~So don't cry to me ohhh baby. Your future is in a Oblong Box!~

I'll be seeing you...in hell!

"Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds? Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?". I need a hero.Bonnie Taylor.

{We fade in on the girl who passed out last promo. We zoom back. She's laying on a couch in the back of “SLAM!”. She starts to come around and looks around. She see's another of her coworkers, a guy wearing a “House of Pain” t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.}

Overworked Girl: Steve. What the hell happened?

Steve: Well for someone who got to take a nap while being on the clock is in a prissy mood.

Overworked Girl: All I remember is turning around and seeing...

{Coming back into the back is Ataxia, minus his top hat and cane, wearing a waiter apron.}

Ataxia: Hey I got a cranky table near that life size cutout of Chris Green and Jesse Williams.

Steve: About four girls with huge appetites and really bad eye liner?

Ataxia: Yeah?

Steve: Oh goody. My lunchtime usual! I'm gonna go gossip. Rei you gonna be all right sweetheart?


Steve: I'll take that as a fabulous. Gotta goooOOOOoooOO!!!

{Ataxia watches as Steve prances out of the room back into the crowded area. He shakes his head and looks at the camera.}

Ataxia: Have you been filming her.

Rei: I was wondering why the (bleep) there was a camera here.

Ataxia: My fault they follow me around.

Rei: Sorry about earlier. I thought you were someone else.

Ataxia: You mean someone else wears this charming face.

Rei: Yeah. My ex.

Ataxia: Um. I didn't know we dated.

Rei: He. Bought one of those masks from GCWA dot com after your debut.

Ataxia: Okay. So why did that make you faint?

Rei: Because the last time I saw him the cops were taking his ass away for stealing five hundred dollars from me and him threatening to come back and kick my ass.

Ataxia: Well I could understand that. I do feel sorry that it happened to you.

Rei: It's all right. So did you take over my tables?

{Ataxia looks down at the waitress apron. He curtseys and she laughs. He takes it off and hands it to her.}

Ataxia: Just an excuse to wear this beautiful ensemble here.

Rei: Well I better get to my tables then. Thanks for covering me. Who knew wrestlers could waitress.

Ataxia: You seem to be under the impression I have never had a day job.

Rei: Considering who I think you are. I just didn't think it's a waiter.

Ataxia: Oh? We have a theory?

Rei: Everyone does. Steve is trying to use shots of your butt with other wrestlers to figure it out.

Ataxia: Hmm butt prints. Good theory.

Rei: I'm a bit more scientific.

Ataxia: Oh really?

{She opens the door and starts to walk out. Ataxia turns to the camera.}

Ataxia: So let's get this out of the way. So Lorenzo dreams of me calling him a faggot and his mom. Someone has got issues. I got so many therapists I could recommend to you to maybe fix that problem for you. I would seriously just come out of the closet because it seems to me to be the ideal for you. Let's look at the facts shall we. The only woman in your life really gets on your nerves but she is good looking. Front. We all know it. There is no way a no personality cookie cutter wrestler like you could get a good looking girl like that. Not possible. Second. The only other people in your posse are those “boys” who honestly look like they wear eye liner. Thirdly. Your dreaming about me and Liam Shayde sticking dildos in your mouth. Well first off let me say I wouldn't be sticking a dildo in your mouth if I was gay. Not a faggot. Gay. Let's say it with me now or I'm going to start using the un-PC word for your particular racial group if your going to be a insensitive crackhead about this. You think I'm gay for you? First off. You don't have a nice (bleep). I mean seriously work on that maximus can of yours and we'll talk because honestly your not my type. Hell your so angry you might bite me man parts off. You kind of strike me as the type. What? Oh I was suppose to defend my sexuality right? Funny thing. If we're trying to defend our heterosexuality guys we probably shouldn't be in a industry where we fight by grabbing another guy and throwing him around. Just a thought.

{Ataxia laughs as he makes his wrists go limp.}

Ataxia: Okay girlfriend so listen up now. So after this match I think you and I should get together, maybe even get Liam in on this, and just totally go out and get you a weave cause frankly that bald look just doesn't do it for me 'kay?

