~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

In my eyes Indisposed. In disguise. As no one knows. Hides the face. Lies the snake.-Soundgarden. “Black Hole Sun”.

{We see a replay of last night's Inferno as Ataxia loses via DQ to Lorenzo Demarco. Ataxia's face starts to burn as the film cell deteriorates. Once the smoke from the shot clears we are in the “creepy set” that we usually see in the promos. The black coffin is horizontal to our view. At one end sitting in a chair is Ataxia. At the other is his mask on a manikin head. He is unmasked but the lighting, save for green black lighting makes it so we can't make out his features.}

Ataxia: Are you disappointed in me?

{He looks towards the coffin. He reaches out and places his gloved hand on it.}

Ataxia: I know. I know. It was a gamble but it did pay off. I showed them just how much ego goes into being a wrestler and I used that poor diluted son of a whore to get my point across without any effort at all. Hahahaha. I know. It's funny really. All he needed was a little push in the wrong direction and I got what I wanted. The best free advertising for a t-shirt on the planet. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry dear. I know you don't like it when I laugh at my own ego. Oh yes. I agree. I agree whole heartily. Lorenzo Demarco is going to attempt to be a thorn in our side isn't he? Of course I don't take him seriously. He has nothing. No threat. Nothing to do to me personally because he doesn't understand the rule of Professional Wrestling. Never show your hand before a big match. Never. Isn't that right fellow GCWA wrestlers? Or should I even call some of my “opponents” fellow wrestlers.

{He gets up and walks over to his mask. From the shadows all we can tell is that he has long hair. He pulls it back into a ponytail and grabs the mask. He slides it on and ties the strings. He then puts the back part on keeping his hair against his head. He walks to the camera and unzips his mouth.}

Ataxia: Now this is something I find to be nothing more than a lack of motivation on our wrestlers parts to do something original. Crossovers? ICWF? OCW? CWF? NEW? What next ASW? What other pathetic pile of trash is going to come out of the wood works I wonder? Dynamic Dy-NO-MITE! Maybe we'll get to see a little ODJ come running out? I know. Let's go for someone really obscure and useless...(snaps fingers) Darodine! Oh now with all of those fun name dropping inserts into this little tirade I know I got all the old guys wondering who in the armpit of hell, New Jersey, is under this really well designed and breathable mask. Well guess what I'm going to tell you. Someone who is not amused by all of the old pathetic crap that seems to spew on the network here. Don't get me wrong I know crossovers are entertaining at least on paper. I mean everyone just “loves” it in comic books, cartoons, or my personal favorite when you get such great combinations as Elton John and Emeniem. However in pro wrestling, from my own experience, it's the biggest turd you can do to a pay per view next to letting Biff doing “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”! Seriously just ban them from the building. In all honesty that's the only good thing that can come of this is telling a washed up, low rate, worthless, piece of garbage federation like OCW to GTFO! This is ludicrous speed of stupidity!

Ataxia: Sorry for a brief moment this turned into a YouTube review. But in all seriousness this has to be making you wonder what's going on here. We have Silver Cyanide switching sides, like no one saw that coming. Sorry, but in all fairness the guy has more turns than a dirt road in the south. Then you got these lovely people that he chose to associate himself with. Paras? Only one person has to have the worst (bleep) name in this federation and by the flying spaghetti monster it is going to be me! Isn't that right Starscream?

{Ataxia looks at the camera and shrugs.}

Ataxia: At least I'm not in trouble with the cops or have some soap opera slash fox prime time TV show plot line going on that makes you want to re-watch “Lost” like some of the “performers” here. By the way HOW MANY ARE ON THE PAYROLL? Answer. NOT EVERYONE IN THIS MATCH! Not one to critique any choices around here but I feel like I'm having to rethink history back to the early part of the decade and beyond just to remember who the hell some of you retards are! The fact is OCW has about as much relevance today as anyone who remembers what the hell Ace did. It's history. You know. Not around anymore, and if it is. GET YOUR OWN DAMN PROGRAM! So two guys who can't cut it in this federation got a bright idea to bring in this guy and that guy from their old circle's because that just what this federation needs. More confusion. Pst. That's my department. I mean the next thing your going to tell me is I can't do this Cuban Pete number. I got the maraca's and everything.

{Cut over to Mr. Screwyou! In the director's chair. For those who don't remember he's a skull faced puppet!}

Mr. Screwyou!: Not in the budget pal!

Ataxia: What budget?

Mr. Screwyou!: The one you pay me to appear on this crap.

Ataxia: SHUT THE HELL UP MUPPET! Whose controlling this budget!?

{We cut over to Rupert, the pet crow, surrounded by two hot women in bikini's.}

Ataxia: E ttu Rupert?

Rupert: Caw caw!

