~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

Boom it's on! “Boom it's on” Ying Yang Twins.

Rupert: Caw Caw Caw...

Mr. Screwyou!: It's a mother (bleeping) Ataxia Production! Go get him masked man. {We see a room full of green lightbulbs on a black background spelling out “Ataxia”. Ataxia stands in front of it looking like a stereotypical rapper with the addition of his mask and suit underneath the baggy pants, sports jersey, cocked to the side hat, and the big clock bling around his neck.}


{The Bikni Girls run out and start to grind on Ataxia}

Bikini Girls: Time to learn your lesson boys.

{We cut to Ataxia out on a boat in Miami driving around with a lot of goth looking girls in bikini's dancing around him.}

Ataxia: Lori! Your rhymes are bull (bleep)
Is just a waste of time kid
Everything you try to do
Is a distraction from the prime event.
Your worried about looking tough
and keeping your street cred
but once your in that ring
your (bleeping) dead.
One Eight Seven, I'm calling it in.
You think you've (bleep)ing with me
Nah man.
You call yourself the Nasty N and that's cool with me
I'm the Messiah Pariah, the savior from bitches like thee
I'm gonna bust out on you verly and thus
All you know how to do is mildly cuss.

{We see girls making out and shaking their booties. These are all white people acting black. It's really retarded looking. We cut back to the lightbulb room with Ataxia break danceing with a CGI Mr. Screwyou!}

Ataxia:Your rhymes a whack, your on the smack,
Hell even your ex-token girlfriend knew you were wiggity whack.
Lay off the crack son it does no good
Because I aint scared to drive through your hood.
I should be scared of you but let's be fair.
You see my masked self and your running like the police is there
You want to rap, you want to rhyme. That's fine with me.
Because I'm better at it than you B.
I know how this (bleep) be.
Now the homies aint gonna give you respect
'cause I just beat you at both your games.
Hell I can probably beat you in a political dual to.
I should be threw with you but your just to much fun
Stick a fork in you Lori, your (bleep) is well done!

{We literally see thanks to a counter of two hundred different girls shaking their butts on the boat. Ataxia has his mouth wide opened grinning as he does a thumbs up to the camera}

Ataxia: You wanna be Dirty Harry, that suits me just fine.
I'll just go John Wayne on ya and kick your behind.
Heck I'll even go Sty Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Jet Li
Just to prove to you that you can't beat me!
I'm tired of little brats like you thinking your real
Wannabe white boy your a cheap (bleep) little (bleep)
Your insults are worse than Harvey Danger
Been stroking the pole of The Mysterious Stranger
I swear your smoking up to much with Warrick Hill
Trust me son it aint worth the thrill.
I'm gonna rip you apart like Biff's last meal
But I promise it's a better taste than Ace's dick, which was Biff's last snack
Heck this is better than Chris Cortez's last attack.
Your team is as whack as you are
I'm just going to enjoy breaking all your spirits.
Ultimate Survivor is how I live it.
So I got you all mad and I got you all focused on me with three guys who will help me take you down
While your (bleep) of a captain focuses on mine
Stupid chumpion is wasting his time
Sensei Santana gonna go Karate Kid on his butt
I'm going to enjoy it when we shut him the (bleep) down
Then we got Rage acting like he's still got it made.
It's gonna be wonderful when me and Xtreme use him like a wishbone from a turkey
And you got Riot over there looking like a Gobbley Gooker
Someone go and hire that idiot a promo tudor.
Matter of fact I think it's time for that therapy for your whole team
At this point I expect better production value from some queens
Your promo skills lack any level of a team
But one last thing Lori, get ready, it's about to hit you.
After I'm done with you aint nobody gonna believe you.
Your image will be racked and you'll have to be repackaged
So get high. Get mad. Get really obscene
Because I'm walking out a survivor.
You. A shown up (bleep)tch!

{A huge explosion on the boat cutting back to Rupert, the crow, moonwalking in front of Ataxia's foot with Ataxia doing a cabbage patch. After the music stops he starts shaking his butt at the camera.}

Ataxia: My humps...My humps...

Rupert: CAW!

