~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"You're my sinner. You're my dinner. My little puppet, let's pretend. You're the cure to my affliction. My addiction to the end." I am the Spider. Alice Cooper.

I don’t want to this. Not anymore.

{We fade in on Ataxia digging up a grave in the middle of the night.}

Ataxia: Dig Dig Dig My Darling…

{The rain starts to come down and lightning flashes. We see the face of Alex Cain in the shadows behind Ataxia.}

Ataxia:…ya ever get the feeling that no matter how hard you try to avoid something.

{Lightning goes off again and we see Danny B hitting his finisher on Ataxia.}

Ataxia: It’s almost like no matter what your intentions.

{Ataxia finally hits what he is digging for and we see the grave…Amy Powers.}

Ataxia: Everything you do comes back to bite you in the ass.

{Ataxia opens up the coffin lid and grabs his prize.}

Ataxia: Isn’t that how it always is “Darling”. Every once in a while though guys and gals. Something wonderful comes back into your hands.

{Ataxia holds up the CWF World Heavyweight Title.}

Ataxia: My intention is to once again do something before Danny B. My intention is to become the second man to ever get a second reign of the CWF World Heavyweight Title. You want to know my intention Danny? It’s to become the CWF World Heavyweight Champion again! It’s to also be the first American to repeat a world championship in this federation.

{The rain starts to come down hard. Ataxia holds his head up and screams to the sky.}


{Fade to black.}

Have you ever thrown up blood?

It’s a very fun experience. Especially for the past few months.

Why am I telling this to a room full of people who want to kick my ass this? Because they should know that I am wounded. Because then they are going to do something stupid. Like try to take me out. I have a moment or two of clarity for once.

The drugs they got me on are realllllyyyy good.

So for once I can say this without maniacal intentions. I am going to beat the fuck out of everyone who gets in my way. I’ve had enough of the second string trying to become world champions. I am tired of seeing my darling Dan not get a proper defense. I am tired…

I am tired of no pain without reward. Sure I still win even when I lose.

Like last week. I lose the match. Someone has their moment of trying to be a hero and I take it from her just like she took a unearned shot at my Dannykins.

Face facts sweetheart. You are not good enough! You are not good enough to hold my old belt. Just like you’re not good enough to be anything more than a damn curtain jerker. You can deny it all you want to Synn but deep down you know you are not good enough.

Oh and the split personality shit is so nineteen ninety five.

I know when someone is fucking lying through their teeth. You think you are getting screwed. You think you know pain?! YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE HURT YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!

I gave up the one thing I always wanted for CWF. Not my world title. The people fucking loved me. I was their champion. I was the underdog they loved. I had to make a tough choice. No one likes you because you’re a cutting little whiner. They loved me. I gave that up to save this company by becoming the villain that they needed.

So don’t you dare fucking assume you have had it rough. If you wanted a reason to cut yourself Synn. I’ll give you a reason to.

Nobody likes Synn
Everybody hates Synn.
Maybe she should fucking die.
No one would mourn her because she’s a bore.
And she can’t even be attractive anymore!

I’ll give you some real pain so you have a reason to cut yourself! I’ll show you why people should hate you! I will make sure you are the one they love to hate after I am done though you’ll be more like the one they all fucking pity!

You want people to think your crazy? You want people to think that you have some sort of threatening persona that we should all be really afraid of?

Bitch. I invented fucking mind games. This shit a second grader would try to pull. You want to try this shit go to a “sports entertainment” federation where they’ll actually buy this pathetic pile of shit.

Here’s a thought. Why don’t you, I dunno focus on fixing your fucking bad wrestling? Why don’t you learn from your mistakes? Why don’t you quit blaming everyone else for your failures and taking shots your friends earn in order to make yourself seem to have a career.

Although I have to say I want you to put your career up so we don’t have to deal with your women’s lib dribble anymore! Fuck you! This isn’t a god damn political platform it’s a fucking wrestling federation. Get the hell over yourself! Grow up!

When you get into your big girl pants come back.

God, and to think I wanted to go shopping with you at one point. God. You probably shop at the GAP.

Okay. Stay calm Tax/ You got a few more people to get to. Danny B. You think you can keep doing this crap? Interjecting yourself into all of the matches? Saying that you and I are finished.

You still don’t get it do you? Maybe it’ll take me breaking the neck of your protégé to understand what the hell is going on.

This isn’t over fuckwad.

Not until you fucking die.

You want to become world champion? Why? Why do you think you deserve it? Even after what I did to you all you did was run. You could have come back earlier but you wanted your power which is why I chose you. You are fulfilling the destiny I put you on. I think you have forgotten your place Danny.

In the front office. Out of action. A bridge between the wrestlers who respect you and the company you work for. That’s your job. Fuck your dream. I had to give up mine! Why the hell should you get to pursue yours?!

The fucking arrogance is going to end Ripper!

Even if I have to fucking break your leg again to prove my damn point.

As for the rest of you…

A moment of peace before the slaughter continues.

{We fade in on Ataxia in a hospital room. He’s hooked up to a lot of machines and we see he’s having a pint of plasma going into him. He is unmasked but we can’t see him because of the dim lighting.}

Ataxia: You and I need to talk.

{The camera pans over and we see on a dummy head is the Ataxia mask. In the darkness it looks like the dim light in the room is filling up the face parts.}

Ataxia: Listen…Listen to me.

