~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

"I focus on the pain...the only thing that's real." Hurt. NIN

I am hurt.

I have lost someone I loved.

I know your not dead but I am sooo sorry I didn't tell you this before you got hurt.

I honestly respected you. I loved you. Not like the way everyone thinks I did. You were one of the few people off camera who called me up and asked how I was when I got fucked up. I'm still fucked up. I'm doing better now.

Now...We're back and your not here.

Why am I here?

I don't deserve to be here!

I am the bad guy. I...I shouldn't be the one walking around. This isn't fair. This isn't right.

What's worse...is I am going up against someone who needs to get her ass kicked for all the shit her and her bitch did to you.

Do I have your attention now Mindy.

You get to deal with me now.

Not in some fucking stupid title match. Not for your glorious “Synn”. You get to face me when I am pissed off.

I hope you enjoy my mask. When I am done you are going to need it. I don't care about the world title possibilities. I just care about taking out my hurt at this.

Guess the upper management really doesn't fucking like you. Why would they. You won a amazing opportunity and you gave it to the biggest choke artist in the history of CWF.

Oh I am one to talk but I at least WON the big one. Oh but I love the he said she said bullshit with your title that's going on between you and Mike. I guess I got to just put up with your stupid ass wannabe latino ass. You are not Eddie. No one gives a fuck about you or your other fucking crew. Oh you're a badass right?


Your a dumbass who is getting used worse than a hoe by a pimp.

The sad part is your not that bad of a wrestler. You need to drop that bitch and actually do something for yourself. All you do is her shit and what do you get for it?

Forget it. I don't want to know. No one cares and I fucking just want you and Captain Diva to fucking leave.

All you two have done is made a mockery of how things are done around here since you got here.

Sour grapes Tax? No. Not at all. I let it slide cause it helped my chaos that I needed to do. The thing that you should know is flat out...I'm done fucking with you and your friend.

She needs to get the stick our of her ass and you need to get your head out of her's.

I really got nothing else to say. Nothing really matters anymore.

The real world champion has fallen.

The only one who has held that belt. Do I want it back? Do I want to face Dan or do I just screw myself out of it.

This is the next generation.

I am the last one standing.

Jarvis is gone. Cain is gone. Everyone is gone.

I am the last one.

I am the legacy.

This...will not be how it ends.

If I win the world title great. If I don't...I promise one thing. Wrestlefest 3...I will do something that CWF has been waiting for.

Rather or not it actually happens depends on what happens next.

I pray you all do well...

I've got a Lethal Lottery Tag Team Tournament to win for CWF. I will win their world title and get us back on the map. If I lose my shot at our world title...that's fine.

I can always get a title shot if I need to.

This is for all of us.

Good luck to all of you.

Mindy...get ready for a war.

Put on your shouting shoes...I'm turning loose.


{We fade in on Ataxia out in the rain as lightning storms as he screams to the heavens.}

Ataxia: WHY?????!!!!!!!!! Damn it! I'm fucking tired of this! Answer me you fucking bastard!

{He holds out his arms like a cross.}

Ataxia: Come on! Hit me! Strike me! Come on you fucking bastard! Why?! Why am I still here? Why am I the only one still standing? Why me?! Have I not done enough! Come on you son of a bitch. Fuck you you fucking little bitch. Come on God. Give me an answer!

{He hits his knee's.}

Ataxia: I just...when is it going to be over?...When do I get a break? Come on. Am I next? Am I...

{He closes his eyes.}

Ataxia:...Finished? Is this the end or is it just going to be another clusterfuck. I got one match this week to determine what happens next. Let's do this. I start to make my last stand win or lose...I'm going to destroy the game.

{Ataxia looks up to the sky.}

Ataxia:Oh and one more thing...fuck you...I'll say the one thing your son didn't say when you hung him on a cross.

{Ataxia gets up and looks right at the camera.}

Ataxia: So begins...the last chapter...of The Messiah Pariah...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA...

{Fade to white.}