~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

I pray you pass out drunk with your best friend and wake up with his and her tattoos. Jaron and The Long Road to Love."I Pray for You"

{We fade in on the "creepy show set" from the previous promos but we see a strange sort of addition to it. We see a skull faced puppet sitting in front of the black coffin wearing a headset. He looks sort of like a skull faced puppet version of Howard Stern. Sitting across from him on the coffin is Ataxia in his full regalia.}

Puppet:(sounds like a combo between Kermit the Frog and The Cryptkeeper) Greetings wrestling fans and other unimportant people to rich and famous people like myself because let's face it no one really pays attention to radio interviews in professional anything let alone wrestling. I'm your host of this mock up show Mr. Screwyou! So here's my guest and actual creator...ATAXIA!!! Woooo!!! {Fake applause starts to play. Ataxia overreacts to it like a little girl.}


Mr. Screwyou!: Of course they do. You downloaded the laugh track off of youtube!

Ataxia: Quiet Muppet!

Mr. Screwyou!: How about you go F(BLEEP) yourself!

{Ataxia and the "studio audience" gasp.}

Mr. Screwyou!: What the (BLEEP) is wrong with you (BLEEP)ing little {explicitly deleted but it involves a rant about things to do to your mothers who are apparently ladies of the night and also quite good at their jobs as "human vacuums"}!

Ataxia: I didn't even know that was possible. Mr. Screwyou!: Well you have to stretch first. Ataxia: Well darn gee golly. You think someone was trying to make themselves PG around here. Mr. Screwyou!: Well at least I am being true to myself. Unlike SOMEBODY we know. Now let's get to this darn questions so we can get this joke of a (BLEEP) interview over with.

Ataxia: Okie Dookie.

Mr. Screwyou!: What do you think of your opponent?

Ataxia: I don't.

Mr. Screwyou!: Why not? Ataxia: Because he isn't a opponent. Mr. Screwyou!: Then what is he? Ginger Rogers? Ataxia: Be current Screwy.

Mr. Screwyou!: Okay...Miley? Ataxia: His rap is about as hardcore as her videos.

{We see a giant sign that says "OH SNAP!" come over the screen and then back to Ataxia holding up a Mentos.}

Mr. Screwyou!: Attention whore. Ataxia: What did you call me?

Mr. Screwyou!: An attention whore. You know someone who pretends to be something just to get attention. You know that thing that called you that. Lorenzo whatchamacallit. That thing who is portraying a image of a angry little man just to get attention called you a whore for it.

Ataxia: Oh reallllllyyyyyy....

{Ataxia gets up and takes off the top hat. He smiles those yellowish teeth and black lips as he reaches up and unzips his eyes and then unbuttons them. We can now see the red iris's and the infectious looking yellow glare of Ataxia.}

Ataxia: I'm an attention whore? ME! Damn. Well if we are calling people what "they" are then I guess I am going to have to call you out for being a sell out little child. You want to tell me what I am well boyo it's time for some pot to kettle. If I am a whore for attention then you must be the Traci Lords of attention whores. Oh look at me I got into college but yet I squandered my opportunity to do something useful with my life instead just to get a scholarship and wrestle. Oh my my my. Instead of being someone you chose to get a degree you have no interest in? Wow. Damn. I guess living in the ghetto and living a dream is just that. A dream. You want to criticize me because I'm getting attention? No. I think you want to call me out because you actually think that your something of notice. In truth you are of no importance. I'm going to be a step up for you? I think not. I'm going to be the one thing you wished to whatever God, the network tells you to worship so you'll get ratings, you never even got booked in the same damn federation as me you gutless wannabe!

Mr. Screwyou!: Preach on!

Ataxia: This whole darn thing is a play on just what you did in that pathetic excuse for what you call a promo. "I'm going to do a radio show" REALLY! Well darn! I am so freaking impressed at the amount of effort that you put into your pathetic attempt as coming off as smart. Which your not! That's the best part! You did what your momma told you to do and now your doing what Ace and the morons in the front office think you should do. Cleaning up the image? Please. You don't have to be liked around here. Hell you don't even have to be good to be a wrestler here. Look at Warrick Hill! That in of itself shows you talent has nothing to do with being a "wrestler" in GCWA. So you lost to TLS. Not surprising he is a tough guy to beat. Maybe I know. Maybe I don't. You, however, decided to trash me for no damn reason just to get your name out there. Oh sure we're opponents but did you really have to take such a low shot at me. I mean if you do that than do I really have a choice but to call you a whiny momma's boy? Oh damn she's dead right? Is that suppose to matter to me?

Mr. Screwyou!: Whoa! You don't wanna go there! Ataxia: SHUT THE HELL UP MUPPET! You want to talk about someone you know nothing about. Attention whore? Me? We're all attention whores you moron! We're "superstars"! We don't fight just to fight! Let me put something into terms you might understand. In this business "Mudslinging" is how you get ahead.Can you imagine that happening? Of course I can. Anything is possible if you got the guts to show yourself and to do it. Oh, but I wear a mask. Yes. For a reason. The same reason you should be getting psyched for this match instead of trying to downplay me like I'm some sort of joe smoe Harvey Danger wannabe. You claim to know me. Well. I'm going to give you what you want Lorenzo.

Mr. Screwyou!: What your copy of "The Best of WoW now that's what I call music" Volume One!

Ataxia: NO! He is only good enough for VOLUME TWO! You want me to be a attention whore there Lori! Well guess what! All of my damn attention is on you! I'll make you just what I need you to be and your gonna love it. You want to show people just how darn angry you are well I aim to please. Consider me Captain P(BLEEPED) YOU OFF! And I'll start by telling you flat out honestly what I think of you. Your a gutless little do what I am told whiny (Bleeped) son of a overbearing (BLEEP)! Now that I have your undivided attention little boy let me explain to you the politics of wrestling. Pulling terrible interviews like that ludicrous,...LUDA!, one that you just pulled will get you NOWHERE in this industry! You did basically what I just did. You got a "puppet" to feed you what you wanted to say! Now I'm going to do to you just like I did to that puppet! I'm going to allow you to learn your lesson! Which is, to say, I am going to make you my B(BLEEP)! Isn't that ride Darling!!!

{He looks back to the coffin and then looks back at the camera maniacally. "Mr. Screwyou!" looks down at the coffin and shrugs. }

Ataxia: AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! YES DARLING! It is time that someone made a statement about the future of GCWA! Take a good look boys! It's me! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to Gray...}