{Ataxia turns around and laughs as he takes off his “rap attire” which is over his usual suit and tie combo. He walks back over to the “creepy set” off to the side and sits down on the black coffin.}

Ataxia: Now why did I do all of this? Why did I do a rapping music video for a promo? What did that have ANYTHING to do with my wrestling match? Nothing. What does that say about anything you people are doing with these stupid things. They sell the match, not your retarded days of your lives storylines that are so (bleeping) retarded that a five year old with autism could write more convincing garbage. Now I could go and get one but I don't want to put a spike of intellectual thought into our programming here. You all do these elaborate kidnapping, shooting, drug running, wrapping, and going to the arena promos because...you don't know how to sell yourself. Let me put it this way guys and this is not to be mean but we're wrestlers. Our “self” sucks! None of you are interesting. I hate to say it but I am at least trying to amuse people here. You guys. Oh my wife left me. Congratulations. Go find a girl or guy, do dirty things to them, and move on. I know pot to kettle here but it's a long long lesson. My “darling” is gone but what “darling” means to me is more than just a marriage. We're “conjoined souls” as it were. Then we have people talking about guns. Guns not make a good promo make. It's like having a small dick in a porn. It just doesn't fit. I may be calling out people but I get more emotional feedback from Xtreme's promos than I have seen in any one else's because it's a real reaction. He wants pain because he is in pain. What do you all want? Money? We all get paid. That's not it. Glory? That is a big deal around here. Who did what in ICWF? OCW? CWF? APB? DOA? It doesn't matter what you did elsewhere! I could have came here unmasked and bragged about everything I have won. They don't matter. They don't matter here either because we all know Biff is not the best wrestler.

{Ataxia slides his hand down the coffin. He looks sad for a brief moment.}

Ataxia: I really wish this was over. I wish I could pull this off and bury everyone in a pile of their own lackluster attempts at being something they are not. This goes out to the Jack Sullivan's and “Perfect” people who are trying to raise a old banner. Save yourself the effort. It's not worth it. Your carrying a banner no one cares about. Then again it's not that you care. You just want attention. I know coming from me that seems hypocritical but I am not a attention whore. I am a man making a statement. The statement is that this place needs someone who actually gives a crap about it. Biff doesn't care. Mobley doesn't care. All of you don't care. Ace doesn't even care. If he cared he wouldn't have done what he has done. This place needs saving which is why I am here. So why the mask? Why not? We all wear masks. Lorenzo wears a mask of anger to hide his pain over the losses he has experienced in his life. Cortez is putting on the mask of being better because he feels inadequete. Riot is putting on a mask of silence because he feels like if he says anything he will have to eat the words. Rage is trying to put on a mask of “The Franchise” when really he knows he is mediocre. Trying to recapture former glory seems to be the mask that everyone else is putting on because it is the thing that makes them feel important because they are lost. This whole entire ordeal between CWF and GCWA is just silly. We all know it's going nowhere. Rishel is trying to live up to his father's name. The CWF guys are trying to look good for the company but the end this does not matter. The crazy brothers are trying to put on a front of unity because they fear being against each other. Angel wants revenge against those she keeps fighting over there. Bucky. Bucky just wants to fight. I like Angel and Bucky's reasons. It's not fear. It's not false faith in yourself. Santana puts on a mask of a warrior because he is fearful of his fraility. A respectful reason to put on a mask. Xtreme puts on a mask of hardcore and violence because he is in pain and afraid. That's okay. Then there is Liam. Sorry I wasn't here when you called. The mask you put on is one fighting a legacy but wanting to live up to it. The mask to surpass your father. You use it to hide your insecurities. You have nothing to be insecure about. You will do great my young partner.

{He gets up and turns around. The camera moves position to his back as we see the mask come off and lay on the coffin.}

Ataxia: My mask. Why do I wear this mask? What am I trying to hide? I hide something even more fearful than anything you could imagine. I am not hiding who I am for glory. I am not hiding who I am for shock value. I am hiding who I am because who I am is not what I have to be right now. Right now I have to be “The Messiah Pariah” because that is what is needed. It's not a want. What I want to do is hurt all of them. What I want to do is do what I do best. What I want to do is be in control. To do what I feel is right. That is selfish. So I wear a mask to be selfless. I wear a mask to hide what I am so I can do the job right. That's the kind of man I am. Someone willing to do what is against his nature, not for himself, but for others. You want to know who I am? You want to know whose face is behind this mask? Who has been calling all of you out? Who has bee making all of you question who is out for revenge? Revenge. A meal I eat a lot. Cold. Boiling hot. It is what I eat so much of. Old grudges have bore bitter fruit ripe for the picking here. That's why I have a pet crow. That and humble pie are my special dishes for you all. What am I hiding? I'm hiding who I am and what I do because we need someone who gives a (bleep).

{He holds up a card. It's death.}

Ataxia: Who I drew this for has but a few hours before I make him suffer. Angel is the only one who has nothing to fear right now. I will say this. It is not my partners. I am least being honest about that. I promise two things tomorrow. This is what I have to do. I'm going to try and not enjoy it. I am going to try and not take pleasure in doing what has to be done to you. I'm going to fail at this and that's okay. What am I hiding behind this mask? What you all should fear. Because if you thought someone else was a psychopath. You haven't, well some of you have, dealt with me before. This is going to be just a little fun when I make this man learn his lesson...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

{Fade to Gray}