come a time when he runs out of options. When that happens or I just so happen to earn it I will win it. Then...this federation is finished and I win.

Trent Steel: So. You are using me as well then?

Ataxia:...well not to brag Trent, but you do have one thing predictable about you.

Trent Steel: Which is?

Ataxia: That despite everything “honorable” about you or how you handle business. You can't resiest being a pain in someone's ass.

Trent Steel: So you figured everything out?

Ataxia: No. I just have a lot of contingencies. Wait and see if Alex Cain comes back and you'll see a wonderful little plan come to life.

Trent Steel: So you don't have a way out of this do you?

Ataxia: Nope. But, to be fair, I do have you by the balls.

Trent Steel: I'll make you a deal. You crank up the aggression and I might just not break you in half.

Ataxia: Violence? Ohhhh...that's not even a factor anymore.

{Ataxia retracts the knife and gets up as Trent puts the crowbar to his side.}

Ataxia: Are we kosher now?

Trent Steel: For now, but I am growing very impatient. I might just have to crack some heads myself.

Ataxia: Oh, they wouldn't like that would they?

I'm counting on it though you son of a bitch...AHAHAHAHAHAHA...

R.M. Strong. Charlatan, piss poor wrestler, and horrible promo writer.

Did I leave anything out?

I didn't think so. As “entertaining” as your antics are Mr. Strong I have to say that I was really underwhelmed by your attempts at trying to goad me.

It's almost like you want to piss me off.

Most people would tell you that would be like poking a hornet's nest, but you strike me as someone who just is itching to get attention.

That's the plan after all isn't it?

People often accuse me of being an attention whore, but let's face facts...I know one when I see one.

Hell everything about you tells the same cliché story. So much so that it pains me to have to go through it, but then again so was watching your “Abbot and Costello” like promo. I was halfway expecting you and your friend to pick up a dog and hippie style van and just solve mysteries.

Your name itself even shows us just how predictable and shallow you really are.

Strong? Really? I find that hard to believe considering how quickly it was to dismember you last time. You are a “man for hire”. Really. How about this then.

If you lose to me...I pay you fifty thousand dollars.

If you beat me. You owe me a coke.

See. Now with me changing the odds it really does you no good to win the match now does it. That's what you are is a pathetic jobber who sells himself like the fat whores you fuck. You are nothing more than a glorified rigged fight just waiting to happen.

When you can come up with some dignity and honor let me know. I'll just jack up the price. Money is no object to me with my backer but Gamble has his limits.

Sooner or later you have to look at the big picture Strong.

You made a very huge claim that I have done nothing with “The Reckoning” and my war with Steven Gamble. I trust you are not as stupid as your ghost writers for your jokes in your promos. Ask yourself one question. Without me...would CWF still be here?

I would like to think that my little “games” have been keeping an interest in a other wise failing company.

Because let's face it. Despite everything I had done you could have stayed.

You ran.

“Oh I was injured”. I've been fighting hurt for weeks. You think that would have stopped me? It stopped Danny B because he's like you. Afraid.

I fear no one in CWF.

That's what makes me strong. Psychological games aside. Wrestling skill aside. Theatricality aside. I am the most talked about wrestler in CWF today for one reason and one reason only!

I am fearless.

So do you think for one moment that a little “get out of trouble” gimmick you came up with at the last minute is going to intimidate me then you are sadly mistaken. Nothing about you is a threat. No one thinks you are going to win this match. Everyone has counted you out.

Except me. Which is why I am going to make sure your fate rings true.

The Messiah Pariah is going to teach you the meaning of the word fear.

Hope you enjoyed wearing my mask. Maybe it won't intimidate you when your facing it face to face. Just remember one thing. It's not the mask you should fear...it's the man behind it.

Hope you got what you wanted for your last meal.

I left the arena and got on a plane. I needed time off. I needed to get away. Not from CWF. Not from Trent Steel. No, I just needed to be me for a while. Not Ataxia. The plane ride took forever and I'm going to have to make it again but I didn't care. I had to just be me for about a day. I took a helmet cam with me that I put into the hat I was wearing. Black Fidora. It felt good. The hood is great for wrestling but damn if that glue I use to keep it on my head doesn't bother me. I didn't have to wear my gloves either. Ah, it felt so good to be out of that suit and back in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Sneakers instead of those hard wrestling boots. This flight was going to be worth it.

{We see from the camera p.o.v. that Ataxia is in JFK airport in New York city. Ataxia is wearing a leather jacket and we see that his hands are white skin with a tan. As he walk through the airport nothing seems really strange. He just has one black bag on him. He gets stopped by a young lady, early twenties. She is wearing glasses, has her blonde hair up in a ponytail, wearing a gray business suit and skirt, and black flats.}

Woman: Oh my God! [Bleeped out and so is her mouth as it moves]! I haven't seen you since college. How are you?

Ataxia: Oh I'm fine. What are you doing here[Bleeped out as well]?

Woman: Oh I was just...

Ataxia: Dropping someone off?

Woman: Yeah. We just broke up last night and he had to leave for Boston.

Ataxia: Sorry to hear that.

Woman: Oh it's all right, it just wasn't working out. We liked to many different things.

Ataxia: Ahhh...classic.

Woman: Hey. Are you going to be in town for long?

Ataxia: No. I have to head back to New Zealand in a few days.

Woman:...what the hell are you doing out there?

Ataxia: I don't even know sometimes. Well, it's great talking to you but I gotta meet my cab to head to my hotel.

Woman:...How about I save you some cash?

Ataxia: Hm?

Woman: Well. I took the next few days off from work and I have a car. What do you say I come hang out with you on your “vacation”.

Ataxia: Normally I would really enjoy that. This is kind of a just “me” couple of days though.

Woman: You sure?

Ataxia:...Oh I'm going to regret this, but why the fuck not.

Woman: I think that's the first time I have ever heard you really curse. You were such a clean cut kid back in school.

Ataxia: Yeah, life is funny that way I guess. Come on. Let's get out of here before we get strip searched for having fingernail clippers in this dump.

Now I know what your thinking. I have completely screwed myself over. All someone has to do is find out who she is and then I'm screwed. No more hiding behind my mask. My secret is out and everything is a clusterfuck. That's where you are wrong. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change unless I let it. I hope you are really paying attention to this. I really want all of you to take a good look because where as the rest of you have to walk around with the fame and the glory. I don't. I can just be normal. Or as normal as I can make people believe I can be...Hahahahaha...

{We fade in on Ataxia. He's sitting in the dark in a chair. We can barely make him out but we see the mask on a dummy head}

Ataxia: I realize I have done this before, but I really can't help it. I really can not resist talking to you without the mask on. Because, my dear fellow, you are damn lucky I keep this on. It would be so easy to just destroy you Strong. I don't mean in a wresting sense I mean literally destroy you. I could go to your house that you showed in your promo and just wait for a home game. Get to the roof. A nice push. Damn idiot fell off a building. What would the world have lost? Nothing. No one who is going to save the world. No one who will defeat a great evil. Just a fool who thought he could make money by doing things the easy way. In all honesty Strong I doubt you have the moral fiber to have anything to fight for other than yourself. You like to talk trash about me when the truth is you are nothing more than a pile of feces combined with all of mankind's self worthlessness. The truth about me is this Strong. I am more of a champion, wrestler, and human being than you ever will be. Now after this failure you go through please do us all a favor and take a week off to get your god damn wrestling up to par with your promoting. Considering Weapon X can hold a storyline better I think you can just learn that a wrist lock is not a type of wristwatch and we'll call it even. Have fun diving for fat chicks.

{Fade to Gray...}