{Ataxia starts laughing manically as he stops his impression.}

Ataxia: Oh man. My sides. You think I'm gay. Or maybe I am! Oh screwing with you, figuratively and literally, this time around is going to be sooooo much fun. Almost as much fun as it's going to be to have a actual challenge in this match. Liam Shayde. I enjoyed our little prelude to this match at US. I swear I think I found a ring equal. You did a great job kid. Don't let anyone sell yourself short. What do you really need to know about me though? What can you hope to learn about from trying to dig up stuff from people who claim to know me? No one is going to talk because most people don't know I am behind this mask and ones that do wouldn't even talk to you. You want to find out how to fight me it's simple. Fight me. It's really simple. Behind the mask. Behind the theatrics. Behind everything there is just one truth. One thing that you have to know when you face me. That is that all I want is a good fight. I know you can bring that. You made it to the final four because your a good wrestler. Now let me do you a favor and help kick you back up to where you belong. With me, at the top of this federation. You and I are going to make history Liam. Either as rivals or possibly partners. That's your call. I know it's either going to be me or you for this match because let's face it. Lori is the worst wrestler in the federation next to Jimmy Riot. This match is going to be...

{We hear the sound of yelling outside of the door. Ataxia goes over to it and so does the cameraman. The camera looks out the window the door and we see a guy with a gun pointed right at Rei. He's wearing all black and wearing the “Ataxia” mask.}

Ataxia: Well my PR Guy is going to love that.

{The camera makes a motion towards the door.}

Ataxia: What go out there? Why the hell should I? I aint a cop.

{The camera turns just as the guy pistolwhips Rei across the face.}

Ataxia:...Stay here.

{Ataxia kicks the door open and walks out there. The cameraman dives out of the backroom and behind a table. He readjusts the lens just in time to get the confrontation.}

Guy in the Mask: What the (bleep) is this?

Ataxia: Put the gun down.

Guy in the Mask: Yeah right pal. Not till this bitch gets me the cash and then gets in my car. We're going away Rei. Your gonna love the road trip I have planned for us sweetie.

Ataxia: Your not going to get away man. The cops are going to be here any second and probably going to kill you if you don't chill out. Now put the gun down and let's talk this over. Mask to mask come on.

Guy in the Mask: Nothing to talk about. By the way whose your tailor. Looks like the real thing.

Ataxia: Because I am.

Guy in the Mask: Bullshit. Prove it.

Ataxia: Put down the gun and I'll take off my mask.

Guy in the Mask: Oh really. I highly doubt that.

{Ataxia goes to the back of the mask and unsnaps part of it. His long dark brown hair starts to come out as the guy looks distracted. Ataxia then rushes him and tackles the guy to the ground as soon as he let this guard down. Ataxia slams the guys hand down hard and punches him with his other hand making the guy drop the gun. He quickly pulls off the copy of the mask. He then proceeds to beat the guy in the face over and over again.}


{Ataxia picks up the guy and slams his head into a table breaking the table and busting the guy open. People rush out of SLAM! Except for Rei who grabs Ataxia to pull him off of the guy.}

Rei: Calm down! I'm all right!


Rei: Get a hold of yourself!

{Ataxia almost rares back and looked like he was going to hit her. He instead slams his fist into the ground hard.}

Rei: Are you okay?

Ataxia:...Not suppose to be like this. Not suppose to be this way anymore.

Police: Freeze!

Ataxia: It's all right officer. He's over there.

Police: Take off the mask freak!

Ataxia: What?

Police: Take off the mask and get some I.D. now!

{The camera goes to static as we see the lens cap go on. A few minutes of this static then we come to a police station where Ataxia just got let out and has put his mask back on.}

Ataxia: So why didn't you keep the camera on. You saw who I am.

Cameraman: Wouldn't have been right man. I won't say anything.

Ataxia: What's your name friend?

Cameraman: Eric.

Ataxia: Good to meet you officially.

Eric: So why did you do it?

Ataxia: You saw who I am.

Eric: Yeah.

Ataxia: That's really the only answer you need.

Eric: Good enough. Let's get out of here. Or do you have anything to say before I run out of tape?

Ataxia: Yeah I got one thing to say. I'm a little bit mad right now. I'm going to have to take it out on someone so Liam. Stay out of my way. I'm going to put Lorenzo Demarco next to his mother at Inferno!

{Fade to Gray}