~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"You're my sinner. You're my dinner. My little puppet, let's pretend. You're the cure to my affliction. My addiction to the end." I am the Spider. Alice Cooper.


Now that that is over with. Danny...I'm still here. You accomplished nothing. I even walked out to the ring by my own power and all you did was stroke your ego and ruin a lot of potential in CWF. No worries though. As always I'll direct you to what you are going to do next.

First. You are going to be silent.

Second. The WRESTLERS will handle the entertainment. Not you. You step out of line and I am going to be there to rape your ear.

Third. Yes I will rape your ear.

Forth. If you have any sense you'll let me end this annoying bitch once and for all at Massacre.

Synn. Synn...Synn...How the mighty have accomplished nothing by themselves.

Seriously did you honestly think you could beat Dan “My Dreamboat” Highlander at all? For that worthless title you'll do anything...even me if it would help you.

Except that isn't happening ya ugly bitch. I got something far better for my spank bank than you.

Oh but I don't have to worry about you Synn? No one ever has to worry about you anymore. After all...Mindy does all the work. Let's face facts. You got a good person to clean up your messes and that other thing you have walking around with you probably will be a factor in our match. See...the thing is Synn I know you can't beat me now one on one for two reasons.

One...I'm actually trying.

Two. You are a pack not a person. You never do anything for yourself and instead of giving your “friend” her own title shot no...she hands it over to you. Jace Valentine must have really given you some good “horizontal pointers” because all I'd have to do is dip you in maple syrup and you'd be just like him.

Well aside from the ability to walk.

Oh I'm sorry. Did Taxy bring up something bad. It was truly tragic. Oh well at least it left the best of him in tact.

His wallet.

How can I say all these things about you and get away with it?

Simple...I earned and retained my world title before I lost it to two dorks in a triple cage match. I beat the only guy from the last incarnation to win it twice. I am the upset king of CWF. You...your just upset that I am already more acomplished than you ever will be in CWF. Your stable is a bad parody of Charlies Angels...well we could say Charlos' Angels would be more appropriate. Your that one no one really wants to bang though to be honest.

Oh shit. I went there didn't I?

Guess where else I am going? The main event!

You have spent the last few months trying to get that title and now you are going to try again? Save yourself the trouble of losing a loser leaves town match and just bail. Just go. This will get you nowhere. I got an idea.

Call me crazy.


Oh it's not because she's a woman. We love women on top here in CWF. It's just that you don't have what it takes to be a world champion. I do. Get over that fact. You can claim that it's because CWF is some kind of “gentlemen's club” but we all know the truth.

Losers always pull the race or sex card.

Hey! Look! A loser!

“They are restarting The Reckoning”. Yes. Good girl. You get a burrito. The they you are talking about is not CWF Management. The man aint keeping you down she who takes the shaft. It's me. I am bringing it back for one reason and one reason only. It aint your little mamacita brigade either. It's because quite frankly I am going to be actually doing something you can't do.

Take out Terror Australis.

Maybe I might even be the one to take out that title of Dan “The Man” Highlander.

You are CWF's most hated. No. You are CWF's most overpushed waste of time. I don't know where this idea has come that you haven't earned anything. I don't see why you seem to think that you are getting the shaft. You got beat. Get over it. All you fuckers today just seem to care about winning a match. Every match all you do is stress out. I just got thrown from a Tower and do you see me stressed that my career is over.

Hardly...It served it's purpose.

The purpose was to steal the show from you and Dan. Damn I almost did it. Damn you Steel. Guess I owe the man a dollar. Fuck.

By the way your welcome. We made your stable relevant by letting Mindy fuck over your old rival. I gotta say I love watching the old man work. I really love it more when he wrestles women though.

You wanna meet a man who hates women in the ring you will love fighting my boy Trent. If you see what he has to pay his ex-wife you'll know why.

I am up managements ass?

Hey Steve when did you and I become friends? When have Danny B and I drunk tea together? Oh yeah that whole Weapon X thing was just a work kids. Yes that's right. All of the shit I have put myself through and screwing MYSELF out of world title shots were all just a ruse to fuck over you Synn. Yes. That's all it was. You are correct...


Jesus Christ. How about I put this in a term you will understand.

Two tacos, no beans, with a side order of tamales and a diet coke.

What I just said makes about as much sense as your Conspiracy Theory. If you can call it a theory because...YOU HAVE NO FUCKING FACTS!

You want to face Dan one more time. You want to take what I have already called because you want to put what you have left of a career on the line. Go ahead.

You HAVE to go through me first bitch.

I'm more difficult to beat than Dan Highlander because I don't care. I don't care about you. I don't care about the title. I sure as hell don't give a fuck about myself.

See the truth is Synn...I want you to fail. I want you gone. I want you destroyed because...

It's funny. It's hilarious. I can't stop laughing at you. Because if you are seriously going to lose your career over something as meaningless as a belt then just quit now. It's not going to work. Your well oiled machine might be able to take out the TA. I'll admit that. They won't. I will. I on the other hand...

No one can take me out.

I'm going to win that title.

You are going to fail. Get some damn self respect for yourself and realize that you are the best. They are never going to tell you that. I will. I'm better than the front office for that reason. You want the world title? I'll let ya hold the damn thing. The only thing that makes you a world champion.

Is you.

I never lost my title...just a little weight belt that I used to prop my coffee table up.

Now when you realize this maybe you can have a wrestling career elsewhere. Until then...Enjoy being a manager or a valet.

Way to take a step back sista.

I always hate going to go see the doctors. This time Trent was there. I don't really pay attention.

Doctor: I'm afraid it's a lot more serious than you think Mr...what do I call him.

Ataxia: Call me Shirley.

Trent: Don't call him Shirley.

Doctor: This is serious. The injuries you suffered in the Tower match also aggrivated the ones that haven't healed from your fight with Weapon X. These charts don't lie Ataxia. You have to stop.


Trent Steel: How long we looking at Doc?

Doctor: At least a year off at the least.

Trent Steel: I see. Could you excuse us for a moment?

The doc leaves...Finally I can take this damn mask off.

Trent Steel: That's pretty bad shit.

Ataxia: No one ever said being a wrestler meant that you weren't going to be hurting a lot.

Trent Steel: How are you even moving without it hurting?

Ataxia: Same reason you get up every morning.

Trent Steel: Jack and coke?

Ataxia: Something like that.

Trent Steel: You could die you know.

Ataxia: I'm aware.

Trent Steel: You want to keep going. Doc pretty much laid it out. You've got enough internal injuries to...

Ataxia: Let's clear up one thing. I'm not stopping. This match happens. Highlander happens. I'll rest when I'm dead.

Trent Steel:...All right.

Finally, Something on my terms.