~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

Where I use to have a heart it feels like a mile wide ditch, I got a hole inside the doctor just can't stitch-Martina McBride. Where I use to have a heart.

{We fade in on what looks like a run down television studio. Very “Tales from the Crypt” looking sort of set with cobwebs and all sorts of creepy things all over. Spiders, snakes, etc. You name a creepy thing it's here. Even a life size model of Cher. The one thing that isn't dusty is a large black coffin laid out in front of us. It's clean. No cobwebs or sign of wear and decay. The camera pans over and we see a black old fashioned leather covered comfortable chair with it's back to us. A black gloved hand taps it's fingers on the edge of it. Across from it on a small table on a dummy head is the mask of Ataxia.}

Oh who is Ataxia? That's what your wondering. Well if I was in your position my dear opponent I would be wondering the exact same thing. What is this THING that they have sent to fight me? Or maybe I should be talking to Rage? Or is it Riot? Or is it Rhubarb? Maybe it's just plain good old fashioned crap! Oh I was a lonely kid in Brooklyn who didn't have any friends so that is why I don't have anyone to play with. Oh no! Whatever will you do!

{The maniacal laughter is distorted much like the voice. He doesn't move but he slams his fist into the chair as he laughs.}

I got it. Come up with a lame gimmick that everyone won't see through. Nah. To complicated for a rube like you. So I got to ask Mets' or Yankee's fan? You can tell a lot about a “new yorker” from what horrid baseball team he pulls for. See if your a Mets' fan then well your a loser who doesn't know he's a loser. However if your a Yankee's fan well then it's easy. Your a loser who throws money at your problems and your still a loser. Oh I'm sorry is this a bad time to tell you I think baseball, like your attempts at a wrestling ability, is a joke. Who am I to make fun of you? I'm a guy in a mask after all.

{We see a lightbulb go off over the chair almost in a cartoon like manner. We then hear a gunshot go off and the lightbulb shatter. The man in the chair drops a blunderbuss to the floor and laughs again.}

Exactly. A man without a identity. A man with no purpose. I am a man of mystery that you can not define and that is the funny part about this whole thing. I could be a fifty year veteran or I could be just another rookie. I could be another spawn of someone who worked hard and honed his talent who thinks things should be handed to him. I could be a guy who apparently thinks that some really crappy television show demon is talking to him. I could be a “found” soul. I could even be just someone “vacant” from your minds. Maybe I just can't stop my “Inner Rage” like my opponent. Or maybe you people are just to busy scratching your heads to figure it out. Maybe...Shhh. What's that darling?

{The camera pans over and the man taps the coffin. He starts to laugh again as he gets up. We can tell from his back that he is wearing a black suit of some kind. He picks the mask up and dons it. He turns to us once it is placed. The white shirt he wears has a ruffled collar and the suit with vest is quite expensive looking. The mask itself has zippers over the eyes and the mouth along with two silvery buttons where the eyes should be. He unzips the mouth. The lips of his face are painted black and the teeth a interesting yellow color.}

Ataxia: What? You were expecting Yosemite Sam? Ahahahaha. Oh shhh. Don't tell them my darling. Oh you see I use to be someone. Oh yes. I use to be someone wonderful. I use to have it all. I didn't have a care in the world until they took it all away. Bye bye. But no worries. Well nothing really to worry about. Except what I have planned for each of you. See what was stolen from me was something wonderful. Something I doubt my opponent or any of my fellow wrestlers would understand. Hell maybe Lorenzo can write a rap about it. Or maybe House of Pain can attempt to fight for the glory for it. Maybe Ace can screw someone over to make me feel better. No. Nothing can bring it back. Nothing can take back the pain of what was done to me. So in all honesty let's be truthful here.

{Ataxia picks up a top hat and cane and sits on the coffin.}

Ataxia: With every bane there is a boon. Something sweet to make the bitter more tolerant to the soul of things to come and things to be. Now with what I have lost what I have I gained. I'll tell you. A second chance to start over. Something that few of you get. But what I will not change about who is behind this mask is one thing and one thing only. A sense of justice. So be wary those who dare to change what I have set into destiny. You see each one of you is set up for something. Some will be champions. Some will be heroes. Some will be losers. I intend to make sure those that destiny has set before with the cards.

{He produces a deck of tarot cards from his left hand and starts doing tricks with them.}

Ataxia: See I never ask my fate but I do know one thing and one thing that is true. This is fair. This is honest. This is just. No one can change their future once my darling's cards do give off their truth. “Darling” speaks to me through the cards. In these cards I find justice. So which card did I pull for myself? I haven't. I never ask about my future but I do know one that is truthful. One that is going to be pulled for sure.

{He pulls up a card that resembles a court jester. “The Fool”}

Ataxia: I pulled this for our dear president who see's himself untouchable. Am I going to be the one to prove that your a fool. No. Not I. You'll do that yourself. Since this is your fate. This is your time. This is your death. This is you rhyme. I call upon all matters of light and dark. The lesson will be learned. And you dear Riot, or Rage, will be the first to feel the lesson that must be learned. When you deal with Ataxia you will lose all control. And lose...you will...one way...or another. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

{He knocks on the coffin lid}


{Fade to Gray...}