{He’s talking to the mask.}

Ataxia: When? When do I get to have my life back? It’s always going to be you. I can’t keep doing this. It’s your life but it’s my body. Damn it. I want my life back. I don’t want to be this sadistic bad guy anymore. Fuck you. FUCK YOU! You never let me do what I want to do because you’re uncompromising. Incorruptible. I am just a man. I want to live to grow old. Settle down. Maybe have some kids. I can’t keep pushing myself like this. I’m going to die if I keep this up.


Ataxia: Sorry? You’re sorry? Ha. HAHAHAHA…Ataxia can’t be sorry. (cough cough) Ataxia…can not…give in.

{He coughs more and more until we hear a vomiting sound. He starts to laugh for a moment.}

Ataxia: Damn it…I got blood on my shirt again. This sucks. What? I’m fine. You know. I wouldn’t put up with this shit if you weren’t my only friend. Hell. All my friends have gone. Ryan Storm. Jaiden Rishel…everyone. No one shares my dream anymore. A dream of a CWF we can all be proud of by making the sacrifice that has to be made. Just you and I? All right. You made your point.

{We cut to the mask and of course we don’t hear anything.}

Ataxia: I got a few more rounds left in me. We’re going to do this. Oh? Don’t worry…I’m not finished yet. I’m just now getting pissed off!

{Cut to the mask then to the eyes of Ataxia in the bed. The red contact lenses are in so we can see his evil stare. His red teeth are gushing blood as he starts to smile,}

Ataxia: Oh? Good plan…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA…

{Fade to Gray}

{We fade in on Ataxia right outside of the arena for Golden Intentions. We see him barely able to stand as he walks into the building. Trent Steel is right behind him.}

Ataxia: God damn it. Ugh…

Trent Steel: Don’t throw up again. You can fight it.

Ataxia: Fuck you. Fuck you and your god damn plan you son of a bitch.

Trent Steel: Of course you want to be a bitch now.

{Trent helps Ataxia sit down on a chair in the arena lobby.}

Trent Steel: Stay awake. I’m going to go get the doctor again all right. Come on kid. Stay with me.

Ataxia: Go fuck yourself…

{Trent walks off and we see a few fans walk into the arena. All of them start to jeer Ataxia except one.}

Fan: Are you really him?

Ataxia: You know anyone else who would dress up like this?

Fan: Why? Why are you such an arse now?

Ataxia: Why do you care?

Fan: I actually use to think you meant something. Some Messiah you turned out to be mate.

Ataxia: Messiah Pariah. I’m both at the same time kid.

Fan: Well I hope you don’t die.

Ataxia: Nicest thing anyone has said to me all day.

Fan: Yeah. I want to see Danny B fuck your world up again HA HA!

{Tax grins for a moment as he coughs. The kid gets freaked out by the teeth and walks off. Trent comes up a moment later.}

Trent Steel: Doc’s not going to be here for another hour. Think you’ll be all right?

Ataxia: I’m going to make it to Wrestlefest. I can make it an hour to see the doc to make sure I can keep my food down.

Trent Steel: Look if you don’t do this I’ll understand.

Ataxia: I have to do this. Who else is going to if I don’t?

Trent Steel: For what it’s worth…I know you gave up a lot for this.

Ataxia: Thanks. I’m going to sleep for a while. If I start coughing up blood. Let me know.

{Ataxia closes his eyes as Trent sits down next to him,}

Trent Steel: You know I almost feel bad for you but I know what you’re going to do to the rest of these bastards. You will be good for this match. I’m counting on it.

{Fade to Gray.}

Mike? Can you hear me Mike? I’m sorry Mike! I’m sorry that you have to deal with this shit with Trent. My philosophy is a hard one to pick up. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

You’re going to end up just as crazy as me. AHAHAHAHAHA…

Oh Mike I kid and I joke but I do hope you win if it isn’t me because at least you’ll give Dan a fighting chance. Oh who else do we have to fight? Oh yes. Cheetor, Dan, Jonas, and Chris. I’m staying out of your shit boys. I’m not really trying to much longer to do what needs to be done. The tag titles don’t affect my plans so I am staying out of it for now.

Tyler…Great job getting the win. Long overdue. Good luck.

Kaylan. I know your going to be the one to watch. You’re like me. A wounded dog. You are the most dangerous.

Trent Steel. You are a fucking maggot. You are a pathetic fucking human waste. I am going to enjoy eliminating you oh noble teacher. This is going to be good.

To anyone else.

I haven’t been the best man. Ever. I have never been the best at anything except pain. I can take more and do more than any other living man in this federation. I was the monster who took out Elisha. I was the man who took out Alex Cain in his prime. I am the first and only American to win the CWF World Title.

You think I’m out?



I am not done yet. I am not dead yet. None of you can kill me! None of you can stop me! No one is going to get away from me. This match is going to have to take someone special to eliminate me.

I have to win.

I have to win.

I have to…

Even when I lose…I win.

You can not stop me.

Only I can. I am my own worst enemy.

Which is why I will hate myself to victory. Something has to…give.

It can’t be me…

I have to win. I’m the villain. Dan’s the hero.

He has to have a good villain to be the rightful champion.

Right Darling?

Goodnight sweet Dan Highlander. I’d kiss you but I don’t think you want my blood to cover your mouth.

God save me.

From myself.