{Ataxia turns back to the camera.}

Ataxia: This is just a prime example of the insanity going on around here. Oh, and don't tell me you can't believe a crow can be a producer when we have a SEAL as the VP! Next thing your going to tell me is that there's a cybernetic goat around here.

{Ataxia thinks for a moment then shrugs.}

Ataxia:I forgot. Never let a man play with Nintendo parts when he's on a binge. But nos I address my team for this cavalcade of carnage! Oh my team I am “captained” by Robert Santana. Well this is the part where most people would be upset with this but I actually like the idea. This fight is personal and I love that idea. You hate Cortez. You want to beat the hell out of him. I'm all up for that. As a matter of fact I'm going to do my darn best job of making sure that son of a gun gets a good taste of a good old fashioned “parts unknown” butt kicking. Up until last week you were on a losing streak. That doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is you do the best you can do in this match because we all depend on each other in this. Which brings me to my other compatriots, Xtreme and Liam Shayde.

{Ataxia laughs a bit as he starts to think about Xtreme.}

Ataxia: Now Xtreme. I can honestly say anyone who wants to beat the living hell out of everyone by creative means gets up high on my list of people I want to tangle with. So I'll make you a deal. We both give it more than a hundred percent and I will give you any type of hardcore match you want. I'm up for it. And it won't be personal it will just be for the fans and the glory of hardcore. These people aren't here just to see regular matches. They want, no, they NEED to see two men beat the hell out of each other. It's your passion and that passion although I agree with it. Do as you will oh Herald of Hardcore but Colin, if it's all right for me to call you that, you have to back us up on this. Let's show the idiots in the front office that your right. Let's show them the true power of Xtreme is not his hardcore wrestling but his hardcore passion!

{Ataxia gets real close to the camera now.}

Ataxia: Liam, I know a lot of people are giving you flack for being the son of your father. Let me tell you this. I don't judge a man by his father's actions or list of accomplishments. I judge a man based on what he can do in the ring and you are great in my book. But we have to ask well what's in it for you? Aside from making a good impression on your first pay per view there really isn't a lot of incentive. No one expects anything from you because they don't know but I do. Your hungry to prove yourself and this has to be overwhelming. You got to trust me on this one. I know asking you to trust a guy in a mask is a bit stupid. If you do this I can't promise you you'll be one of the survivors. I can promise you one thing. You will be a part of the show stealing match of this event.

{Ataxia turns the camera over to a adjacent wall and we see a list of opponents. It's the members of Team Cortez. Pictures, papers, and dvd's of matches are shown pinned up to it. Ataxia walks into frame.}

Ataxia: Now. We come to the fun part of this. So we got Chris Cortez. Now what can I say about this guy that hasn't already been said. Well since I was spying on him in the shower I can tell you he has a good singing voice. Chris. I'll be honest with you. I like you. In fact if it wasn't for my “Darling” over there, Hi sweetums, I think we could make great music together. At least better than Lorenzo's raps ever could be.

Ataxia: Gotta love it. Oh you seem to be having issues. Will Chris Cortez, THE INTERCONTINENTAL BREAKFEAST CHAMPION, find his precious...paintball gun? This is what your promoting yourself with? Oh let's let them see a little bit of my life then in a manner of convenience I'm going to spout off two minutes of rehearsed catchphrases so I can get a verbal one up and sell my match. In all honesty it's almost refreshing how much of a rube you are. Who am I, however, to make fun of such a great...AHAHAHAHA..I'm sorry I couldn't even finish. Your not a great champion. Hell your a carbon copy of every other IC champion I have ever seen. You got no style. You got NOTHING to offer this place. Your getting a nice pay bonus. Your doing this for extra cash? And what are your teammates getting? Nothing. Hm. Wait. I think I got it. I say four way split before they enter the match. I think that's a great idea. I know Lorenzo could use the money so he can buy his mother a new headstone. Because in all honesty each of them aside from Lorenzo have nothing to gain in this match. The only thing he “wants” is another shot at me because he's a whiny child I can manipulate to do whatever I want just by doing a few things out of line. Your only valid partner, in my humble opinion, is to hard to control. Good luck keeping him from screwing you over Chris. I have every intention of making sure Team Cortez falls in this match. And after I get done taking your “prize” from you I will be more than happy to continue to ruin your life. People like you in this business make me sick. No worries though. I'll fix you. I could always use a new eunuch in my harem.

{Ataxia smiles as he pulls a photo off of the wall. It's Lorenzo Demarco back when he was wrestling in college.}

Ataxia: Now let's look at what we have here. Someone who is going to fail miserably. The only reason you won is because of an ref's decision. Remember that. You haven't and won't beat me yet my free publicity. You never will. Because you do as your told Lorenzo. Your mother told you what to do. The network is telling you what to do. Now I am telling you what to do. So be a good little (bleep) and do as your told AHAHAHAHAHAHA....

{Fade to Gray}